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Beyoncé at the Super Bowl? I prefer the anti-racists of Millwall

The predominance of brilliant black footballers contributed hugely to changing British views

13 February 2016

9:00 AM

13 February 2016

9:00 AM

My most thrilling moment of 2016 so far — aside from watching a smug-looking woman carrying a copy of the Guardian get the heel of one shoe stuck in the escalator at Canary Wharf station (boy did she howl) — was having a Facebook friend request accepted by Trevor Lee.

Trevor is a hero of mine. He was a very fast and skilful winger for my team, Millwall, and played a crucial role in our 1975/76 promotion season. He went on to play 108 times for the Lions and was adored by supporters. His name is still spoken of with a certain reverence down The Den, much as fanatical Tories will come over all breathless if you mention Sir Keith Joseph. He was also black — Trevor, not Keith, of course — one of the very first black players to make an impact on the British game. That he was not absolutely the first is why few people beyond the world of football have heard of him. He had an afro. We liked that, too, we racist scumbag Millwall supporters. For a certain tranche of pig-ignorant liberal middle-class opinion (personified by the idiotic journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown), Millwall FC is the very expression of knuckle-dragging white working-class racism. And yet it was one of the very first clubs in the country to embrace local black footballers, the first to have a black chairwoman and our supporters invariably elect a black footballer as player of the season: the wonderful Comorian midfielder Najim Abdou — or ‘Jimmy the Muslim’, as he is known to many supporters — has won it twice recently, deservedly.

Back when Trevor was playing there was a lot of racism on the terraces, of course. But the gradual emergence of black footballing talent saw the abuse change, modify and then disappear altogether. The outright racism of the 1970s — I remember Middlesbrough fans singing ‘Nigger on the pitch’ to the tune of ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’ back in 1978 — gave way to a slightly more subtle observation by the mid-1980s, when black players had become relatively commonplace. ‘We all agree, our coons are better than your coons,’ Chelsea fans would sing back then.

Not any more. A few seasons back I remember watching a game at The Den when the talented forward Jordan –Rhodes, then with Blackburn Rovers, flattened Millwall’s Nigerian-born defender Danny -Shittu (no easy feat, I can tell you). ‘Leave him alone, you white bastard,’ a Millwall regular bellowed in fury. Oh, how things change, even if the tenor of expression does not.

It’s not just Millwall, mind — football has done extraordinarily well in accustoming the white folks to divest themselves of racial prejudice. It is still the focus of anti-racist odium from the middle-class liberal left, of course, which despises what it sees as a lowbrow white working-class leisure pursuit. And yet there were more black players on Millwall’s books in 1975 than there were black journalists on the Guardian’s staff. A greater proportion of black footballers then and now than black academics, black lawyers, black MPs, black educationalists, black social workers — name your middle-class profession and the answer will be the same. And black Britons thrived in the same trades as those working-class supporters on the terraces — as electricians, plumbers, labourers.

For all the nice words and pious anti-racist denunciations of the liberal middle classes, and their distaste at the undoubted bluntness of white working-class discourse, it was nonetheless among the working class where integration and equality happened first. And still does. Further, the predominance of brilliant black British footballers has all but expunged any lingering notions of racial superiority whitey might have possessed. You can’t watch John Barnes or -Trevor Lee waltzing with ease through a static white defence and still believe you’re part of the master race. In France, the Front National’s leader Jean Marie Le Pen once famously disparaged the national football team for having been drawn from too diverse — i.e., non-French — backgrounds. Shortly afterwards, Zinedine Zidane, of Algerian stock, scored two goals in the final of the 1998 World Cup to ensure the trophy came to France for the first time ever. As one left-wing journalist, Philippe Jerome, put it at the time, this was a far more valuable riposte to Le Pen than any amount of anti-racist demos and white liberal furore.

And the story is much the same in the USA. This week the hugely irritating singer Beyoncé performed at half time during the Super Bowl and, in a display of outstandingly self-obsessed virtue-signalling, devoted her routine to Black Power. Her dancers referenced both Malcolm X and the Black Panthers. Malcolm was, for almost all of his adult life, an uncompromising racist who believed in complete segregation of the races and that white people were devils who would soon be obliterated. He recanted on these loathsome views only a year or so before he was murdered by a former fellow traveller from the unspeakably vile Nation of Islam, which thought he had got too big for his boots. The Black Panthers, meanwhile, were a bedraggled and asinine collection of gun-toting Maoist halfwits.

If Beyoncé had wished to champion the cause of racial equality and proper integration, she would have been better off paying homage to the players on the field and those redneck supporters in the stands. At the same time that Malcolm X was advocating separation for blacks from white America, on account of its irrevocably racist agenda, the National Football League was showing the way: almost one third of American football players in the 1960s were black. Today that figure is more than two thirds.

Where is the real racism within our societies, do you think? Among the ordinary white working-class folk — or a little higher up the social ladder? Trevor Lee and many others could give you an answer.

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  • polidorisghost

    Rod ain’t the right dude for mellow.

  • Beyoncé is a race baiter who celebrated, on a national stage no less, the murderous violent mob called the Black Panthers: thugs who opposed Martin Luther King Jr’s non-violent movement.

    The problem with you, Beyoncé, is that you’ve more money than sense.

    Here is a brilliant piece by Tomi Lahren, eviscerating Beyoncé’s race baiting.

    Beyoncé, read some Booker T Washington, a real black activist:

    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

    • Hybird

      Has anyone mentioned Beyonce’s “Cultural Appropriation” of blonde hair? She’s obviously masquerading as a blonde girl with a tan.

    • Baron

      Do as Baron does, ignore the bovine creature, avoid buying her music, you’ll see you can live without it easily, and what’s more, her tights are just too thick.

    • rationality

      In all fairness shes just a puppet that owes her allegiance to the music industry who share the same political agenda as Hollywood, the MSM and big business. If they dont do this type of insidious political theatre then they their labels will drop them.

      The Illuminati sounds like some sort of insane conspiracy theory but there is certainly an agenda of in your face black political insurgency, the gay agenda and the sexualisation of children. Unfortunately much like everywhere else really.

  • Jack_H

    Very valid points,I remember a similar article some years ago pointing out that the only brach of the US government that had achieved black representation at all levels was the much maligned Military.

    Indecently Alibhai Brown is spouting her usual drivel on the Wright stuff all week…………all the usual racist rants directed against white people….particularly white working class people.Really quite amusing is a pub bore sort of way.

    • Hippograd

      That’s because the US military selects for the more intelligent members of the vibrant Black community. Or used to do so. But even with selection in place, there has been a lot of censorship about what the vibrant community gets up to wiff whites wimmin in the military.

      • Jack_H

        I have not read anything supporting what you say but it is now a matter of record that every rank in the military right up to Chair of the Chiefs of Staff has been held at some point of other by someone of African American heritage.

        • Hippograd

          The AFQT [Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery] has been used in non-military settings as a proxy measure of intelligence… However, it is important to note that AFQT has been shown to correlate more highly with classic IQ tests than they do with one another, and that the “crystallized” intelligence measured by AFQT is measured very similarly by Wechsler, in particular.

          The more usual route to the top for blacks is “affirmative action”, i.e. they don’t have to meet objective standards.

  • Alibogs

    I don’t know why, but my mind just wandering from one thing to another, after reading your article, made me think about ‘Hutch’. Encouraged to come here by Edwina Mountbatten, he was the favourite singer of Edward VIII, able to work and rise to fame and huge fortune yet still made to use the servants entrance when coming to perform at the hotels where he was paid large fees to appear.

    I wonder how much fellow feeling there was between those that laboured and served and those that on the one hand were allowed to associate with (and, in his case, even father the children of) the upper classes but yet still made continuously aware of their ‘otherness’? It’s tempting to imagine a them and us kind of bond, but I suspect it’s fanciful.

    He was far superior to Beyoncé musically and intellectually, of course.

    • Freddythreepwood

      ‘He was far superior to Beyoncé musically and intellectually, of course.’

      My parrot is far superior to Beyoncé musically and intellectually.

      • Andrew Cole

        How much more musical or intellectual can you get than:
        “Who runs the world………..Girls”
        “If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.”

        Masterpieces that will not be forgotten for at least a decade.

    • jeremy Morfey

      I worked in the theatre once as an actor, and always used the Stage Door. I had come to work, and this was where the work was done. The front of house was where the audience, bless them, were prepared to pay good money to hear me caterwaul. I never understood why they did this, but wasn’t complaining. If their end was prettier than mine, it was only because it drew them in and paid my wages. I didn’t need such fancies – a convivial Green Room, a subsidised canteen, clean costume, and things that helped me do my job better – that would do me.

