Why are we abandoning the Middle East's Christians to Isis?

If the Christians of Iraq and Syria are to survive, they may have to do it in Acton

13 December 2014

9:00 AM

13 December 2014

9:00 AM

She took the call herself the night the Islamic State came into Mosul. ‘Convert or leave or you’ll be killed,’ she was told. The callers, identifying themselves as Isis members, knew the household was Christian because her husband worked as a priest in the city. They fled that night.

Like many of their Christian neighbours they sought refuge in the monastery of St Matthew. But Isis took that over, tore down the Cross, smashed all Cross-decorated windows, used it for their own prayers and flew their black flag on top of the church. Across what was Nineveh, Iraq’s Christians spent this year fleeing from village to village, hoping to find safety somewhere.

This woman’s husband and son continued their ministry among the scattered congregations of Iraq. But the wife, who took the call, is now in west London. We spoke there one Sunday morning earlier this year. To attend the morning service in a Syriac church and hear the Lord’s Prayer uttered in the original Aramaic in which Jesus taught it is profoundly moving at any time. But this year the prayers of this beleaguered congregation of Iraqi Christians in Acton have taken on a terrible, plaintive urgency.

The Syriac church in London has swelled tragically in recent years. Perhaps 70 per cent of the present congregation have come to the UK since 2003. Mainly Iraqi, there are also a couple of Syrian families and some Lebanese. Several years ago they raised the money to build what is now called a cathedral in an unassuming street in this London suburb.

The hymns are in Syriac, the sermon in Arabic. The prayer for the dead is, like the Lord’s Prayer, in the language of Christ. Towards the end of the service the Archbishop mentions to his congregation that a visitor is sitting at the back who would like to speak to recent arrivals. They need little encouragement. We gather in the church and afterwards in the hall for tea and biscuits.

Everybody in this London congregation has a story. They tell of homes taken, of Muslim neighbours using Islamic State’s advance to steal their houses. ‘You are Christian. Get out,’ one was told. Another found that Isis had written the letter ‘N’ outside his house, meaning it was a Christian house. It now belongs to Isis. Everyone has family last heard of sleeping rough, trying to find sanctuary. Many support dozens of relatives who are without homes or jobs. There are tales of the elderly and disabled who could not leave the city because they could not be carried. Some of their relatives have been taken to the mosques and forcibly converted to Islam. Others have been martyred.

All the congregation I spoke to agreed on several things. One is that although the situation has been bad for years and has peaked before, there has never been a year as bad as this. A year, as the Archbishop tells me, that Iraq’s Christian’s faced a genocide.

They do not understand why the world is ignoring them, nor why a historically Christian country like Britain has been so unmoved by the near-complete eradication of Christianity in the continent that gave it birth. As one points out, the Yazidis lived with them for hundreds of years. They were their neighbours and friends. So why was the world spurred to action by the effort to commit genocide against the Yazidis and not the genocide against the Christians?

Their families cannot go to Syria and they are not allowed into Turkey. The lucky ones are living in tents in the Kurdish areas. The luckiest — like the lady who took the call from Isis — had a family member in the UK and a visa which was still valid. All of which naturally brings up the issue of asylum. Alongside the amazement at the world’s indifference comes a question: why can’t Iraq’s Christians all get sanctuary in the West? If most EU countries took in 10,000 Iraqi Christians, they could all live in safety.

Is this not self-defeating, I ask them? Would this not simply speed up the end of this ancient church and ancient community? A woman looks at me straight and says simply, ‘It is the end anyway.’

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  • JDale

    Why do you only care about the Christians and not the other victims too?

    Do I need more than one guess which cult you belong to?

    • Ali

      Who says he doesn’t care for the others? The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke out against the idea of giving asylum to the Christians in the Levant. There is genocide. You might not wish to acknowledge the Christian heritage of Europe but it is historic fact. Your respinse is offensive and childish and you should be deeply ashamed of yourself.

      • Mr Grumpy

        And his guess isn’t even right.

      • Richard

        I agree with what you say, but please don’t use the word “offensive” as a tool of deflection. It is far too redolent of the PC Left.

        • Malcolm Whitton

          I agree, the words ‘offended’ and ‘racist’ are the most hijacked and overused words in current use IMHO.

    • Jaria1

      Well from your reply i think you would need some help.
      I dont believe in all these recommended routes to God ,
      I attend no Churches or representatives as ive found he has a direct line

    • Bonkim

      Why not? Religious and cultural affinity prevails in danger situations.

    • grutchyngfysch

      I’m fairly sure that Mr Murray is on record as being an atheist.

      • Richard Baranov

        He is an atheist but he also says that he is culturally a Christian.

  • AJH1968

    Douglas is speaking up for Christians and Yazidis, because, although it is not easy, it is the right thing to do. To the metro left Douglas’s writings are forms of heresy that undermine their leftwing orthodoxy, hence the vituperative from the bien pensant. To speak up when the majority are silent is an act of courage, given the power that the metro left wield against apostates it is neither far from easy nor without great risk (just ask UKIP).

    • MathMan

      ‘In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’
      George Orwell

      • AJH1968

        Orwell’s perspicacity has also made him a target of the metro left, given the intellectual poverty of the arguments against him; rather like being savaged by a Chihuahua.

      • Barbara Levay


        • Bumble Bee

          looking forward for UKIP to win

        • AJH1968

          Your stupidity is a gift to us FOAD.

        • Richard

          All you need is Love, la la la la la, All you need is love, la la la la la, All you need is Love, Love,

          Love is all you really need.

          • Guest

            actually, all she/he needs is a couple of good old fashioned smacks

        • Damaris Tighe

          Just carry on posting. Then we needn’t bother saying anything about your lovely religion. You do it for us.

        • Hmmm….

          What’s your problem? Grow up or go away.

        • trekker2002

          I wonder if you are as moronic in person as your online persona.

    • Barbara Levay


      • Guest

        isn’t it brilliant how nobody kills as many muslims as other muslims?

        we don’t even have to do anything,g Allah hates you so much, he makes you slaughter your own people and turn your own countries into dust. Brilliant.

        • cartimandua

          Well to be sensible. There is a youth bulge in the MENA region of 100 million. One way of dealing with it is standing off until they fight to a standstill.

  • Jaria1

    Those that follow the faith of Islam should count themselves fortunate that we give them the freedoms to worship the Christians living in their country pray for but dont get.

    • Richard

      They may be fortunate, we sure ain’t.

      • Jaria1

        And im wondering how their concience can handle the fact Richard.
        From what i can see they act as if the Christians are having no problems where they have lived longer than anyone else.

        • Richard

          Conscience? What conscience?

          • Jaria1

            Thats the trouble Richard according to them its us that are in the wrong

          • Richard

            And half of us think so, too, unfortunately.

          • Richard

            It is a strange thing, the British mentality. I have given up trying to understand it. It seems to me that as long as you have a great level of pigmentation to your skin, you are excused anything, but it seems more than just that. This sort of behaviour was not accepted from Nazi Germany, as you say, but is acceptable in this case. Is it because we are a dying civilisation? Is it because Brits are just contrary? Who know.

          • Joanna

            Actually, initially people sympathized with the Nazis- we felt sorry for Germany after the punitive measures placed upon them in the wake of WW1.
            We tried to stop Hitler by appeasement and giving into his demands, we turned a blind eye to abuses.

            Some spoke out- in Germany they were killed or exiled. By the time we woke up to their evil, it was too late…..we we in another world war.

            When will we learn that because a person blames all the shortcomings of their society on the Jews, or because raping, murdering, genocidal butchers say they are fighting for ‘freedom’ it does not make them ‘goodies’……?

  • Richard

    I read that there has been a “lie-in” in London over the death at police hands in America of a black man. Now, in South Africa, there is alarm at the number of people who have died at police hands there over the past while. Yet, there is not a peep, and the reason is that the killers and the people killed are black, who are ethically spotless babes come straight from heaven, and smiled upon by Jesu and the Father.

    The rule in the UK is this:

    1) If you are of darker complexion, whatever you do is not motivated by anything bad;
    2) The darker you are, the more (1) applies;
    3) Anything bad you seem to do is undoubtedly caused by white people;
    4) If in doubt, refer to (1) above.

