Rod Liddle

Now even Fifa’s dinosaurs have learned to cry racism

You know an accusation has been stripped of all meaning when Sepp Blatter starts using it

14 June 2014

8:00 AM

14 June 2014

8:00 AM

Are all white women really prostitutes who should be avoided, as some children at those schools in Birmingham were apparently informed? This is obviously a delicate, if not rather fraught, area and one should tread carefully for fear of giving offence. I have given the matter a lot of thought and have tried to fashion a sort of middle way, amenable to both sides in the debate.

So, while everyone might agree that white women are to be avoided wherever possible, it seems to me to be overstating the case to characterise them all as prostitutes. I am not even certain that one could reasonably describe ‘most’ white women as being prostitutes. The Queen, for example, is not a prostitute, and nor, to my knowledge, is the Cambridge professor of classics, television’s Mary Beard. Several white women of my acquaintance are not prostitutes either, and one begins to wonder where such figures might have come from. (The school in question denies that any comments of this nature were made at all.)

Perhaps, then, in lieu of official statistics on the matter, ‘a substantial minority of white women are prostitutes, and all of them are to be avoided’ strikes the right sort of balance, upon which Muslim teachers and the feminists can agree. Indeed, that blanket derogation as applied to ‘all’ white women strikes me as, well, frankly borderline racist. But I am loth to use that term, as it has become so devalued of late. Indeed, as soon as I hear the word ‘racist’ bandied around I immediately suspect that whoever is doing the bandying has already lost the argument and is climbing into a bunker which he or she believes is impregnable, impossible to assail. It’s the real-life equivalent of the Get Out Of Jail Free card and has been effectively stripped of all meaning.

As evidence for that assertion above, I would refer you to the president of the body which governs world football, a Swiss gentleman called Sepp Blatter. Now I have already been racist in that very sentence, according to some people, by referring to Mr Blatter’s nationality when it is not directly relevant to the remainder of what I am about to say. In my defence I would argue that I thought you’d like to know where the chap’s from, if you were not already aware. But if you found the fact that I identified him as ‘Swiss’ offensive, I apologise.

Anyway, Sepp Blatter, who I firmly believe to be one of the most ghastly Europeans alive, has called me racist and possibly you racist, too. He has climbed, hands over his head, into the bunker. As I reported in this column last week, the process which resulted in Qatar being awarded the right to host the 2022 World Cup is alleged to have been corrupt on a quite epic level, reportedly involving a Qatari bunging various mostly African delegates vast bungs of money to secure their votes for this open, free, democratic and multi-party desert paradise. The Qatar bid committee denies any wrongdoing, and it is the reporting of this business and the horrible aspersions cast upon these fine and upstanding African citizens that Mr Blatter regards as ‘racist’.

If ever you wondered that this term has become devalued, hearing it uttered by Sepp Blatter is pretty much the clincher, I reckon. One of Sepp’s closest allies at Fifa was the former vice president, another unspeakably awful man called Julio Grondona, an Argentinian. Asked why there were so few Jewish referees kicking around, Grondona said: ‘I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at that level because it’s hard work and, you know, Jews don’t like hard work.’ Sepp seemed perfectly happy with this insightful analysis from his mate.

Incidentally, Grondona also voted for Qatar to host the World Cup. Asked by a German why he hadn’t voted for the USA, he said that would not be possible, because it was akin to voting for England, and he wouldn’t do that until we’d handed the ‘Malvinas’ back. Yes, yes, he seems a lovely chap, all things considered.

Blatter is unpleasant, but he is not an idiot: he has learned. Only a couple of years back he was shocked by the controversy whipped up over here when he suggested that racist abuse, when it occurs on a football pitch, should be settled with a simple shake of the hands between the players involved. He had not expected the fury which consequently engulfed him, with every anti-racist body in the UK (and a good few beyond) screaming that the Fifa president was making light of racism and therefore setting a shocking example and that any incidence of racism on a football pitch should be subject to a full judicial inquiry, an investigation by the police, and punishment meted out by a properly trained and non-racist firing squad, and the body of the perpetrator consensually dismembered and put on display as a warning to others.

