Nigel Farage’s Diary: the fallout from the elections

My decision to remain as leader; and Patrick O’Flynn’s resignation

23 May 2015

9:00 AM

23 May 2015

9:00 AM

The aftermath of a general election is a difficult time for any party leader, unless like Mr Cameron you have received a shock majority. I had promised to stand down if I did not win in South Thanet, and confirmed this a few minutes after the result. My huge consolation prize was that Ukip took control of Thanet District Council with a working majority of ten. I am enormously proud of them, and expect them to be a beacon of good governance. However, the level of scrutiny they will be under as the first Ukip-controlled local authority will of course be enormous, as the establishment will be willing them to fail.

To the National Executive Council meeting. I said that I intended to resign, and the letter was being typed as I spoke. To my surprise the NEC were unanimous in their rejection of my plan and produced thousands of messages of support from Ukip members. Their view was that we had fought the most positive campaign of any party and that four million votes, given the unexpected Tory surge (induced by fear of the SNP), was a remarkable achievement. There was a real passion in the views expressed.

I left the meeting to sit in my office and think. In many ways, I was relieved that many years of non-stop toil were at an end. But now, not only was the party behind me, but our cherished goal of a referendum was on the table. There was little doubt in my mind that the referendum pledge would not have happened without Ukip, and that our hammering of the Labour vote had directly contributed to the Tory majority. The NEC were right: I had to continue.

At this point, the pressure-cooker atmosphere of a campaign office was released. People who had given all their energy to the campaign and were understandably exhausted made some wrong decisions, and one or two allowed themselves to display personal grudges and jealousies in public. Some regrettable things were said. Behind the scenes, all of this was being exploited by some Tory Eurosceptics who are keen to be the ‘face’ of the Out campaign.

It is true that Douglas Carswell and I have different styles and approaches to politics, but the important point is that there is far more that unites us than divides us. How the press and the BBC enjoyed themselves over those few days, with Ukip gaining coverage that it could only have dreamt of during the campaign. Thursday night’s BBC Question Time was in Uxbridge, and it presented a good opportunity to answer all of the difficult issues. On a personal level it was a horrible day, with a relative being robbed overnight. Worse still, on my way to Uxbridge I heard that a close family member had collapsed and been admitted to hospital. I really wasn’t sure whether to go ahead with the programme or not. But if I hadn’t, then no matter what the explanation it would have looked as if I had run away just when the party needed a steady hand on the tiller. All I had to do was keep myself together during the filming.

To No. 10 in the rain with Douglas Carswell, the Greens, Plaid Cymru, some Scots Nats and the Electoral Reform Society to hand in the petition of 478,000 names of those calling for electoral reform. I caused a disturbance in Parliament Square. A huge bin lorry pulled up: ‘Oi Nigel,’ came the cry from inside the cab. ‘Can I get a photo?’ It’s moments like that that make it clear to me that Ukip have touched a nerve among the public. We have a duty to be their public voice. Mistakes are made, consequences have to be dealt with. Accepting resignations is never easy. But when it comes from somebody as able, hardworking and decent as Patrick O’Flynn, it is tinged with real sadness.

Wherever you go iPhones and cameras are waving, snapping and making life difficult. I wasn’t happy to discover that the press office had semi-officially sanctioned a photographer to follow me around. She was tenacious, turning up everywhere: Grimsby, Camborne, Dudley and of course Thanet. I could hardly turn around without spotting her in the shadows. She was all politeness and decency, but being photographed and recorded whenever I had a moment of downtime wasn’t something I enjoyed at all.

So I am back in Strasbourg and will continue as leader, with a renewed emphasis on our ‘renegotiations’. In Westminster, Douglas alone carries the hopes of four million people. He was right: I could do with a break.

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  • The Bogle

    “I wasn’t happy to discover that the press office had semi-officially sanctioned a photographer to follow me around.”
    Big Brother is watching you?

  • Sandy

    Wow! A picture of Farage not posing in a pub.

    • Old Boss,New Boss, Meh!

      You must be disappointed.

  • Ian

    As an ordinary Australian observing UK politics I am extremely heartened to read that Nigel will continue on as leader. I feared a withering of support and the eventual end of UKIP. The United Kingdom will be all the better for UKIP’s growth and influence, it’s imperative Nigel leads.

