How weird is it to have a second kitchen?

Plus: petitions to rival Jeremy Clarkson’s; racial discrimination cases; and a cat comparison

21 March 2015

9:00 AM

21 March 2015

9:00 AM

Cooking statistics

Ed Miliband was photographed in a miserable kitchen, but it turned out to be only a snack preparation room which he has in addition to a large kitchen downstairs. What is the state of the nation’s kitchens?
— The average size in England, according to official data, is 11 square metres. Five per cent of homes have a kitchen smaller than five square metres and 17 per cent have kitchens large than 15 square metres. Some 13 per cent have, like Ed’s, a separate utility room or second kitchen.
— 955,000 English homes are estimated to have a hygiene problem, and in 4 per cent of these the cleanability of the kitchen is deemed to be an issue.

Signs of the times

Over 850,000 people signed an online petition demanding that Jeremy Clarkson be reinstated on Top Gear. What else were people petitioning about last week?

Offer smear test to all females over the age of 16 328,000 signatures
Protect religious slaughter
in the UK
More efforts to track down owners
of pets killed on the road
End non-stun slaughter to promote animal welfare 118,000
Make CCTV mandatory in

Source: epetitions direct

Discriminating verdict

Nigel Farage said he wanted to ditch racial discrimination laws to reduce the burden on employers. How many of the nearly 200,000 employment tribunal cases in 2013/14 were on the grounds of race?

Working Time Directive 49,100
Unfair dismissal 28,500
Unauthorised deductions 27,400
Equal pay 17,200
Breach of contract 16,800
Sex discrimination 13,700
Redundancy pay 6,660
Disability discrimination 5,200
Race discrimination 3,060

Source: Ministry of Justice

Big cats and little cats

A conservation body proposed to reintroduce the Eurasian lynx into the British countryside, from which it disappeared around the year 700 AD.
How does a lynx measure up against a domestic cat — and a tiger?

Domestic cat 40–50cm
Lynx 80–130cm
Tiger 270–310cm
Domestic cat 4–5kg
Lynx 18–30kg
Tiger 75–300kg

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  • tjamesjones

    I’m not a kipper, but as an employer I’ve only ever seen employment law offer protection to employees who are not up to their jobs. What happens, if there is any grounds to resist being sacked, is that the threat of that forces the employer either to avoid the decision or pay above the odds. In the case of racial laws, it would take a particularly foolhardy or overconfident employer to end up in a court case – there’s a business to be run! So that means I agree with Nige.

  • Callipygian

    I have bobcats in my neighbourhood: they are like lynxes, only without the ear-tufts (and no doubt other differences beyond the visual). The bobcats are stunningly beautiful. They are rarely seen (I’ve seen two in as many years.) The only thing rarer where I live is the Florida panther. Long live the cats!

    • Ed  

      Sounds beautiful. I hope the neighbourhood children are safe. Where I live we have coyotes, and coywolves (coyote-wolf mix). Their numbers are on the rise. On occasion we lose pets. We haven’t lost any children yet, but I worry.

      • Oh dear. Bobcats aren’t the least aggressive towards either humans or pets, as far as I know: they’re apt to run off before you can get a really good look at them. We do have alligators dotted about the freshwater ponds, but I always keep my dog safely clear of their edges and I keep my eyes out. Dogs should be safe if their people are supervising them as they should. I’ve never heard of cats getting into trouble: out of doors, they seem able to look after themselves.

        • Ed  

          I hope so.

  • WTF

    How weird is it to have two kitchens ? Pretty weird in my book BUT at my Spanish Villa I do have a regular indoor kitchen plus an outside cooking area with a BBQ, 2 x gas rings, a small microwave and small oven. Great for the summer and right next to the pool.

  • Nick

    Two kitchens? That’s nothing.

    We’ve got three bedrooms in our house.So there!

  • How many kitchens and kitchen salves do the Royals have

    • Ed  

      I think the Royals may have salves; their skin care isn’t my concern. I’m pretty comfortable, though, since Britain is still a mostly free society, thay for kitchen work they pay a competitive rate, in order to keep their employees.

  • i meant kitchen slaves.

    • Ed  

      There’s an “edit” button.

  • Shorne

    Oh for goodness sake! Orthodox Jews who have the space and resources will have 2 kitchens, one for meat and one for milk. Some ,if possible ,will have 4 because of Passover. There are about 290,000 Jews in the UK so that probably adds up to a fair number of multiple kitchens.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Weird for me to only have one kitchen. But we all have to make sacrifices. Quite why I really don’t know.