The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain

It’s a growing problem. But they’re hunting whistleblowers instead

7 March 2015

9:00 AM

7 March 2015

9:00 AM

Imagine you lived in a country which last year had 3,000 allegations of police corruption. Worse, imagine that of these 3,000 allegations only half of them were properly investigated — because for police officers in this country, corruption was becoming routine. Imagine that the police increasingly used their powers to crack down not on criminals but on anyone who dared speak out against them. What sort of a country is this? Well, it’s Britain I’m afraid — where what was once the finest, most honest service in the world is in danger of becoming rotten.

Some of this was revealed in a little-noticed report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, which went on to deliver some even more shocking news. Nearly half of 17,200 officers and staff surveyed said that if they discovered corruption among their colleagues and chose to report it, they didn’t believe their evidence would be treated in confidence and would fear ‘adverse consequences’. This appalling lack of protection for whistle-blowers — often amounting to persecution — has become commonplace throughout the public services and creates a climate in which dishonesty and malpractice flourish.

The second report, compiled by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, bears this out. It says there has been a sharp increase over the past five years in the number of police officers dealing heroin, cocaine and amphetamines and an equally startling rise in the number of officers abusing their power ‘for sexual gratification’ — in other words bullying or cajoling suspects, witnesses and even victims into having sex with them.

Just this week, in fact, it emerged that the Met suspended 73 coppers, community support officers and other staff on corruption charges in the past two years. They cited drug crimes, bribery, theft, fraud, sexual misconduct and — everybody’s favourite — un-authorised disclosure of information. Eleven were convicted in court, but what happened to the others? The Met spokesman said rather blandly that some were allowed to resign or retire (presumably with full pension rights) and some were dismissed.

This rise in corruption and the apparent reluctance of police chiefs to fight it is a toxic combination. As ever, chief constables blame lack of resources for not being able to pursue inquiries into claims of malpractice. But what could be a greater priority than ensuring that their own officers are not breaking the law? These same police chiefs seem to find endless funds to pursue ancient sex abuse allegations, chase people who say unpleasant things on Twitter and prosecute journalists.

The vast majority of Britain’s police do a sometimes extremely arduous job with honesty, skill and good humour. But corruption left unchecked can infect entire forces. Anyone who doubts this need only study the lessons of the not-too-distant past.

Forty-five years ago the Times splashed across its front page a sensational story that led ultimately to what became known as ‘The Fall of Scotland Yard’. Under the headline ‘London policemen in bribe allegations’, it revealed a tale

The story, backed by taped conversations, bluntly accused three Yard detectives of planting evidence and taking back-handers from criminals ‘in exchange for dropping charges, being lenient with evidence in court, and for allowing a criminal to work unhindered’. If it had been just those three rogue officers, the story might quickly have been forgotten. But the tapes hinted at a far more endemic culture of graft and criminality.of corruption that came as a profound shock to a nation accustomed to seeing its constabulary through the prism of Dixon of Dock Green and Z Cars. A leading criminal lawyer of the time remarked: ‘It was like catching the Archbishop of Canterbury in bed with a prostitute.’Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.57.47

Over the next few years, the Obscene Publications Squad was exposed as a tawdry protection racket extracting regular tithes from pornographers and Soho club-owners; drugs squad officers were shown to be running illegal cannabis deals; and half the Flying Squad was in the pay of criminals. These were not the clandestine activities of a few low-ranking detectives on the take. Whole squads were involved and the seniority of some of those taken down at the Old Bailey was shocking. In the words of trial judge Mr Justice Mars-Jones, it was ‘corruption on a scale that beggars description’.

The exposures of these corruption rackets had one thing in common — they were all revealed in the first place by the efforts of Britain’s free press. But these journalists could not have achieved all they did without the help of whistleblowers. Some of these were pornographers and criminals tired of being milked and intimidated, but others were rank and file police officers disgusted by the greed and criminality of so many of their peers.

The tragedy is that 40 years on, honest policemen in a similar position would fear arrest and imprisonment for even approaching a journalist without permission, despite the clear public interest in their doing so.

The police appear to be retreating into a bunker of secrecy and paranoia where all news must be ‘managed’ and freedom of information is considered a threat. On its website — alongside some vacuous rubbish about ‘declaring total war on crime’ — the Met claims to be committed to carrying out its duties with ‘humility’ and ‘transparency’.

Could anything be further from the truth? With its constant leak inquiries, harassment of whistleblowers and journalists, and scandalous misuse of terror legislation to tap the phone records and emails of ordinary citizens, the Met is probably more authoritarian and opaque than at any time in modern history. This culture comes directly from the top.

Being Commissioner of the Met has long been the most difficult job in policing, but there have been some good ones. Robert Mark, the Normandy veteran who cleaned out the Yard’s Augean stables in the 1970s; Ken Newman, a steely, austere man who served in Palestine during the emergency and headed the Royal Ulster Constabulary before re-organising the Met into a modern force; and the thoughtful Paul Condon, whose tenure came to a turbulent end with the Stephen Lawrence inquiry but who was arguably the cleverest of the lot. Each had his strengths and weaknesses but they all knew that a free, well-informed press was a cornerstone of policing in a democracy. Informal contact was generally encouraged, and in more than ten years as a crime correspondent in the 1980s and 1990s, I don’t recall a single leak inquiry or junior officer being disciplined for passing information to newspapers in good faith.

These men had respect for the office of constable — not least because they had all spent years on the front line before rising through the ranks. And they believed that part of their duty of accountability was to keep the public properly informed of what they were doing and why.

The present generation of police chiefs come from a very different breed. Fast-tracked and homogenised from an early stage, they can be difficult to tell apart. Often laden with degrees in law, business and ‘criminology’ accumulated during their police careers, they are more managers than police officers — managers of budgets, managers of public relations and, most importantly, managers of risk to their own careers. They speak in the obscure, vapid jargon of stakeholder engagement, paradigm shifts and proactivity. So much for transparency.

The present Met chief, Bernard Hogan-Howe, is of this ilk. He may develop into a great commissioner but the signs so far have not been promising. He has a pet theory which he calls ‘total policing’ (apparently based on the ‘total football’ played by Holland in the 1970s). It’s mainly harmless drivel about coppers having to play in all positions. But it contains an extremely sinister subtext. Explaining the philosophy a few years ago, he said it meant that ‘no legal tactic is out of bounds’ in the investigation of crime. Reasonable enough, one might think at first glance, but the problem with this catchy little mantra is that it takes no account of proportionality.

One of Hogan-Howe’s first moves after arriving at the Met was to use the Official Secrets Act to try to compel a Guardian journalist to reveal the source of a story about celebrity phone hacking. The Official Secrets Act is meant principally to be used to trap spies, traitors and those who threaten the defence of the realm — not reporters going about their legitimate business. This was a disproportionate and oppressive use of the law.

Similarly, legislation designed to combat terrorism and serious crime, such as the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, is used with alarming frequency by Hogan-Howe and other police chiefs to snoop on the internet and phone records of law-abiding citizens. This is the tactic of the police state. Not so much total policing as totalitarian policing.

Naturally, the ‘total policeman’ also favours more armed officers on routine duties, more Tasers and the mainland deployment of water cannon to disperse rioters, despite the fact that its use in Northern Ireland tended to inflame tensions rather than cool them. He also favours police officers being taken off the electoral roll and not wearing their uniforms on the way to and from duty shifts.The rise in Islamist terrorism has increased the threat level for soldiers and the police and sensible measures must be taken to combat that. But just as great a threat was posed over 30 years by the Provisional IRA and its offshoots without panic reactions. Hogan-Howe appears to be taking the police away from being a service and back towards being a coercive force. This is starkly demonstrated by the pursuit of journalists in the wake of the baleful Leveson inquiry. It has been driven to the point of absurdity, with up to 200 officers involved at one time and dozens of hapless hacks put before the courts, some on the flimsiest of charges.

All this has wider implications for the integrity of the police. One of the consequences of a heavy-handed police leadership stretching the law and using their power to bully and intimidate is that rank and file officers are encouraged to think they can do the same. Once ordinary officers start abusing power, a culture of semi-criminal behaviour becomes normal and whistleblowers are treated not as honourable but as traitors.

Judging from the recent reports, this may already be happening to an alarming degree around the country. The lessons of history suggest that if police chiefs are serious about neutralising the threat of corruption, they will need the help and support of the press. They will only get it if they start talking to journalists — instead of looking for reasons to arrest them.

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Neil Darbyshire is an assistant editor at the Daily Mail. He is a former deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph, where he was crime correspondent for many years.

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  • edithgrove

    Was there ever an explanation that made sense of why officers were trying to trace subscribers to Charlie Hebdo?

    • Gwangi

      I never knew they did that. Shocking!
      But predictable.
      As I have long said, in France they protect writers and artists’ freedom of speech and expression; in pc diversity-worship Britain-istan, the police will track, harass and maybe arrest/charge writers and artists if what they say or express ‘offends’ the poor wickle feelings of one of our multifarious ethnic and religious minorities.
      Plod has lost it, basically.

      • Raimo Kangasniemi

        You probably got it all wrong. Main target probably was looking at people who would be offended by the cartoons, not the EDL boys from Luton who would enjoy them.

        • Gwangi

          Oh and my much longer post about this has been ‘disappeared’ by the Speccie Islamist-hugging monitor, I see… Utterly absurd.

        • ItinerantView

          “Main target probably was looking at people who would be offended by the cartoons,”
          Much easier, I would have thought, to just to go to any number of demonstrations and film Muslims holding placards, saying things like behead those who insult the prophet etc.
          I fear the real reasons for trying to find out who would buy Hebdo magazine, are likely far more insidious.
          Let’s not forget the EDL formed because the Police had not only ignored the racist sex-slave gangs in their communities and as a reaction to Islamist supremacists, openly espousing violent, anti-Western views with an agenda of imposing Sharia law, while gathering to tell returning British soldiers they would burn in hell- and the Police protected them while they did so.

          • balance_and_reason

            this frustration is not the fault of the police….it is the trickle effect of new Labour’s new reality that washed through every institution in the UK…pc imposed via regulator’s, quangos and the courts….UK is changed without a vote….make your own view as to whether for the better or worse.

          • ItinerantView

            Oh I agree, I know cops who did not enlist to be diversity enforcers, it is the long marchers placed in the upper echelons; Labour’s ‘weaponisation’ of any organisation, whether that be NGO’s, charities or the Fire Brigade also fits neatly within, a wider EU web of influence.
            Charles Moore one of the few journalists to give the EDL a far shake, gets it spot on I think;
            “It is the instinctive reaction of elements of an indigenous working class which rightly perceives itself marginalised by authority, whereas Muslim groups are subsidised and excused by it.”

          • Raimo Kangasniemi

            EDL are a bunch of hooligans who found a ‘patriotic’ excuse for their violence and overall nastiness.

          • ItinerantView

            The UAF have more arrests for violence, they try to deny freedom of speech and protest, in an irony-proof fascist manner- what’s their excuse?.
            Besides whatever unsavoury behaviour the EDL may have demonstrated, pales into utter insignificance with the ‘overall nastiness’ of the international, supremacist Islamist movement.
            Any comparisons are utterly fatuous.
            I have no doubt, the EDL contains rogues but there’s far more to the story, than the MSM would ever acknowledge.
            Robinson’s revealing talk at Oxford Union is well worth a look, if you’re open to reason and without prejudice;

          • Gwangi

            That may be true (though most vile racists and bigots I see are all Asian and African, Mo).
            BUT a huge number of British people – the majority – want NO Islamic state or tolerance of Islamofascism in the UK and do not see why we and our culture and society should pander to an alien culture and religion.

          • Cobbett

            No they’re not. They are a bunch of multi-culti fanatics. Even praised Nelson Mandela on their website.

          • john p reid

            Overall nastiness, you mean saying via things like Allah is a peado, to those who were glorifying Lee rigby murder, because the police don’t arrest, Muslim with anti Semitic banners, or slogans calling for beheading of troops

          • Alison Piearcey

            The EDL formed as a way to guarantee a fight on a Friday night, without any of that risky spilling-pints business

          • ItinerantView

            Good someone needed to stand up to fascist bully boys, like Chowdary the jihadi terrorist enabler or the racist sex-slave gangs.
            The authorities certainly weren’t and the UAF was making allegiances, with ‘far-right’ extremist groups like the Islamic Forum of Europe.

          • ItinerantView

            ..and I’ll take that as a no- not open to reason and prejudiced, also you appear to have a very shallow understanding of the situation.


          • john p reid

            In the spilling pints business, ‘lads’ were worried someone was checking out their bird, but the EDL must have progressed to fighting the UAF when the EDL got the hump at Muslims, having placards of An e frank having sex with a pig, and the UAF, felt those nasty skin heads were picking in defenseless Muslims, who’s only mistake is to have placards calling for beheading on gays, and non believers.

          • Gwangi

            SO very true – and disgusting. The plods do NOTHING against Muslims. However, if a white British man draws a cartoon of Mohammed and puts it in his window, plod will come a-calling to defend the right of Muslims to threaten him with beheading! What a topsy turvy world eh? In the UK the police would have raided Charlie Hebdo and arrested the cartoonists for ‘crimes’, not the Muslim jihadist making threats. MADNESS!

          • john p reid

            I would say this is a new phenomenon ,due to fear of being called racist, but 30 years ago when the NF and the anti national lot would show up for a fight, the police would just arrest the NF for future breach of the peace, de arrest them 5 miles away,the reason was the police chief knew that the Anti nazi lot, would have solicitors, composing of force arrest,but the NF wouldn’t,and couldn’t sue,

        • La Fold

          I am currently in France and got a copy of Charlie Hebdo out of a genuine interest and in my own tiny way to support those who think that shooting people over doodlings is wrong. I am neither in the EDL or from Luton, but thanks for your close minded opinion anyway.

          • gelert

            Truth is, Charlie Hebdo is amateurish and childish. Le Canard Enchainé is better, but not as good as Private Eye.

          • La Fold

            Some of the art work in Charlie Hebdo is indeed somewhat crude and the jokes not particularly funny. However some of the artwork was very good. The same goes for Fluide Glacial as well, Heard of Le Canard Enchaine and seen in the Tabax but never read it in all honesty.

          • bionde

            Read pickeringpost.com or jesus and mo for some thought provoking cartoons which would never see the light of day in a UK newsagent. Mind you, most of them are Muslim owned so hardly surprising.

        • Gwangi

          What a truly stupid comment by someone I hope M15 are watching very closely.
          The EDL are in no way extreme when compared to most Muslims anyway.
          Integrate and accept UK and Western values, Or leave my country, Mohammed.

          • Raimo Kangasniemi

            M15? You mean MI5. And EDL being “no way extreme” – I’ve got a white van to sell you if you seriously believe that…

          • Alison Piearcey

            I think you mean Tower Bridge….