    • Old Boss,New Boss, Meh!

      Withering? No chance, have you seen the latest Migration Figures?

      • Ian

        Your right but the quality of leadership for non major political parties is so critical. Nigel does an excellent job, no guarantee the next person would be as good.
        I pity the UK, your immigration policies have screwed the UK, England in particular. With a 5% plus islamic population and 12% in London, England has gone well beyond the level whereby an islamic population has safe levels of influence.
        Australia has a 2.1% Islamic population, we are at the critical mass limit. Thankfully the conservative government stopped the Labour parties open borders asylum seeker policies. When Labour were booted out of office just 21 months ago there were asylum seeker boats arriving at the annualised rate of 50,000 peoples a yr. The conservatives stopped the flow within months. Boats no longer arrive. Europe does not have Australia’s resolve, the UK as an island must adopt Australia’s attitude to the problem.

        • LuciousVanWinkle

          It’s now a case of when, not if, the UK falls… The rich, the corporates, the banks, they own the media and they utilize the ‘useful idiots’ of the liberal left to ensure cheap migrant labour continues to stream into he uk that increases their profit margin.

          Now this might not be a problem if all the migrants were Australian or Canadian…but they aren’t… huge swathes come in from the Indian sub-continent, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, and they don’t come to work… they come to sit on welfare benefits. The statistics show it time after time…80% of Pakistani/Bangladeshi (muslims basically) women don’t work, and when polled over a third admitted they’re not interested in working! The true figure is likely considerably higher. The ones that do work are in unskilled labour jobs, and claim massive IN-WORK benefits, and I mean tens of thousands each, housing benefit, working tax credits etc etc… Then we have Pakistani’s gang raping literally THOUSANDS of white children across the UK – any town/city with Pakistanis has had this going on for 20 years… The Social Services and the Police did nothing…..

          The British Media now openly discriminate against White people in their hiring policies… No.. really… The BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky… “Sky” now are advertising their “Sky academy” and in their TV adverts only 10% or so of the actors are White. They have hiring Quotas, and if you’re White, your chance of getting hired is slim…. The other day on “Comedy Central” the Narrator introduced an episode of Friends as “Complaining White people”… I could not catch my breath… Yes I complained… The BBC hire politicians to speak on their TV shows, and they hire racists (Black or Asian ones) who have repeatedly made anti-white racist comments… It’s like there’s a huge media movement against White British people. You can see it happening before your eyes, and people just accept it now… I don’t understand what’s happening.

          And then we have Islam…. Islam is getting worse in the UK – integration is getting worse, more and more religious clothing is being worn, and more and more concessions are made to Muslims every day… I live in 98% White British Christian/Atheist town and most food outlets serve Halal… I have to ask everywhere I go…ME…part of the majority (currently), if the meat is Halal or not… Fkin unbelievable. Domino’s has been serving Halal across the UK for 10 years!! They told nobody! God damn disgrace. 7% of Britsh Muslims support ISIS, 27% sympathise with the Paris terrorists, 40% want Sharia Law for the UK, and finally 70% think homosexuality should be criminalised… What kind of illiberal, intolerant, bigoted terrorist worshipping BS is this?

          Politicians, bankers, corporations and the Labour liberal lefties have literally f*cked this country in just 2 decades…. And what’s worse, the idiot British people who know a lot of this is happening still vote Labour… I’m a reasonably intelligent guy, and I have puzzled over this for years. It does not makes sense.

          Take note the rest of the world… Do NOT let Pakistanis, Bangladeshi’s or Muslim Indians (Muslim are taking over India btw) into your countries otherwise you will end up like the UK… Tiny number of Muslims no problem, more than a small number and that’s when the problems start…

          You’ve been warned…. Ignore what’s happening in the UK at your peril… your grand kids are going to have to live with your decisions….