      • Alibogs

        Yes, I think there is a much broader question of egalitarianism generally to be addressed in relation to this, for a few seconds anyway. If we were to believe in apologising for history, as many on the left do, we should have to apologise for those that were treated differently as servants of all sorts, not just those who were racially discriminated against. However, that approach would be so sweeping as to be ridiculous so we go back to playing the fashionable game of ‘victim top trumps’.

        I believe in learning from history and moving on. Broadly I think we have done that. Rod is joining in Beyoncés game for the sake of writing an article, but there is little point in looking back at history to say, our lot were less prejudiced than your lot.

        And elsewhere in this magazine is an article about black on black gang stabbings, and another example of closing rank, this time among gang members rather than the aristocracy, as was the case against ‘Hutch’ when he crossed the line. That is a human trait, not a class or a racial one.

  • Mark Gregory

    Great article Rod, as usual. But please don’t call YAB a “journalist”, she’s a professional race-baiter.

    • Morris Jasper

      &, if the indy rumours are true, soon she will be an unemployed “professional race-baiter” reliant solely upon her ‘In BBC benefits’.

      • anotherjoeblogs

        She’ll be popping into the Dateline London studio to do her race-baiting and to pick up her cheque paid by the enforced license payers. I am curious about these ‘ indy rumours ‘ – it’s hard to type while rubbing your hands in glee.

        • Andrew Cole

          What are the rumours and she is already on the Beeb nearly every day. Will she be competing with D’Abbot for the race bait slots or will the beeb be doubling their efforts to champion this deserved cause.

          • anotherjoeblogs

            All I know is The independent and indy on Sunday will stop printing in March and it may mean that the beeb will offer YAB a bedroom in the studios to have the racist imp on tap

  • Hippograd

    Has the Board of Deputies got something on you, Rod? You’ve turned happy-clappy for the multi-culti recently.

    It’s not just Millwall, mind — football has done extraordinarily well in accustoming the white folks to divest themselves of racial prejudice.

    Yes, where would Britain and the rest of Europe be wivvout all those high-IQ blacks dragging us out of the stone age and teaching us all the clever games they invented over in Africa? Not to mention the high technology and complex legal system they brought with them.

    it was nonetheless among the working class where integration and equality happened first.

    That’s why the white working class has been ethnically cleansed from great swathes of London and why there has been so much vibrancy in places like Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford. Integration, innit? And equality.

    • MikeF

      Curiously the culture that has led to the particular sort of ‘vibrancy’ you allude to is one that tends not to play much football.

      • Hippograd

        True. They were the ones who taught us benighted white kaffirs to play cricket. They’re still trying to teach us to respect women, but it’s proving difficult.

        • Ridcully

          …and they’re banging their heads against the wall in sheer frustration at not being able to cure us of our violent homophobia!

          • Hippograd

            I think the only true solution, as the Board of Deputies recognizes, is that they outbreed us and become the majority. Then the rainbow days of harmony and racial equality will begin. David Aaronovitch has written movingly of how there are no downsides to vibrant immigration.

    • Danny Ray

      Funny how people put sporting performance for the team they follow before their usual standards for judging people. It’s never been about skin colour but rather behaviour. I remember linford Christie as a street thug mugger but as soon as he had success as a sprinter in a Great Britain vest he was suddenly elevated to Saint.
      People really are that shallow it would seem.

      • Hippograd

        People really are that shallow it would seem.

        Yes. And that easy to to manipulate. That’s why we’ve got stale pale males like Lord Triesman* working so hard in the FA to kick racism out. It’s not kosher, innit?

        *Trigger warning if you search for photos of him. They don’t come much staler, paler or maler than Treezy.

    • Andrew Cole

      I think you’ll find that working classes have had mixed relationships for a long long time while in upper circles even in recent times it could be seen in a bad light.

      Something that Harry Enfield touched upon in one of his ‘Wayne/Waynetta’ send ups which now touches nerves.

      • Hippograd

        Many of those “mixed” relationships aren’t consensual, which is why the white working class move away from enrichment when they can. As the group most exposed to vibrancy, they’re the ones who have suffered most from it.

        And they don’t have many genuine relationships with Muslims.

        • Andrew Cole

          You are mixing race and religion. My wife is black. Non muslims and Muslims not having many genuine relationships is to do with the religion mainly.

          Yes many mixed race relationships were non consensual but it isn’t something that has only become consensual in the last decade or 2. Genuine mixed race consensual marriages or relationships have happened in the UK for many many decades. Public opinion has gradually moved away from a negative view of it to where the vast majority of the public (in Britain at least) have no view one way or the other today. Yes there is still racism in Britain but to the vast majority they don’t even think of it being a mixed race relationship. It is just a relationship between 2 people

          • Hippograd

            If I was mixing race and religion, why did I use a racial term (“blacks”) and a religious term (“Muslims”)? Mixed relationships are not good things, because blacks have lower average IQ and the children of a black/white relationship will be less intelligent, and more inclined to criminality, than the white average. This is quite beside the fact that black men are more likely to be violent to their partners.

          • Andrew Cole

            Well thank you for telling me 3 children will be less intelligent…….even though they are at the top end of their classes and are likely to enter secondary eduction in the top class.

            Blacks are more inclined to criminality because they are black. It is because they are more likely to be brought up in areas where criminality is a problem. If you take the figures at face value it includes the whole country. I am sure if you delved deeper into it then white kids from the same areas that the blacks are committing these crimes then the numbers would be much much closer if not the same.

          • Hippograd

            It’s a question of averages. Mixed race children will tend to fall between the average intelligence of the races of their parents. But some blacks are still much more intelligent than some whites, and some mixed race children will be very intelligent.

            Blacks are [NOT] more inclined to criminality because they are black. It is because they are more likely to be brought up in areas where criminality is a problem.

            And why is criminality a problem in those areas? Because there are lots of blacks in those areas. Genetics underlies the black tendency to violence.

            Another example: Men are more likely to be violent than women for genetic reasons. That’s a fact, whatever the left-wingers say. But it does not mean all men are more violent than all women. Men are also more likely to be at the top or bottom of the intelligence scale (more male geniuses and more male cretins).

            Similarly for blacks and whites. Blacks are more inclined to violence and low intelligence for genetic reasons.

          • Andrew Cole

            This is nothing to do with genetics. That is a false correlation. Minds are developed through childhood and the way you are brough up can define what your life chances are.

            Yes some people will have a better chance than others at birth but that is not a black v white thing. That is an environmental thing.

            If everyone had parents that had the exact same way of bringing up their kids, the same area, the same schooling, the same opportunity it would be pretty equal. Some kids will grow up more intelligent than others through genetics but it would be nothing to do with black v white.

            The simple fact is that a higher % of black people are brought up in less affluent, less supportive environments and therefore the % of black people that commit crime is higher. The % of black people that do well in life is much lower. If the whole country was 50/50 in each environment you would see that it is nothing to do with genetics.

            It is purely down to the fact that a huge percentage more of white British people are not living in as challenging environments that the % of whites is so different in all aspects. Nothing to do with genetics. No-one is born a genius. Minds are developed through childhood and that shapes your life opportunities.

          • Hippograd

            It is purely down to the fact that a huge percentage more of white British people are not living in as challenging environments that the % of whites is so different in all aspects.

            Ah, of course! How stupid of me to think that there were huge numbers of white British people suffering extreme poverty in the 19th century, Great Depression, etc. Obviously, if they had been suffering extreme poverty they’d have been committing murder and other violent crime at the same rate as the poor deprived blacks of 21st-century London, some of whom go literally hours without food or new trainers.

            As for China and Japan: again, poverty has never affected huge numbers of people there, or otherwise the Chinese and Japanese would be famous for their stupidity and their propensity to violence.

            In fact, genetics explains why blacks have low average IQ and the Chinese have high average IQ. See this page by a black American scientist who is not blinkered about the existence and importance of race:


          • Andrew Cole

            I’m not going to carry on with your racist rant. Upbringing is the important thing. Your idea that 19th Century Britain did not have a problem with crime is just hilarious.

            There were gangs in deprived areas of big cities way before ‘black’s from the commonwealth were allowed to come and live in this country.

            Even in relatively recent history London didn’t just have the Krays. There were umpteen different gangs. All from relatively poor backgrounds and virtually white.