    • Barbara Levay


      • Guest

        you should direct your anger and hissing at the killers, not at Jews, who protect christians in Israel

        oh sorry, you must be either a jew hating dhimmi or a genetically retarded Muslims – either way, Long Live Israel, the only country int he region where minorities are not persecuted and slaughtered. You’re welcome.

        • JohnCrichton89

          India is another, although it still has a long was to go before it gets anywhere close to Israel with regards to equality among it’s many demographics…………. it’s places like these we should be throwing money at, instead of African/Muslim countries that are either incapable or unwilling to change for the better.

          We should do the black/Muslim communities in our countries a favour and ship them all back to where they belong, away from the ‘racist persecution’ of their communities in first world white built countries.

    • Zanderz

      This country’s establishment all have ingrained liberal progressive ideologies. Hence heterosexuality, white skin, men, Christians and marriage are all hated.

      Policy and action aim to destroy these institutions not just here but around the world.

      Iraqi Christians may gain some points for having brown skin, but as Christians they loose them all again.

      I’m sure in the mind of progressives they’ve brought it all upon themselves.

      • Liberty

        The term ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ when supporters of jihadists, murderers, paedophiles and terrorists describe themselves are the most idiotic and insulting misnomers ever. George Orwell was so right about depravity of the Left.

        • global city

          he also said that the new fascists would call themselves anti fascists. He was right there too.

          • Arturo Franks

            Sorry, no. That is not one of Orwell’s quotes.

            Google is hard, I know…

          • global city

            not really into the habit of googling things in order to pretend I know everything….the occasional error is acceptable to those without massive ego’s.

          • ItinerantView

            He might as well have said it, he would have seen the irony and hypocrisy of the EU funded anti-fas, just like he did at the Ministry of Truth.

        • Kaine

          Orwell described himself as a socialist and a man of the Left until the day he died.

          Of course, people whose knowledge of the man extends to reading half of Animal Farm at school might end up confused.

          • Liberty

            It didn’t stop him seeing the contradictions of socialism in practice; as with modern socialists he probably thought they weren’t doing it right. Just one more heave will do it they said in 1945, 1964, 1974, 1997 and in Russia, China, Cuba, Chile, Vietnam, Albania, etc. and all of them were disasters. And now of course Miliband thinks the Blair governments from 1997 didn’t do it right; one more heave comrades…….

          • Kaine

            He can’t be both a visionary talking about “the Left” today and a man of his time blind to imperfections. Pick one.

            As for the march towards freedom and justice, which is all socialism is when the nonsense is stripped away, it’s a process, not an event. Victory is won not in miles but in inches.

            As we celebrate the birth of a socialist, proletarian carpenter who gave out welfare and free healthcare and drove the money men from then public square, I remember the great people in whose shadow we fight.

            Merry Christmas. X

          • Liberty

            It must be maddening for you that the pursuit of freedom and justice always fails via socialism and only works via free markets. The reason is simple; we evolved a sense of fairness, justice, etc for families, groups, etc and competitiveness, ruthlessness, etc for prey, competitors, etc. So, in economies the former is still valid for families, etc but not for firms, etc because economys are too complex and no one knows what will work and only competition can reveal it. But competitiveness, ruthlessness, etc still pertains in the public sector so without a market to check them they become bloated, arrogant and ineffective whilst commerce and deal making forces understanding, empathy and cooperation with the market on your back and is thus civilising. That is why socialism is a failed ideology and should be extinct.

          • Kaine

            Socialism is humanity in action. Capitalism (which is not the same thing as a free market) is a process of commodification and consolidation within a scarcity economy.

            Hopefully we get there earlier, but ultimately technological change dooms capitalism. When scientific advance makes abundance regardless of human effort, then no one will be compelled to wage slavery for biological necessity.

            The future’s as red as Santa’s hat babe.

          • Christian

            The weirdy beardies, the fruit juice drinkers, sandal wearers, vegetarians, sex maniacs. Thus did Orwell describe the problem with socialists. He’d despise what passes for the left now

          • Kaine

            No, if you read the quote (he also included the Quakers, which I think was unfair) he’s talking about people attracted to the term ‘Progress’, and people’s perception of those who agitate for political change.

            The weirdos shall always be with us, just as there will always be fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists on ‘the Right’. That they were there at the time is demonstration that Orwell didn’t find them sufficient to discourage him. The quote refutes your point.

          • Christian

            I know it’s pleasant to imagine your opponent has said something you’d like to argue with but do try to stick to what was written. I said Orwell would despise what passes for the left now, precisely because the characters he listed now control it.

          • Kaine

            Except the characters he listed were always part of the control structure, the Fabian tradition has been there from the outset.

            It didn’t stop him joining, it didn’t persuade him to leave. Your argument is that Orwell would not be of the Left because of the presence of exactly the people who were in it when he was alive and a member.

          • Christian

            Good God, you have no idea of the views of the Labour Party historically do you? I’ll give you a clue; they may have been considered a teensy bit racist today. Just a tad.

          • Kaine

            And? What’s the relevance?

            Also, tut, tut, breaking the third commandment. Bad boy.

          • Christian

            You’re trying to claim the upper echelons of the Labour Party then were the vegetarian fruit juice drinkers so despised by Orwell. They were not. You’re not even aware of it are you?

          • Kennie

            “The weirdos shall always be with us, just as there will always be fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists on ‘the Right’.”
            I think you will find that most of these are to be found in the areas generally referred to as “the Left”
            eg: paedophile supporting parties.

          • Kaine

            Do I have to post the picture of Maggie and Jimmy Saville again?

          • zoid

            you missed out the bit that jesus was part of the blood line of king david on joseph’s side (that’s if you call the whole immaculate conception into question) and descended from aaron the lawgiver on his mother’s side…he was royalty.

            like ed ‘i regularly eat bacon sandwiches me’ miliband, the carpenter bit was propaganda to make their man look more down to earth. most ordinary people of the time would not have been able to host or attend a swish affair like the wedding at cana…

            socialist? ‘render unto caesar that which is caesar’s’…

            and of course he wasn’t socialist…he believed in god.

          • Rupert Williams

            I think you’ll find that the left has abandoned all pretence of marching towards freedom and justice and (just like old times in revolutionary France, USSR China, N. Korea etc etc ad nauseam) contents itelf with filling its own pockets and murdering anyone who shows any sign of not agreeing with them.

            Marching towards freedom and justice of which there is lamentably little to be had nowadays is now called libertarianism and is grievously under represented in positions of power; not I think because people don’t want it, but because the media, who largely decide the outcome of elections, prefer to cosy up to the establishment of public sector contracts, regulations, honours, large pensions, than fighting for truth and justice.

          • Kaine

            Libertarianism, a proud movement with roots in the anarchosyndicalist revolts in Europe, has sod all to do with the Rockwell-worshipping cult of selfishness that has claimed the name.

          • La Fold

            “As for the march towards freedom and justice, which is all socialism is when the nonsense is stripped away,” Shoe makers. Why was it all the workers paradises had to have big walls and big men in boots to keep the workers in then?

          • Kaine

            Russia still has big men in boots, it always has. The net effect of the change from (not really) socialism to (not really) capitalism in Russia has been to make a handful of oligarchs immensely rich and lower the life expectancy.

            There are no walls around the EU, which Kippers tell me is the true successor to the USSR. Ergo we must have 500m happy with socialism right?

          • global city

            Stupid boy…… it could have been said by somebody else, I merely recalled it as being Orwell. It is a good and accurate statement. The possibility is that I made it up myself, which would show that I understand the issue a tad better than you?

            Yeah…that’s it…..turns out (having googled it) that it was Churchill. Point stands.

            Stupid lefties are also brazen and shameless!

          • Kaine

            From your string of incoherent nonsense I can only conclude the nurses in the home have let you play with the iPad for Christmas. It’s terrible to watch someone descending into senility.

          • global city

            yes, that is because you never err?

            How shameful and embarrassing for you.

          • montague_stjohn

            Yes, the political view of Orwell and Churchill are very similar aren’t they?

          • Kennie

            Well, in a lot of ways, yes. They were both concerned about the people of this land. Orwell realised that a lot of his ‘fellow socialists’ did not have the good of the people in their real plans.