It clearly registered in his brain that in western Europe, and particularly the UK, simply to raise the accusation of racism — regardless or not of whether that accusation is complete and utter hogwash — is sufficient to cleanse oneself of a multitude of sins, such is its weird and deranging force. Mr Blatter is now insisting that it is racist even to accuse he African delegates of pocketing large bungs. The last recourse.

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  • Gwangi

    The word ‘racism’ has been so overused and consequently devalued that it is in effect meaningless these days.

    Back in the day it made sense. Someone who hated those with another skin colour or wanted to go out P-bashing was a racist.

    These days, anyone who dares to ever criticise anyone with a dark skin pigmentation is labelled as racist by the high priests of the witch-hunting church of diversity and equality worship. No wonder they do this – they make fat profits and enjoy well-paid careers in the diversity and race industry by deliberately exaggerating levels of racism and discrimination. So why on earth would they want to tell the truth?

    Racism is massively less than it used to be: fact. That is why spurious concepts such as ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘Insitiutional Racism’ have to be invented. Because you see, most British people are not racist (and are far less racist than most Asians and many blacks who definitely would not want their daughter marrying a white atheist man!)

    The Blather man is an eejit. Can’t we arrest him for his obvious corruption? Or would that be racist too? Maybe he can be in goal for England? His bulk is so adipose and his hot air so foetid, no doubt it would repel more goals from the English goalmouth than any of our ‘racist and hideously white’ footie players.

    • Bonkim

      Spot on. Racism/sectarianism/Classism are the dominant themes in much of South and South East Asia. In Islamic countries Heinz 66 varieties are persecuting and killing each other. May be because concepts of equality has sunken in British society we see the contrast with other countries where it has been endemic all along.

    • Terry Field

      The word never meant anything. Every human being is ‘race’ or ‘group’ aware. Everyone.
      It means something different to every individual .
      There is no commonality of response; the word therefore describes only the neurosis in the head of the accuser.

      • Kitty MLB

        Indeed, we are the human race.
        Its also utterly obsurd that if you make your feelings
        known in regards to some Muslims you might also
        be called a racist, regardless of the fact that Islam
        is a religion and not a race.

        • Gwangi

          Ah yes but that is why the Runnymede trust came up with the word and concept of ‘Islamophobia’ in 1997 – it specifically wanted to link religion (well, just Islam) and race, in order to go after anyone who dared criticise Muslims.

          Funnily enough, the BNP were at the time always to link religion and race, but they obviously didn’t see the irony – possibly because their vision was obscured by their gigantic bushy beards and/or their great big burka-boatrace masks…

          • Ed LoveNest

            racism against blacks isn’t so bad now but racism against muslims does exist, that’s why they always gather togethe

          • Gwangi

            ‘Muslim’ is NOT a race. It is absurd to think of it as one – like thinking ‘Christian’ is a race, or ‘Liberal Democrat’.
            People are understandably wary and suspicious of Muslims, seeing as 15% of UK Muslims thought 9/11 a ‘good thing’ and over 45% ‘understood’ it. This may be a minority of UK Muslims, but it is a large one – and these extremists are the enemy within, living separate lives in their backwards primitive mosques and madrassa stat schools.
            Hatred against Muslims comes mostly from Muslims, in my experience. That whole Shia/Sunni ting; and both of them hate the Sufis. And all of those 3 groups hate the Ahmadiyya Muslims and other sects. And of course, most Muslims hate the Hindus and the Jews – would they let their daughter marry a one? Nope.
            In my experience, Asians and black people are way more racist than the vast majority of white people – and this is usually excused by white leftie hypocrites as being ‘their culture’. Pathetic. Multiculturalism was a mistake as an ideology; we need Integrationism. But we need to undo almost 50 years of error, which has spawned terrorists, child killers, force marriage merchants, and the enemy within.
            Where is the march by Muslims supporting tolerance and this country? Where the display of decency and loyalty from moderate Muslims? And yet, someone writes a book or draws a cartoon and Muslims soon take to the streets. The fact is, as most British people agree (I mean REAL British people, not just those with passports), it was a mistake to let millions of Muslims enter Britain or Europe at all.

    • Damaris Tighe

      spot on

  • Hippograd

    But think of the consequences of admitting that accusations of racism are a tool for crooks, psychopaths and non-entities to get their own way. No Diane Abbott. No Dame Lawrence. No decades-long enrichment of the UK from Jamaica, Somalia, Pakistan and other vibrant Third World nations.