            What you see now isn’t something new. It is still people from poor areas that get involved in gangs. The fact that a high proportion of black people live in these poor areas and not as high a percentage live in more affluent areas means the % is swayed.

            Anyway I will continue to guide my mixed race brainbox kids along in the way I think it is right and hopefully their genetics will not cause them to fail.

          • Hippograd

            You should look up the meaning of the word “rant” before you use it.

            What you see now isn’t something new.

            Yes, sure. We’ve always had g*** r*** in London and other big cities. When blacks and other races are equally poor, the blacks commit more crime. Look at South Africa: it’s criminal from the top of society to the bottom and has one of the highest murder (and r***) rates in the world.

            Yes, there were gangs in areas much poorer than anything we find in Britain today, but they didn’t behave as badly as the black gangs do today in much better conditions. The Krays and other white gangs didn’t target the innocent and white criminals still think it entirely wrong to commit crime against old people. Black criminals don’t.

            The fact that a high proportion of black people live in these poor areas and not as high a percentage live in more affluent areas means the % is swayed.

            Black behaviour causes black poverty, not the other way around.

            Anyway I will continue to guide my mixed race brainbox kids along in the way I think it is right and hopefully their genetics will not cause them to fail.

            Good for you. But wouldn’t your kids be better off in a black nation where white racism can’t harm them?

          • Andrew Cole

            What white racism? I am white. They do not see themselves as black or white. It all confuses them. They just see people. Their friends are asian, Polish, Portuguese, African and of course British. They see them as friends and not an Asian friend or a black friend.

            The difference really is that my wife is not Afro American. She is Portuguese and her mother and father went from Cape Verde, went to war torn Angola to get work and eventually settled in Portugal. They chose to move to their former colony to give their children a better life.

            The difference is that she is not shouting about black rights or equality like Americans still are. We are quite lucky in Europe that we are decades ahead of the US in terms of racism. Still a problem though that we can deal with but in the US it is a subject that the black community insist on doing themselves where in Britain and most of europe non racists no matter their skin colour make the fight against racism.

            The worrying part of how things are going in the US is that while these high profile black stars are continually pushing the buttons that black communities in the UK are heavily influenced and we are in danger of regressing.

            There is racism in the UK but for you to say my children would be better off in a black nation where they wouldn’t experience white racism is just crazy. There is minimal racism at their age group and they do not see themselves as black or white. They do not see anyone as anything but a person. Besides my eldest has natural bleach blonde hair like I had as a child and his skin is as fair as snow until the summer comes and then he goes golden brown within hours 🙂

          • Hippograd

            What white racism?

            Stephen Lawrence. Need I say more? Black boys are murdered by white racists every day of the year.

            There is racism in the UK…

            Yes, and it’s largely directed at whites.

          • Andrew Cole

            You are using a 20 year old murder as evidence are you?

          • Hippograd

            Yes, it’s 20 years old and it’s so important that it’s still regularly in the news. Why is that, if racism isn’t a deadly menace to the vulnerable Black and Minority Ethnic communities? I mean white racism, of course, because there is no other kind.

          • Andrew Cole

            You are confused. If the media continually use a single 20 year old incident even if it were one that had so much media focus on it then people see it as something from the past.

            Racism is not as bad as it was back then however it is still an issue and it is wrong to make it appear that it was a thing of the past by continually using something so long ago. They should be using more recent examples and many examples.

            All they are doing always using that one example is making it seem like even back then it didn’t happen very often and that it doesn’t happen now hence we have to use that old example.

            There is racism to all sections of society within every country. You insistence that only whites can be racist is ridiculous. You can quite rightly suggest that white racists commit many more racist crimes than other demographics however to suggest racism can only be perpetretated by white people is just plain false.

            Asians commit crime against white people because they are white, Black people commit crimes against White people because they are white. The numbers of course show that white are the main perpetrators of racism however that does not mean you can ignore the instances of racist crime committed by other demographics against white people because they are lower than those committed by white people.

          • Hippograd

            They can’t use more recent examples because racist murders by whites don’t happen very often. Racist murders of whites by blacks and Asians happen much more often. The official ideology pretends otherwise.

            Asians commit crime against white people because they are white, Black people commit crimes against White people because they are white. The numbers of course show that white are the main perpetrators of racism however that does not mean you can ignore the instances of racist crime committed by other demographics against white people because they are lower than those committed by white people.

            Yes, racially mixed societies are bad things. That’s why I oppose mass immigration. So did the majority of the country when it began, because their wishes were ignored. We don’t live in a democracy and the people at the top have used mass immigration as a means of dividing and conquering the nation.

          • Andrew Cole

            I don’t think they have purposefully used it as a device to divide and conquer us. I think they have been uber naive in thinking racism was finished with, an old out of date problem.

            I am with you in that I do not support mass immigration. I support beneficial immigration in terms of the fact we do have skills gaps and we should be importing those skills in at least until we can train our own to fill future skills gaps.

          • Hippograd

            Poverty drove him to it:


            I think they have been uber naive in thinking racism was finished with, an old out of date problem.

            No, you’ve got it the wrong way around. They pretend that white racism is a huge problem when it isn’t, which is why the 20-yr-old Lawrence murder is the centre of a religious cult.

            I am with you in that I do not support mass immigration. I support beneficial immigration in terms of the fact we do have skills gaps and we should be importing those skills in at least until we can train our own to fill future skills gaps.

            I agree. But mass immigration from the 3rd world doesn’t bring necessary skills to this country: it takes skills from the 3rd world. Mass immigration from the 3rd world certainly brings crimes and corruption, however. See what’s been going on in Rotherham (and many other places across Europe).

          • Andrew Cole

            But while we have doctors saying they just want to help people but then saying I’m off abroad if you don’t give us the contract we want then you have to fill those skills jobs.

            I agree that there will never be a way to help countries improve and develop if you keep depriving them of the people they need but equally we cannot help them keep their people in the future unless we have our own country sorted out.

            The reality is that until we have all our skills gaps filled AND we can tie all these people in to staying in the UK that we have trained then all talk of us helping other countries in their development is hogwash.

  • MikeF

    Yes indeed – I have sometimes thought much the same whilst reverting to my roots and finding myself amongst a crowd of ‘white northern working class’ males cheering on the various black men who have played for my team. The wider lesson, of course, is that racial harmony and integration happen when you have an absence of overt prejudice coupled with freedom of expression – whether of talent on a football field or of opinion off it. It does not occur as the result of prescriptive ‘anti-racist’ dogmatism. The ideology of ‘anti-racism’ is, in reality, a vicious and hypocritical lefty middle class doctrine that is debasing the life of this country – not least the quality of political debate and poisonously the notion of impartial police and justice systems.

  • Yorkieeye

    The left are very self conscious aren’t they? They seem to see nothing but colour. Far from seeing people as individuals they clump all other ethnicities together and patronise them according to skin colour.

    • Andrew Cole

      No they need as many causes to champion because they have to have something to fight for. Utopia would be too utopian and they would have to fight for people’s rights to have some misery.

  • Liberanos

    I agree, Rod. In fact, in almost every sport, black athletes are at or near the top. Racism doesn’t stop them if they’re good enough. So why don’t they aspire to be as well represented in art, literature, physics, medicine and so on?

    • Hybird

      They never do well in swimming events, though. All the swimming coaches must be racists.

    • Danny Ray

      Different muscle needed for those professions. The one at the top. Encased by skull.

      • Baron

        Give them time, Danny, give them time.

        • vieuxceps2

          They have had exactly the same time as the rest of the world. Are you suggesting that they’re a bit slow?

          • Baron

            Yup, they did have the same time as we did, vieuxceps2, but alot of it when we were around them was time spent in chains, it’s sort of hard to train your brain in such conditions, easier to grow the muscle.

          • greencoat

            They had thousands of years unchained, like everyone else.

          • Baron

            All major civilisations of antiquity down to the Egyptians were run by people with skin colour other than white, then others took over, the Chinese, the tribes of India, the whites, environment they inhabited forced them to think beyond hunting and gathering. You put anyone of a skin colour other than white in such environment, his brain will evolve in a similar manner.

            Scientifically there isn’t an iota difference between brains of any human species that can interbreed (Obama is one, but not the best example). Education is the best tool to get the best out of any brain regardless the colour of the skull it sits in.

          • Hybird

            Rameses the Great was a red-haired white man. The ancient Egyptians were white. Recent digs at a million grave cemetery showed that blonds, red-heads and brunettes were buried in different sections of the grave yard. The Telegraph had an article on it a while back.