          • Gwangi

            Typical Muslim liar, half-quoting me to put word into my mouth I did not say. Here is what I say, Mohammed Al-Lie:

            “The EDL are in no way extreme when compared to most Muslims anyway”

            Ever asked Muslims about their views on Jews, atheists, gays etc. I have and most are vile little bigots way nastier than any white EDL member.

            The left project their own fantasies onto the EDL. Look what they say – ie the refusal to pander to Muslims or appease them – and I think most people and parties of the UK would agree with that.

          • Alison Piearcey

            They did. Or rather, the current generations grandparents did. When will you?

          • Gwangi

            No they didn’t. No they haven’t. And many will never integrate or want to.

            The whole flawed ideology of Multiculturalism was that immigrants’ children would seamlessly and easily integrate into British society and adopt our values: that was the view of the eejit architects of our Multicuturalist model such as Way Jenkins. He and his cronies were wrong. LOOK AROUND YOU! 27% of UK Muslims support ISIS! Most hate Jews and Israel, and would always support Muslims over the British state in any war. Their loyalty is not here, with us and our values – not really – and never will be.

            I advise you to book a ticket to your feminist paradise of the Caliphate your mates in ISIS have created in Syria and Iraq. Then you may appreciate how superior our culture is and start defending it instead of appeasing any fascist with a brown skin and a minority religion.

          • mohdanga

            Another favourite line of the lefty, multiculti, Muslim mass immigration mob is “Oh, in three or four generations they will be perfectly assimilated.” Do these dolts realize how idiotic they sound?? We’re supposed to wait 100 years for this ever-increasing-in-size mob of Sharia worshippers to adapt to us…they don’t adapt now so why would they in the future??

          • D Lucas

            I think that would be because “our culture is superior”-unless it isn’t. I think that we are strong together without any of this hateful hyperbole. I strongly believe that reason and cooperation, and a free and just society, would triumph over any fascist death cult, be it ISIS, or yours and Gwangi’s brand of doublethink fascism.

            The thing which comes across strongest from you two is how afraid you are. It makes me question how much belief you have in the strength of this country. Not the strength to kill abroad and imprison needlessly at home, but to endure and promote actual freedom. Despite government and mass media scare propaganda, I think the majority of Britons, wherever they or their ancestors were from, are very good at this, and I think people like you do the whole country a disservice with this incessant carping about Sharia and such, as if that were even a significant threat to civil society here.

            You would be better off finding another hobby-horse, although it might mean you would have to think beyond skin colour and religion.

          • Gwangi

            So I am a ‘fascist’ for wanting full integration and an end to segregationist multiculturalism ideology?

            You are a racist, sir, and a first class dunderhead! And a liar and a twerp. And an unrepentant relativist who thinks no culture or values are superior to any other (and that is where the whole Islamophiliac problem starts, with ignoramuses like you tolerating and appeasing those whose views are essentially fascist) Your ignorance frightens me; Muslims do not.

            I hope you feel the full force of peaceful, fluffy bunny Islamism when the next one hits…

            And Britain is NO MORE a nation of immigrants than ANY Asian or African or European country. And many Muslims are from lands where their ancestors were enslaved by Muslim murderers and/or forced to covert on pain of death.

          • Gwangi

            Well, they started off saying ONE generation. That was the theory anyway from Roy Jenkins and the other architects of Multiculturalism. The kids of immigrants were supposed to be perfectly integrated. How many generations do they want now? 5? 10? 200?

        • mohdanga

          So the millions of copies sold in Europe and North America after the terrorist massacre were all by ‘EDL hooligans’??

          • Raimo Kangasniemi

            You don’t seem to have read my comment.

      • gelert

        Completely wrong.

        French newspapers are very deferential to politicians compared to UK journalists. Part of the reason is the government subsidies paid to the press for newsprint.

        Sarko (Conservative) tried to interfere with the selection of a new editor of Le Monde ( leftist ) when he was President. Can you imagine that in the UK ?

        Brigitte Bardot has twice been fined for statements that criticised Islam.

        • Gwangi

          Not completely wrong at all. I know in France they are very conservative and deferential to politicians BUT the French state defended and defends people like the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, and also banned the Muslim headscarf, if you remember, which all parties support (because they all support Enlightenment values and a secular state).
          Meanwhile in the UK the police tell anyone daring to criticise Islam that they risk arrest. They would have arrested the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists if they’d been in the UK too.
          France gets this far MORE right than we do – because the UK is a multiculturalist diversity-worshipping state where the police have become thought/language police lording it over us as our moral guardians – and it is very unpleasant and wrong.

          • gelert

            France has banned the headscarf in schools – along with the cross and kippa- as part of its policy of laicity. The French makes lots of polite noises about Jews, but do very little about the day-to-day harassment of Jews by Muslims.

            I was being too lenient regarding the French PC attitude. Bardot is currently on trial for the FIFTH time for daring to criticise Islam.


            Rod Liddle, and others, are more insulting to Islam than Bardot – deservedly so – and have not had their collars felt.

          • Gwangi

            No idea bout the Bardot case. But we have a ridiculous law in the UK against racial and religious hatred, so are riddled with self-censorship. No Muslim cartoons allowed in UK media – the police would arrest the cartoonists here if that happened and NOT the Muslims who threaten to behead them.
            I am not saying France is perfect. I am saying they are WAY better than us – they stick to their (and our) Enlightenment values, they defend freedom of speech and expression, they do not pander to anyone with a dark skin and a religion, and their integrationist stance is way superior to our misplaced multiculturalist ideology, which causes segregation and social disintegration.

          • gelert

            If you click on the link you can find out about it. She is not the only person prosecuted for speaking out about Islam.

            Private Eye have published cartoons re Islam and Muslims.

            You must be in cloud-cuckoo-land if you believe that France is integrationist. They have no stats on immigrants and employment etc. because they craftily claim that they are all French and equal. Meanwhile, huge numbers of them are segregated into huge concrete towers around the major cities in the banlieues that in Paris can be seen on the drive in from Orly or CDG. Unofficially, it is thought the level of unemployment is very high for these people.

            A few years ago a study revealed that applications for jobs using “French” and “African” names with identical CVs resulted in the “French” applicants being far more likely to be called for interview.

            There are many French who dislike anyone from outside France – that goes in spades if they have a dark skin.

          • Gwangi

            The whole French philosophy is one on INTEGRATION where even those in colonies are considered French and voted MPs to be in Paris. The UK meanwhile adopted misplaced multiculturalism and pandering for anyone with a dark skin and a religion via diversity-worship.
            Yes, a study eh? The same study here too. BUT why should a business employ an African or Asian who speaks bad French when they can get a local who understands French culture and speaks the language well. And anyway, how many whites have you seen working in Asian takeaways and corner shops. Want to do a study re racism from Asians and Africans then eh?
            I am not saying France is perfect, and your citing instances of racism does not disprove the fact I state: France is way better at all this than the UK is.
            And private eye have NOT published THE Mohammed Cartoons. Look at Jesus and Mo – they are they best. However, in France and Denmark, they defend their values against barbarians and we do not. Our media and press are traitors to our true values and the native British people.

          • gelert

            What the French proclaim, and what they do in practice, are two entirely different things. It’s what they have done for many years over anything, long before immigration was a problem.

            The people in the study were born and educated in France – they were given “French” names that didn’t identify them as Africans.

            There was no mention in the `French media of the racist outbursts against a black man on the Paris metro. The reason being that this sort of thing is not unusual in France.

            I never said PE published the Mohammed cartoons. I said they have published cartoons mocking Islam over the years. The cartoons were puerile and crudely indecent. What self-respecting journal would print them ?

          • Gwangi

            Having lived in London, I can assure you that far more racism exists from black and Asian people against whites than the other way round. Most racism in schools is against white kids now. Asians publically advertise ONLY ASIANS when advertising accommodation etc. Please do not exaggerate ONE example of rude behaviour on the metro.
            And I won’t even get into the massive racism against whites in Africa and Asia – a racism that has made most Zimbabwe whites leave to Australia or elsewhere. That OK then, buana?
            The Mohammed cartoons are NOT puerile at all but funny , true and satirical in the manner of British satire dating back centuries.
            If you really want to see crude and indecent disgusting cartoon, please educate yourself by perusing the anti-Semitic cartoons published every single day in the press of Muslim countries. or maybe watch the Egyptian TV series Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

          • gelert

            I was born and raised in London and the racism against Indians and West Indians was terrible – it seems a lot better now when I visit.
            If you see an Asians only advert then you should report it; although I believe that if the accommodation is in your own house it is acceptable.

            If you had read my post you would see that the incident on the Metro was not an unusual experience for French blacks.
            It’s absurd to compare CH with English satire. The CH bunch were like a bunch of giggly schoolboys who have just discovered sex.

            No need to tell me about the ME and the vilification of Jews and Zionists. I worked there for two years to make a pile of money and had more than enough of the Arab male mentality. I felt very sorry for the women and the life they led.

          • mohdanga

            I think gelert makes a valid point when he states that what the French do in practice is different than what they proclaim. While enforcing a burqa ban they also prosecute the likes of Bardot for saying they disagree with halal and that it is disgusting practice. Absolutely unacceptable that this should happen…if I said that veal cattle are treated appallingly and disagree with it I shouldn’t be hauled up before the magistrate. You are correct, though, about PC Plod in the UK not accepting any criticism of Islam. But this is what happens when politically correct leftists are left in charge….’diversity is our strength and we will force you to agree with us!!’

          • scampy

            What are the statistics for uneducated uncivilised muslim immigrants to EU ever working?

          • D Lucas

            Oh, do pipe down. Perhaps the most British value I know is live and let live.

            Multiculturalism is Britain. Britain is territorially comprised of at least three nations, (and N.I.) and there have been countless immigrants both assimilated and preserving their traditions here for hundreds of years.

            Do you at the same time propose to eliminate the Church of England from the House of Lords in the name of your Enlightenment values?

            How exactly does multiculturalism cause segregation and social disintegration? It’s that kind of unsupported nonsense which has lowered the standard of debate in this country to primary school level. Your comments are veiled racism, and your opinions on France betray your ignorance.

          • Gwangi

            No you are wrong. so you pipe down, granddad!
            Immigration to Britain is deliberately exaggerated – and why? Because that is the whole project: tell people they have no culture because all came from immigrants; therefore let’s have more immigrants> Mass immigration has caused and is causing massive problems and it is deeply unfair to native Brit to be homeless and unemployed just because eejits like you worship diversity and businesspeople want cheap labour (training natives costs more).
            If you cannot see how the ideology of Multiculturalism causes segregation and separation (which is a view NOW held by Trevor Philips and many in the race industry HA HA – they’re emulating me and stealing my wise opinions now!) then you need an education – maybe start with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and work up. I am sure they have a burka version available for Islamophiliacs like you.
            Or Maybe walk around London, if you can ever get off your high horse and see that the emperor’s clothes you so admire just do not exist.
            My comments are not veiled racism at all. False accusations like that have made the word racism utterly meaningless. It is people like you who defend and appease fascism and barbarism and abuse when expressed and done by anyone with a dark skin and a minority religion who are – literally – racist.
            And by the way, I am the son of an immigrant too.
            So sord off, twerp!

          • Bardot is now hailed in the media as a racist for criticizing Islam

          • Fat Lip

            no cross banned sir, in fact there i always christmas and santa at school, france is a catholic state in denial

          • gelert

            You’re wrong. The cross, kippa and hijab are banned in state schools. The singing of Xmas songs is frowned on and dying out.


            France is a Christian society in a non-Christian state.

          • Fat Lip

            nope, your wrong, France is catholic sect, they originally wanted to be a (do what you will satanic CULT after the revolution) they used the title “the cult of reason”

            but as i type huge giant crosses life size jesus zombie statues carrying crosses or hanging from them dripping in blood are all over france, possibly over 2500 paid by tax payers, the whole media BS about things in france is exactly that, BS, even french courts find ways to blame others for their own xenophobia.

          • gelert

            You need help, sunshine.

          • Fat Lip

            your brainwashed, i deal with reporters gathering evidence in france on judges giving children they themselves raped back to abusive parents for a couple of grand, get a clue kid, france uses religion to cover up many other things

          • gelert

            Bless !

          • Indeed – in fact I would suggest that it has gone so far now that the UK is no longer multicultural but ‘any culture but our own’.

        • Mc

          My understanding is that French print media receives annual subsidies from their government. That’s not a recipe for an unfettered press.

          • Gwangi

            Yes, that is a long tradition of the republic, like secularism. Like the BBC in effect gets subsidy from government here. Does not mean they support the French government.

          • Mc

            I understand the parallel with the BBC. But I would contend that there are infinite examples showing that BBC output is most definitely affected by its Charter (imposed on it by government) and the usually unstated threat that its Charter could be terminated if it doesn’t behave in an unthreatening manner toward the party in power.

            Two fundamental examples: in order to appear neutral, on many subjects the BBC will present both sides of an argument as if both are equally valid when it is often clear that such an approach is a disservice to BBC users and to truth.

            Conversely, on subjects like abortion, it is extremely rare for the BBC to give equal airtime to anti-abortionists, because the BBC dares not upset the majority pro-abortion view due to the BBC’s inherently “progressive” slant. The same applies to subjects such as immigration, the EU, Keynesian economics, the welfare state, minorities, Islam, etc.

            I can’t speak about how the French press behaviour is affected by its subsidies as I can’t read French.

          • Gwangi

            Yes, indeed. I remember a while ago a famous writer for TV wanted to write a TV drama giving both sides of the abortion debate. He realised he had no chance, so did a piece for radio instead.
            The BBC and all public bodies live under a law which says they have a responsibility to promote good race relations. Fine. But it’s all in the interpretation, innit? The BBC sees that legal responsibiliuty as meaning they should never criticise Islam or anyone with a dark skin and a minority religion. Many schools and colleges interpret this to mean they should hire black/Asian teachers who are less qualified and able than white ones, and award ethnic students higher marks (oh year it happens all the time).

      • In2minds

        The UK police had to be told by government that journalism is not the same as terrorism!

      • Kennie

        You never knew they did that? Where have you been?
        The police, and not just the Met, have been doing this sort of thing, and more, since the 1970s that I know of, and I don’t suppose it was anything new then.

      • we now have less freedom of speech than they do in the former Soviet Union. This was highlighted in BBC documentary a couple of years ago.

    • Raimo Kangasniemi

      Seeking “extremists”.

      • gelert

        More likely for “Islamophobes” who can be harrassed by PC ( no pun intended) Plod.

        • Raimo Kangasniemi

          Islamophobes are in need of a bit of harassing, but people on the other extreme are quite likely the main interest here. They too need to know what they are exactly protesting against.

          • gelert

            It’s unfortunate that anyone who criticises immigration levels is immediately dubbed as “racist”; while anyone who has the temerity to question what Islam and its followers are doing to our society is immediately called an “Islamophobe”.

          • Raimo Kangasniemi

            There’s a clear line between questioning and racism. Stay on the side of questioning – and take part in actual arguments – and that label will not be put on you.