          • global city

            What a silly remark? Do you think that they must have had polar opposite views on everything….including fascists and those who masquerade as working class heroes?

          • montague_stjohn

            Their views were sufficiently different (a One Nation Tory compared to a socialist) that it is ludicrous that you tried to pass the statement of one off as that of the other.

          • global city

            You seem to be on worse form than I was….WTF does your statement even mean? Tony Benn and Nigel Farage have/had precisely the same views on the EU and it’s constitutional/democratic debasement….one a ‘Nationalist’ the other an ‘Internationalist’.

            If you are young you are going to be in for a shock when you find that people with widely different world views can have almost identical views on certain things….. if you are anywhere into the realms of being of ‘mature years’ then you are unreformably foolish.

          • lacedemonians

            Orwell was indeed a man of the Left (of his era). He opposed British imperialism and he felt for the plight of the (post-industrial revolution) working class. However, he was disillusioned by the Left’s slavish admiration of Stalin (whom inspired “Big Brother” in “1984”) and the stupidity of actual English socialists (whom inspired “Ingsoc” in “1984”). Orwell was a sincere and insightful man who sought the plain truth rather than swallowing any ideological propaganda. Who better than a man of the Left to criticize the Left?

          • Kaine

            I don’t disagree with any of that, apart from to add that it rather demonstrates the pluralistic nature of the Left.

        • rtj1211

          The term ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ means that you do not bow down before someone just because they are white, male, christian and heterosexual. You do not bow down before someone because they are female, gay, muslim or black either.

          The term ‘liberal’ means that you believe in freedom to trade economically and freedom to express your own religion or none as an individual citizen.

          The term ‘progressive’ means that you do not parrot ad nauseam that the world was created perfect at some indeterminate date in the past and must be pickled in that form forevermore. It means that you understand that as the world evolves, so a country, its institutions and its people must evolve also. It means that you are comfortable enough in your heterosexuality, your christianity and your marriage that you feel no sense of threat from gays, muslims and those practicing civil partnerships because you are confident enough to argue the merits of your own choices without needing to impose them tyrannically on others.

          Being progressive, you start from the position of trying to understand why various sides to an argument hold the positions they do. You realise that historical events may have some effect on those, particularly if brutal war, imperialistic occupation and religious fundamentalism have been imposed upon a people for years, decades or centuries. You do not support the Americans because they are bigger than us, because they threaten us, however, you will support them if thier position is corrrect, logical and economically in our interests. You do not support Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China or any other country just because they are bigger than us either.

          Now I do not believe for one second that a society is more cohesive if everyone is the same. Every truism of biodiversity tells you that the greatest resilience of a society comes if populations are not uniform, since if they are, it will only take one insurmountable challenge to that uniformity to bring a society to its knees.

          Now I suggest you learn the difference between your projections of what ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ are and the views which people who actually regard themselves as liberal and progressive actually believe in.

          They have almost nothing in common, believe you me…….

          • Liberty

            So you agree with me….

      • Bonkim

        Christ and the Apostles were dark-skinned and Christianity is not a European religion but one transplanted from the Middle-East, much by forced or coerced conversions.

        • justsomeone

          Christ was Jewish, so not very dark skinned. I expect you’ll illogically argue against that too.

          ‘Zanderz’ is quite right. The Europeans have a disorder that makes them try to destroy themselves, their nation states and their religion. Where that religion came from is hardly the point. The left-wing politically-correct crowd want to destroy anything to do with the West. Hence mass-immigration from Muslim countries and the call to celebrate Islam every time a non-muslim is beheaded by muslims in the name of Islam.

        • Richard

          Genetic testing has shown none of the people of the Middle East were black.

          • Bonkim

            Human groups have evolved and are continuously evolving so genetic testing (how valid were the tests?) of a particular group today has no relevance to the appearance of a particular individual in the Bible assuming there was such a person in history..

            Look up history of the ancient tribes of Israel and the various Mid-Eastern and African tribes they intermarried including ancient Egyptians. there are many stereotypical images of Jesus depicted by various cultures and the Bible refers to many Apostles (Jewish) as dark skinned –

            “Linguistic experts have stated that Hebrew is one of the early Asiatic-African languages.

            The Hamitic people were a dark skinned people, Noah’s wife was hamitic, Moses’ wife was hamitic, the ancient Israelites mixed with hamitic egyptians for centuries before exodus.

            In Acts 21:37-38 the soldier mistakenly took Paul for a Hamitic Egyptian. How could the soldier mistake Paul for an Egyptian unless the ancient Israelites were of a darker skin tone?”

            Also in Exodus 2:16-19 Moses was mistaken for a Hamitic Egyptian. If Moses was not physically identical to Hamitic people how could he have also been mistaken for a Hamitic Egyptian?

          • Richard

            Not to say they weren’t dark-skinned, but not black. In other words, they were likely of Mediterranean appearance. For years, black history revisionists said the ancient Greeks were black, which has not been borne out by testing, then that the ancient Egyptians were black, which has also not been borne out by testing (apart from the Kushites). Blacks were represented as black, not brown. Ditto with southern African cave paintings.

            Asiatic-African languages surely are like Indo-European languages, of a common cultural ancestor, but not necessarily ethnically common? For instance, in southern Africa, the clicks used in San Bushman languages are partially replicated in the Nguni languages (Xhosa, Zulu, etc.) because those groups absorbed the Bushman languages when they colonised southern Africa.

            It is certainly likely (probable) that there was contact between the Israelites and the Africans: genetic testing, however, will reveal whether people were of sub-Saharan African origin or admixture. Sub-Saharan Africa had not been an immigration destination until European colonisation, so those groups will presumably have demonstrated little genetic alteration, and so it is quite possible to trace their genetic input into other human population groups.

            We also don’t know whether the sorts of mistakes were made on the basis of clothing or skin-colour, or some other externals.

          • Bonkim

            Not sure what we are arguing about – the history of modern man Homo Sapiens only took off after the last Ice Age and there is evidence that Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals coexisted for a period.

            The Thawing of the ice destroyed many continental land bridges and isolated groups of people. Mountain ranges, Climate change and desertification, the sea and other natural barriers always led to close breeding and new tribes with distinct features. Some tribes also became extinct or subsumed into other larger groups.

            In recent history – the bronze age, growth of pastoral/agriculture, and metal smelting – past 2/3000 years there were major migrations from the Caucasus that fanned to the Indian subcontinent through present day Iran and North and Westward towards Europe. The lnguahes from Scandinavia through Persia and india are closely related and also their genetics although the way genetics operate tribal features are formed with a few generations of interbreeding – you will find huge differences in both features and also language in say today’s Germany and German/Scandinavian/Persian and Indian languages share many common words, verb usage, and also pronounciations – transformations that took place in the last 2 to 3000 years.

            Christianity and Islam are newcomers on the block and features of the ancient Pagan religion/s exist and are common between say the Scandinavians and Germans, Persians, and Indians. Further migrations some led by religious zealots – both Christian and Muslim spread both genetics and belief systems eastwards – SE Asia – note the Chinese and Mongol traditions remained behing the barriers of the Himalayan range and the Pamir desert except where the Mongols went westwards and formed modern Turkey. The Central Asian Mongols were the superpower of the dark/Middle Ages.

            The main Africans were isolated – the Sahara and dense jungle and remained the dark continent until European explorations that brought news of their ways of life.

            Yes the Mediterranean has always been a mixing bowl og genes and also languages and that due to the equally adventurous Romans followed by the Arabs that were the seafarers of the Middle Ages.

            In the above context intelligence and ability prevails amongst all racial groups some excelling in one or the other. You also need to understand that everything in nature follow the lifecycle theory – today’s Italians are a poor shadow of the glories of Rome same as todays Egyptians are quite different from say the people that built the Pyramids. Genetics have also changed over the generation because of intermarriage, etc, som e Biblical tribes are no more, and difficult to relate say the Jews that migrated to Russia with those that went to India, Europe or other parts of the world in the dark and Middle Ages.