          • Baron

            Skin colour is but one characteristic of racial categories, Hybird, what matters though is that they (the categories) do not conform to any biological, anthropological or genetic criteria.

            Excepting the random prevalence of mutations for both individuals and groups of individuals, the basic design of our bodies, the proteins, the building blocks that make us up would suggest there isn’t any difference in the capacity of any of the components of a human being (including the brain) to do as any other human being can given the right environmental conditions, and sufficient time.

            The brain size difference is the most commonly use d argument of those who argue for the superiority of whites, but evidence doesn’t support it. Einstein’s brain was marginally smaller than that of the average male, but nobody doubts his genius.

            We utilise only a small chunk of the grey matter anyway, so who is to tell whether the next genius will emerge in the skull of a white, black, a mixture of the two or any other combination of racial mixing.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Why is there a desperate shortage of donor organs for efnik people in the UK?

            When they are closer, genetically to any non efnik than a non efniks own brother is?!?!

          • Damaris Tighe

            Sorry to be late in the convo Baron, but I’ve just come across a good quote, ‘white is a check box on a census form’.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Doesn’t your second paragraph contradict your first?!

          • vieuxceps2

            Ah! That’s why you think them a bit slow,is it? Because”we” enslaved them. Same applies to the Persians, Greeks, Egyptians,Romans, Arabs, Turks etc, all slavemasters etraordinaire. Seems they were easily enslaved. I wonder why that is?

          • Fidel Inez

            Also they were enslaving each other way before they started to sell them to the white man . Long after whitey decided it wasn’t the Christian thing to do anymore. Other commentators seem to think the extremely brief (in evolutionary terms) period that the white elites owned slaves (cos none of my forebears had any. Too many chimneys to sweep to afford even a left foot) held them back intellectually? How silly of me to forget that all of our white ancestors were sent to Oxbridge universities to ensure the white IQ was superior.
            Other races like the oriental, Indian sub continentals and everyone else must have had a similar arrangement to ensure the negro was demonstrably far less intelligent on the old IQ test. Maybe the tests are racist. Yes. Whew!!! That’s it. Damn imperialist, honky-biased question setters. They don’t even know when dey bein racialist. Innit?

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            Black African slavery, particularly destined for the US, started roughly 400 years ago and ended 200 years ago, so, in reality, 200 years of being in chains. In evolutionary terms, that is WAY too little time for any significant trait to be selected and accentuated.

    • IainRMuir

      The article really is a load of bollocks. Football fans seem to think that everything can be judged through the prism of their overrated game.

      A bit like using the popularity of black jazz musicians in pre war days as an example of equality and acceptance.

      It wasn’t.

  • Tamerlane

    The Left are no more interested in equality than I am in diversity – for them race is a means by which to divide and rule, that is its function and that is the ambition. Set one group against another in the name of diversity, fairness, equality, racism, BLT rights (or what have you) etc etc ad nauseam and from that rule. It’s the only means they know, it’s why the devote so much time to accusing everyone else of being divisive.

    • MikeF

      Yes their vocabulary in this respect is utterly Orwellian in that actually means in practice precisely the opposite of what it purports to support. ‘Equality’ means preference and ‘Diversity’ means conformity.

      • greencoat

        They also like (white) working class people to ‘aspire’ but dislike it when they succeed.

    • Robbydot1

      The Left are very racist, they look for race and identity in everything.

      • jeremy Morfey

        Quite so. I was at the SDP Conference in Harrogate in 1986 when Shirley Williams proposed from the floor that we all fill in ethnic questionnaires (which are now routine for pretty well everything, including the census return). I refused, on the grounds that the less racial awareness we have in society, the better. It was ridiculous creating more. Besides, as an indigenous person, I could have a white face in England, a black one in Africa, a brown one in Asia and a red one in America. They should all therefore tick the same box.

        They forget that it is not race that is the issue, but cultural alienation. I’m afraid I find both Beyoncé’s poncing about, and football fans’ Nuremberg supremacist chantings weird and alien. Others find my love of Elgar’s music and my Catholic faith deeply unsettling.

        • Kennybhoy

          ” I was at the SDP Conference in Harrogate in 1986…”

          Jesus! Any other sins you want to confess to while you’re about it? 🙂

          • jeremy Morfey

            I’m a Catholic, so I’ll have to book in a weekend with the priest before Easter to go through all those since I last confessed just before Christmas.

            I think he saw me coming, since he’s scarpered off to Rome to do a retreat for trainee deacons. He might bring a few back with him to lighten his load.

          • Kennybhoy

            So am I Maister M. 🙂

          • jeremy Morfey

            He’s going to have to bring home all his deacons if he is to handle both our confessions!

          • Kennybhoy


          • CraigStrachan

            Kenny, this might be a strange question – but are you by any chance on as kennybhoy1961??

          • Kennybhoy

            Hi Craig,

            Delete this post man and contact me on 🙂

        • Primotivo Primotivo

          ” Beyoncé’s poncing about, and football fans’ Nuremberg supremacist chantings ” I enjoyed that observation, it certainly did have that feel about it, didnt it? And the hypocricy of Beyonce, she calls herself a Christian, but have you read those lyrics?

  • BillRees

    I suppose the ultimate ‘working class’ sport is Rugby League.

    A black player, Clive Sullivan, captained Great Britain in 1972. Roy Francis was a black coach of the Hull and Leeds teams in the 1960s.

    I suppose that supports Rod’s thesis that working class people, who are so often scoffed at by the liberal elite, are in fact far less racist than those who claim to be their superiors.

  • Patrick

    you only have to look at how the education authorities will class a school which is 98% muslim as ‘diverse’, yet a school which is 70-80 white is somehow not diverse enough.Its just a way to attack the white working class. yet practically all the London labour MP’s send their children to private schools with very few ‘Ethnic” children

    • greencoat

      Very well said, Patrick. Something very sinister is going on.

    • Hybird

      Diversity these days just means “not many white people.”

      • SunnyD

        ‘Diversity these days just means “not many white people”‘ – but they can’t half dance though!

  • Norse Notion No.9

    …on a different note…
    Could someone please straighten up those USA’ians, so they name their sport with its right name,
    namely: “Carryball”?

  • douglas redmayne

    Tamsin Alibi Brown is a turd and not even British.

  • right1_left1

    I well remember when it became apparent to me that I was a wicked person.
    Nobody told me… tho’ they have since.

    A substitution to the England football team was announced..
    .I looked up from the book I was reading, Atomic physics and racism in the Manhatten project and saw the
    substitute was in fact an Afro.
    I didntll like what I saw and its been downhill ever since.

  • John Steadman

    A totally irrelevant comment: Remember Laurie Cunningham, Rod? I saw him at Roker Park a hundred years ago and…..goodness….what a cracking good winger. Happy he was too early on the scene to get into the pathetic business of football race politics.

  • Cobbett

    Football is only a game…if it disappeared tomorrow who’d care? Using it as an excuse to impose demographic dispossession on W European countries is beyond contempt.

  • JonBW

    Brilliant article: Trevor Lee and his peers did more to overcome racism than any political movement.

    • Wessex Man

      What in front of the Millwall fans? you are having a laugh!

      • JonBW

        Millwall were never the most racist of supporters by a long way.

  • Rod asks: “Where is the real racism within our societies, do you think? Among the ordinary white working-class folk — or a little higher up the social ladder?”

    I would answer that real racism is now aimed only at whites. The people behind this anti-white racism are left-wing whites, black activist types and Muslims.

    That aside, good article Rod – although not as good as your wonderful article about national tampon day……

    • David Power

      Well said Paul and congratulations on the first March going off without incident.

      • Thanks David. I follow your comments. If you turn up to a Pegida bash, do please introduce yourself 🙂

        • Hybird

          You said “bash.” The left will see this as damning evidence that Pegida is promoting violence.

          • Yawn…

          • Hybird

            You’ll be yawning again when a bunch of cops are knocking at your door at dawn tomorrow. Don’t think you can get away with using such inflammatory language. Oh, my God! I said “bunch!”

          • David Power

            LOL. Surely he’s joking.

            Anyway, getting back to Rob’s poignant question above. I think an even more powerful way of framing it, is to ask the people making spurious ‘racism’ accusations…

            Do you believe that any race other than the White race, can be racist? And if so, could you provide a some examples?

            I’m yet to receive an answer to that question. Can’t think why.