    It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

    • goatmince

      Sorry mate, I like my goat curried. Get over it.

      • Hippograd

        It’s curious how often defenders of vibrancy refer immediately to food. It’s almost as tho’ the world revolves around them and their taste-buds. But that would be self-centred and juvenile, so presumably the world doesn’t. Some advice, all the same: next time, defend vibrancy by referring to the intellectual stimulation provided by Jamaican astrophysicists and Pakistani moral philosophers. In short, try dragging us xenophobes up to your level. It’s a hopeless task, but you’ll be storing up treasures in heaven.

        you gay countryside types

        Not “batty-boy countryside types”?

  • Fenman

    The Swiss bit is rather important, because FIFA is resident in Switzerland. They have anti-fraud and corruption laws there, so why aren’t the Swiss ploce investigating FIFA. After all they have done such a good job on their crooked banks.
    Wiil the Eurpeans or the FA have the nerve to sue FIFA? Don’t hold yr breath, but England shd have a good case, as shd the USA.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      Because FIFA keep their money in a Swiss bank? Just a thought.

    • gelert

      I think it was the US that forced the Swiss to clean up their banks. Switzerland is also home to the huge Red Cross organisation and other assorted quangos.

  • Damaris Tighe

    You only have to read some of the comments on Douglas’s piece on the Trojan Horse affair today to see how devalued the charge of racism has become. References to the Holocaust & gas chambers are used to try to shut down debate about the influence of Islam in schools! Of course, it just doesn’t work any more but fascinating to see the attempt to suppress an argument by name-calling & false analogy.

    • Kitty MLB

      Oh yes the word ‘racism is banded around far to much.
      Also we must shut down any debate on the influence
      of Islam in Schools, our little mites can only be enriched
      by being influenced by a medieval ideology, a good
      history lesson for the the little sponges.

  • Alexsandr

    i am at a loss why national football associations are not leaving the corrupt and discredited FIFA in droves.

    • lakelander

      Indeed, why not? The FA seal their disrepute by not doing so.

    • lakelander

      Indeed, why not? The FA seal their disrepute by not doing so.

  • Terry Field

    I hate Mant Rays
    I’m a raycist.

  • Liz

    There were a lot of Muslim prostitutes in Morocco. They all sat in their nicaabs along a little wall in the central square, opposite the kids begging for food and the men running the shops and restaurants.

  • (The school in question denies that any comments of this nature were made at all.)
    Not to echo Mandi Rice-Davies, but it would, wouldn’t it?

    • Damaris Tighe

      it’s called taqiya

  • Interesting that Google ignored D-day but has given two consecutive days, and different cartoons, to FIFA….

    • Kitty MLB

      Yes that was the perfect insult and very fitting.Cicero also
      said some were not born they were excreted….
      but enough of this..whatever this is meant to be 🙂

    • Kitty MLB

      Oh I forgot. I see you have changed your shoes, at some point you must be, Puss in Kitten Heels.

  • Torybushhug

    My first post.
    The likes of Alibah- Browne hold an asymmetric position of power. She was able to instantly commandeer the police, the council and vocal organs of the quangocracy to have that Tory tweeter severely punished for making that jokey tweet about stoning her, yet she has carte-blanch to robustly castigate figures such as Clarkson.

    • gelert

      Mehdi Hasan and A-B. A marriage made in heaven.

    • Damaris Tighe

      and muslim advocates of stoning operate at will

  • global city

    Hopefully, by engaging this outrageous tactic, Blatter will have done us an inadvertent favour, by highlighting how absurd it is. It is equally as absurd and underhand when used in other instances…. which is nearly ALL of the time!

  • dan

    Blatter’s white FFS. The man takes chutzpah to new levels

  • Ed LoveNest

    racism against blacks isn’t so bad now but racism against muslims does exist, that’s why they always gather together

  • suzy61

    “Sepp Blatter… of the most ghastly Europeans alive”…..this article was a delight to read. Long live freedom of speech.

  • Mark McIntyre

    J’S’B = a Swiss Gnome = racist ? – aye – and proud to be so (in this instance) !