            The human race is not pure-bred and cuts and changes with each generation. Unless you stipulate rules for marriages and segregation between different castes such as that prevailed historically in India you will not find any race on earth that can be defined as belonging to this or that racial group – yes there are broad distinguishing features between the Mongol/Chines/India/SE Asian/African/Mediterranean/Arab/African/ Eskimo/and North and South Europeans – look around in Britain some are fairer and blonder than others, some have black hair, squat noses, you can often see Welsh or highland characteristics caused by isolation and close breediing – but by and large the British have a highly mixed gene pool with African, Asia, Mongol, and Hamitic/Semitic features – not recent migration but historic. The British Empire also resulted in further gene-mixing in recent centuries.

    • Kimberlly Batura-Myers

      That is a disgrace. I am an American and this madness must stop.

    • MathMan

      In The USA there are 30+ black-on-black murders every day -look up the crime stats. You don’t hear a word from the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson unlike the Ferguson case. I wonder why?

      • Richard

        They will say that they are protesting the state’s use of violence against them. In truth, it is simply a tool to attack their rulers. In Africa, independence was demanded so that they could have democracy. This they then did, once. They can manipulate whitey like a marionette. It’s so easy to do.

      • montague_stjohn

        O? Are we doing whataboutery?! How fun! Let me try. In Africa there are far more Christian on Christian murders than murders of Christians by ISIS yet you don’t year a word from [insert Christian name here].

        • EMC

          What? Your exposition of theory makes no sense.

        • magicdarkshadow

          Are you sure about that? When I say that, I mean were the murders done in the name of Christianity like how Isis and some other Islamic groups are claiming its in the name of Islam? Nice try anyway. But you’ve made it up.

          • Kaine

            The Rwuandan genocide was preached from the pulpit, or just look up the Lord’s Resistance Army.

            Or glance across to our neighbouring island where people, still, are beaten and killed for the wrong confessional, and women die in agony because of the view of bishops that they are incubators rather than human beings.

            All the cults are bad, just in Europe we’ve beaten Christianity into submission with the club of the Enlightenment, so it’s less of a problem.

      • magicdarkshadow

        Actually Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have said a lot about black on black crime. In fact Al Sharpton was in Chicago recently campaigning about it. Stop watching Fox News for five mins and take a look.

        • Rob Lobster

          magicdarkshadow wrote, “Actually Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have said a lot about black on black crime. In fact Al Sharpton was in Chicago recently campaigning about it.”

          Those have increased because of the leverage you just mentioned and if you actually get footage they are black only caucuses for local issues — as they should be. Not only that the leaders you speak of get much flack with locals leaders doing most of the speaking from what little I have been able to get raw video. Now think for a second the differences of Ferguson and Chicago. Is it not a local issue where it deserves a local Caucus as it should be. How is it any different or has this concept escaped you with your quick quip?

          The local community Ferguson by large numbers thought National Media did more harm when polled of nearly 70%. Is not the police supposed to be trusted independent 3rd party of the community to settle differences.

          How is Ferguson a national debate and now Obama says it is “National problem that requires National Solution”. He even says how violence is something Black men face — What? Men all face this and now he not only does a flip flop on Men’s rights issues for Black, but worse he threw under the bus the worst issue for a real “War against Women” — Black Women.

          These lower SES communities like Ferguson face 5 to 10 times the rates of homicides from domestic violence. Well, I guess all those cops will have to drive a bit slower to keep less adrenaline rush from “shots fired calls” now keeping in mind their “multicultural training” from POTUS Obama thanks to WHO YOU JUST DEFENDED.

        • Pepperless

          how come I’ve never seen a video on their talk on black on black crimes or black on white crime, they don’t say anything about black crimes because it does not generate money for them, you need to watch fox news more

      • Max

        Racism in America is a money spinning industry for people like shakedown Sharpton and his ilk just as climate change is for al bore

      • Pepperless

        Sharpton, Jackson, holder, Obama are all of the same cloth street thugs

    • Kaine

      Self-pitying Powellite nonsense.

    • Callan

      Listen to the Today programme at the moment on BBC. Pakistani member of UKIP being subjected to scorn and disbelief by guest of the day Lenny Henry over his membership of UKIP, black authors being interviewed on how they are marginalised and lack opportunity. Diane Abbot being given a fawning interview, the subject for Thought for Today is, wait for it – the slave trade, on and on it goes. Apparently the worthy Mr. Henry insisted that the programme concentrates on black matters and blacks or presumably he wouldn’t appear.

      • Richard

        It’s their only power-lever. There was – and is – a huge amount of slavery in Africa as we speak, but they aren’t interested in that, because they aren’t actually interested in slavery at all. They are only interested in advancing themselves within the UK, and using whatever they can to do so. And Brits are so thick they allow it.

  • WFB56

    ‘It is the end anyway”; the future foretold?

    • Jaria1

      Yes it speaks of the false religon. Wonder who that could be?

  • Stephen Milroy

    Because this government hates Christianity. Cameron is running the most anti Christian government we have ever had. If he hates it here, why do you think he won’t hate it abroad?

    • zoid

      it’s not just christians as the vote to recognise palestine showed…

    • mollysdad

      Cameron hates Christianity because he worships money and gay marriage.

  • Barbara Levay


    • Bumble Bee

      oh look, one of those peaceful moderate educated Muslims, we all keep hearing about

      Hey you there, you got something running down your face carpet…

      • AJH1968

        See why it is never a good idea for first cousins to get married and to procreate.

        • Bumble Bee

          Indeed, did you know that since IQ points are hereditary and Muslims have the highest rates of extreme inbreeding in the world, not only do they have the largest quantity of genetic mutations, but their IQ points actually drop every generation.

          Not that this isn’t evident when somebody draws a cartoon or the fact that 1.6 billion Muslims only have a total of 7 Nobel Prizes.

        • Damaris Tighe

          I’m sorry you received such a horrible reply further up.

          • AJH1968

            Thanks, but in a way I am kind of glad I did receive such a reply. I shall endeavour to expose the hypocrisy and stupidity of indulging their abhorrent points of view. My feeling are nothing compared to the feelings of millions of Copts, Nigerian Christians and many other oppressed minorities, and spare a thought for Douglas villified from every direction, but
            courageous and unyielding. Thanks again for your kind words.

  • Bumble Bee

    Britain spits on their own daughters, you want them to care about Christians in Islamic lands?
    This country put the barbaric sharia-law-loving MB in charge as soon as they had a chance, stabbed an old friend in the back, and then went silent as soon as copts were being killed off, and scuffled off like cockroaches.

    But my favourite remains: even after making nothing but mistakes, even after turning this country into a 3rd world mass raped pit, Britain still has the audacity to wag their finger at other countries, especially those who protect their own people.

    • Agreed. I’ve noticed that ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ are the most violent, immoral warmongers this country has ever seen. They are the paedophile’s and the rapist’s friend, and they are inspired by an overwhelming, fanatical hypocrisy the very smell of which nauseates me.

  • Guest

    Maybe St James church can build another fake wall this year, to show their support with christian killers …..

  • maxmarley

    Are these the same bunch of fanatics Charles Martel had to deal with?
    One thing about Islam is that it is consistent, never changes
    But then Charles, the crusaders, Isobel and Ferdinand and Vlad knew what they were up against.
    Our blind elite nowadays, however, prefer the fable that this is the religion of peace and there’s nothing to worry about.

    • AY

      Jan Sobiecki as well

  • This is the result of America and Britain, under the misleadership of the most stupid President and Prime Minister in history, sacrificing thousands of lives to create anarchy in Iraq. Murderous islamists take advantage of our deranged pseudo liberalism to recruit their thugs in our societies. And we do nothing to stop them.

    • Roy

      This is due to fatalism in our leadership. Not allowing the truth of the matter to be broadcast. Not doing anything about this overwhelming flood tide. Telling us all it is OK don’t worry.
      It has nothing to do with Iraq, it is to do with immigration, or the type of immigrant we allow to these shores. It is like infecting yourself with the most virile pox, with dis-lodgement of the infection the only cure.
      Something can be done about it, but first it has to be recognised. The people have to have the will to fight it, and not settle down in a, she’ll be right attitude. The citizenry need to get behind the organisations that are fighting it, these organisations have a hard time with the police, the courts, and certain MP’s against them, due to instructions from on high.
      Even comment on these columns are not immune from destruction.

      • Joanna

        We need another Winston Churchill- the interesting thing is, he didn’t just recognize Hitler for what he was- he also said something of the radical face of Islam, and the influence in has on adherents who adhere to the extremes…

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Why? Well, it helps to look at who is in charge of Western foreign policy.