          • Andy Collings

            I think the mass immigration issue and the lack of muslim integration issue are both important issues but they are different issues. Leaving the EU would allow us to half our net migration figure but there is nothing we can do about British muslims (with British passports) marrying young girls in Pakistan and bringing them here where they then become full citizens. We will never be able to stop that unless we say your wife/children in Pakistan can not come to this country which seems like a ridiculous policy – if I meet a girl in Australia I would expect to be able to move back to the UK with her one day. Therefore muslim immigration will never stop because muslims do not tend to marry out of their race or faith. They as the left like to call it are a part of their own community. Well fuck that I think we should be one united community in a united kingdom. People should be forced to integrate. Muslim children should be forced to attend mixed-background, secular schools.

            There is no solution to the islamification of europe. A critical mass of population has been reached. The only thing we can do is cling to secularism with everything we have and keep religious bigotry of all forms out of our schools and our politics.

          • Ian

            Yes Europe is a basket case.
            They got rid of 6 million jews and replaced them with 20 million muslims. The Leftists in Europe are not concerned, they are untroubled seeing the remaining jews flee to Israel.

          • Mary Ann

            It will not cut the immigration figures business wants migrant workers we will just get more from Asia and the Middle East.

          • LuciousVanWinkle

            I agree with much of what you say, but lack of integration happens BECAUSE of mass-immigration. They don’t NEED to integrate because so many have come and they take over entire cities… They create these enclaves, with a constant stream of new migrants who come in and blend right in……

            Because of the numbers, the net result is simply that Pakistan has been transplanted into the UK. Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford, Luton, they are all just Pakistani enclaves – NO integration. Muslim neighbours, Muslim shops, Muslim places of worship, Muslim courts (sharia courts all over the UK now..) and finally Islamic Indoctrination and Extremism Centres, or as the politically correct call them…Muslim schools……

            The kids growing up have almost zero interaction with anyone outside of their local muslim area, unless of course it’s young white girls, then they can’t wait to “integrate”…but other than that, they grow up thinking that their local community IS England, that THIS is what England is….

            Politicians and the media are to blame, but then so are the British people, because they are literally too stupid and cowardly to vote outside of their comfort zone – they vote selfishly, not for the wider good.

            And yes, you could be right about the critical mass in Europe… This is kind of why I posted my message as a warning, particularly to countries like Australia and Canada… If liberal lefties are allowed a voice, then those countries will end up like the UK… Don’t let it happen, trust me, the remaining Whites/Non-Muslims are looking for somewhere to retire, or even somewhere to bring up their kids, because bringing them up in the UK has no real future…

          • Mary Ann

            Leaving the EU will not change anything. If big business can’t bring people in from the EU they will bring in more people from the Middle East and Asia.

          • LuciousVanWinkle

            As is UKIPs policy, you issue work visas and thus the labour market is unaffected – at the very least much more controlled, you DONT hand out residency to the people. Do what Australia does, let them come here and work, then show them the door after they’ve done their bit.

        • mandy taylor

          I agree .

    • mandy taylor

      Here here
      Here here

    • Mary Ann

      Still treating the Aboriginals badly I read. My husband was at the same school as a half Aboriginal boy, they both got bullied, my husband for being a POM and the other boy for being an Abbo.

  • Phantomsby

    Enjoy the break, Mr F.

  • james wright

    suzanne should be put back on the pay role her manifesto was brilliant mark reckless shouldnt take her job hes too weak

    • I’m Really Not Very Happy

      Pay roll, blud. As in bread roll.

      Evans and O’Flynn were the patsies in the coup to oust Farage, The Vicar of Clacton was behind it. He’s got away with it – for now.

  • Mudlark

    Nigel deserves credit for all his hard work and courage. David Cameron would not be talking tough on immigration without UKIP. Four million votes this time, lots more MPs next time as promises are broken by the Conservatives. Have a good rest Nigel, we need you to be strong for us.

    • Fried Ch’i

      Listen mate. You are an apologist of the FPTfP voting system.
      “Next time, next time….”

      There will be no ‘next time’. The Farage was comprehensively beaten by Ashcroft polling on constituency level and e v e r y single ‘next time’ a similar issue arises, the next Ashcroft will deliver the next poll to have the Lab Con state deliver its peculiar and much-cherished sense of democracy and outcome. It’s what we all want. We have it.

      FPTfP was conceived to keep the N a z i s out of parliament.

      The UKIP >areare< out of Parliament. Caroline Lucas's sole purpose in life is not energy policy or climate change, it was to get page three killed off.