          • Trini’s dad

            Yah raas bottom batiman! Dem na teach you anyting in school ‘mon? Whe’ me cumfrom me experience alatta racism. Dem biggest racists against my peepol are dem from Jamaica, me tell no lies. Second biggest racists are dem crazy folk from Nygeria. Me tell di trutt! My peepol like myself we are softly spoken, dem Jamaicans an’ Nygerians cuss like streetworkin’ businesswoman late for di jaab an den di heel break off di shu. Dutty, dutty dem, not clean like my peepol.

        • David Power

          Thanks Paul, I certainly will.

    • fundamentallyflawed

      Can’t be racist to white people as racism is a system of oppression and white people are not oppressed…….
      Therefore the elites consciences are clear

      • Andrew Cole

        Although they are denied equality if the quotas need to be met.

        • Super^Cool^Drip

          the quotas need to be met because of inequality

          • Andrew Cole

            No, The quotas need to be met because of someone’s perceived view that there is inequality. Positive discrimination they call it. So what if you are the best at this job in the world. We can’t hire you because we are short of x demographic and therefore the 3rd best is getting the job.

            That is the problem with this country. Instead of dealing with discrimination we make laws that discriminate in the opposite direction.

            It is just the British version of the ‘retribution’ that South Africa is using. A white apologists sorry.

            It helps no-one because it just alters who is being discrimnated against and then causes resentment thus perpetuating the problem that people will always suspect that x demographic is only in the job because they are x demographic rather than because of their abilities and attributes. It loses that demographic that credibility.

            We should just be using the laws to stop discrimination not enforcing a quota.

          • Super^Cool^Drip

            if someone is the best at the job then im sure that they wont be unemployed. it takes being employed to actually become the best at the job. Even if that was the case, they wont be unemployed for long. Discrimination is more likely to happen than this scenario and thats why we have affirmative action. im a business owner so im not waiting on white owned companies to hire me.

          • Andrew Cole

            So because someone is employed it doesn’t matter if the 2nd or 3rd best candidate is preferred because of their demographic?

            You would rather that people always have suspicions that certain demographics only got the job because they are in that demographic?

            Would you not rather that discrimination was dealt with by discrimination laws?

          • Super^Cool^Drip

            well we can play the “what if game ” all day. If the klans didnt burn down so many black businesses we wouldn’t need employment from anybody. yall dont want us to be independent and you dont wanna hire us. the g0vernment even stopped the back to africa movement. yall just want us to be slaves

          • Andrew Cole

            Do I want my black wife to be a slave? Why are you demanding retribution instead of justice? Why are you not demanding that your government tackle the klans instead.

            Your argument is “we want whites to be discriminated against like we are” when it should be “we want to end discrimnation”

            Anyway we are talking about quotas in Britain here. Whilst there are fascist organisations within Britain any direct action would be dealt with severely.

            We are talking about Britain where the left try to label any section of society that questions immigration as racist and fascist.

            What you are talking about is retribution against whites when you should be holding your government to task for not dealing with the problem of racism. You are not asking for equality at all. You are demanding double because ‘you owe us’.

          • Super^Cool^Drip

            there are klans within the g0vernment. Why would we ask the same g0vernment that is doing the systematic oppression to tackle the klans. blacks were fighting for justice 400 years ago so we know its not going to be given. yes this country does owe us but we know we wont get reparations. welfare programs are not reparations. you dont ask for equality you have to separate or demand equality. i never said anything about retribution, our agenda is not to retaliate.

          • Andrew Cole

            you talk of owing us and demanding preferment via the use od ‘positive discrimination’. That is retribution. Maybe not in a physical we demand to kill or maim whites as revenge but in terms of we demand you pay us back.

            The problem is that you see the whole establishment as being white. Your problem is that you are entering into an argument demanding equality whilst you talk about this country owing ‘us’. Who is this us? Are you American? and is the USA your country? So the country owes Americans?

            To be equal you have to want to be equal, not be preferred, not to maintain a seperation.

            And if the government is corrupt then you should be fighting to tackle that. We have the same thing over here. Our news will headline any seen injustice towards a minority when the same injustice to a white British person would virtually be ignored.

            If you continue to push the ‘you owe us’ argument you will never get anywhere. What it needs is a real desire to be equal and not receive preferrential treatment because of some sense of entitlement to payback.

            In reality who is going to owe you? The US government? And that payback will be at the detrement of US citizens? Many of whom are white, many of whom are not racist and many of whom are actually on your side in your search of equality.

            What you are actually doing is refusing to forgive our ancestors and asking us to make things good. Most of us are not racist and we sure cannot change history but people have to work together on these issues to wipe out racism (on both sides.)

            You cannot ever try to suggest that you want equality when by this very argument you are asking for inequality in the form of ‘positive discrimination’.

          • Super^Cool^Drip

            so you want us to just forget about the 400 year set back on wealth and push for equality for 150 more years. ok bye. this is why i dont debate with white people. yall are delusional

          • Andrew Cole

            No-one is suggesting you forget anything. You should remember it just as the rest of the world, whites, blacks andy creed or colour. It is called history.

            You cannot however expect preferential treatment now though for what people did in the past. The vast majority of white people do not hold those views and would castigate anyone who did. You cannot expect preference or positive discrimination against people who have done nothing wrong.

            I am not to blame for what people did hundreds of years ago. I am not responsible for idiots in today’s society that continue with this garbage.

            Fight for equality and not retribution. Fight for justice and not payback.

            You will never win the fight for equality when what you are expecting is preference. That just contradicts and alienates.

          • Joycie Suavecita

            how is it preferential treatment? its called compensation for a reason. you are such a racist like the vast majority of white people. don’t tell us what is right or wrong for us when you are last type of people to be giving us advice.

          • Andrew Cole

            My wife is black. Her mother and Father are African. My children are half white and half black mixed race. I am no racist. I just do not understand how anyone can say they are fighting for equality when what they want is payback from people who did nothing wrong.

            You are saying that white people should pay compensation for the wrongs that happened generations ago. That is not justice. You would be prosecuting people like me for something I have never done.

            I condone what happened in the past and I don’t ask anyone to forget it but until we are talking about real equality and not preferment and payback then this will never end.

          • Joycie Suavecita

            ok. how does that disprove you are not a racist? racists interracial date and marry all the time. i can name many politicians and the like if you want. stop hiding your racism behind your black wife and kids. do you know how racist you sound for you to say compensation is payback and white people did nothing wrong to black people? you said what white people did to black people was many generations ago and are claiming i am prosecuting you. well, you are wrong and i didn’t. that is your defense for not supporting to correct the condition of my people. what a racist.

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            “my people”- seems you are the racially prejudiced and arrogant one in this slanging match Joycie, my dear.

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            Gosh Joycie, you wear your hatred and race complex so well!

          • Joycie Suavecita

            not delusional. racists making excuses to maintain inequality on blacks.

          • Super^Cool^Drip

            i think we agree

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            I’m not surprised, fools never differ.

          • Super^Cool^Drip

            and haters never stop hatin

    • rationality

      ‘I would answer that real racism is now aimed only at whites.’

      It is our failure to capitalise on this that is a real concern.

    • James Chilton

      I’ve been given to understand that only white people can be racist. Muslims and blacks are inherently incapable of being racist.

      • Sausage McGuffin

        Indeed. As taught on every campus in the land.

        • Absolutely. In PC terms (cultural terrorism as described by Gramsci, Lukacs, Adorno, Marcuse etc) whites are the oppressors and non-whites the oppressed, just as the Bourgeoisie were once the oppressors and the workers the oppressed in the nascent Soviet Union. Unless things change VERY QUICKLY whites will suffer the same fate as Russian Aristos. In 1950 we made up 50% of the global population. Today we are down to 25% and predicted to be having only 5% of global babies by 2050. At that point we will not only be a tiny global minority but also a minority in our own Western homelands. We are being air-brushed (to put it politely) out of international existence even as we meeky celebrate the Black Panthers who murderered and raped whilst calling for the destruction of the white race. With such a defeatist and propagandised mind-set, how can we possibly survive? All very sad and the biggest tragedy is that the entire Western establishment act as cheerleaders for our imminent racial and cultural destruction. Worse, they demand at the point of law that we actively celebrate it! This is insanity on an international and industrial scale.

          • Hybird

            Are you sure about the 25%? I have read several times that we are already down to 8%.

          • depends on definition of ‘white’.