          • Mister Rible

            expect: most people do not care anymore about being called racists

            I’d rather be a racist/islamophobe, than defend psychotic killers, rapists, those who gas people, bury women and children alive, film it all for fun, post it on youtube for the world to enjoy, and the ‘peaceful majority’ who are all deafeningly silent, yet loud and obnoxious as soon as somebody dares to draw a cartoon!


          • Gwangi


          • LittleRedRidingHood


          • Guest

            what about if I don’t give a toss about a label some handwriniging dhimmi puts one me?
            you seem to think your opinion is more valuable than mine: fyi: you’re the one with the label, the useful idiot dhimmi moron label.

          • Raimo Kangasniemi

            Of course my opinion is more valuable than yours. I’m on the side of the good guys and good ladies and you… well you are on the side of ranting racists, spouting hate. Join the forces of light and your opinion will be valuable also…

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Supremacist sh!t. Your opinion just became worthless.

          • gelert

            The left, and their allies at the Beeb and Grauniad, have been using the epithet as soon as anyone dares to raise the topic. It’s been their way of shutting down discussion immediately.

          • Raimo Kangasniemi

            That is an attempt to legitimize racism. “Poor me, I’m accused of racism, it’s all those free speech hating leftwingers, denying my chance to say negative, stereotypical claims of entire groups of people who want to shut down discussion.”

            This thread shows that the racists have no interest about discussion, they just want shout loudly their racism, so loudly that criticism is not heard over their shouting.

            BBC is tighly in the rightwing’s leash; it’s Thatcher’s Channel 4 which is currently more centrist and more brave when it comes to reporting.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            You really are a lunatic. Take the dark glasses off and open your eyes.
            There is nothing stereotypical about discussing the negative effects mass immigration has had on communities in this country.
            You are a bigot sir.

          • Raimo Kangasniemi

            There is a correct way to discuss it, by exchanging arguments based on facts, and the wrong way, which is to try to shout the opposing side silent. In this case, by using racist language in the process.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Nothing racist in my response. In fact it is you trying to silence discussion by arbitrarily using the word racist as if that is going to work anymore.
            What of my comment was racist?
            You’ve used the word racist 4 times in 3 posts. It is you that has the problem sir.

          • Raimo Kangasniemi

            I have the problem that I oppose racism in a thread filled with people who want to openly express racist opinions without being called a racist.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Once again how exactly was my comment racist?
            Criticising something worthy of criticism is not racist. Criticising a group of people who follow said thing worthy of criticism is also not racist.
            Trying close down any discussion on the matter by the likes of you is much worse and more sinister.

          • mohdanga

            Blah, blah, blah, ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobe’, ‘bigot’….I’ll say anything I want about Islam, thanks very much, and don’t need your approval or anyone else’s to do so. Just as you’re free to say anything about Christianity, Judaism or whatever else you want to criticize. Muslims are crybabies, running to the police and the state whenever anyone has the temerity to criticize and question their religion. We’re not buying it anymore. Any religion that kills people, riots, and burns embassies over a cartoon or teddy bear deserves NO RESPECT. And I am under no obligation to show respect to this medieval religion or any other topic for that matter.
            And by the way, what ‘race’ is Islam??

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Of course it will at the mere mention of immigration.

          • Gwangi

            Oh dear. ‘Islamophobia’ is a made up word and ‘crime’ (by the Runnymede Trust in 1997) designed deliberately to link religion and race – which, funnily enough, is what the BNP aplways tried to do.
            Being Islamophobic – fearful of vile fascism, hateful religions, backwards and violent cultures, and those enemies who want to kill us – is actually a rational position.
            Why do rational people who hate religion and fascism need harassing? ISLAMOBIGOT!
            I seriously hope a lot of Islamophiliacs and Jihadists like you get what you deserve in the next Islamist attack to hit Britain.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Well said

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            No such word as islamaphobe. It is not irrational to fear and be very wary of Islam.

          • Ancient Alchemist

            Charles Manson’s big mistake was in not acquiring a critical mass of adoring proselytising acolytes before sending them forth on their murder spree !

            Otherwise, America and possibly the world would be a very different place now !

            Some monsters never learn the lesson of history !

          • D Lucas

            Yes, America would be a very different place had it not been for the adoring proselytising acolytes of an extremist cult, such as those on the Mayflower.

          • Ancient Alchemist

            And would be all the better without it, in all probability!
            Many religions have episodes in their history they would rather forget and extremism in Christianity is no exception with the crusades, the ethnic cleansing of the Cathars, purging of the Huguenots, Spanish inquisition, Conquistadores, the Puritans and the English Civil War etc. etc.
            Arguably Central and South America had it’s share of problems with the Mayan and Aztec cultures but at least some stability, till the arrival of the Spanish!
            Rape of a continent and ethnic cleansing on a grand scale!
            Hopefully Christianity has learnt the lesson of history and moved on, perhaps to more enlightened times!
            Regrettably, others are still locked into the barbarism of the Middle Ages!
            Imagine a world without American cultural imperialism. But perhaps some other even less benign race may have risen to fill the evolutionary niche!
            We can speculate!

    • ItinerantView

      Only that the higher echelons of the Police have been politicised and infested with a pro-EUrabian common purpose.
      Anyone objecting to the Islamisation of Europe, is therefore in their eyes, a potential extremist.
      Just as the Obama admin. has listed scores of domestic extremist groups, yet not mentioned the word jihad or Islam once.

      • Alison Piearcey

        There is no Islamicisation of Europe, except inside your head. Just because some brown people got on better than you….

        • Mister Rible

          you mean the brown people who are sucking dry our benefit’s system, like the parasitic leeches that they are?
          50% of muslim males and 80% of females are on benefits, and that’s a conservative estimate
          If brown people do so well, why the heck do most of their countries look like piles of vomit, and how come even they don’t want to live there?

          When such a tiny minority is responsible for this much violence all across Europe, then we better watch out! As soon as the number reaches 10-15%, there will be serious civil unrest, just like in all of their countries, because they can not live in peace, with anybody, not even their own, anywhere, not even their own countries.

          • Gwangi

            And 15% of those in UK prisons are Muslim too!
            Facts. Facts. Facts.
            Which the Islamophiliacs claim are Islamophobic.

          • Alison Piearcey

            5% of the UK identify as Muslim. So having about that would be par for the course. How many of those are BANAB violations?

          • Alison Piearcey

            It’s a conservative estimate – in other words, you made it up.

            Their own countries – like maybe, here? Since most British Muslims were born here. The generation that migrated here are mostly grandparents by now.

            As for those ‘places they came from’ – would that be India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh? Less than a century ago these were owned by foreigners who stole all the natural resources (hint: Empire on which the sun never set?) More recently, some have been invaded again. Funny that countries who were wargrounds until last week aren’t in too great a condition.

          • mohdanga

            What natural resources did the West steal from Afghanistan? The British Empire did take resources from India but also built the infrastructure of the country, gave it democracy and a functioning civil service unlike the Muslim hordes that invaded India and killed tens of millions prior to the English being there. But you forgot about that, didn’t you?
            India gained its independence from England 70 years ago as did all the countries that England once had interests in in Africa. Oodles of natural resources still exist yet they are still poverty stricken. Why is that? Is that England’s fault? Without the British empire they would still be banging sticks together.
            Britain ‘owned’ India….laughable. At the height of the British presence there the number of British soldiers and civil servants did not number more than 200,000 while the Indian population was 350 million.
            If the British ‘stole’ all the natural resources from the Middle East why are Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia sitting on the world’s largest oil reserves? Oh, that’s right, they haven’t made trillions off of oil exports since Westerners built the refineries, pipelines, etc 70 years ago. Carry on.

          • D Lucas

            How about the massive famines presided over by the British in India which also killed tens of millions and coincided with the advent of grain speculation?

            Afghanistan was a geopolitical pawn in the 19thC which rather bit the British on the arse. Have you heard of the Great Game?

            You will concede that India was part of the British Empire won’t you? And the Civil Service you mention, what was its role? To administer India for the British Crown perhaps? You rather shot yourself in the foot there old bean. Of course it ruled, as all empires do, by a mixture of coercion and consent.

            Yes, Britain and the US worked to install rulers they could deal with and to keep these countries as client states, enriching local elites and multinational corporations.

          • mohdanga

            Again, what resources did the Empire extract from Afghanistan? And yes, I am familiar with the ‘Great Game’.
            Where did I say that India wasn’t part of the British Empire? Sorry, can’t see how I’ve shot myself in the foot. The British did some nasty things in India, there is no doubt, (and which they will self flagellate for the next 100 years) but there were many Brits who believed in trying to improve the living standards of the indigenous people and that Britain had a moral and religious imperative to improve the lot of the countries they had control over. This is seen as old fashioned, racist and genocidal by present day armchair leftists. Perhaps it would have been better had they never gained control. Then some other beneficial ruler, say the Muslims (oh wait, they killed tens of millions of Indians in previous invasions…haven’t seen too many calls for apologies for this) would have stepped in or the Indians could have continued on as before. History is full of one culture/group overtaking another but it seems only white, European countries must continually apologize and grovel for their past behaviours. But it is rather strange that Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have flooded England, the same country that they complain has done so much damage to them. One would think that they would have wanted to be as far away from whitey as possible instead of hightailing it over to Britain with the hopes of bringing their extended tribes to leach off the system. White colonization bad, non-white good, correct?
            More than the local elites benefited from Western oil technology in the Middle East…Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait are full of lazy locals who rely on Western ex-pats and poor workers from India, Philippines, Pakistan, etc to keep their economies running. Without Western technology the Saudis would be harvesting dates and milking camels and not much else.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Listen. Of a prison population of around 80k muslims make up 13% from last years figures. Slightly over represented considering they are only 5% of the population. Does that not say anything to you?

          • D Lucas

            It says to me that the poorer you are the more likely you are to find yourself in jail. On average.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Ahhhh, the poor little poor person doesn’t know right from wrong.
            Even less so if he/she is muslim?
            Is that what you are saying?
            Poor little poor person, doesn’t know that you can’t sexually abuse underage girls, commit fraud, commit violent assault etc etc etc.
            I’m sick and tired of apologists like you.
            You make it sound like they have nothing, when in fact they are given a roof, food and quite often more money than a lot of the working population.
            You know that this is more about cultural differences and an unwillingness to integrate rather than social mobility.
            Our very own jihadi John was university educated, so your argument is becoming less and less relevant as we peel back the layers of what the Marxists have done to us.

          • john p reid

            Probably because you can’t afford a better lawyer to buy off the case, with some technicality,they’ve found

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            What of the recent report showing that employment rates in the Muslim community are well below the norm. Are you just discounting that? If they are not working then they are on benefits. Stop your obfuscation, you have shrinking credibility.

          • Alison Piearcey

            My mum doesn’t work, she gets a pension. My next door neighbour doesn’t work, she cares for her kids. Her kids don’t work, they’re still at school. Unlss by benefits you mean ‘living in a country that theoretically doesn’t discriminate on grounds of race’

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            So you are discounting the report. I am talking out people of working age within that community as you well know.
            More liberalistic claptrap obfuscation of the highest order.
            I mean people who offer little if any economic benefit or contribution to our economy or community.

          • Alison Piearcey

            How much money does a childcarer offer to their community? How about students? Both are offering benefits, just not necessarily as a paid job. Go tell your mum her contribution to your life was pointless!

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            And WTF does your or my mum have to do with vast Muslim community who as per the report offer little to our economic or social systems. They don’t integrate. The English born are worse than their parents. How exactly have those ‘brown people’ as you put it done better than me, except conning me into paying to sustain their parasitic ways. Lefties are all the same….. Fecking useless and blind.
            [edit] and while we’re at it. Students who offer so much from that community, like jihadi john.
            The world is waking up love, to the relentless, totalitarian monoculture that is islam. Even Bhuddist monks in Thailand and Myanmar are fighting back.
            It is only a matter of time before we’ll have to as well. But saying that you don’t stroke me as the sort who would have the stomach for it.

          • D Lucas

            It might be conservative, but is it true? And if so where is it from and what does it mean comapred to a similar demographic of non-muslims?

            Oh, and you’re a racist.

            Perhaps a study of Imperial history and the exploitation of colonised countries would help you to be better informed, as would your looking into the US’ post-war policy of democracy at home, dictatorship for its client states.

        • mohdanga

          You are deluded. No Islamicisation of Europe!! Look at Sweden, Holland, Belgium, etc and the populations of Muslims.

          • Alison Piearcey

            Oh noes! Some Brown People live next door! How awful that we don’t shoot them for being – well, mostly just people.

          • mohdanga

            Brilliant response!! So let’s let in millions of Muslims who don’t assimilate because it is so beneficial for the country!
            It is a problem when millions of brown people from Muslim countries colonize the host country. But keep your head in the sand.

          • Alison Piearcey

            Look hard at how many of the nurses and doctors who prop up our NHS got their qualifications outside the UK. Yes, migration can be a good thing.

            Millions of Muslims who don’t assimilate? Sorry, not familiar I’m in the UK, where most Muslims speak English as their first language, because they were born and educated here. The biggest differences are whether City or United. And that because the EDL colonised United, and made colored fans unwelcome.

            Head in the sand? No, I just actually talk to some of my neighbours, the ones who go to mosque. And the ones who go to church. Also some Sikhs and Hindus. Actually talk to some people and you might just find they’re people like you – some good, some bad. Y’know, people.

          • mohdanga

            Yes, those wonderfully assimilated Muslims in Rotherham and many other cities who groomed and gang r*ped white, English women for years while ‘authorities’ turned a blind eye for fear of upsetting ‘community cohesion’. Many other cities where Muslims have taken over (more examples of ‘diversity’ and ‘enrichment’), Muslims making up almost 15% of the prison population, many Muslims sympathizing with ISIS and terrorist attacks, Muslims saying that sharia should be the law in Britain.
            Were there no white, English doctors and nurses before massive 3rd world immigration? Would it not be better to train English students to become doctors rather than raid the 3rd world of doctors so desperately needed there?

          • john p reid

            Quite, 40 years ago the LEFt were saying how badly treeted Jews in Israel were, and
            That the NF didn’t like them and when the UAF went to give the NF a thrashing, the boys in blue would stop them

            Now when the EDL supporting Israel, have a go at those Muslims, who don’t like Jews, the UAF, say Jews who are pro Israel are the fascists,

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            Pull your head from your ar$e and open your eyes.
            You are part of the problem. And yes we do have a problem.

          • Alison Piearcey

            You have a problem. I have neighbours, and work collegues, and students, and customers.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            And a leftist cultural marxist agenda it seems.
            Thank Christ everyone is not like you, signed up to their own demise.
            I have no problem with “brown people” at all.I have a problem with adherents of an intolerant, misogynistic religion that is h ell bent on our destruction.
            But you carry on singing kumbya with them as see where that gets you.