      QE f e * k i n D

      • Chingford Man

        Is that padded cell door of yours strong enough for all the f e c k i n headbashing it gets?

  • jamesbarn

    Cameron won the election and now we have a new PM whose name is Junker.

  • misomiso

    Nigel, you MUST NOT put UKIP interests ahead of the OUT campaign. UKIP CANNOT become the SNP, as the SNP ran to the Left and were able to harness the progressive vote. Whoever is telling you that in your organisation is wrong and you should no listen to them.

    Similarly, you MUST NOT campaign on immigration AT ALL. The base is locked. All the Eurosceptic movement needs to do now is focus on a positive vision to leave, win the Economic argument, and go MASSIVLEY negative on our opponents. They do the same to use so don’t feel bad it. Treat this is a US presidential campaign.

    Call Dominic Cummings and Michael Gove, and get us organised. The Federalists are already trying to frame the debate and are very far ahead of us. If we’re no careful, we could lose this referendum before it has even begun.

    So please, don’t make the mistake of William Hague and IDS – just because the polls say the public find immigration an issue, doesn’t mean you run on it.

    You’ve got us this far – please let a broader movement and a positive message now take us over the line.

    • Lady Magdalene

      I very much doubt if Michael Gove will want to speak to Nigel.

      I disagree with your entreaty. Nigel should remind people of today’s immigration figures: 315,000 (net) in one year – equal to the population of Nottingham.

      However, he shouldn’t only speak about immigration. There is the question of Sovereignty and Democracy and he needs to set out the positive future the British economy will have when we have broken free from the EU’s protectionist, regulatory-obsessed grip.

      • misomiso

        OMG dude. Look i don’t know you, but if we campaign on those issues THEN WE LOSE!!!!

        Everyone who cares about that stuff is already in the bag, and if we are go on that we make the same mistakes as Labour did. We are only talking to ourselves. Some Labour activists complained they didn’t know anyone who voted Tory! We have to SEE the country as it is.

        And therefore we MUST campaign on the Economy, and against tax avoidence. If we do that then we have a chance.

      • Mary Ann

        Those net figures include people from the rest of the world, I know a lot of kippers don’t realise the difference but leaving the EU will not stop immigration from the Middle East and Asia.

        • wudyermucuss

          That’s my concern too.
          Can someone confirm that points system will drastically reduce immigration from non EU?

    • William_Brown

      Oh, how eagerly you crave for UKIP to become just another sound-bite generating ‘same as everyone else’ party.

      Don’t you get it yet? The reason for the rise of UKIP is precisely because they’ve raised the bar in terms of honesty and frankness. They have forced the MSM and all of the political parties to debate immigration and the vagaries of the E.U. This wouldn’t have happened if UKIP were a ‘Me Too’ party.

      By all means broaden the debate, but lets not now become mealy mouthed on the very issues that have brought such wide a wide ranging dichotomy of the voting public together.

      Now is not the time for faint hearts if we mean to remove the sludge that clogs up our national politics and hinders the evolution of a successful, bright and clear sighted United Kingdom.

      • Mary Ann

        If Britain leaves the EU the UK will break up. Scotland and Wales are both pro. EU

        • William_Brown

          Sorry? I assumed that Scotland & Wales would be included in the vote.

      • misomiso

        I dont crave that.

        I want to leave the EU. If we campaign on Immigration then we lose, and we have 4 more years till another general election, where by the tories will have a new leader and the political weather will have changed.

        The Telegraph, the Times, the Economist, and probably the Spectator will all endorse staying in, as their editorial teams have all drunk the Cameron cool aid. We need a miracle to win, and talking about immigration is not that miracle.

  • miss pixie

    PRAY GOD FOR FREEDOM, BRITAIN AND ST NIGEL! Without this marvellous communicator, and patriot (in my opinion the best since Churchill) UKIP would have been led over to the side of tory policies and ways. It is the fact that so many of the grass roots people of this country are behind UKIP and Nigel Farage that heartens me that there is a real possibility that we can be led out of the EU. It is not what we signed up to all those years ago, and certainly not the vision that our ancestors had when they fought so bravely for our freedo in 2 world wars. We are an island and not a part of a federation. In God, UKIP and Nigel Farage we trust!