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            “With such a defeatist and propagandised mind-set, how can we possibly survive?” -we cant Paul, and we won’t, and whats left of the world and the human race will be much poorer for it. Western, primarily white, Christian civilization has brought enormous benefits to humanity and I fear in the next century, we will return to our natural, brutal selves. There will be war, disease, slavery, pillage and death on a truly grand scale, culminating in a multi-lateral nuclear exchange and extinction. The planet, and what is left of nature, will breath a sigh of relief and in a couple of thousand years, human existence will be a rather sad little footnote in the story of the universe. Its been a fun ride.

    • Claraver

      Different code, same result. Australian Football League, AFL has many aboriginal players who excel at this sport. In 2014 Adam Goodes, senior AFL player for the Sydney Swans, was appointed Australian of the Year. The result being Goodes began using a sporting field to promote division between races and unhealthily wallow in the past. The Aussie crowds can pick a poser and the booing began at every match. Goodes thinks that his Aboriginality is the defining aspect of his life and wishes to parade it, but many of us don’t care what race he is, and see him as a privileged, wealthy, famous man who is a big sook with an unjustified entitlement mentality. Goodes use of victim status as a weapon was matched in his playing style by arrogantly flaunting his indigenous radicalism in the middle of a game.

    • flipkipper

      Matey, why did you forgot to mention the Ch*nks?
      Never underestimate the financial power of chinaman abroad, even the common ones.
      You race will be replaced in any case, not by Arabs laddy.
      But you already knew that didn’t you.

      • You may well be right about China, but not without a real war and don’t forget nuclear weapons. Who knows how the 21st century will pan out? It is unlikely to be peaceful, simply because no century has ever been peaceful. Left-liberals who think lions will lie down with the lamb will have an awful lot of explaining to do…..

        • flipkipper

          Let’s be honest here for once. The simple truth is you don’t like Pak*s. Some divine inspiration – not dissimilar to what happened to that Mormon founder – told you that if Osama could hide in Pak*-stan, then all Pak*s much be in this together. So you go and you dream up some race replacement bull which I explained earlier is bull. That’s why no one listens to you, Paul. Because your argument is flawed. It’s for the bin. If you want to be racist you need to be proper racist, not a bit racist on a Tuesday only.
          You get me?

          • “So you go and you dream up some race replacement bull which I explained earlier is bull.”

            You have never explained anything. You lack the mental aptitude to do so on account of being a dim-wit.

          • flipkipper

            We established the following:

            You forgot to mention the Ch*nks.

            You hate Pak*s for some reason (did they sell you gone off milk in your local corner shop on more than one occasion?)

            You dream up race replacement bull which is inconclusive.

            I have come here to say it as it is.

          • Hybird

            The Pakistani flag was flying next to Mr Weston at the Pegida demo last week. It was held by a Pakistani who gave a speech from the same platform. This does not seem to me to indicate that Mr Weston hates Pakistanis. However, the speeches made by the Pakistani and Mr Weston did indicate that they both hate Islam. And what’s not to hate about Islam?

          • flipkipper

            Give it time until the poor indigenous find themselves renting from Ch*nk not Pak* landlords. We were never asked and all that matey.

          • Wessex Man

            I expect they were frightened as to what sort of reply you would give.

          • “I have come here to say it as it is” say’s the oddly named flipkipper,

            Well, why don’t you say it as it is? Please explain why race replacement is bull. Do it properly. Treat it as an intellectual exercise designed to genuinely explain this reality to us. Say 1,000 words?

          • flipkipper

            I don’t need to waffle in 1,000 words. I explained it clearly and to the point: you forgot to mention the Ch*nks and for some reason hate the Pak*s (and Iraq*s possibly), as you and your lot are only exposed to the latter renting out the property they own to your kind which own nothing.

            The thing is, your kind have never owned anything so you would complain in any case wouldn’t you. Once the Ch*nks buy and own the stuff that you rely on, and you begin to feel it when they turn the thumb screws, then you will perhaps expand on your race replacement bull to include Asians. Because you don’t think anything through to the end, no one listens to you.

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            “you and your lot”- who exactly are you referring to here? Sounds a bit like “you people”. A bit prejudiced yourself flipkipper?
            Oh, by the way, your responses to Paul do not constitute and argument, just supposition followed by prejudice.

          • SunnyD

            “Let’s be honest here for once”? does this mean you’ve been b@llsh1tting us the entire rest of the time? (tongue firmly in cheek)

          • flipkipper

            … and why would you ffink that?!?

          • SunnyD

            now you’re bringing to mind an image of howard finkle from the old WWF…..sorry off on another tangent….. the reason I said that, it’s really just a standard response I give whenever someone says (or in your case writes) ‘to be honest’ or ‘let’s be honest’ – no harm meant, just me being silly

          • flipkipper

            You misunderestimate my ability to detect your SOH.

          • SunnyD

            then I shall apologise, sincerely

      • Trini’s dad

        Dem Geeman carnival pediga peepol aalways forget dem Chinese. Why is dat? Me ‘ave di same problem in di Caribbean. Aal di shop owned by Chinese. Dem takin aal di profit from rice import an ting ‘mon. Das di trutt!

        • flipkipper

          yah man

    • Joycie Suavecita

      lol you oppressed victim. whites can’t be victims of racism.

      • It is interesting observing the hatred and insanity spewed out by people like you. Let me ask you a question, do you think there is any element of racism when a gang of adult Pakistani males gang rape and torture a twelve year-old English girl whilst calling her white trash and kufir? Are you seriously suggesting that because she is white, she is not the victim in this instance?

        You might need to look deep into your soul before you answer this question…..

        • Joycie Suavecita

          yes, she is victim of a hate crime. not a racist hate crime.

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            It is racist and sexist for a group of men of one race to target a girl of another race for rape and torture. If you can’t see that, you need to go and think about the terms of this argument for a while. Unless of course you have a compelling, fact based argument to back up your assertion.

          • Joycie Suavecita

            sexist, yes. racist, no.

          • What is the “hate” crime in this particular instance? Is it racism, misogyny, Christianophobia….? What word would you use to describe the hate?

          • Joycie Suavecita

            misogyny, pedophilia, sexism…

      • Andrew Cole

        Anyone can be a victim of racism.

        • Joycie Suavecita

          not true.

          • Andrew Cole

            Yes it is true. Racism is a crime against another race. IT is not a crime against black people only!!..

            Black people can be racist towards Whites. What about Asians, Aboriginal?

          • Joycie Suavecita

            black people don’t have a legacy to be racist you IR racist coward. how is whiteness being justifiably raped and dominated by blackness? good luck finding your myth of black racism.

          • Andrew Cole

            Your insistence that all of us whites are x or y and have this opinion or that opinion and that we owe you one is racist. You have decided all of this because I am white. Research racism. I am not carrying on from this post. You have that typical American insistence in maintaining a divide which you try to say you want to break down. It is like you fear letting that safety mechanism go. Just maybe if you did you would find out that racists are in the minority and not the norm. Maybe then people as a whole can fight racism rather than a demographic saying they are fighting something they are scared to be without.

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            You need to state your evidence Joycie, you can’t just disagree, otherwise you come across as a name calling child.

          • Joycie Suavecita

            are you racists testing me? racism is justified white domination and rape rooted in economics. its not a secret anymore.

  • jim

    I had plenty to say about this but the book burners are censoring everything.

  • Sean L

    If you’re a Millwall fan, and you’re referencing the 70s, you’ve missed a trick in failing to mention the numerous black fans among the violent hard core. The most famous of whom, possibly the most famous of *all* Millwall hard men, was known as Tiny. I saw him in action once when a handful of Millwall “took” the home end, as was the custom in those days, especially where Millwall were concerned, at Deepdale, Preston North End’s ground, in 1972 or thereabouts. But many clubs have had a lot of black fans in their “firms”, West Ham and Birmingham most notably in my experience. Birmingham were terrifying. I remember a few years ago, when they were briefly in the top flight, their fans being given a massive police escort all the way up Tottenham High Rd from Seven Sisters station to White Hart Lane, well over a mile. Not for their protection, but for everyone else’s. Plenty of stuff about Tiny, Millwall legend online. I just looked him up – he died last year but seems to be well remembered.

    • Wessex Man

      Your mob weren’t so hard when either the BBC or ITV, can’t remember which bussed you down to Eastville to see you in action and trying without a hope to take the Tote End were you?Then again you met real men there.

      As did your ‘footballers’ when they came up against Frankie Prince!