          • Alison Piearcey

            So, when are you planning on evicting Christianity. That’s an intolerant misogynistic religion that has burned my sisters for their faith. We just learned to be a bit tolerant, and worked with the Christians to help them deal with their more violent members. That’s why the Inquisition isn’t in charge anymore.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            WTF are you talking about. Who is we? Who are your sisters? And when did they get burnt? Were they witches?
            Sounds like the Spanish inquisition is the best you can do?
            Can’t say the newswires are laden with Christian violence. If anything christians are being brutally persecuted across the middle east, but I guess you don’t mind that.
            I suppose you’ll now say Hitler was a Christian………. We’ve not heard that one before even though it is a bit of a leap to even suggest it. He had more in common and worked more closely with the muslims which is a historical fact not fiction.
            Enough of your taqiya bullsh!t. It doesn’t work anymore
            You leftards are quite something.

          • Alison Piearcey

            Yes, I was referring to those women executed for owning a cat or talking to themselves. And the Inquisition was everywhere, but MOST Christians have grown out of murdering anyone who disagrees with them.

            Some Christians still assert violence, however. Anders Brevik? The Djotodia regime? Women in the States assaulted outside abortion clinics?

            Actually, Hitler’s allegiance to Christianity is well-documented. Want a nice easy piece of evidence. Try Gott Mitt Uns on every Reichsmark soldier. Other evidence would require you actually reading a subject before launching forth.

            The basic idea I’m trying to get over is that Islam and Christianity are quite similar in many respects. As with Christianity, we need to engage with the majority that abhor violence, rather than assuming that the violent minority are representative.

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            And there was me thinking you were talking about more recent events then the 15th century.
            They murdered men too during that time……. What was that a cheer? …… Shame on you!
            Anders Brevik was politically motivated not religiously. He was trying to rid his country of the next batch of brainless, brainwashed leftards. His methods were somewhat ott, I’m sure there must have been another way…. Less violent.
            A bit of a stretch to suggest Hitler was acting in the name of God. Gott Mitt Uns goes back much further than the 3rd Reich, like the 17th century in Germany and it is widely accepted that Hitler rejected christianity. Hitler was anti-Christian. So I’m glad we’ve put that one to bed.
            You once again show delusions of leftists. You think you will be able to change Islam?
            Listen love, they want you subdued or dead as they do all us kuffar. I hope you play with a straight bat or they’d take great delight in hurling you off a high building.
            The earth will shake the day the penny drops with the leftards.

          • La Fold

            Oh no some people disagree with me,they must all be automatically racist murderers!

        • LittleRedRidingHood

          Bwahhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa hhhaaaaaaa haaaaaaa.haaaaaaaaaaa

        • LittleRedRidingHood

          Problem is you are walking around with your eyes closed. Ask the Danes whether they think they’ve been islamised.

        • ItinerantView

          Your projected bigotry says more about you, than anything I’ve said.
          Go and spend some time in Marseille, where the Police are trying to “reconquer” 184 square kilometers, currently under the control of Muslim gangs or any number of quasi-legal Sharia zones ,all over Europe.
          You need to get out more.

          • Alison Piearcey

            Gangsters. So nothing to do with ordinary law-abiding people then. I do not conflate you with Bloods or Crips.Please do other folk that same courtesy.

            And projected bigotry? – no, observation. The white people who attend the local mosque get no stick. The borwn people who attend the local Sikh temple get beated up for being ‘-kin Mussies’ What should I conclude?

          • ItinerantView

            I didn’t conflate you with gang members.
            “And projected bigotry? – no, observation. The white people who attend
            the local mosque get no stick. The borwn people who attend the local
            Sikh temple get beated up for being ‘-kin Mussies’ What should I
            conclude?” (sic)

            Nothing to do with me and there are Sikh members of the EDL .

            I could cite a thousand barbaric acts that make these obnoxious actions pale into utter insignificance, yet it seems you would ignore them and concentrate on those instead.

            Not understanding the dynamics of the street It’s nothing to be ashamed of but these things start there, the so-called Sharia patrols for example, just thugs right?,
            yet one can trace their involvement with ‘legitimate’ Mulsim political movements and tacit approval, from a variety of mosques, self-appointed ‘community leaders’, Islamic scholars and far from least, centuries of violent, militant, Islamic expansion.

            Recently Farrakhan sent personal letter to the gangs of America, inviting them to be the protectors of the Nation of Islam and use their dollars and time to buy and control areas.

            I’m sorry but your overview is naive, I don’t condone true racism or discrimination but compared to the supremacist,international, Islamist movement, the EDL are completely insignificant.

          • Alison Piearcey

            Sharia patrols – some police officers are Moslems, perhaps? Otherwise, what are you on about?

            The major function the sharia court round here operates is to do with divorce. Try go take a look- they are open to anyone who wants to see, and many run translation services.

          • ItinerantView

            Naive and wilfully blind, many police forces have essientialy abrogated responsibity in such communities and Sharia courts not only have codified inequality , towards women and non-Muslims but have increasingly moved into criminal cases.

        • Tox66

          Very few of them indeed have for on better then me but I know there is definitely an Islamisization of Europe underway. You are merely reciting the more juvenile “truths” offered by the multicultural left; I assume you are an undergraduate. Or perhaps slow.

          • Alison Piearcey

            Neither, thankyou. I just live in an area with some Muslims in it. Most are just ordinary people – some idiots, some nice, some display their faith openly, some you have to ask. When you work and live alongside people, it’s quite hard to see them as todays Juden.

    • CO Jones

      Was there ever a statement made as to the religious background of the officers who tried to carry out the tracing? If it should turn out that the officers were all members of the RoP, doing a bit of free-lance investigation, the explanation would be self-evident, wouldn’t it?

    • In2minds

      The Charlie Hebdo enquiries. There was a rush to explain, we were supposed to see the police action as stupidity. However, that makes no sense at all and we would be stupid to accept it as an excuse. So until the truth comes along we will just have to hope nothing sinister was going on. But then as always with public servants one lives in hope.

    • CO Jones

      No; neither was there any information as to whether (or not) the officers who made the enquiries themselves belonged to the RoP, and were doing a bit of extra-curricular activity.

    • The_Yeti_Knows

      Probably curious how many of you limp wristed pantywaists might need cold sore treatment credit because of it.

    • Tom Mulvaney

      Police wanted to prosecute them for reading ‘racist’ materials. I was one of the cops.

  • wycombewanderer

    All senior officers are now passed through the common purpose run Bramshill academy and fast tracked during a series of promotions and changes of force or department.

    A year in CID as a chief inspezctor, transfer two ranks up to chief superintendent in another force, return a couple of years later as a commander and so on.

    Why does anyone think Rotherham and all the other scandals could take place?

    A lack of experience by senior officers who learnt all they know from the same common purpose sources as those at the top of social services and council officers.

    With diversity targets now rating above ability there was always going to be an issue.

    That’s one of the reasons I jacked the job.

    • 1664averygoodyear

      Do you have any proof that the police are using Common Purpose to train senior officers? I agree with a lot of what you wrote but I’m wary about how much significance people ascribe to Common Purpose. It seems to me like they’re just a symptom of the problem (relentless propaganda promoted by the state and media to enforce multiculturalism and cultural relativism) rather than the source.

      • bugalugs2


        Apart from the statement of their involvement from Common Purpose, the invoices easily found on theWeb, even the BBC has reported on their involvement


        Enough to get you started?

      • ButcombeMan

        Whenever people say “Do you have any proof” like that, I know they are usually trolling.

        There is lot of information out there about CP and Policing. Look for it.

        Whenever things go wrong now in UK public life, the CP cult is nearly always in the mix. In Rotherham for example or in Oxford.

        That means one of two things, it is so embedded in society that it is the new freemasonry (and how Darbyshire wrote this article without talking about freemasonry in the Police, is one of the great mysteries of his journalistic life , Freemasonry has always been part of the Police corruption problem).


        CP is ALSO PART OF THE PROBLEM. It creates the organizational dysfunction it pretends to be against & many of the people who scratch each others backs through CP, are promoted far beyond their level of even half competence. Further in my observation, they are rarely held to account for their mistakes.

        Personally, I think it is the latter. CP causes malfunction.

        • 1664averygoodyear

          You’re mistaken. I am not trolling. Look at my previous posts of which there are over 100. All I’m saying is that so far I haven’t found anything that gives me a level of evidence i’d feel comfortable to attribute to CP the significance a lot of people on the blogs are giving it.

          • ButcombeMan

            Well OK, apologies.

            I do not think you are going to get the evidence on a plate. Like with masonic corruption it takes effort and digging over time. It still gets denied.

            Like you I used to dismiss the CP loathers as nutters. It has taken me a long time to agree there is more than something in what they say.

            What I have done for some considerable time, is whenever there is a public sector scandal & failure, do some personal digging round all the names involved.

          • 1664averygoodyear

            I’ve had more of a look at it yesterday and last night. It does seem that it’s clearly not above board or impartial. Rather dodgy. I’d agree that it’s entrenching and trying to proliferate a set of values (diversity, multiculturalism, etc). The ‘leading beyond occupation’ stuff is also sinister. It’s trying to engender a cultural shift in how institutions operate.

            However, it’s not like the police an council started ignoring all the pakistani nonces just because of common purpose. We’d still be in this situation even if they didn’t exist. They’re, in my view so far, a symptom of a problem (dodgy state funded quangos, multiculturalism and diversity propaganda), not it’s cause. Just my view at the moment until I see evidence that proves that they’re actually far bigger than I’ve given them credit for.

            Also I would say that the Common Purpose allegations are hard for people to believe because a lot of the people that believe them also think we’re run by lizards disguised in human form.

  • WFB56

    “This appalling lack of protection for whistle-blowers — often amounting to persecution — has become commonplace throughout the public services and creates a climate in which dishonesty and malpractice flourish.” Well put, thank you.

    The reality is that the increase in the size and scope of government at every level increases the likelihood of corruption while simultaneously decreasing the risks of detection and prosecution.

  • Diggery Whiggery

    The bigger the government, and the more far reaching its power, the more corrupt the country becomes.

    As Milton Friedman once asked:

    “How did Britain go from being a nation of criminals and smugglers with no respect for the law (in the 17th century) to being one of the most law-abiding countries in the world with an incorruptible civil service (in the 19th century)?”

    His answer?

    “By getting rid of the laws to break”

    Since the late 19th century and early 20 the century, the process of freeing the individual and placing responsibility in his hands and of encouraging self-government and divesting the state of its power, has gone into reverse, especially since we joined the EU. The results are around for all to see.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely as they say. As power is often wielded through government, we can also say that government corrupts and big government corrupts absolutely.

    Everyone in Britain today is simply his or her own special interest group, scrabbling and fighting like rats in a barrel, for state money and/or influence. Whether it be the lowliest working class hero with his tax credits or a big company CEO, everyone’s chasing the same master, just not at the same level.

    • Phantomsby

      “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”


      (“Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.”)

    • Alison Piearcey

      Funny how the only thing protecting us from corrupt cops and bent politicians is Europe, specifically the ECHR, then?

      • Diggery Whiggery


        Well you’re funny at any rate.

    • Ancient Alchemist

      “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed”

  • Suleiman

    It is actually very brave of the Spectator to raise this issue. Usually when I have written about it as a post to readers’ comments section in newspapers, it would not make it past the ‘moderator’.

    I would say to Mr Darbyshire. Now that you have raised the issue of the massive police corruption in this country (which has always been the case, by the way : even in the 19th century), why not go further. Anyhow you are already a marked man from the point of view of the police and of the 3 establishment parties, because you dared raise the issue of corruption, which is ‘not to be mentioned’ by any establishment party. You will not find the battle against any corruption in the manifesto of any candidate to be Police Commissioner, and you will not find it in any programme of the establishment parties (or other parties, I believe).

    So why not upgrade to discussing the corruption of British judges. As this is too wide a field, why not limit yourself to the widespread corruption within Employment Tribunals ? To get a small idea of what’s going on, look for example at what readers wrote on the following site : http://etclaims.co.uk/2014/03/is-the-tribunal-system-corrupt/ (ignore what the solicitors write : as readers explain, they have to write this or else…). This is such a massive field to investigate. Can we look forward to a day in which the Spectator will publish an article about corruption in Employment Tribunals ?

    From this ET issue it should be a step forward to investigating and discussing corruption through our entire judicial system, and then to ask ourselves : are we actually being ruled by unelected, self-serving, to a large extent corrupt judges and lawyers ? I pose the question, I do not try here to answer it.

    • anyfool

      are we actually being ruled by unelected, self-serving, to a large extent corrupt judges and lawyers ? I pose the question, I do not try here to answer it
      I will, the answer is, yes.

      • Suleiman

        I am very thankful to you for taking the plunge and answering it. I agree with you. The reason why I did not answer it myself in my original post is that I felt compelled to be careful so as not to have my post being ‘moderated out’ by the Comment Team. In the last 2 years I have written, in all probability, about 1,000 posts about the corruption of British judges, and the damage which they cause to society, and I guess only half of these were let through. It is not only a matter of party politics, in that most judges by far are selected from within the Conservative Party and most papers support this party. It is a personal matter for moderators of posts :

        There are so many lawyers in one capacity or another in Britain, it is almost unthinkable that a moderator of comments in any paper will not have at least one lawyer among the members of his close family.

        Basically I see the general problem with judges as divided into two main issues : (1) The problem of the corruption of judges, and the lack of any mechanism to force honesty upon them. (2) The fact that we are basically ruled by the judges, and by other lawyers, who are totally out of control, unaccountable and above the law, with Parliament not caring one bit about this situation. Not only Parliament is not caring : out of ignorance and stupidity, the vast majority of the population are not caring.

    • LittleRedRidingHood

      They are all in this together……..

      As Voltaire said

      ‘If you want to know who is really ruling you, find out who you cannot criticise

      • Suleiman

        Excellent post. And how true : there are so many ways in which pressure is being applied on sites which allow criticisms of our masters, and censorship and threats applied to those writing such criticisms.

      • Feminister

        Yes, I always found it interesting that there isn’t a single derogatory word in the English language for straight, white, males.

        • LittleRedRidingHood

          FFS, the man hater reappears.
          There are plenty of derogatory terms that be applied to men and women alike.
          Something tells me you don’t see much action, you sound a little bitter.

          • Darnell Jackson

            Is it Liz in disguise?

          • LittleRedRidingHood

            No idea who Liz is . point is this is a discussion about the plod and she has managed to bring her gender bending issues into the mix. Unbelievable really. She should probably keep quiet considering it is women in the top police jobs who have allowed the abuse of their supposed sisters. You couldn’t make it up.

  • davidofkent

    I am unconvinced by the article. It is most likely, IMHO, that many policemen and women will have been suspended pending investigation of an allegation made by a criminal in order to divert attention. Britain is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. However, there are two aspects of policing that I think should be reviewed. The first is the use of a policeman’s notebook in court. It is surely too easy for policemen to agree their story beforehand and then write it up. Secondly, policemen should not be allowed to retire on medical grounds during an internal investigation, and thus escape any proper investigation.

    • T_H_E_R_I_O_N

      “Britain is one of the least corrupt countries in the world.”