    The same people, one could argue, in charge of Western immigration policy.

    How will Christians survive in Acton if Acton is full of Muslims?

    • The Master

      I’m sure Acton’s Christians will be fine. After all, Islam is a religion of peace……………….

      • Malcolm Whitton

        If I hear that ‘religion of peace’ thing one more time…….

        • The Master

          I’m sure you will……………..

        • J Simson

          Piece by piece

  • Bonkim

    Britain is no longer a practising Christian country and seriously the world is full of religious and ethnic persecution and whilst the Christians in Syria/Iraq are being terrorized by IS and others – the situation for millions of minority Christians is little better particularly in the Middle East, South and South East Asia, even Africa.

    You cannot expect an overcrowded Britain to give succour to millions of persecuted Christians that have little in common with Britain apart from nominal Christianity and even there of a different brand. Culturally the nominal Christians are no different from those from other religions at the locations and integration will be difficult.

    • Richard

      You forget that Labour turned Britain into a geographical location. In the last government, I recall a Labour minister said that Britain does not exist excepting as a bank statement of income and expenditure. People like that trashed this country, and it is now way, way too late to do anything about it.

      • Bonkim

        Christianity was itself a new cult and bigoted in its practice once and accepted grudgingly. Nothing is forever. I think the strength of the British people is to think outside the box and that has stood the test of time. Adapt and change – that was the basic British value all over the last few centuries when Britain was top-dog.

      • Damaris Tighe

        ‘Just a piece of paper’. A notional nation.

  • cartimandua

    Government and media don’t like us very much. They are currently falling over themselves to “blame someone” for toughing up people who were at least complicit in Taliban crimes against humanity whether or not other things could be “proved”.

  • kittydeer

    The vast majority of people seem to think what a shame, they do not realise that they are next in line. islam is on the move and unless people wake up and claim their heritage it really will be too late.

    • bramhall

      Islam has been on the move ever since the time of its founder. Europe .has had its share in Spain, France as far as Poitiers, Eastern Europe including the Balkans, Greece as far as Vienna. The Byzantine empire and most of the Middle East and North Africa also fell to the invading Islamic hordes.
      Europe only threw off its Islamic invaders in the 1800’s, when Greece became independent of the Ottoman Turks.
      Europe needs so new lessons on Islamic invasions.

  • Jean de Valette

    Why are we abandoning Christians?

    Well, first off, and most importantly, they are not Muslims. And Muslims Come First in the UK.

    Not only do Muslims come first, but Christians always – always – now come last, even with some British Archbishops (see Rowan Williams).

    Why would the Middle Eastern Christians *not* be abandoned by the same political and cultural establishment (in our government, courts, police, newspapers, councils, charities and even our own Church of England) that denigrates and maligns British Christians at every turn?

    • True. There is a parasitic class in Britain that must be removed. They are assuredly opposed to any form of Christianity as it is a critical obstacle to their agenda of remaking the world. I don’t want to get religious but there’s no doubt in my mind the parasitic class wishes to create hell on earth, which they will name heaven. They think we will remain passive forever. In reality they will merely sow the seeds for civil war. UKIP offers a way out of this impasse; if it is not heeded then woe betide those who wish to extinguish democracy, freedom of thought, and the rights accrued since Maga Carta – for we will fight them to the end. This is the reality.

    • J Simson

      Muslim privilege

    • EMC

      America is about two paces behind, and trying its hardest to catch up fast.

    • Krazy Chick23

      It is the Christians money that gets sent over to help everyone out. We never would allow anyone to go hungry or be hurt just because of their religion. Too bad everyone does not feel the same way. People are people regardless of their religious beliefes.

      • redsquirrel

        are they? or do their beliefs shape and define them? Desperately hoping that everybody is the same, despite all the evidence, is what has got us into a variety of pickles.

  • alfredo

    Who don’t you ask Rowan Williams and his admirers? They have a lot to answer and a lot to answer for.

  • Malcolm Whitton

    As an atheist myself I say God help you all!
    It just goes to show I’ve been right all along. Don’t forget, those IS muslims are reading from the same book as so called moderate muslims.
    Religion sucks!!

  • Samson

    We’re a Christian country who’s leaders, and who’s entire right wing, think the English poor shouldn’t complain about not being able to feed their families, that food banks are a scam and that wanting to be paid enough to live is the politics of envy. Good luck getting help to Christians abroad. They should have been socially mobile and got a job on Wall Street, rather than choosing to need help.

  • sebastian2

    “Why are we abandoning the Middle East’s Christians to Isis?” I think the answer is quite simple though harder than it should be, to express.

    Unable to work out a plausible argument for fighting mohammedan brutality without triggering the sorts of domestic mohammedan outrage (“This is an attack on islam!”) that would follow as surely as night follows day, they do the minimum: token efforts bravely carried out by our depleted armed forces, when what’s needed is the entire obliteration of this evil proto-caliphate along with the rescue of all those – mohammedans and christians – who are its victims. This would be a just deed. So we need this plus the emphatic rejection of certain core mohammedan principles as per Isis – who are loyal followers of the “prophet”.

    To claim that Isis and its devilry is not the real islam, and that islam is the RoP (Theresa May) instead, that it’s something entirely different, is nonsense. Islam – as Sam Harris has described it – is the mother lode of bad ideas. It is bellicose and uncompromising. (We delude ourselves if we think otherwise. We should be relieved that many mohammedans have all but distanced themselves from it.) This should be simple to say. It’s obvious and elementary and it would cut through much of the deceptive politically correct complexities that have so inhibited an overdue, blunt critique.

    So Isis should be fought with a ferocity that would utterly demolish them. Its victims should be helped to rebuild their broken lives and to restore their communities. This won’t be comfortable or easy and Isis sympathisers in the west will cause trouble. And as for mohammedism itself, it should be exposed and denounced – as so many other bigoted and triumphalist ideologies have been – for what it actually is. It’s only fear of the consequences that binds our tongues and moderates our views – and that itself is proof of something.

  • Paddy S

    Christians are not a politically correct group so PC liberal left which controls the mainstream media blame Christians in West for being against all their pet projects (ones destroying West) like multiculturalism, Islamic immigration, gay marriage, big state, drugs, hedonism and so doesnt give a damn about them. Some I’d say get a sadists joy in it. Also many people who should be speaking out (i.e. the right and Christian leaders) are terrified of appearing to support Christians or be against Muslims.

  • Roy

    The West has no stomach for standing up for anything that has a Western Christian ethical base, standing for truth, honesty, and goodwill. It is however good at turning the other cheek, this being its biggest single attribute.

    • J Simson

      Learn how to fight Jihad from the Israelis.

      • Roy

        Unfortunately the West is not speaking to the Israelis, never mind receiving any fighting instructions from them. God knows, they are the ones that should be listened to carefully. It is ironic we would sooner take advice from the ones who hate us, the ones who live amongst us and wish us obliterated. Our nations Christian leaders are more likely to be planning the handover of our vast chain of Christian churches to an alien group, and turning the country into a checkered pattern of mosques instead.

    • Terry Field

      The west is finished.
      Ashes in our mouths.

  • XH558

    They hate Christianity. It underpinned every historical development which now embarasses them. They would never fight or sacrifice for it, and they are in mortal fear of the forces, deeply embedded in our society, which do have the will to fight and sacrifice for a different faith. They take the view that the sooner that latter faith prevails the quieter the world will be.

    • global city

      The point is not about defending Christianity, but coming to the aid of Christians who are being wiped out for the sin of being Christian.

      we could understand this concept well enough in Yugoslavia.

      • XH558

        I would treat those as at least partially synonymous – but yes.

  • Dan Guiana

    Simply, the British hate Christianity, and approve of the killing of its adherents. Hard to think of a more loathsome, immoral race than the British, but rest assured they will get theirs, as Islam is exploding in the UK.

    • Tox66

      I don’t. You come from?

  • JohnCrichton89

    Because people are respectful of their new overlords, Muslims, and lets face it. The people suffering are characterised as white Christians………..it’s racist to help them when black/brown communities the world over, and largely without exception, are suffering from self inflicted problems and have already called dibs on any and all foreign/domestic aid for the foreseeable future.