      • Wessex Man

        and after that little rant from the good old days of which you probably even a twinkle in your dad’s eye. The Millwall ‘fans’ of the last century were a blot on the landscape.

        Whereas Beyonce and her girls would be welcome anywhere.

        • Fidel Inez

          Would you like me to get you some bacofoil at the shops? Your hat is looking decidedly tatty

          • Wessex Man

            Would you like me to get you a brain, your’s is looking decidedly mushy.

      • Sean L

        I don’t know what you’re on a out mate. I was referring to a Preston game I went to with my father as a child.

        • Wessex Man

          Really, even though you are referring to a particularly nasty piece of work as a “Millwall Legend,” seconded by another who “knew him well.” the bone heads are in evidence today.

          The best thing that could happen for the Football League would be for them to throw out Millwall.

    • Fidel Inez

      Well said mate. Knew him well. Very well known in south London circles. RIP

    • John Smith

      Yes Birmingham were terrifying in the 1970’s
      I remember them invading the Barclay at Norwich

      They wore blue hard hats and made a horrible droning noise, as well as cracking a few heads

      Well that is enough on nostalgia

  • pcm9105

    Beyoncé, Cluny, Bono et al should concentrate on the day job, straying into areas they know little or nothing about only makes them look daft; it doesn’t do the causes they purport to support any good, they may even damage them.

    • Primotivo Primotivo

      Im quite happy having Bono preach his hypocritical, sanctimonious twaddle to gormless, credulous leaders, it means he will have less time to create his “music” and peddle it around the world.

  • fundamentallyflawed

    Not being obsessed with US black history the panthers references were lost on me. I did think that Beyoncé looked like somebodies drunk fit auntie embarrassing herself at a wedding though in that outfit..

    • Andrew Cole

      The Panthers were a direct action group that 2Pac Shakur’s parents were involved in and his father in prison for being part of.

      The shame is that what was once a fight to escape oppression has become a bubble where blacks are using questionable tactics to beat each other to escape the oppression and then use the mantra of wanting to help all to escape oppression to further their cause.

      It is a case of talk the talk but while they might believe what they are saying to be true the fact is in many cases they ‘kicked their down’ on their journey to escape.

  • James Chilton

    The “singers and dancers” at half time in the Super Bowl, achieved an apotheosis of unappeasable grievance. That more than two thirds of the players in the NFL are black, is not the triumph that Rod Liddle thinks it is.

  • Brian Jones

    Someone tried to convince me that Beyonce was a singer but after looking at that video he has to work a lot harder.

  • William Balty

    Lovely stuff, thanks. Further I wish – oh how I wish – that all actors/singers and luvvies in general would shut up and stop using their stage as a political platform. Starting with Cumberbumberbatch.

    • SunnyD

      you mean Cumberb1tch

  • John Smith

    Good stuff Rod
    Do not let the bastedos grind you down
    Boro & Millwall two real football teams

  • nutsingha

    She looks awful, sings terribly and is pushing a very clear ‘black panther’ anti-white racist agenda. The huge booty shaking is just an execrable sight too (I’m offended by the lack of dignity displayed, whilst she and her ilk claim it is ’empowering’). She should put it down and stop the wobbling in our faces with that thing. Maybe start working for charity and sell some of the diamonds on her fingers that some of her fellow Africans are dying for, rather than screaming her anti-white abuse in that horrible voice.

    • anka

      She was deplorable and ridiculous. But I guess she said – Hey, maybe if I am doing a gran political statement and show my huge tights, people will take it as empowering, forget I am a lousy performer, and any criticism of my terrible performance will be branded as racist/sexist/fatophobic.

  • stuartMilan

    Rod, to describe Yasmin Alibhai-Brown as “idiotic” is a feat of self-restraint worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize

    • realfish

      Rod also described her as a ‘journalist’, which takes some doing. But now that the Indi has gone down the pan perhaps ‘ex-journalist’ will do (although I fear that the BBC will pick up the slack).


        Sorry but she also currently litters the E Standard as well as Sky, ITV, & C4. The only ‘slack’ I wish to hear about in her context is connected with a rope.

  • lakelander

    I’m a little surprised you don’t support Middlesbrough, Rod.

    • rodliddle

      I do, a bit.

      • lakelander

        It’s hard not to care about a club you grew up with even if you hate football.

  • English man

    She did it because she thought it was fashionable. I doubt she cares one jot about equality, or the current diversity fetish. But, if it promotes her and wins her more fans, I’m sure she’s glad.

    • Andrew Cole

      She has been brought up to believe that she is doing good from spreading the message thus promoting it to her fans which means it can continue for perpetuity.

  • Malcolm Stevas

    Interesting piece, though I would normally never read something about soccer. But rather that than American football! What little I’ve seen of the latter was an odd blend of boredom and extreme violence – a strange game, stop-start. As for Beyoncé, can’t stand her or her style of music. Why was this American football contest on TV anyway? Is it popular here?

    • It is getting more viewership here but the constant interruptions will mean that the Brits will never key in to the game.

      • Agreed: I watched the meaningful highlights (less than 10 minutes)

    • Captain Dryland

      American football is not popular here, but no doubt there is some big commercial drive on to make it so, in order that British yoof can buy some street status inside the expensive branded sweat-shirt, and some hero status through video gaming ‘prowess’. We have our own great sport, cricket, at which we are world class, but which is practically invisible on the BBC. As usual, the grate branes who lead us continue to fawn after American cultural products with which to stuff us like so many geese in a fois gras feeding crate.

  • Nick

    Excellent article again by Mr.Liddle.

    The performance and message given by Beyonce and her dancers was one of straight forward anti-white racism.

    If the dancers had been white and wearing KKK outfits there would quite rightly be uproar.But because black people promoted a racist message,it’s deemed okay.

    I bet that many decent non racist black people cringed at the half time racist performance.

    • Yeah I’m a Nigerian and Beyoncé doesn’t represent my “struggles”…she’s just another overpaid entertainer carrying on her day job of brainwashing masses of blacks and lefties.

      • Nick

        Thank you for your honesty Adetoz.

        I think that in the long run,Beyonces performance may backfire on her.

        • Wessex Man

          Who cares? lovely body though.

      • Joycie Suavecita

        selfish! no wonder you got up-voted by all these racists on here. learn the difference between YOU and the PEOPLE. selfish clown.

        • The Patriarchy

          Another alias for the moron formerly known as Fabian Delusions.

          • Joycie Suavecita

            i see.

    • SonOfaGun

      They are minorities, their militant nationalism is disneyfied not demonised.

  • Bob From Catford

    Trevor Lee was rubbish. It was Phil Walker who single-handedly saved us from relegation in 77/8.

  • A real liberal

    Opinion on Beyonce seems to divide roughly into two. On the one hand are those who see her as the quintessence of an independent professional woman – the champion of the sister hood. On the other those who see her as the pawn of a powerful and exploitative industry; in an openly abusive relationship; and choosing to exemplify in public the humiliations that powerless women have to willingly tolerate to keep the attention of powerful men. I can’t quite decide where I stand.

  • gerronwithit

    How dare you call Alibhai-Brown a journalist!

  • rtj1211

    Interesting how different people see the world: I grew up without a racist thought in my bones, for no better reason that I don’t think I saw a black person face to face until I was about 11. So how could I possibly know anything good or bad about any of them?!

    When I was shipped off to boarding school, it so happened that quite a few Nigerians were sent there too and one of them became the first school pupil to run 100m in under 11 seconds. I didn’t ever speak to him as he was in the 6th form when i was in the youngest year of all, but it did tell you pretty quickly that black people could be very good at things too.

    The next challenge in Britain is not countering racism but making black people comfortable with deserved criticism.

    • “…but making black people comfortable with deserved criticism.”

      Nicely put but I suspect most are quite comfortable: they too are exacerbated by the constant media coverage of a plethora of ‘efnic’ benefit scroungers, anti-white racists, shrieky-racism-at-every-setback-or-turn brigade, gangsta bozos, gang culture etc. Most I would guess are sick of white lily livered liberals telling them how offended they should be.

      • Nick

        Absolutely excellent post Span Ows.

  • Preston

    This article is literally so uninformed and ignorant, I refuse to cramp my fingers typing all the errors in your “critique” of Beyonce and the Black Panther party in the United States. Shoving black men into sports (mostly because they are already thought to be athletically superior to white men) does not mean that racism has magically drifted away. The NFL has played a very minor role in helping with the liberation of black people in America. I will pose this question to you…how many white men and women have the Black Panther party killed and how many black men and women have been burned and hung by the KKK? I’ll wait. Wow, your mind set fits your name perfectly…”liddle”

    • In the entire article The Black panthers are mentioned twice; in fact the entire wordage dedicated to the BPP is the following: “The Black Panthers, meanwhile, were a bedraggled and asinine collection of gun-toting Maoist halfwits.”