      Do you moonlight as a comedian?

  • Frank

    The various police forces are like the NHS, and all the other large government departments – they talk about welcoming diversity of senior management candidates, but then only recruit individuals who are, or have been, in the police force / the NHS / the Civil Service / etc.
    As an example, the disgraced head of the Thames Valley police force (re child grooming in Oxfordshire) has just been promoted to another job supervising other chief constables!
    As for Bernard Hogan-Howe, he always comes across as promoted way beyond his capacity. Given that he is probably paid the same as the Chief of the Defence Staff that reflects incredibly poor value for public money.

    • Mr_Twister

      UKIPs policy of employing ex services personnel for border control make even more sense….having served their country…they’ll also do the job properly of securing it.

      • twinscrew

        This has been my opinion for some time.

      • Johnnydub

        No wonder the last two governments have gutted the Armed Forces…

    • ButcombeMan

      It is suggested that the Thames Valley Chief Constable was a “CP graduate”.

      Her TV interview, where she claimed to know nothing until 2011, was nearly as bad as a Natalie Bennett car crash interview, just appalling.

      • Frank

        Agree, it was so bad that it ought to preserved and shown to all MPs every two months.

  • mikewaller

    My sympathy with what was being said evaporated once I read the dread words “Daily Mail”, a scumbag rag if ever there was one, more than happy to grind up little folk in the interests of profit. Certainly we have a big problem with the police but as the old tag “Who guards the guardians?” makes clear, it is a problem that has been with us for millennia. No doubt there have been many cases in which the press working with covert whistle-blowers have exposed terrible wrongs; but there have also been many other instances where a venial press has bought information of no national moment whatsoever from corrupt policemen, solely because is would entertain the prurient minds of a very sizeable readership. Certainly we must do much more to protect well-intentioned and truthful whistle-blowers. However, giving irresponsible papers such as the Mail carte blanche to conceal all sources is a price too high, particular at a time when it has been made clear to us that considerations such as advertising revenue make the “free” press itself subject to improper influence. The best I would offer would be for each case to be won or lost on a public interest basis. What a pity that our press is so irresponsible that this, like Leveson, has become the better option.

    • Kennybhoy

      “My sympathy with what was being said evaporated once I read the dread words “Daily Mail”, a scumbag rag if ever there was one, more than happy to grind up little folk in the interests of profit.”


  • Peter Stroud

    There seems little doubt that fast stream promotion has not helped the provision of highly effective chief officers. Furthermore, the Met has suffered in this respect. One fast streamer was recently encouraged to resign because of his ineffective management of the service.

    • Basilthedog

      Not in their eyes, as I think our definition of ‘highly effective’ would differ from that of the Home Office. The latter clearly want their senior policemen to have a politically correct outlook first and foremost, as evidenced in their reluctance to pursue many serious crimes committed by ethnic, or religious, ‘minorities’, whilst at the same time over- zealously clamping down on any criticism of such ‘minorities’.

  • Raimo Kangasniemi

    I think it’s a bit naive to think that corruption is something new in police, what is seen now is probably a result of more light being shone in old practices.

  • gelert

    They have always deserved being called “The Filth”.

    • john p reid

      Filth is the grime left behind, the at is the waste, the police are therefore the waste of the grime, that we discard every day, but unlike those who create the waste the police aren’t he excrement, of those who create the crime in society.

      • gelert

        Can write that in comprehensible English ?

        • john p reid

          Yes, it was, but I suppose someone who level of intelligence is to go on the Internet and call the police, filth, because it makes him, think he’s clever ,wouldn’t appreciate that

          • gelert

            My first encounter with the police was when I was sixteen and minding my business walking home in North London. I was stopped and bullied by two Met. oafs who accused me of being a rapist they were looking for. They were intimidating and very threatening with what they could do to me if I did not confess..

            I was taken to the nick and released when some other cops had apprehended the real culprit. My father wrote a letter of complaint and received no response.

            My next encounter with their methods was as a junior doctor in an A&E. A young woman was brought in covered in bruises. Her only crime was to have been lippy to another power drunk plod. I also saw protesters who needed treatment because of police brutality. We all saw how an innocent man was beaten and killed by a brutal cop in London a few years ago and the lies that were told to excuse it.

            Over the years I have seen other examples of how a group of people, not known for their intelligence, use their powers to harass law-abiding citizens while at the same time taking bribes from criminals.

            I don’t think it’s clever to call them The Filth, it’s what the majority are.

          • Kennybhoy

            I was raised to consider them a necessary evil…

          • john p reid

            I don’t know how old you are,so. I don’t know how long ago this was there 130,000 police in the country, and if I was more than 5 years ago, it could have been 2 out of 159,999″ I can’t say I agree based in 2 of 150,000 that you think the majority are, but I wouldn’t say it was clever either to base that assumption based on so few,

            By the way, I’ve twice been accused of being a rapist, once when they found out I wad 50 miles away, they said I’d gloated about the fact, that I was accused of having sex with a woman against Her will, and may give me a kicking, the other time I was 5000 miles away, and neither false accuser was arrested for wasting police time, both were later committed, but using mental health issues as an excuse isn’t a justification.

          • gelert

            I related my first experience at the hands of Plod – it was in the 60s. Most Londoners knew, and still know, how corrupt the Met are. West End Central ran vice in Soho. People like Challenor and Drury were the tip of the iceberg.

            Many big-time criminals escape prosecution because of police obstructing investigations. CRA should take a page out of the American book and investigate their lifestyle and how they can live such lives on a police salary.

            The rape in question was real -the two thugs were just in a rush to fit someone for it.

          • john p reid

            So based on something that happened 55 years ag you’re judging what’s happening now, 55 years ago, were those Tory MPs who wanted the death penalty for people being gay

          • gelert

            If you had read my posts you would see that my comments were not based solely on what happened fifty years ago. It’s still going on and you might learn something if you read this article.


            I suggest you look up the meaning of obtuse and try to think before you post in future.

          • john p reid

            I know what obtuse mean, you lost me,when you used the guardian as regerence , twice recently they had to apologize to the press complaints over inaccurate articles about mark duggan, not having a gun on him,and saying when the IPCCmade a confusing article that there was a shoot out, that the police knew for ages that duggan hadn’t fired,and that they liked it being wrongly stated as it gave them sympathy during the riots.

          • gelert

            You know what it means, but it seems that old habits die hard and you continue in the same vein.

    • Ciaran Goggins

      Why don’t they go out and catch real crooks instead of hassling homosexual men indulging in a bit of innocent Cottaging?

      • john p reid

        Quite,I was looking onDerek Halsams website,and he puts up a picture of Steve the Electrician from Portcullis House as a picture of himself, recently he’s been pointing out he’s mixed race, I’m confused why he didn’t use a picture of a mixed race person ,if he wanted to have a picture of him,I accept that some mixed race people, skip a generation when it comes to genes ands could still appear all white, but I didn’t think that’s the case with him
        Sayings hat on starting think that website isn’t really by him I not that heat up some address I used to live at 23 years ago,as I’ve stood for Labour councillor 8 times now and the council has tout where I live when I stood if he wanted to know where I lived he could look on the council website
        It’s good labour. And the liberals are taking mental health problems serous,as for the person who seems to be impersonating Halsam on the net shouldn’t feel ashamed ,in seeking help

        On another note, at least I got that femiNazi Jean Hathcets Twitter took down

  • JabbaTheCat

    We now have police shops everywhere, so naturally we now buy policemen.

    The rot really set in when Hendon was closed down and so standards went downhill rapidly…

  • Mr_Twister

    Handy site… full of useful information for when they come Knockin on your door.


  • Samiad

    According to the Home Office figures for 2014, there are 49,070 police officers, police staff, PSCOs, Special Constables and other designated officers in the Met in 2014. This means that the 40 staff suspended in 2013/14 represent 0.08% of the workforce. Across the country there are 232,631 police employees and 3000 allegations of corruption would average out at one allegation per 87.5 employees per year. This is before one even considers whether staff suspended were guilty or the complaints supported. Of course any police corruption is extremely worrying but these figures hardly support the hyperbolic tone of this piece. Yes, the police have behaved appallingly with their attempts to identify journalists’ sources but that is no reason to seek revenge with a misleading article implying that corruption is endemic.

    • bugalugs2

      Before the old ‘nothing to see here, please move along’ routine goes too far, care to rerun the same figures from, say, 5 and 10 years ago?

      Remember Ali Dizaei? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7929210.stm

      • wycombewanderer

        I would be interested to see a breakdown of the percentage of those officers and employees broken down on ethnicity grounds compared to total percentage of officers.

        I think it might make interesting reading!

      • Samiad

        Not sure what the point about Ali Dizaei is – are you claiming he’s representative of all police employees? Of course there’s corruption in the police but there is nothing to suggest it is as widespread as the article implies.

        As for the figures you requested, I can’t find any from ten years ago as they seem to have been measured differently but over the period 2008-2011 there were an average of 2,874 allegations of corruption per year and 256,151 police staff nationally, meaning it was one allegation per 89 members of staff per year (Source IPCC) therefore it has stayed broadly the same, with a very slight decrease. Happy now?

        • bugalugs2

          No because (a) the sameness may be an artefact of the averaging and (b) a smaller number of allegations divided by a larger number of officers cannot possibly arithmetically show a decrease over time between even that averaged figure and the later 2014 figure.

          (In fact if f you work out your supposed 2014 figure more carefully you’ll find it has gone up from one allegation per 89.1 officers to one allegation per SEVENTY seven point five, not eighty seven point five, so corruption is on the increase.)

  • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

    The biggest problem facing modern democracies is the lack of Trust is major institutions. Government, Church, Hospitals, Police, Schools, the BBC, Banks, the Courts, Social Services, the Newspapers, Football Clubs, Supermarkets…….

    • vieuxceps2

      And, with profound regret,I add the armed services whose performance in Iraq and Afghanistan has been without much merit.

  • evad666

    How much are the Muslims paying them to turn a blind eye so they can abuse young white girls?

  • Dodgy Geezer

    …The vast majority of Britain’s police do a sometimes extremely arduous job with honesty, skill and good humour….

    Does your word processor have a single button to print out banal disclaimers of this type? I am sure that you have no evidence either for or against this assertion (what evidence could you have?), and are only making it because social pressure forces you to say something meaningless at this point.

  • The_Spitfire_Pilot

    I’m sure Cameron or his successors will get around to this after they’ve dealt with plain fag packets, gay marriages and other similar matters of real social priority.

    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for police in their brand new bunker five minutes away to visit me after I [a partially blind pensioner – retired lifetime Journalist] was robbed of £400 by someone caught on store cctv and known – that was five years ago. Still waiting. Or the theft of a car parked 100 yards away from the station who refused to attend until I had filled out a complaint form – by which time the car was stolen and never seen again. What would they have done if this had been a rape in progress?

    But a police chief superintendant and an inspector visited me immediately after young thugs had attacked me with concrete blocks … but the coppers only came to persuade me not to prosecute since it would harm race relations!

    • LittleRedRidingHood

      I hope you did prosecute?

      Fcuk race relations.

  • twinscrew

    I always watch Police Interceptors on TV purely for the comedic and general all round daftness of the police, their opinions, not sought or wanted, by the people they pull over are a joy to behold. one guy is priceless and always rub’s up his victims the wrong way. You know who you are Adam.

  • MrVeryAngry

    I have never trusted the police since one lied through his teeth when I was taken to court for a motoring offence I did not commit. This was in about 1970 ish. Things have not changed as another one lied through her teeth to me in my business’ private car park about 6 months ago.

    • emma2000

      I had a similar experience about 20 years ago though more serious. I went as a witness in a case where a young man was wrongly accused of assaulting a police officer. I was horrified to see the blatant lying on oath of these officers. Had not four of us complained, made statements and were willing to be witnesses, a perfectly innocent young man who was with his fiancée on the night in question and intending to emigrate to Australia after marriage would have his life totally ruined. Until then I had always thought the police were generally on the side of the public. It could have been my son that night and I have never trusted the police since and would do nothing to help them. I just couldn’t believe they would lie like that.

  • john p reid

    Yes ,Newman ,Mark and to some extent Condon were beat officer before commissioner,but there wasn’t much respect for PCs from Newman, he was scared of political interference from above, yes high rising police who are fast tracked have no idea of the police on the beat, but if one thought there was wrong doing not reporting it,it’s not due to canteen culture or bullying tactic,it’s because the police bosses are afraid of accusation of sexism racism,that they use the old trick,accuse someone who points out their is sexism,including sexism directed towards men,of the very thing they’re against,

    Using the powers of those who dared speak out against the, well a free press isn’t a press that thinks it’s above the law,the fact race hate crimes have meant that those who criticise Islam, face arrest,yet the police do nothing when Mislim, have placards calling for British soldiers to be beheaded, isn’t the junior level polices fault, when the management again through fear of political correctness ,do nothing,

  • Cabcash

    So 15 warranted police officers have been suspended for alledged corruption in the Metropolitan Police of 30,000 full time officers. That is 0.05% corruption rate….. I’m not seeing a huge problem here. The facts don’t support the hyperbole in this article!

  • john p reid

    Comparisons to Dixon of Dock green, he was a fictional character in a film, the blue lamp who got shot dead, and came back to life for the TV show, 63 years ago, as far as I know the 100 police officers killed ( not having died in car crashes) on duty in the last 65 years ,didn’t come back to life

    • Ciaran Goggins

      Deaths in police custody in the UK run at 50-55 per annum, far higher than any other European nation.

      • john p reid

        in the EU ,if someone is detained for mental health issues they’re treeted by the health service not the police,so if they die it isn’t a death in custody in the EU, wh n someine is detained for the purposes of a search, and then leave and die on the way home it’s considered a death in custody,same as if they’ve just left a police station behind the door, so as such they’re are more deaths in custody in the ?U.K. than Europe by the way they’re recorded .

        Of the 7 unlawful deaths in custody in the UK in the last 25 years, Azzele Rodney and Antony grainger are still on going’ Cheis Adler was decided by a judge no individual officer could be held to account, the jury in the Ian Tomlinson case found him not guilty

        • Ciaran Goggins

          Justice for Leon Briggs.

          • john p reid

            Sorry, apart from the Cardiff 3 ,case I only really follow stuff that’s happened in London in the last 25 years

      • Ciaran Goggins

        That is because of the way the figures are recorded you dummy. They include deaths of any person who commits suicide or dies within a week of being arrested and bailed, criminals who die or are fatally injured in car chases, drug overdoses where police have been involved, anybody who dies within a week anywhere after having contact with police or told they are being investigated.

        • creggancowboy

          You mean as when Derek G Haslam of 11 Lynn Rd, PE38 ran over a person whilst drunk? Why is your IP address same as Kings Lynn police station? Why are you using Ciaran Goggins name and photo in reply to him? How queer.

  • The_Spitfire_Pilot

    “If you want to know the time, ask a policeman.” You must know that saying – it’s over a hundred years old and began when police were infamous for stealing the watches of victims and drunks. Not a lot of people know that!