    If people in England, and all over Europe, are willing to turn a blind eye to Muslims raping their own children en masse. And they are. Then there is no hope of them helping anyone else from this problem, unless they are A) Muslim or B) not white. The n you’ll get public protests and people shouting FREE PALENSTINE !

    The worlds foreign policy is beginning to represent the demographic changes brought about via mass immigration.

  • A Simple Guest

    answer: MIC is a business… so they have to make money by promoting and supporting war… like now financing, arming and training the ”freedom fighters” (or ISIS)

    ”His Eminence Philip (Saliba), Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan
    of All North America, head of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, sent a message to the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, which reads, in particular: “We monitor with gratitude your tireless efforts in support of the Christians, and all the God-fearing people of Syria.”

    His Eminence Metropolitan Philip expresses his conviction that the forces responsible for stirring up the conflict in the country “have ulterior motives in mind, not the least of which is to expunge the area of Christians who have been living in that land peacefully with Muslims for many years under the secular government…”

    The hierarch of the Church of Antioch thanked the Russian Church for carrying out the fund-raising campaign and sending the money collected “to help the needy, homeless and downtrodden people of Syria” who have been suffering from “the uncivil war that continues to rage.”

    “Throughout history, Russia has protected the Orthodox of the Middle East in times of need and it seems history is repeating itself once again,” the letter reads. His Eminence Metropolitan Philip expressed his gratitude to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia for his support in this difficult time and asked him “to remember the victims of this barbarism” in his prayers.”

    • ”His Eminence Philip (Saliba), Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan
      of All North America, head of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, sent a message to the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church…”

      The Primate of the ROC is a KGB agent, as are the rank and file of the ROC. How did it escape your notice that the ROC, nor any other religious denomination in the still existing USSR, was cleansed of the KGB agent Quislings placed there before the fraudulent collapse of the USSR?

      The so-called “War on Terror” is a USSR & Allies-tasked operation being carried out by the co-opted governments of the West, the purpose being to (1) destroy the prominence of the West in the eyes of the world, where the West is seen (i) invading nations without cause; (ii) causing chaos around the globe; and (iii) killing over one-million civilians and boasting of torture; (2) close off non-Russian supplies of oil for export, thereby increasing the price of oil, the higher price allowing oil exporting Russia to maintain economic stability while she modernizes and increases her military forces; (3) destroy the United States Armed Forces via the never-ending “War on Terror”; the ultimate purpose of the aforementioned to (4) bring about the demise of the United States in the world, opening up a political void to be filled by a new pan-national entity composed of Europe and Russia (replacing the European Union), a union “From the Atlantic to Vladivostok”; which will (5) see the end of NATO.

      Take a look at what the Russian government ordered the Russian Ministry of Defense to keep on the masthead of its official newspaper…see if you notice something odd…


      “Krasnaya Zvezda” is Russian for “Red Star”, the official newspaper of Soviet and later Russian Ministry of Defense. The paper’s official designation is, “Central Organ of the Russian Ministry of Defense.” Note the four Soviet emblems next to the still existing Soviet era caption titled “Red Star”(!), one of the Soviet emblems including the image of Lenin!

      The failed socialist inspired and controlled pan-European revolutions that swept the continent in 1848 thought Marxists and socialists a powerful lesson, that lesson being they couldn’t win overtly, so they adopted the tactic of infiltration of the West’s political parties/institutions.

      The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

      Notice that not one political party in the West requested verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

      It gets worse–the “freed” Soviets and West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested/de-mobilized the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

      There can be no collapse of the USSR (or East Bloc nations) without…

      Verification, De-Communization and De-mobilization.

      The West never verified the collapse of the USSR because no collapse occurred, since if a real collapse had occurred the West would have verified it, since the survival of the West depends on verification. Conversely, this proves that the political parties of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the fraudulent collapse of the USSR, since the survival of the West depends on verification.

  • That Islamic State combatant in the photo above sure looks like a professional soldier to me. That’s because he is, he’s a Ukrainian soldier…


    In fact, nearly the whole Ukrainian Army is in Iraq/Syria, comprising the 20% professional backbone of the otherwise scum that is Islamic State. That’s how the Ukrainian population last February destroyed hundreds of statue of Lenin (and other Communist “heroes'” statues) throughout the Ukraine, because for the first time in 23 years since the fraudulent collapse of the USSR there was a weakened security apparatus in the Ukraine, necessitating the insertion of Russian troops into the Ukraine to assist the Communist government in Kiev. It should be noted that the destruction of monuments to Communist heroes within the “former” USSR only took place in the Ukraine last February.* The few statues taken down in the “former” USSR (and only from locations where tourists go sightseeing the most) weren’t destroyed, but hidden away in parks or museums…

    “Almost every town in Russia has a prominent statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, father of the October Revolution…”


    …and those statues that were taken down in Russia, and other republics that make up the USSR, are safely hidden in parks or museums, to be eventually returned to their former locations after the defeat of the West.

    The only statues to Lenin (and other Communist heroes) taken down in Russia were located in those areas where Western tourists visit the most. Those statues were carefully lifted and relocated, in the case of Moscow, to Fallen Monument Park…


    The same subterfuge is taking place in other republics that make up the USSR, where statues to Lenin (and Marx) taken down are hidden, not destroyed, in the case of Tallinn, Estonia, at the Maarjamaë Palace…


    …and in Lithuania, statues to Lenin and Marx are located at Grūtas Park, which also incredulously has, now get this, a Soviet theme park, replete with “…a mini-zoo and cafes, all containing relics of the Soviet era. On special occasions actors stage re-enactments of various Soviet-sponsored festivals”!…



    There can be no collapse of the USSR when thousands of statues to Lenin remain standing throughout Russia.

    Now you know why up until 2013 the “electorates” of Russia, Ukraine and Georgia were only “electing” for president Soviet era vanguard Communist Party member Quislings, except for the first president of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, a true dissident who didn’t even last nine months in office before he was ousted in a coup, later said to have committed “suicide”. Zviad Gamsakhurdia was a failed test run to see if a non-Communist Party member president could be controlled.

    So why is the West facilitating a fake “Jihadist” entity in Iraq/Syria, you ask? To assist Russia’s faltering oil-based economy by closing off Iraq’s oil exports. If you recall, Libya’s oil exports were closed off by the West in 2012.
    *The only statues to Lenin that were destroyed in the “former” USSR occurred in February 2014, when hundreds were toppled…


    …due to the weakened security apparatus within the nation, where most of the Ukrainian Army was in either Syria or Iraq, or preparing to enter Iraq from Turkey, pretending to be Muslim “Jihadists” (Islamic State). The Islamic State “Jihadists” attired in Ninja uniforms, wearing the silly balaclava masks, are the Ukrainians, hiding their pale Caucasian/Slavic identities under those masks…


    Those are professional soldiers cradling their weapons in the military stand down position, with trigger finger positioned just outside the trigger guard.

  • J Simson

    Palestinian privilege.

    The main problem of the Iraqi Christians is that they are not Palestinians nor can their plight be blamed on Israel.

    • “The main problem of the Iraqi Christians is that they are not Palestinians…”

      The new Palestinian nationality created by the League of Nations in 1923, hated by both Jew and Arab for different reasons, became defunct when Palestine became Israel on May 14, 1948. When Israel acquired the atomic bomb in 1963, that is when Arab governments changed their strategy towards Israel,* creating the new proxy weapon against the Jewish state–the re-minting of the “Palestinian nationality”, a nationality created back in 1923 for ALL inhabitants of the area, not only Arabs.
      *Because Arab governments could no longer wage a decisive war of annihilation against an Israel armed with nuclear weapons, so to operationalize their new strategy Arab governments waged the Six-Day War to get Israel to re-acquire the territories that were allowed to slip away back in 1948-1949 war for independence. The ultimate aim of this new Arab government strategy is the electoral defeat of Israel in the near future, with the assistance of Sabra Marxists and Soviet Marxists within the political parties/government bureaucracies.

      Watch for when the fraudulent “Palestinians” call for a “one-state solution”, surprising all the “experts”.