      Some “critique”. But is he wrong? Your KKK straw man is pointless. Salt and vinegar on your chip?

    • Nick

      Oh dear.So now you criticize someone for supporting black people.

      How do manage to think in such a warped way?

    • Captain Dryland

      I didn’t watch the Super Bowl bore, but can be certain there was no half-time performance featuring KKK references. “Shoving black men into sports.” How these footballers must detest the terrible circumstances they have been shoved into.

  • Joycie Suavecita

    the person who wrote this article is a racist.

    • The Patriarchy

      The person who just posted that is a sanctimonious virtue signalling dunderhead, but I’m too polite to mention that.

    • Nick

      No he isn’t.

      • Joycie Suavecita

        yes he is. you must be a racist yourself.

        • Nick

          Why must I be a racist?

          • William Matthews

            Because the dunderhead (what a great word!) you’re arguing with hails from the University of the infinitely pious. This is their mission statement:

          • Nick

            I like the word dunderhead as well.

          • Nick

            And Anita is a silly daffodil as well.

          • William Matthews

            Indeed. She is funky great big ugly daffodil. Oh-yes.

          • Joycie Suavecita

            because you said he wasn’t a racist when you know he is.

          • Nick

            He isn’t a racist and do please grow up and progress into the 21st century.

            You’re such a dinosaur.

          • Joycie Suavecita

            of course he is racist, like you are. what do you mean by progress into the 21st century?

          • Nick

            Oh Joycie you are so behind the times.

            You need to become modern,up to date.

            Your so 20th century left wing thinking is soooo out of date and behind the times.

            Calling everyone a racist who disagrees with you is old hat.

            Move on.Progress.Come and join us modern 21st century people.

        • Cosmo

          Can I be a racist too, please? Thanks in advance.

          • Joycie Suavecita

            yall have never needed permission to be racist anyway, devil.

          • Primotivo Primotivo

            Wow, devil. What gives you the right to come on here and hurl insulting epithets at people whose opinion you don’t agree with?

        • Lucius

          that’s so racist

          • Joycie Suavecita

            nothing racist about accusing someone of racism. stop making excuses for racist people to not be called what they are. it makes you look defensively racist.

    • Jason Stanidge

      Anyone can define “racist” how they want, ranging from highly qualified academics all the way down to clueless fools commenting on this article.

    • Lucius

      You racist

  • alan mwene

    Why cant people see beyonce super bowl performance just for what it is:A marketing masterstroke orchestrated by her business minders!

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Racist, the modern word for heretic.

  • Jason Stanidge

    The main reason why some White supporters didn’t/don’t want Black footballers on British football teams was to do with a fear that their White culture would end up being taken over by non-White ethnic groups. It’s nothing to do with “prejudice” as in pre-judging Black football players as Rod seems to claim in his piece.

    Does Pakistan, India, Nigeria, China, Iran, Iraq etc integrate White football players onto their teams?


    Yet today, British football teams are forced to integrate Black footballers on their teams in one almighty “anti-racist” con which appears unfair and not exactly in the spirit of racial equality. Rather, it looks like a con conjured up by clueless anti-racist activists deliberately blind to what’s going on in the rest of the world.

    Football players, like anyone else regardless of their race, want a better life for themselves and their family and don’t play football as a defiant anti-racist statement. They do it for the money, attention seeking and enjoyment of the sport. Let’s not delude ourselves here, Rod.

    • Simon_in_London

      “Yet today, British football teams are forced to integrate Black footballers on their teams in one almighty “anti-racist” con”

      I’m pretty sure it’s because the black players’ abilities are an asset to the teams. You don’t see many eg south-Asian players, because few are good enough.

  • WFB56

    My son and I were at the Super Bowl and no one in the audience paid much attention to Beyonce or her virtue signalling we had more entertaining things to focus on.

  • jim

    Malcolm X’s views on white people were a consequence of his childhood and youth in which his every experience of white people convinced him that they were the devil, (and if you were in his position you’d certainly feel the same if not worse); and of a nearly total lack of education and experience of the wider world (imposed by white people) meaning he lacked the context to see how wrong that was.

    Gaining that education and experience he abandoned those views.

    To call him an uncompromising racist, and his views loathsome is itself contemptible.

    • Simon_in_London

      “To call him an uncompromising racist, and his views loathsome is itself contemptible.”

      Would you say the same about a white racist who was also the product of his environment?

  • Don’t believe everything you r

    Boycott Beyonce! She’s a Black Supremacist.

    • The Patriarchy

      And she has a fat @rse.

      • Guilttripjunkie

        And thunder thighs!

        • steve taylor

          I’d give her one though!

  • galtonian


    Racism simply means believing that due to innate genetic differences ethnoracial groups differ in important physical and mental traits and abilities. Our modern society values athletic ability and mental ability.

    The NFL (most of the best players are Black) and the Beyoncé performance appear to substantiate the racist belief that Blacks are inherently superior at sports (particularly sports which emphasize sprinting, kicking and jumping), dancing, and music (particularly musical genres which emphasize rhythm and improvisation). Does anyone really believe that genetic differences do not explain why Blacks can sprint faster than Whites? Thus in regard to the physical trait of sprinting (and athletic ability) –RACISM IS ACTUALLY TRUE.

    In every diverse nation around the world, Jews and Chinese tend to be more academically successful and to flourish in high status brainy professions compared to Whites, and conversely Blacks tend to be less academically successful and to be scarce in high status brainy professions. All of these differences are commensurate with ethnoracial group differences in IQ–and of course IQ is a highly heritable (i.e. genetically determined) human trait. Does anyone really believe that genetics does not explain why Jews and Asians tend to be smarter and more prosperous than Blacks? Thus in regard to the mental trait of cognitive ability (IQ) and academic success–RACISM IS ACTUALLY TRUE.

    The problem with modern Western liberal philosophy is that it vilifies RACISM yet obviously to a large extent RACISM = TRUTH. When your philosophy is not aligned with truth, you can run into problems.

    • you’re on about ‘real racism so of course it is true or it wouldn’t be an ‘ism’. Modern lefty cultural Marxist racism is an entirely different thing: a monster impossible to counter because it is merely if someone doesn’t like something or pretends to be offended by something then it is usually called racism. And of course you’re forgetting rule number 1: in the ‘West’ only whites can be racist.

    • caubrey

      The Chinese and Jews are very clever, Blacks are good at sport, culture and music, so what are Whites good for? apart from starting wars.

  • Maureen Fisher

    You are absolutely right, Rod. But more so in music in the sixties. Working class kids like me absolutely embraced wholesale the American black music that was being promoted by the Stones and others. We loved the music and couldn’t care less about the skin colour!

  • Innit Bruv

    Rod Liddle on some sort of anti-racist crusade !!
    Is the fat b@stard taking the p!ss?

    • The Patriarchy

      What most amuses me is how pitifully inarticulate the modern pinko is. I suppose that’s down to the clapped out Comprehensive Education system, and the fact they can’t spit down an internet connection.

      Now away to the Guardian (till that too collapses) to play with the rest of the yowling infants.

      • Innit Bruv

        Not a pinko, not a Guardian reader either.
        What amuses me is how some Speccie readers have to resort to simplistic stereotypes.
        Away with you to the trough to play with the Mister Piggies
        (Rod Liddles) of this world.

    • The Masked Marvel

      It’s only one of Rod’s classist rants. He’s just found a different angle this time. Not that he’s really wrong about the hypocrisy of the comfortable Left, mind.

  • hugh_36

    Judging by the first paragraph (indeed the whole piece) Rod seems to have swapped his old prejudices for sexism

  • Peter Simple

    I was present at Cold Blow Lane the night Dale Jasper was stabbed. Happy days!

  • Lucius

    Beyonce’s little racialist spectacle is only further evidence that American “football” is quickly fading into obscurity and they need controversy, fireworks, excessive nationalism to try to keep people loyal to the sport.

    No serious sport really does all this nipple slipping, racialist pandering garbage trying to get attention.

  • Paul

    “Sir Keith Joseph. He was also black — Trevor, not Keith, of course”.

    Actually, I’m not sure about that. Sir Keith Strangely-Brown!