  • Steampunk Laboratory

    Devon & Cornwall Police covering up police Child Rape & Police Homophobia – Testimony submitted to CSAinquiry – http://www.csainquiry.blogspot.com

  • Mc

    “where what was once the finest, most honest service in the world is in danger of becoming rotten.”

    I somehow doubt it. It’s just that people and the media are now less differential and cowed by authorities than they once were. Not that it makes much difference as very few officers are prosecuted and police corruption isnt being rooted out.

  • Ned Costello

    I’d suggest that there is a simple way to test the level of supposed Police corruption in any country, simply offer a bribe to the first policeman who wants to report you for summons, arrest you, or serve you with a Fixed Penalty Notice. Anyone reading this feel confident enough to try it on any random officer? No, I didn’t think so.
    There are some good points in the article, particularly the paragraph criticising and describing “the current generation of Police chiefs” which I believe is spot-on. the comments about Hogan-Howe are rather silly though, it has been the case for many, many years now that Police officers remove their names from the publicly abvailabe electoral role for pretty obvious and perfect sensible reasons. Neither do officers routinely travel to work in uniform, for a very good reason, they are not “on duty” until they have booked-on at their station, neither do they have a radio or their Personal Protection Equipment (its illegal for an officer to carry his Pepper Spray or Baton when not on duty, bet you never knew that?). Many officers cycle to work by the way, would you expect them to do that in full uniform?
    Finally, far from there being a fear of informing on wrong-doing amongst officers, there is sickening readiness amongst the new breed to report anonymously their colleagues for the most trivial and indeed non-criminal matters. I know of one incident where a female officer who had been off work having been assaulted on duty was reported in this manner because the informant thought she was not fit to have returned to duty. This led to an investigation by the Force’s Professional Standards section. Ridiculous.
    Another school-sneak, a sergeant as it turned out, anonymously reported a constable who’d momentarily dozed off at his desk at 4am in the morning in the course of his sanctioned refreshment break. That his ‘supervisor” lacked the sense of responsibility and moral courage to simply wake the officer seems to have gone unnoticed
    Some good points in this article, but I detect more than a hint of paranoia and a distinct lack of perspective and background knowledge.

  • gildedtumbril

    I notice there is apparently no effort being made by the fuzz to find the gaggle of Police officers who routinely attended sessions at savile’s penthouse apartment in Leeds. Not a bloody whisper. Who were they and where are they now?

  • Ivan Ewan

    In Heaven, the police are…

  • Binky Tatler

    There was a rumour of bad milk knackeroos the police Boris pays for in TFL Palestra by all accounts they nick the free milk for the tea and coffee for their breakfast cereals. Saves them paying for it in the subsided canteen..

    • Ned Costello

      They seem to have made off with the punctuation, spelling and grammar while they were at it?

  • Terence Hale

    “The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain”. I always remember as a child scramming. Crawling under the hedge with two apples and the policeman on his bicycle waiting. He boxed my ears and took the apples. On walking away crying, looked back only to see the policeman eating the apples.

  • Alison Piearcey

    When you say ‘properly investigated’, do remember that the primary investigation is conducted by officers from the same unit.
    “Been another complaint against old Fred. Make sure it’s nothing will you old chap?”

    Only if the complainant takes it much further is anyone outside the same office involved, leaving plenty of time and warning to destroy any evidence.
    “the CCTV, Oh no, we only keep a week’s worth, and that was six months ago.”

    • Ned Costello

      Your casual dismissal of 43 separate Professional Standards branches , one in each force and number many hundreds of officers in total, is unsurprisingly unsupported by any evidence. My own direct knowledge of PS tells me otherwise. Involvement with PS is an extremely unpleasant and prolonged process for any officer and is nothing like you seem to think.
      As for this anecdotal, indeed fictional, nonsense about an imaginary complainant and some mythical CCTV footage, surely you don’t expect anyone to take such nonsense seriously?
      If you’re going to criticise the Police as a whole then at least have some facts at your disposal.

  • Feminister

    “where what was once the finest, most honest service in the world is in danger of becoming rotten.”

    Lol. You think the police were LESS corrupt in the past? Bless your naïveté.

    The reason all of our institutions appear to have become more corrupt in the last couple of decades is because our press and political institutions have become less so.

    • WTF

      I think they hid it well but nowadays those in public office treat us with contempt and have no qualms, morals or even conscience when they are caught out bang to rights.

      MP’s and expenses fraud, dodgy political donors into tax evasion and avoidance, social services and plod covering up sexual grooming, plod policing their own conduct, plod taking bribes for phone hacking, plod setting up pop stars with the BBC, Plod perverting the course of justice at Hillsborough, the list is endless !

      • Feminister

        But all of that has been going on at least as far back as the Middle ages. People were given tracts of England for their loyalty to tyrants, or fitted up for treason. The moral Victorian era was a seething mass of political corruption, thuggery, bribery, blackmail, exploitation, slavery, prostitution, child abuse, racism, sexism, empire building. There were no anti discrimination laws then, no minimum wage, workplace health and safety, unions, no age of consent, no forensics. There were knighthoods and nepotism and hush ups. The police routinely beat people up, framed them, etc. plenty of people were executed until the 50s on dodgy evidence. The legal system was created as a racket to protect land owners and the wealthy from the poor. The MPs and lords didn’t even try to hide their expense scandals, they fleeced the poor and built themselves palaces and quaffed champagne in one of the many lounges in parliament. Sexual abusers went unchallenged in the schools and churches. It was a closed shop men’s club, wielding power unchecked and unexamined.

        The only thing that has changed in recent decades is transparency and accountability. Very often what they uncover is the corruption of the past. If we’d had today’s press and today’s officials (many of them female) back then, they would have exposed corruption that surpasses anything we know of.

        • WTF

          Accepted that corruption has been a way of life in the establishment for centuries but to jump to your last paragraph, have lessons really been learned ?

          In my lifetime of 70 years I’ve seen no real evidence of real change only more sneaky ways for those in power to hide their criminal acts. If caught out, they find a way of either making it a non crime as with MP’s expenses and banking frauds, money laundering or becoming the ‘victim’ in the case of Jihadists like JJ or their Ho’s.

  • Dear Gentiles and 4% of the Non-Jewish World’s Media,
    The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu is the Zionist SATANIST behind ALL the CORRUPTION in England, Ireland, America and Australia by HIJACKING the Common Law of the Land and denying We the people our guaranteed rights to Due Process via Trial by our Peers / Equals – Israel has FOOLED the WORLD by GRABBING / STEALING 96% of the World’s Media leaving us Christians with no VOICE; while STEALING our Homes, Property, Children etc with IMPUNITY: –

    The Independent: By Ben Lynfield, Jerusalem, on Tuesday 13 August 2013
    Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda

    In a campaign to improve its image abroad, the Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences.

    The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in the Haaretz newspaper.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which will oversee the programme, confirmed its launch…

    The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy [The Filthy History Of Paedophilia, Murder & Bigotry]

    Note how God’s WRITTEN LAW was discarded to ROB, RAPE, TERRORISE and MURDER with IMPUNITY! –

    “The TALMUD, which has aptly been called; The Monument to HUMAN FOLLY” …
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    The Press is a key weapon in a just society to expose wrong-doing. – However, NOT if 96% of the World’s Media is Controlled by Six Jewish Companies promoting the TALMUD and covering-up Magna Carta 1215, the Constitutional Common Law of the Land: –

    Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday May 10, 2003:
    This man was right all along
    Patrick Cullinane has fought a running battle with the Inland Revenue since the day he was accused of not paying income tax. And the taxman fought dirty – so dirty he lost his home and nearly lost his sanity. Now, a batch of confidential documents reveal fatal weaknesses in the Revenue’s case. Phillip Inman reports

    Report by Phillip Inman of the Guardian, Financial Section, Monday 25 August 2008
    Evidence put to the high court shows that Cullinane, far from owing tax, was due a rebate.

    The Police in the UK are so INFILTRATED by FREEMASONS and Zionist GANGSTERS that they treat blatant FRAUD by Government Organisations against We the People as a CIVIL matter: –

    The police have told Patrick Cullinane on VIDEO that the robbery of his property, home and possessions is a civil matter: –

    The present Met chief, Bernard Hogan-Howe is fully aware of my case and has done NOTHING whatsoever about it, as he is working in the interest of the State of Israel, which is High Treason.

    Yours truthfully,

    Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK’s
    COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.

    • Guest

      F*** OFF ABDUL

      • albert pike

        He’s Irish

  • victor67

    Senior Police Officets at the Met were on the payroll of the dirty digger.

    • Ned Costello

      Really? Will you be naming them at all?

      • Briez

        Ned, get a grip. There’s a problem in the UK, and the Police are part of it. Stop defending them, and be part of the solution. If it bother’s you so much that the Police are in the firestorm of corruption accusations, then it’s the duty of the citizenry and the Government to get rid of the offenders.

        What you have are big fat Government Toads who are sitting quite happily on their big public tax funded lily pads, covering up for themselves.

        This whole affair of child sex exploitation is proof that there’s a problem within the Police Force that needs to be addressed NOW.

        Instead of defending them, you should be outraged and want to get to the bottom of it.

  • WTF

    There’s no may about it, we do have a corrupt police force at all levels of the police !

    • Ned Costello

      Thats simply ridiculous and totally untrue. I suggest you try offering a bribe to the next Police officer you have dealings with an see where you find yourself within about 20 minutes of opening your mouth.

      • WTF

        We had that top cop Muslim police officer Ali Dizae who was convicted of fraud, lesser cops have been involved in covering up deaths in custody plus there was that police thug who killed Ian Tomlinson. Lets not forget the air brushing out of sexual grooming (cover ups) in Rotherham and Oxord. Our boys in blue are squeaky clean-NOT !.

        • Ned Costello

          Drivel, Dizaei was a corrupt and self-serving individual acting on his own and for himself. There will always be individuals wh who are corrupt within ANY Police force, that’s human nature. To conclude as you have that ergo, ALL police are corrupt and that we therefore have “a corrupt police force” is plainly idiotic.
          Once again, I invite you to offer a bribe to the next PC you have dealings with, the proof is in the eating as they say.

          • WTF

            If perverting the course of justice in places like Rotherham and Oxford isn’t corruption, I don’t know what is. Corruption takes many forms and as defined in the dictionary includes –

            1.the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt.

            2.moral perversion; depravity.

            3.perversion of integrity.

            4.corrupt or dishonest proceedings.


            As you can see, bribery is just one facet of corruption that the police get up to. I never said all police took bribes but said there is an endemic culture of corruption in the police forces these days.

          • Ned Costello

            You’re being evasive here and moving the goal-posts whats’ more. You stated that “we have a corrupt Police force”, we don’t in fact have “A” police force, we have 43 of them not counting Scotland.
            In what way did either of the TWO relevant forces actively pervert the course of justice in these instances? How much do you actually KNOW about these matters that you fell so confident in making such extreme generalisations? Tabloid allegations, nonsense from the barmier fringes of the internet and personal opinion doesn’t count by the way.

          • WTF

            My original post was “There’s no may about it, we do have a corrupt police force at all levels of the police !”

            I fail to see how I am being evasive in my subsequent post as I never claimed police corruption was purely bribery, I never claimed that every plod was corrupt nor did I make any distinction about what levels of the police force had corruption.

            I haven’t moved any goal posts, corruption takes many forms within the police force and occurs at all levels. As for 43 police forces so what, the public think of the police as being generic and do not change their description when driving from Kent to the Met and then Thames valley. They are supposed to uphold the same laws wherever they may be in England and Wales.

            Ignoring crimes taking place is perverting justice and lest we forget, South Yorks police has plenty of form in perverting the course of justice, Hillsborough for example. After inquiries and clearly substantiated findings into their nefarious activities of looking the other way or cover up at Rotherham and Hillsborough, you can hardly call that Tabloid allegations !

            There is nothing evasive in my comment as the evasive individuals were corrupt police scum*bags !

          • Briez

            Taking bribes is his singular argument. Apparently the reality of corrupted Police forces is uncomfortable.

          • Briez

            Your argument is made out of straw. Corruption takes on many more forms than simply taking bribe money from citizens on the street.

          • WTF

            You sound just like someone of the militant Islamic persuasion, finding lame excuses to deflect reality as in “Dizaei was a corrupt and self-serving individual acting on his own and for himself”.

            We constantly hear this sort of disassociation argument from the left wing fascists like CAGE when people of the Islamic faith commit terrorism, sexually groom girls, go off to be a Jihadists in the name of their god. The ‘pretend’ moderates in Islam then make fallacious claims that “they are not real Muslims or they don’t follow the real Islamic faith or even better, “they were radicalized by MI5 or our culture and were really the victims”. Likewise, you try to disassociate Dizaei completely from the police as it besmirches all of them.

            Face it, no group is without sin and some groups have greater sinners than others but cut out this victim BS suggesting they aren’t real police therefore the police do not have any corruption.

          • hippiepooter

            WTF and Lord MacPherson would have got on swimmingly. If anything has bred the type of cynicism in the Police force (oops ‘service’) that may made officers more prone to corruption it was MacPherson’s cowardly findings of ‘institutional racism’ against the Met after he let himself be goosed by the Guardian and the intimidatory antics of the ‘Brixton possee’ at his Kangaroo Court- oops – ‘Inquiry’.

  • scampy

    And the lab/lib loonies want more ethnic minorities who have grown up with corruption as the norm in the police force?
    Lab/lib loonies also want stop and search of ethnic minorities who are the main knife carriers?

    • albert pike

      “who have grown up with corruption as the norm”

      Unlike the Brits, who were never involve themselves in that.

      How much did Churchill get from Rothschild over the years?

  • Joe Neilson

    Police corruption in Sussex is totally rife and having a Police Crime Commissioner like Katy Bourne who is supposed to be seeing that the people of Sussex of an honest and efficient police force (she did swear an oath to uphold the rule of law) so far has done nothing but cover up all police corruption within Sussex.

    Integrity and honesty in Public Office is of the up most importance. Katy Bourne has never disclosed the fact that she paid out £3.8million in damages to Gary Reynolds.

    I am an Independent Candidate for Brighton Kemptown. Find out more at: http://joeneilson.co.uk/

  • Terry Field

    Are we supposed to believe the gigantic police files on Islamic rape of white defenceless girls – still undisclosed – for sordid political reasons, is not a marker of the ultimate sort of Statist and police corruption??
    How rotten does the system and those who benefit from it daily have to be before the British even indicate any sort of rage?
    It is only because Theresa May has guts and principles that the stinking pile of corruption is on the back foot and admitting to anything at all!
    Where has the senior civil service been for the last decade or so???
    Up the fundament of their pension schemes.

  • Ciaran Goggins

    Good article, examine the events surrounding the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, and one now retired Met Det Con in Norfolk who made a lucrative living from abuse of process, perjury and theft. Also look at R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell (The Groovy Gang) appeal and how the Met engaged in highly illegal practices. “Filth” is indeed apposite for their mendacity and corruption.