    • Krazy Chick23

      So No one cares right? Dam shame

  • ilPugliese

    “They do not understand why the world is ignoring them, nor why a
    historically Christian country like Britain has been so unmoved by the
    near-complete eradication of Christianity in the continent that gave it
    birth.” It is not indifference. It is just that there is absolutely nothing we can do. If we have not demonstrated that with total perfection over the last 13 years, then you have been turning a blind eye.

    “why can’t Iraq’s Christians all get sanctuary in the West?” One reason is that we know nothing about them, apart from being Christians of a certain type. The other is that we are full up.

  • Hugh Kennedy

    The Elitist agenda is the extermination of all of Christianity… The RCC won’t do anything as they seek to bring in the one world religion Chrislam.. The Western governments have sold their souls for Arab money and would rather taken in Muslims for they’re agenda in making Europe Islamic.. The mark of the beast is upon us if you refuse to take you die..

  • Ian Nairn

    The general rule of thumb is that genocide against Christians is good, genocide against Muslims is bad. The worst genocide since the Holocaust was the Rwandan genocide and the victims were Christians. But look at what happened in Yugoslavia at about the same time and the West did all they could te help out the Muslims who were the victims.

    • Unfortunately that’s not true. The West (until 1999 in Kosovo) was almost as complicit in genocide in Yugoslavia as it was in Rwanda at the time, and by ISIS today.

      • Ničija

        Maybe I am misunderstanding you; are you saying the west is complicit in the genocide being carried out by IS? If so, what would you like to see western countries do differently?

        • You understood me correctly. I would support for example supplying weapons to the Kurds to enable them to defend themselves. Obama is, like Clinton, all talk and no action.

      • Ian Nairn

        I am wondering then why was there any action taken? If they allowed Yugoslavia to do that then there would have been not action taken like in Rwanda, but there was military action taken.

        • By the time we get to 1999 (over 8 years after the wars had started), the leadership in the Western world had changed, and they had lost faith in Milošević. Milošević showed himself ready, time and time again, to collaborate with the US and the West, he sold much of his country’s assets to British companies and supported the liberation of Kuwait. The problem was that his collaboration came at too high a price – acquiesence in Great Serbian genocide and expansion in front of the TV cameras, and in destabilisation of the entire region. It is in this context which the bombing of 1999 must be viewed.

      • Simon_in_London

        Genocide of Serbs is still genocide, even if their PR is not as good as their rivals.

        • Certainly, but there was no ‘genocide’ of the Serbs during the 1990s.

    • Bonkim

      Rwanda was a tribal genocide – Christianity there was incidental. There were Christians on both sides of the Rwandan nightmare.

  • global city

    They don’t want to be accused of provoking a ‘crusade’ and they are too cowardly to call them and their religious take as evil.

  • Dr. Heath

    Quick! Before the moderator gets going…

    Can anyone imagine why the earlier posting of this comment might be deemed unsuitable for innocent eyes or otherwise offensive? I’m waiting for the ‘Pending’ sign to disappear but am as pessimistic as I am confused as to the reason it’s ‘Pending’ in the first place.

    Why did politicians appease Hitler? Gee. I’m not sure. Perhaps it was
    out of a fear of enraging him and encouraging him to behave in an even
    more violent and insane fashion. [I think this represents “the West’s”
    tactics as regards Russia.] Or might it have been the desire of
    right-thinking people in the 30s not to indulge those wicked impulses
    driving them to commit unpardonable acts of Teutonophobia?

    Exactly why are are the leaders of the West so useless? Again, I’m not sure. Is
    it perhaps a sad fact that one can be elected to the US presidency or
    head up the government of a large, EU member and still not know that the
    cost of appeasement is usually a huge war while the cost of principled
    defiance is either peace or a tiny war. Or is it the desire of
    right-thinking people in the early 21st century not to give in to those
    wicked impulses driving them to commit acts of Islamophobia?

    Or is the answer the obvious one – the most perfectly awesome combination of cowardice and imbecility?

  • Terry Field

    Acton is an islamic zone. Being born there now entitles one to the name Al Actoni

  • Marcella Owens

    An Christian exodus from Arab lands may not be such a bad thing; it will make lots of room to receive an exodus of Palestinians.

  • Derrick Rows

    In related facts, here are the US deaths in Afghanistan, by year:Bush2001: 52002: 302003: 312004: 492005: 942006: 872007: 1112008: 151Total = 558Obama2009: 3032010: 4972011: 4942012: 2942013: 115Total = 1,703Ref: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/dennis-m-crowley/12-year-war-73-us-casualties-afghanistan-obamas-watch

  • Joanna

    Typical of the Cognitive Dissonance of the modern West- we sympathize with the likes of the PA and Hamas, who are murdering their own people and butchering Palestinian Christians when they are not busy firing rockets at Israel- because they whine about poor little children being killed by the wicked Jews- we support the murdering Muslim Brotherhood because they claim to be fighting against a ‘tyrant’ and we worry about alienating jihadis who want to come home because their IPod batteries have run out….

    Should we be shocked when we see the fellows of these groups doing what they are to Christians in Iraq? No- stop seeing that as the underdogs and start seeing them for what they are, viscous murdering aggressors. We once symapthised with Hilter to out cost- and I earnestly hope we will not make the same mistake again

    • Treebrain


      “…because they whine about poor little children being killed by the wicked Jews-….”

      Not at all, nobody is blaming ‘wicked Jews’ they are simply questioning the fact that a modern, well-equipped military like the IDF has launched the third attack on a decade on the civilian population of Gaza slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians who pose no threat to Israel and wounding tens of thousands more.

      You are right on one point though Joanna, the IDF have slaughtered hundreds of innocent Palestinian children in Gaza in recent years and maimed thousands more.

      Given that rockets had killed only five Israelis, it is indeed a grotesque and totally disproportionate response and completes undermines the prestige, prowess and honour of the IDF, is it really any wonder that they are now loathed and despised for their repeated attacks on civilian populations?

      Fortunately the days of the Dahiya doctrine are numbered as Israel is held to account and recent revelations of IDF recordings show that the implementation of the Hannibal directive is an utter shambles!

  • global city

    The non-Muslim communities are sitting like hostages. We need to at least accept that western leaders understand that if they raise these groups problems then the Islamists will wipe them out. Western politicians DO have to balance on a knife edge as far as this issue is concerned. This IS a war of civilisation.

  • S&A

    Sorry Middle Eastern Christians. You’re not being killed by the IDF, therefore none of the really caring people in the West can be bothered to protest.

  • peter the painter

    Unsurprising there is apathy here; this was a Christian country until it miraculously turned Anglican. Not since Pagan Rome or Tudor England has there been martyrdom on this scale. Perhaps the opposition to Christianity by secularism, consumerism, materialism and other equally letter-of-the-law religious fundamentalists (christian or muslim), has never been so great since Nero or Bloody Elizabeth.

  • Simon_in_London

    Most of Iraq’s Christians had to flee as a direct result of the 2003 US-led invasion, which overthrew a brutal but not anti-Christian regime and unleashed sectarian carnage. Some contrition from those who supported the invasion would be in order. And they should be supporting the survival of Christians and Alawites in Syria, not supporting the ‘moderate’ rebels who fight under the slogan “Christians to Lebanon, Alawites to the grave”!

  • nibs

    Hang on…this Neocon Murray bloke is regularly called up by the BBC to shill for war on President Assad.

    Assad is currently the only one with boots on the ground actually fighting the scum of Als Qaeda Nustra and ISIS. We should be fighting WITH Assad not against him.

    But of course, blowhard Doug is a fully paid-up (paid-off) Neocon, whose primary loyalty lies to Israel and the new world order of decimation of the middle classes and unbridled immigration….

    • Alienwoman

      I think that Israel is more concerned with ISIS than Assad, on their borders. It’s Obama that wants to get Assad for his own purposes. As he has 4 members of his family supporting extremists, according to Shoebat.com, we have to wonder whose team he is batting for.

  • Bill Walters

    In this video we find vodka-enthusiast Joe Biden droning on about the Obama regime’s success in Iraq: http://bit.ly/ViMvNh

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    If we are going to take in asylum seekers these are the people we should be taking in. It makes sense since we share a common heritage. The UK is largely secular, but its heritage is Christian. British Citizens who are Muslim go half, way around the world to maim and kill in support of Muslims. And in opposition to their own country. While, our politicians are too timid to take a stand for the Christians of the Middle east. Why can’t we give preference to Christians in matters of refugee policy.?