    • Mary Ann

      Don’t think Farage is a Christian, he would rather be down the pub on a Sunday.

      • Earthenware

        God works in mysterious ways.

      • miss pixie

        Thats the trouble with this world nowadays , everyone thinks that to be a CHRISTIAN you have to go to church, some of the BIGGEST HYPOCRITS AND ABUSERS hide their sins under their church links. There are more TRUE christians outside the church than inside it as history and current affairs prove

  • Russ Pullen

    A frank and honest article – as ever!

    • Brian K

      You thought that? It sounded typical pol. to me.

  • Julie

    I think Nigel and his members lost their fight to become M.P’s because of the media revelation kept till a day before election of the stupid comments made by Rob Blay. I think he cost them the votes as well as the frenzy perpetrated about the SNP and Labour. I also hope that UKIP will ensure their M.E.P’s put in a better attendance in Brussels/Strasbourg. Onwards and Upwards for they will in time get the seats in Parliament they deserve.

  • HeavensGremlin .

    Farage is, without a shadow of doubt, the single most influential politician in UK politics at the moment. He’s a bit brash and OTT at times, but he’s been instrumental in shaking-up the WHOLE of UK politics. As a result, it’s become far more interesting and it also looks as though it’s soon to become much fairer too…!!!!

  • Blakenburg

    With all the Wishful Thinking coming from the pro EU camp on Nigel’s Leadership debate, including Cameron’s with his double-talk, Nigel is right to stay on as Leader of UKIP !

  • Brian J.

    The only real problem I have with the whole thing is that UKIP seems to be setting up with leadership who have histories of appealing to southern Conservative voters (Farage and Reckless), but with a declared aim of concentrating its efforts on northern Labour voters. Can they be reconciled effectively? And have Kassam and the other Breitbart elves (along with the whole unresignation thing) caused Farage’s negatives to rise to a level that will doom the Out side in that referendum?

    • Lady Magdalene

      Nuttall and Steven Woolfe are both from Merseyside. Susanne Evans is from Shrewsbury. We have plenty of other midlands and northern spokesmen. We are a party for the whole of the UK.

  • Lady Magdalene

    Enjoy your holiday Nigel …. and then come back and carry on socking it to The pro-EU Establishment.

  • mandy taylor

    Nigel Farage is Britain at its best . Ice cream Mandy from Blackpool is very thankful for your fabulous efforts to put the Great back in Great Britain . Please don’t ever stop .

  • louise40

    So glad Nigel has set the record straight in his own sincere way. Hope enough people see it.

  • milford

    The voice of reason in an increasingly mad world. You’ve got us the referendum Nigel, thank you. Have a good rest-on-your-laurels-for-a-bit, you really do need it 🙂

  • John Carins

    It is clear that UKIP is the only party that offers any coherent opposition to the Government. The fight for Britain will require a refreshed Nigel. Have a nice break.

  • Andy M

    What everyone must remember, even if they don’t like his politics or him, is that he actually did something very rare which contributed to free speech and representing those who go unrepresented. If we look back to before he started making front page headlines, to his various television appearances over the last decade, what you see is a refusal of everyone in the debate to acknowledge both the EU and immigration as an issue. At times they flat out refused to discuss the topic and instead called him a racist, or a bigot, or a xenophobe, or a fruitcake. This went on for years, where politicians point blank would not discuss the issues.

    Farage persisted, he continued to deliver very relevant, very factual points, and eventually, after some time, his persistence paid off and the politicians were forced to actually take on these issues to a degree where now we are having an EU referendum and immigration is something that both the Tories AND Labour both amended their policies to address. All of this is entirely in thanks to Nigel Farage and his leadership of UKIP.

    Now, even if you think immigration is great and we should stay in the EU, if you are a person who believes in all people having their beliefs represented politically, you will accept that it is a good thing that people who have other opinions and concerns finally have had their voices heard.

    • Mary Ann

      You say he’s not a xenophobe so why does he object to foreigners on trains?

      • wudyermucuss

        He noted,correctly,that most people on trains in London are foreigners.
        I simply very much dislike living in a part of London in which the vast majority are foreign.
        That doesn’t make me a xenophobe any more than disagreeing with mass enforced immigration makes me a racist.