  • Briez

    Whenever you have a bloated and out of touch Government, corruption runs rampant.

  • Sean L

    Planting evidence, taking backhanders, ‘verballing’ (inventing quotes to implicate guilt), were commonplace then. But surely the apogee of police corruption in recent decades was the case of the homosexual Kray twins who were supplying boys to Lord Boothby and Tom Driberg, in return for which the two honourable gentlemen would tip them off about which of their friends’ or colleagues’ houses to rob, amongst other favours. It culminated in the Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s legal man Arnold Goodman, with the connivance of the Leader of the Opposition and the Met Police Commissioner, engineering an Establishment stitch-up whereby the Sunday Mirror paid £40k damages to Boothby, even though their story of his involvement with the Krays was entirely true. Thus the Krays themselves became immune from law enforcement, as well as pocketing Boothby’s £40k, having all the dirt on him. There’s an excellent account of it in John Pearson’s book:


  • Nick

    This article is basically true,which is sad.Because their are many many police officers who do an excellent job day in and day out but their efforts are overshadowed by the bad apples and left wing cops.

  • tolpuddle1

    For a long time, Britain had a much better police force than it deserved.

    But for a few years now, and rippling out from London (which is no longer “British” but the seediest and most corrupt sort of international city), the Police have shown signs of becoming as rotten as Britain itself. Or even as rotten as the British elite, were it possible to be so.

    And of course, a fish rots from the head – the problems are largely at the top.

    Barring miracles, this process can only spread and intensify.

  • AHeadhunter

    The police have lost the plot completely and are, en masse, a collection of attitudinally ugly and unpleasant individuals. My two most recent contacts involved perfectly legal (I thought so at the time and checked afterwards) overtaking manoeuvres after which I was subjected (following dramatic blue lights and sirens) to hostile and rude language, unnecessary insinuations that I had a criminal record (untrue) and a generally aggressive and resentful attitude and a deliberate effort to delay me for as long as possible by radioing in to CRB check me (nothing there – last endorsement 1989 for speeding when an unmarked cop came up my duckrun when I was doing 70mph and chased me up to 90mph before the blue lights came on….. that is entrapment by the way but I could not afford a lawyer). I have a lot of sympathy with Andrew Mitchell, although I am told by a Cambridge University peer that he was pretty unpleasant then and quite likely did call the chap a Pleb. It takes one to know one, obviously. As someone said recently, if you discover a cockroach in your kitchen it is just one cockroach. Over the next few days you meet several of its relatives and you realise this is an infestation. Can anyone remember a recent ‘good news’ story about Mr Plod? I can certainly not recall a pleasant encounter since, well, about 1979 when I was complemented by a Police motorcyclist – and then told to ‘cool it’ for doing 45mph around Grosvenor Square. “Nice driving, now slow down” he said. I did. All of my friends who have served have now left – voluntarily – stating that it is not the job they joined up to do. My grandfather would turn in his grave.

  • JR

    A great article making plenty of pertinent points about the state of today’s police force. It is something I used to take much pride in. I am convinced that there are those in the police (we tend to use the term “a vast majority” a lot) who are not corrupt, but people of a high moral standard who really do believe in traditional policing, i.e. being a public servant and upholding the public peace. But, unfortunately, the truth is that the minority bad apples are the ones who win the debates, and they are the ones who subsequently direct policy. It’s not enough to be the majority now – all policemen and women have a responsibility to ensure that the police is the service the public wants it to be – yes, the public, not what the government wants it to be. I for one am sure the public do not want a police force like other countries, where corruption is normal. But therein lies the one point I believe the author missed. Perhaps police corruption is becoming more commonplace because of the introduction of “European” policing policies, and “European” police training colleges. If in Europe we assume corruption is more expected than here (just ask the Spanish for example how much trust there is between a citizen and the police – the former fears the latter!) I see this growing problem as connected to the Europeanisation of our police force. Sad.

    • Eric Bowyer-Wilson

      I am British, but have lived for 25 years in France, and I much prefer the French, Dutch, Belgian and German Police to the British. Over here the Police assume, unless they have good reason to believe otherwise, that you are a law abiding citizen going about your business, whereas I have found in the UK that the attitude is that you are probably upto something dodgy and that they haven’t caught you…… yet.

      • JR

        In countries that do not experience high levels of corruption I would not expect the fear I mentioned to exist. I note the countries you mentioned and agree that I don’t believe their police forces have succumbed to the great distrust that we Brits now feel towards our forces, because of years of left-wing “liberal” and “PC” indoctrination. Perhaps in hindsight it might have been more pertinent for me to specify countries, but I think we can make some reasonable assumptions if we look at the last International Corruption index and the scores for European countries. With regards to France, I can’t comment in the same way you can, but my experience of the French police has not been good. The “flying border” patrols are particularly noteworthy.

  • AHeadhunter

    Obviously they are Plebs, like the man said.

  • The ‘whistleblower kids’ named 16 police stations / constables among their abusers. Is it surprising that Barnet Police closed their accusations with ‘crime not confirmed’? 9 policemen came to the mother’s house, but she escaped. I fled the UK jurisdiction, too. More on http://www.whistleblowerkids.wordpress.com

  • Ancient Alchemist

    As in politics, so in the judiciary and the upper ranks of the police.
    Perhaps the wrong questions are being asked.
    Not, who is corrupt but who isn’t would be a good starting point.
    I imagine that the majority of rank and file police officers are above reproach and entered the force with the best of motives.
    But as with the judiciary and in politics, you require sponsors to climb the greasy pole. And corruption breeds corruption and soon taints the whole system.
    It is rare that career progression happens through merit alone !

  • Seven Gate


    SEVENGATE – Massive UK Intellectual Property Organized Crime
    Cover up – Connection to Targeting and Terror Operations of creative people,
    and innocent members of the public and False Flags deliberately staged inside
    TV networks being sold to the public as real news




    Part 1 of the SevenGate interviews


    Part 2-5 of the SevenGate interviews



    Part 6 of the Seven Gate interviews regarding SevenGate links to Charlie Hebdo False Flag (Hebdo means Seven)


  • thomasaikenhead

    “The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain”

    There is nothing shocking about it, all that has changed in the increasing public revelations over the past few decades.

    Where WERE the police when THOUSANDS of white, British, Christian schoolgirls were groomed, raped, beaten and prostituted across so many towns and cities in the UK over a period of decades by Muslim men of Pakistani origin?

    Why have no senior police EVER been held to account for their widespread, long-term, systemic failure to deal with this issue?

  • russtafa

    that cop has mad swag

  • Gerschwin

    I don’t think they’re corrupt so much as fat, lazy and indolent. They take the path of least resistance and maximum gain – inevitably hitting the law abiding middle classes over the head for tiny misdemeanours and running scared from the big stuff.

  • Fenman

    The police are no different from the rest of the public sector, they’ve been infected 13yrs of leftie political correctness and Blair/Brown’s paranoid socialist shoot the messenger modus operandi. Sadly Cameron and may have been , yet again, totally ineffective of sorting it out.

  • Freddythreepwood

    Hmmm. Is police corruption the same as police interference with freedom of the press? Discuss.

  • cromwell

    Police always were corrupt though Dixon of Dock Green persuaded us otherwise, police actions against the miners and the lies about the Hillsborough disaster and the cover up of child abuse have opened our eyes.

  • cromwell

    I saw friends of mine who joined the police with good intent become over time the most cynical negative people you would never want to meet.

  • Chamber Pot

    ACPO, The National Association of Muslim Police, National Black Police Association etc. all of these organisations are busily rotting law enforcement from the head down. What is really needed to clear up corruption in the police is an ICAC or Independent Commission Against Corruption or ICAC as they have in New South Wales or Hong Kong then the real crooks amongst them could be flushed out, but given the depths to which they have sunk and the establishment generally it remains unlikely that an honest copper could be found in these islands to head up such a commission.

  • John Andrews

    Neil, watch your driving speed.

  • Cobbett

    Is this the price of more ‘diversity’ in the Police I wonder?

  • Dear Gentiles and 4% of the Non-Jewish World’s Media,

    What part of Magna Carta 1215 and your GUARANTEED Constitutional Rights to a Trial by your Peers for EVERY case, Civil, Criminal and Fiscal do you NOT understand?

    Are ALL the commenters on here PAID students from Israel, as there is NOT a geeks about the Great Charter, which will save us ALL overnight from this endemic JUDICIAL & POLICE corruption destroying society 24/7: –

    “The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government…

    “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which will oversee the programme, confirmed its launch…”

    If YOU want RELIEF and a REMEDY for this TERRORISM & CORRUPTION; how do YOU think you are going to get it, without DEMANDING your rights in Constitutional Common Law to a Trial by YOUR Peers?

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    Jury) and according to the law of the land.”

    {Article 40} reads: “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay Right or Justice.”

    {Article 45} reads: “We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs only such as know the law of the realm and mean to observe it well.

    Gods 10 Commandments – Ten Great Laws:
    1 John 3:4 “Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and SIN IS LAWLESSNESS.”

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    Dafydd Morgan
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    The following is what is happening to GOOD Police Officers now, as they FAILED to ENFORCE the Law of the Land by NOT arresting SATANIC ‘Judges’ operating COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts – in TIME: –

    Western Mail: By Martin Shipton on 06 February 2008: –
    ‘I was victimised after I tried to root out police corruption, claims senior officer’

    By Tony Farrell: – Former Principle Intelligence Analyst at South Yorkshire Police

    Have you ever wondered why, South Yorkshire Police is experiencing so may woes at the moment?

    You will find all the answers on this website:

    Patrick Cullinane On The Common Law Court Of Wales Show Thursday 26th February 2015.
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    • zoid

      uncanny that your spew of jew hatred is almost exactly the same in its format as that of ‘mike clarke’ above……if i didn’t know better, i’d assume you were the same person….

      • “It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (“calling people “anti-Semitic”)

        Amy Goodman interviews a former Israeli minister and she helps expose this trick used against dissidents, the defamation tactic of calling people “anti-Semitic.”

        Especially after ROBBING the Christian VICTIMS’ without Due Process: –

        Patrick Cullinane’s address in the House of Commons on 23 April 2009
        This is a short video of the corruption at the Inland Revenue; who conspired with 13 High Court ‘Judges’ and the Police to pervert the course of Justice. Trial by Jury is the ONLY answer to this Government’s Tyranny.

        Report by Phillip Inman of the Guardian, Financial Section, Monday 25 August 2008
        Evidence put to the high court shows that Cullinane, far from owing tax, was due a rebate.

        13 High Court Zionist Satanic ‘Judges’ CONSPIRED and ROBBED me of my Property, Home, Job, Prospects and Worldly Possessions:

        “ziod” – Your EVIL Satanic game is up, as the Spectator is allowing victims like Mike Clark, Seven Gate and Patrick Cullinane to EXPOSE our NIGHTMARES! – And thank God for that. – I don’t know, Mike Clarke, but “ziod” has shown us he DOES! – I wonder why?
        “ziiod” – Are you one of the 13 Satanic ‘Judges’ that destroyed my LIFE by ignoring the Constitutional Common Law of the Land? – I now see the very same HIGH TREASON was pulled on Mike Clarke and Seven Gate!
        Yours truthfully,

        Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.

  • SUNDAY 8th March 2015 attached recent ULTRA VIRES order by Mrs Justice SWIFT
    Sent by email and by SPECIAL DELIVERY & also FAXED to the court de facto
    In another act of ULTRA VIRES and the misuse of power by misconduct in public office & abuse of process the so called Judge Mrs Justice Swift has again attempted to pervert the course of justice.
    I am not dead
    I am not a slave
    I am not a ward of court
    I will not yield to unauthorised self-imposed tyrannical authority that you believe falsely, you have.
    I require a court de jure as is my right
    You have no authority over my living soul to judge me because I do not consent to your BIAS
    1. Lawyers and Judges are ALL members of the BAR
    2. The BAR is privately owned and operated by the CROWN which is a CORPORATION
    3. The Crown is domiciled in the City of LONDON which is owned by the VATICAN
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    5. JUDGES of the BAR/CROWN would be judging in their own cause… BIAS
    6. ONLY a Jury, a court de jure has real authority that is UNBIASED IMPARTIAL & FAIR
    7. AN ACT that is void is so because it is against public policy, law, or order.
    8. The NULLITY is noncurable it may be invoked by any party
    9. I am invoking it and require NOT REQUEST but REQUIRE a STRIKE OUT
    10. The temporary injunction by Mrs Justice Sharp and the permanent by FOSKITT ALL VOID
    11. If I consented at any point to your authority your order would not be VOID
    12. The application is TOTALLY WITH MERIT
    My name is mike clarke I do not consent to your BIASED PARTIAL & UNFAIR self-imposed authority that by misconduct and attempted, more fraud upon the court, being forced upon me as a slave/ward of court, of which I am neither.
    I require by demand a strike out of ALL void orders in this matter in favour of a court de jure where plaintiff can press the record of the facts NOT fiction & LIES from assumptions and presumptions where the witnesses can give under oath their evidence.
    Sincerely without ill will frivolity & or especially VEXATION.
    mike clarke
    mike@rake.net http://www.ukrefugees.com

    • zoid

      nice hat….

      tinfoil perchance?

  • alfredo

    In an article on police corruption and over 200 comments, I’ve looked in vain for any mention of Common Purpose. If you set up a clandestine network of many thousands in many police forces who believe it’s ok to act beyond (and therefore outside) lawful authority, it might be thought worth investigating whether or not this has tended to breed corruption. Yet no one seems prepared to undertake such an investigation. I wonder why.

    • Suleiman

      Same happened with my complaints about the corruption of Employment Tribunal. I requested the Serious Fraud Office to look at the possibility that a specific Employment Tribunal Region was acting as a branch of organized crime with specific patterns of corruption, but the Government prevents any investigation. Not that my complaints were declared “Unfounded”, but simply they are ignored, despite specific names and details.

      Obviously, the SFO is not an ideal agency to investigate the alleged criminality and corruption of British judges. “Serious Fraud Office” – I read it rather literally. I have suggested a full public enquiry into the subject, and the establishment of a National, Centralized, Specialized, Independent Police Unit to investigate allegations of corruption, criminality and dishonesty against judges. After all, such a delicate task cannot be left in the hands of local police forces. But these suggestions are also ignored by the Government.

      The fight against corruption is not on the agenda of any political party. Until this is changed, we shall continue to have this allegedly corrupt judiciary and constabulary. I would have stood myself for the elections on an anti-corruption independent ticket, despite my lousy English, but I am too old, too much in bad health and too poor. I hope that we shall have eventually one day an independent anti-corruption party with candidates in elections.

  • Patrick Nother

    what on earth has all this tripe about ‘islam’ got to do with police corruption? most of the above posters appear to be obsessives with pet theories and deeply prejudiced ideas relating to a tiny part or angle of the real problems addressed in the article: police corruption, for god’s sake. grow up the lot of you and stop all this silly squabbling. or at least take your no doubt ‘expert’ opinions to an appropriate comments forum.