    • Bonkim

      Because the British are fair in all matters and don’t distinguish between colour, creed, and ethnicity when it comes to charity – the neediest need helping where they are but not bring them here. Refugees should find safety at the nearest safe location – not thousands of miles away. The Mid-East Christians are mainly Catholic or Eastern – their ideal location of safety would be Italy or Greece, even Russia.

      • Thaddeus lovelock

        Fair enough

    • Bonkim

      Many non-Islamists from Britain fought in foreign wars all through history either as mercenaries or because they believed in the cause. Remember Mad-Mitch and his men? Those that support IS and go to cause terror are just a handful in relation to the population – no different from say those that supported the Irish cause and caused terror in Britain for decades.

  • Peter Stroud

    Yet we continue to be told that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion. And that IS has nothing to do with Moslems.

  • hdb

    Well, the country is ‘full up’ as I have read on here a million times.

    To be honest, this isn’t a new situation. We were turning away Jews in 1939.

  • Arturo Franks

    why can’t Iraq’s Christians all get sanctuary in the West?

    Because while they may be Christians of a sort they are also Middle Easterners – with all that that implies.

  • Mister Rible

    Britain does not give a fig about their own daughters who were mass raped on an industrial scale for 2 decades, you want Britain to care about Christians?

    The only people who seem to get any support by our country are terrorists, rapists, nutters, jihadists and similar dregs of humanity.

  • Bonkim

    Can or should Britain absorb all the persecuted Christians (so called) from across the Globe?

  • Politically__Incorrect

    Why is the plight of Middle-East Christians selectively ignored by our politicians and the media? Possibly because Western politicians are too busy trying to bury our Christian heritage to find any compassion for those who believe in it. Their consciences have been dulled by an overdose of secularism.

    I can only suggest that those who care donate to organisations like Open Doors, which are doing their best to help those fleeing persecution. One wonders, if our politicians show such disinterest in the genocide of Christians abroad, will it show any interest when that persecution and violence arrives on our streets? One thing is sure, when it does arrive, no amount of multi-culturalism, political correctness, or equality legislation will stop that knife coming down on our necks.

  • Mary Wells

    Know liberty. Sow liberty: http://bit.ly/theLanterns

  • zoid

    interesting….there’s a post below ‘awaiting moderation’ from 17 days ago…usually disqus are far quicker in silencing dissenters….oh, hang on…the post is anti-semitic, so i’m sure it will sit there for a while yet…

  • JoBennets

    What makes you think these Christians would have a safe future here – they will be living amongst ISIS just the same as in their homelands. The only difference being the ISIS here aren’t fully active at the moment.

  • Carter Lee

    Are Christian lives any more valuable than the lives of agnostics?

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    The same people who are leaving Christians to a bloody fate in the Middle East, are the same ones persecuting them at home and importing their Islamic tormentors.

  • Mick Jones

    Well Douglas there is an article over on The New Statesman by a Muslim apologist entitled “Jesus: the Muslim prophet” which seems to be explaining where the Christians went wrong and the Muslims were right in their view of Jesus. It is by a chap called Mehdi Hasan, who was once caught on video saying some very unpleasant things about we non-believers. Oddly enough comments are not allowed in response:


    Why are we abandoning the Middle East’s Christians to Isis? Because we cannot even allow free speech in response to those who attack Christianity and promote their own Islamic ideology.

  • Andrew Morton

    I constantly ask the same question and I have written on numerous occasions to both my MP F. Maude who answers without explanation and to Cameron who doesn’t even bother to answer. Why?


  • Richard

    To reformulate what I stated a couple of weeks ago, there is a politically-correct pecking order, which operates in the same way as sets in mathematics.
    1) The darker the skin the less the possibility of doing wrong;
    2) The more removed from Christianity the less the possibility of doing wrong;
    3) The more primitive the less the possibility of doing wrong.

    1) The paler the skin the greater the possibility of doing wrong;
    2) The closer to Christianity the greater the possibly of doing wrong;
    3) The less primitive the greater the possibility of doing wrong.

    So, in the case of Christians in the region, although they satisfy (1) above, they fall down on (2). Muslims satisfy both (1) and (2) and so have the stronger hand. In the case of, say, Zimbabwe, blacks there satisfy (1) and (3), though not (2). However, whites satisfy none of the items in Proposition A (note the corollary) and so it is impossible to take their side or acknowledge their plight. In the case of slavery in Sudan, say, the Islamic slavers satisfy (2) and (3), though are not as dark as the slaves, so do not satisfy (1). However, the slaves do not satisfy (2), and so the slaves and slavers are more-or-less equal in the eyes of the Left.

    There is absolutely no mystery in why the West operates as it does. The dogma is quite comprehensible as stated above.

  • cartimandua

    Yes the West should take them in and then make ISIS glow in the dark.

  • Bonkim

    Why only Christians? And why only victims of ISIS? Why not help all the oppressed and disadvantaged of the world?

  • Because the West is no longer Christian.

  • Treebrain

    Never forget that David Cameron tried to get the UK to ally with ISIS and use the British military against the Assad regime that gives succour and shelter to Christians.

  • Eigen Vcctor

    We we warned by Gen. Bill Odom, among others, that the 2003 Iraq invasion would be one of the greatest strategic disasters in US history.

  • Rita

    its not just about Iraq christians, its about all arab christians, specially Lebanese ones, its very hard for us to get a visa to Europe! i dont understand why?!?! Europeans are struggling because of the massive muslims going to europe and destroying europe, but a christian is not allowed to get out of arab country!?! plz explain yourselves! I as a christian dont want to live where there is religion problems, and muslim terrorist occupying i want to leave LEBANON and live a normal life, without worrying one day they will take my house, just like how Zionist took my house and all my family belongings from HAIFA! i dont want history to repeat itself upon me and my future family, LET CHRISTIANS HAVE FREE PASS TO GET OUT OF MIDDLE EAST AREAS!!!!!

    • George

      “It’s not just about Iraq’s Christians, it’s about all Arab

      You must be aware of the fact that the Christian
      inhabitants of Iraq are almost entirely non-Arab, with the vast majority being
      ethnic Assyrians (the adherents of the Syriac Church Douglas attended would
      have been ethnic Assyrians) and a very small minority being Armenian.

      Lebanese Christians, Maronite or Greek Orthodox/Catholic, can
      define themselves however they wish, be it Arab, Phoenician or whatever-it’s
      not my concern.

      However, as an ethnic Assyrian myself, I must always
      emphasize to those, who may confuse the ethnicity of these Syrian/Iraqi
      Christians, that Assyrians are an entirely different ethnic group, with our own
      unique language (Modern Aramaic dialects), our own unique history (both in
      ancient times as well as the through the history of the Church of the East) and
      our own unique culture. In other words we are sharply distinct from Arab people
      in many different regards- not to mention the fact that we are indigenous to
      northern Mesopotamia, whereas Arabs are indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula.

      Nothing against Arabs by the way, it’s just important to
      point out that we are not the same people to those who are not competent with
      the demographics of the Middle East; I would appreciate if in future you would
      not be so ambiguous when referring to “Arab Christians” and do not include “Iraq’s
      Christians” (which must be a reference to Assyrians, as I have explained) in this

  • Teresita Emanuel

    Rita,The sad truth is that those in power in Europe don’t care about the christians in the Middle East, in fact they don’t care about the people in the Middle East whether they be christian or muslim.They are in fact responsible for the destabilisation and destruction of the Middle East at the behest of their zionist allies. The muslims are most certainly not destroying Europe. They, just like you, want to live in peace but as long as the US, Israel and their allies in Europe continue to wage war on countries they want to rob and plunder for their own enrichment, there will be no peace for anyone .

  • Haloge
  • Ivan M

    One word; Israel. If these were Jews you will hear no end blather and hand-wringing that the world has to wake up or face another Holocaust. But since a large of part of the cabal surrounding Netanyahu has been working over the years to destablise Syria and thereby harm Iran, we hear little from the perception managers called the Western journalists. Oh they are concerned about Christians alright but only after dealing with Assad and Hizballah.