        • Bluebottle

          He noted,correctly,that most people on trains in London are foreigners….a.That isn’t what he said &. b that just isn’t true.

          • Andy M

            Yes that is what he said. It is also true.

          • Bluebottle

            Wrong again

          • Andy M

            Nope. I’m completely correct and denying it won’t make it any less true, son.

          • Bluebottle

            You are so wrong that you can’t even get my age and sex correct, lad.

          • Andy M

            Clearly you haven’t got a hope in hell of having one legitimately intelligent thought. I’ll call you what I like, son.

          • Bluebottle

            Are you Bob Carolgees?

      • Andy M

        Er. No I didn’t say that. I said that his opponents called him that, not to make any real point, but to shut down debate and avoid tackling the actual issues he raised. Apparently you appear to employ the same tactic.

    • wudyermucuss

      Ah,but many do not believe in all people having their beliefs represented politically.

  • Bob Hutton

    Hey Nigel – you said you would cause an earthquake in Thanet, it happened at 2.55am today!

  • Mary Ann

    It seems that Nige has forgotten that we only had a referendum on electoral reform 4 years ago, and the people who cared enough to vote voted overwhelmingly for FPTP

    • William_Brown

      …Now there is a player on the block who can lead those against FPTP. Four years ago there was no-one with much of the popular support and the public have become very much more politically engaged.

    • Penny

      There are different forms of electoral reform. AV was the one on offer and it didn’t strike a chord for many.

    • wudyermucuss

      PR wasn’t an option,just AV.

  • miss pixie

    Some people will never understand that Britain will be better out of the EU than in. £66million a DAY is being paid to the EU. What could this country do with that money? Notice its the tory trolls who say we need to stay in. Uncontrolled Immigration has clearly NOT AFFECTED THEM

  • ohforheavensake

    Hello, Nigel. Still here, I see.

  • You do us proudly Nigel..I am a first generation immigrant from Nigeria and I voted for you because of your unabashed honesty and true belief in Brtain and your patriotism. Sir, I will make that vote for you again when the time comes. Up Great Britain, vote for Independence!

    • wudyermucuss

      Many immigrants are shocked when they come to England how few signs of Englishness they see.

    • HillPeter

      Did you all see Question Time Thursday last? Completely left wing biased with UKIP kept right out of it. The Guardian guy never ‘thought’ before he spoke, and the Labour lady had far too much to say – just one guy in the audience spoke with any common sense nor would anyone admit to voting UKIP! The thought process and holier than thou left wing attitudes are painful.

  • Bluebottle

    “Nigel Farage has sent a letter to Nigel Farage saying, ‘I resign,’ and Nigel Farage has responded to Nigel Farage saying, ‘I refuse’,”

  • tjamesjones

    this guy can’t win an election in what 7 attempts? why do we have to keep listening to him. I know it makes for good entertainment, but I wish he’d have the grace to listen to his electorate.

  • The Masked Marvel

    You had better be holding a pint in your left hand, just out of shot, or I shall no longer support UKIP. 🙂

    Should have pretended not to stay on as leader, take a break, and come back refreshed and renewed in a few weeks, ignoring all the media chatter that it was a sham and you were always going to stay on. Still, this will all have blown over by the time the BBC heralds Labour’s next dear leader.

  • southseas

    Hard work and courage? He gets £93K plus all the expenses he wants and two lifetime pensions from EU taxpayers.
    There many people who should be rewarded for hard work and courage Nigel is not one of them.

  • I’m Really Not Very Happy

    Overall immigration for 2014 was 641,000 – the highest ever in recorded history. (http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/migration1/migration-statistics-quarterly-report/may-2015/stb-msqr-may-2015.html_

    Let’s assume 73,000 were Brits coming home. That makes 568,000 arrivals.

    In 2014 we gave out 768,000 National Insurance numbers to foreigners. (http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/migration1/migration-statistics-quarterly-report/february-2015/index.html)

    Where have the extra 200,000 come from?

  • I’m Really Not Very Happy

    768,000 National Insurance numbers issued to foreigners in the year to 31/12/2014.

    824,000 National Insurance numbers issued to foreigners in the year to 31/03/2015.

    Why is this never discussed?