  • john p reid

    30 years from now Muslims will have integrated into the UK, in 2045 Muslim, would be in Catholic Church Peado rings, or BBC ones

  • plainsdrifter

    I am 67 and supporting the police was part of one’s upbringing.

    Not any more. Pretty well every story you read about the police – including this one, makes them look like fools – or a laughing stock.

    They are the worst led public institution in the country and have a sub-culture that makes me feel deeply uneasy.

    The rot set in with the liberalisation of the 60s. Not so much later, some 30 or 40 years ago, a chief constable made the idiotic statement that the police were not to be primarily involved in catching criminals but to be part of society. From that point on, the police lost the plot and confusion reigned.

    I now regard the police with deep suspicion – and dislike. Look at these morons in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUptcBBhsAo and a report today about a policeman, if that’s the right word, threatening a 4 year-old http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/howaboutthat/11460844/Police-warn-four-year-old-girl-for-riding-on-the-pavement.html
    They seem to recruit from the type of people they should be protecting us from.

    I have just had a look at the Excellence in Policing web-site http://www.excellenceinpolicin… I have never read such turgid waffle. It amply demonstrates a complete lack of clarity of thought.

    It is indeed dispiriting.

  • Harry Alffa

    Add an additional 10% to the top-rate of income tax for police employees for every 1000 allegations made about police corruption.
    Exempt those recording allegations from this obviously!

    Do that and you’ll soon see pissed off lower ranks expose lots of corruption to screw over the crooks at the top.

  • justsomeone

    Even if Muslim officers didn’t come from a culture steeped in corruption, our hesitance at being labelled ‘racists!’ would ensure that Muslim officers would sense that they can get away with it. Though I’m not stating that only Muslim officers can be corrupt.
    And I wish we had no community support officers. The article says the police suspended several. How about sacking all of them?

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    If somebody could please drop me a line when the Spectator is retitled “The Fascist” it would be much appreciated.

    • john p reid

      The fascist, are you saying it supports left wing fascists like Sinn Fein, or UAF now,

  • Teacher

    The managerialism and corruption described here is a mirror image of what I saw happening in education and what I read is occurring in the NHS. Careerist managers and fast-trackers rise to the top aided by initiatives, politicised targets and the manipulation of data and are rewarded by disproportionate public sector salaries, promotions, pensions and even bonuses. The new leaders have little regard for experienced front liners and, indeed, seek to push them out to promote their own lieutenants. The public is hoodwinked and the true aims of public service are trashed.

  • Bob S

    As soon as Sir Paul Condon was described as a good commissioner, the article lost its credibility completely.

  • SeiMaiSei

    And PC Plod used to pontificate about the police in Hong Kong being corrupt! There was story going round years ago that some detectives who had been attached to the Independent Commission Against Corruption were met by their old Plod friends when they returned to UK. When they asked where they would be working, they were they were told they were under arrest for corruption. Of course, it could just be a good story.

  • So when are we going to get a Royal Commission into this top down police corruption that doesn’t just infect the Met. Read Paddick’s memoirs, ‘In the Line of Fire/’ He writes that it was not his homosexuality that caused him problems in his police career, it was his honesty. He also quotes Mark Twain|: ‘Always tell the truth. That way you don’t have to remember what you said.’ I used to have great faith and admiration for the British police, but experience has taught me otherwise. During my career as a public servant, I had respect for the public who paid me. That does not seem to be what Britain’s police are about these days. We need to be very careful waht we say about and to police offciers.

  • Leastways

    In the 1960’s 99% of police officers were tory voters. If they weren’t when they joined, they very soon converted. Hated by the socialists and teated as vermin by the left wing, led by such rubbish papers as the Grauniad, created a policeman’s lot which was not a happy one. After the demise of Harold Wilson and his ilk, the following Tory governments made life much easier for the boys in blue with a series of pay rises and improvements in conditions. Being ‘Tory’ was the order of the day!

    Enter the era of T.B. and his desperate rescue from Neil Kinnock of the Labour party from total oblivion and with the invention of ‘New Labour’, Chief constables and senior police officers began to be recruited from the leftie universities which were to control police forces with a blind-eye and ‘please the lads’ mentality. Gone was the Robert Mark, no nonsense policy, and in came the limp-wristed, smart-arsed, social services approach.

    I believe that the majority of police officers now vote Labour and hereby lies the reason for a corrupt and uncontrolled service

    • john p reid

      Jim Gallaghan was called the policemans friend, he was their lawyer for the fed, as a back bencher he could independently advise them, then he as a Home Secretary was their favorite, years later he gave them. 55% pay rise, just in time for Thatcher, I accept more police voted Tory than Labour,but that percentage of 99% is way off.

      • Leastways

        Jim was a closet Tory anyway – whoever heard of a land-owning farmer doing the part of a left wing socialist? The point is that I never knew any in my time as “plod’.

        • john p reid

          Actually when Marlyn Rees Home Secretary, gave his 1976 pol fed speech to absolute Stoney silence,as police felt they were underpaid, so the Edmund Davies review was set up to give them a 55% pay rise

          Callaghan said that the Home Secretary shouldn’t attend next year,so the police invited shadow Home Sec, Willie Whitelaw, he was well received, and the police wouldn’t invite a labour Hime affairs man for another 16 years till a unknown Labour Home affairs spokesman Tony Blair, got a standing ovation, with a phrase tough on crime and the causes, funnily enough the Tory Ken Clarke was trying to implement, the Sheehy cuts, and it didn’t go down well.

          • Leastways

            Yes – Happy Days, especially after Edmund Davies. My recollections concerned the 1960’s mostly, when I was a brand-new working class lad, down from the rural lanes of Leicestershire and Harold Wilson was strutting his stuff!

  • Dear Gentiles / Christians and ALL Those It Should Concern,

    SOS = Save Our Souls

    Magna Carta 1215: – Common Law has been replaced with Talmudic Law – Patrick Cullinane: –

    Due process is the lawful requirement that the state must respect all of the lawful rights that are owed to a person. Due process balances the power of law of the land and protects individual persons from it. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due-process violation, which offends against the rule of law.

    The Jewish Media is constantly peddling propaganda and LIES that England has an UNWRITTEN Constitution, when it is the BEST in the WORLD:
    Magna Carta (1215) {Article 38} reads: “In future no official shall put anyone to trial merely on his own testimony, without reliable witnesses produced for this purpose.”

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    {Article 40} reads: “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay Right or Justice.”

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    The corruption of Britain: UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals

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    The Turkish drug dealer was later convicted and told police he was an HMRC informant. He said he knew of “corrupt contacts within the police” and had a Cyprus-based customs officer as a handler who “took money off him”.

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    Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent.

    Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.

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    Video – Channel 4 UK – Broadcast November 16, 2009
    Dispatches: Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby

    Dispatches investigates one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain, which is working in support of the interests of the State of Israel.

    Political commentator Peter Oborne investigates how accountable, transparent and open to scrutiny the lobby is, particularly in regard to its funding and financial support of MPs.

    Oborne examines how the lobby operates from within parliament and the tactics it employs behind the scenes when engaging with print and broadcast media.

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    Daily Mail: By Richard Littlejohn on 13 August 2014
    Democracy? No, Britain’s now a judicial dictatorship – and it’s time for revolution, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

    It’s bad enough when government policy is re-written by unelected jurists from countries such as the former Soviet satellite states, with no distinguished history of respect for genuine human rights.

    But increasingly, British judges are flexing their muscles, too. Lord Neuberger, president of Britain’s Supreme Court — a typical Blairite, European-style institution — has admitted that the Human Rights Act has given the courts a blank cheque to make up laws as they go along.

    Judges are using the excuse of ‘human rights’ to establish new rules on everything from privacy and sham marriages to assisted suicide. They are handing down the most perverse interpretations of statute, which often fly in the face of justice and decency.

    Yet far from expressing reservations about this unaccountable judiciary and its implications for democracy, Neuberger declares that it’s a good thing — because it keeps governments in check.

    That stands the entire principle of British justice on its head.

    The judiciary regularly displays undisguised contempt for public opinion, for the people who pay their wages.

    Another judge, Peter King, said recently: ‘There seems to be an expectation that the public interest trumps everything else. It seems to me that is not necessarily the case.’

    He was justifying his decision to grant a Bangladeshi double murderer the right to move to England, where he has relatives, under the section of the Act that guarantees ‘the right to a family life’.

    Most Tories want to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights. Why? We managed perfectly well for centuries. Britain had one of the most humane and effective legal systems on Earth, evolved from Magna Carta. Our common law served us well.

    Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media

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    The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in the Haaretz newspaper.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which will oversee the programme, confirmed its launch…

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    It is imperative that you peruse my THREE comments on here: –
    The Spectator: by Neil Darbyshire on 7 March 2015 – 278 Comments
    The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain
    It’s a growing problem. But they’re hunting whistleblowers instead

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    We think it’s time for the complaints system to change. That’s why we have submitted a report to all political parties calling for the next Government to make major improvements to the complaints system.

    Over 60,000 people, including many public service workers, have signed our petition so far. You can add your voice to theirs by signing our petition today.

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    Yours truthfully,

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  • Martin Rushton

    This kind of corruption is everywhere. See http://ricsregulationcase.weebly.com/ for details of corruption within the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

  • Fat Lip

    france is worse

  • Homey

    near murdered in riot of 2004 covered up by poice …. just convicted council and somer housing of multi million fraud 3 back to back 50k fines for contempt after 15 year long fight to get HEARD been target of over 20 million of fraud since… family decimated and costs to treasury in region of a billion nhs costs myself and my 3 stroke father in excess of 3 million and will assuredly continue to climb. Over 50 officers in the past decade that would shame a road sweepers convention and Somer become Curo and no longer answerable to ANY LAW from Basic Human rights, legal rights statutory… anythjing goes for what is now the biggest terrorist threat the UK has or even is EVER likely to face and it comes from those in power

  • Miss M
  • DNACowboy

    What did anyone expect? Essentially, unlike most prosperous modern nations, who enticed in the clever, the brave and the creative, the UK bussed in the absolute dregs, especially those from unexceptional, over-populated, poverty-stricken nations rife with a culture of corruption. As well as exposing the British people to extremely suspicious. conservative religions driving political agenda’s No wonder the UK is sinking into the 3rd world and for what? The value of a Mars Bar?

  • The British Police system is not in danger of becoming rotten, it is rotten.

  • John Paul

    The police now use a process which they call dis-application.

    From my understanding this equates to a situation whereby if genuine concerns or complaints are reported to them about a particular officers abusive behavior or even when severe long term continuous crime is perpetrated against a person who happens to fall into one of the minority catagories, ie black, asian, gay, disabled etc, then the police will simply ignore the matter and refuse the victim the right of equallity as an individual for protection when they are reporting that their lives are being put in danger.

    The Avon and Somerset police are particularly fond of using this method of dis-application.

    i felt very sorry for the family of Bijan Ebrahimi when i read of it in the papers some months back because i knew from my own personal experience how this particular police force will even now, still continue to treat vulnerable people in the very same way, except of course the only reason the Ebrahimi case ever became noticable to either the media or society was only after the victim finally died at the hands of his abusers.

    He experieced seven years of abuse by his neighbours before the matter ever became public concern. i have now experienced thirteen years of the similar extremes that he was also facing on a daily basis but still this police force will continue to cover up for their officers in the same way as they did with Mr Ebrahimi, even to the point of recently refusing to provide me with the full comprehensive list of crime reference numbers which i have asked for in order to hold them accountable for their own negligence.

    What a pointless stupid death this man had to face.

    But was it really necessary for someone to have to die before this police force were held responsible for its actions?

    And have they learnt any lessons whatsoever when months after, other vulnerable people like myself are still being treated in a similar way by the Avon and Somerset police force purely because or race, gender or disability?

    From my own perspective, this archaic abuse is now endemic throughout the police and we should no longer be so accepting that they are there to protect us.

    I have no doubts in my mind that given the opportunity the police will withhold evidence to any extent to cover themselves in whatever way that they can rather than accepting the face of what is now British policing.

  • Brenda Moll

    this has been happening in the US also,especially to the disabled and elderly with children…to a point of them losing homes, being abused long term by others that listen to those police,then a line of profit from not just the ones as parents and disabled,but their children after being at the hands of horrid things while people are robbed and defamed over a course of a few years and allowing children to be terrorized ans molested, then the children are profited off a system that only strangers are allowed in investigations and the blame of what they did and allowed placed on the parent and the child,while they are legally gagged and lose constitutional rights..no matter how much real evidence they hold, same with robberies are gotten away with as even decent police’s hands were tied long ago by hidden laws..which led to this massive corruption hidden here ..ans because so skillfully done there is no place any longer to complain to as it has gone on for way too many decades scattered all over here, in mostly more remote areas,but those are vast and wealthier areas to have taken down

  • Paul Thomas

    Surely it is time for the British police force to be held accountable for its filth I have absolutely no faith in South Wales Police or Dyfed Powys Police I believe there really is more honour between thieves, oh sorry who are the real thieves?

  • Wedgie Benn

    so an article criticising Levenson, praising Ken Newman and Paul Condon,both Yes men who’s job was in 1983 to build the Cops up for the Strikes, and in 1993 to get the Budget down after the police had been used to break union
    as for investigating those who criticise the police, as it’s not possible to sue a company for slander, tehn if those who make deliberate false allegations about the police for political gain aren’t brought into toe, then, they’re clearly doing it to get a pay out form the police, and if the police give into every money grabbing do gooder who wants a payout, and the police are too scared to defend themselves
    yes allegations arent’ thoroughly investigated, because straight away they’re realised as being false,

    Dixon of dock green was a fictional character who got shot dead in the Blue lamp,and came back to life for the TV show, Police in real life when murdered on duty don’t come back to life afterwards
    if Hogan how is cutting police so they’re reactive rather than pro active, blame the government
    as for those who come forward and make allegations of sexual nature and their reputation is questioned, they’re not victims until the Jury finds the person they’re making the allegation agaisnt has been found guilty, ,unless you’ve changed the law too, guilty till proven innocent, it implies one persons word against another that the accused is already guilty and has to prove their innocence ,you do that, it means everytime a allegation of a sexual nature is made and either police don’t take it further or the jury find the accused innocent then the accuser ,is A perjurer and guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice, until they prove themselves innocent

  • John Doe

    Coppers are criminals too but they get away with it.

  • 1Bambinone

    In the mass-media, journalists, free writers and people often talk about police corruption and suspension from duty. Is it possible to focus the talk against IRS corruption, corruption of judges that make legislations for taxes and their incompetence to do their job? They have failed miserably in making shoppers more responsible about choices they make when buying a product and they failed to collect money for any recycle project from those who make the pollution while using money from the pocket of anyone that is not responsable for pollution or that does not have any choice other than following the river going down into a deep cave.