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Why doesn't Stephen Fry boycott the Saudis as well as the Russians? 

The Sochi Games are being held on the edge of a war zone with Muslim extremists, yet the media concentrate only on gay rights

15 February 2014

9:00 AM

15 February 2014

9:00 AM

Call me sentimental, but I’ve never seen a better opening ceremony than the Sochi one, evoking Russia’s great past in literature and in many other things. The ballet sequence was tops, especially the acrobatics by the black-clad dancer portraying the cruel officer in War and Peace who seduced Natasha. All those hysterics about boycotts and terrorism, they were just hypocritical sensationalism by those PC jerks that seem to be running our lives nowadays.

We westerners are averse to any discipline, impervious to duty, and disinclined to belong to a nation. We owe allegiance only to ourselves and love only ourselves. Not so over in Russia, where there’s a mystic connection between the nation and every single man and woman born there. Never underestimate the love of Russians for the land of Pushkin and Dostoevsky and Tolstoy and Chekhov. I could go on and on. As it happens, I’m reading Brian Moynahan’s Leningrad book, reviewed in The Spectator last month. The gallant Wehrmacht troops couldn’t believe the ferocity of the defenders. And all the time, while starving and dying in the bitter cold but bravely resisting the Germans, Stalin’s evil agents were arresting and shooting innocent people for slights towards the regime, real or imagined.

I’ve always insisted that, had the Nazi machine following the Wehrmacht blitzkrieg acted in a humane manner in Ukraine, the Russians would not have fought as fanatically as they did, especially in Leningrad and Stalingrad. Now I’m not so sure. Borodino in 1812 was actually a tie, and Napoleon’s troops committed no atrocities, yet the Russian soul resisted and it was a soul that had known only enslavement. When black American grunts shot their officers in Vietnam, the usual suspects gave them the benefit of the doubt, using past slavery as the excuse. So what were the Russians? Free men, when they burned Moscow in retreat but finally chased the great Napoleon back to Paris?

Modern man has no past and certainly no future. He is uncivilised and unaware of his noble traditions. He is no patriot, but bows to the edicts of grey suits in Brussels as long as they promise him a life of ease, which is in itself the big lie. Modern man has no religion, no loyalty, no family, just a desire to please himself. Modern man has been indoctrinated to owe ‘nobody nothing’, except to the Third World. Which brings me back to Russia.

Why were the media so anxious to paint Russia as a brutal authoritarian state with a modern Stalin at its head? A moron in the NY Times quoted the father of four terrorists whom the security services had correctly blown away the day the games were starting 180 miles away, thank God, as if he were Moses and had just come down from the Mount. The Sochi games are being held on the edge of a war zone where Muslim extremists operate, yet the media concentrate on gay rights that are respected in Russia although hardly applauded. My question is, why doesn’t Stephen Fry ask for boycotts against anything from Saudi Arabia or Nigeria, where homosexuality is punished by death? I’ll tell you why, because criticising Muslims might get his head blown off, cut off rather, and Nigerians are black, hence above criticism and boycotts. In Nigeria, corruption, top to bottom, pervades life and it is getting worse, not better. Saudi Arabia, of course, enslaves foreign workers, stones adulterers, sticks women indoors, but it’s Putin we go after, week in and week out. In 1980, Uncle Sam boycotted the Moscow Olympics because the USSR had invaded Afghanistan; 22 years later Uncle Sam copied the Russian bear, so go figure.

Another thing the West cannot abide is Russia’s turn towards Christianity since the collapse of Godless communism. Our élite view this as a backward step, Christianity being our favourite whipping boy nowadays. The big corporations, of course, are anti-Russian and anti-Putin because they’re refused total access to the land’s mineral wealth and natural resources. Russia is not Guatemala and does not sell her lands to western investors. The big crooks, as in oligarchs, are already settled in the West — Britain, France and Israel. They took everything they could, laundered their moolah and are now our problem, not Russia’s. We bow and scrape to these barbarians the way we bow and scrape in front of the Saudis and Qataris, camel drivers who should never be allowed on European soil because of their human rights violations back home against minorities, women, gays and foreign workers. Yet it’s Putin who wears the black hat.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Baroness Ashton, the EU’s foreign minister, I believe (although as with all cons the EU uses different phrasing), is pissed off with Putin and his leaning on Ukraine to stop it from listening to the EU’s siren song. Russia is a great power and is looking out for her interests. How dare she? Let’s face it, the EU is the greatest con ever perpetrated, as is the hypocrisy involved where the winter Olympics and Sochi are concerned. As of writing, the games have been a great success and all the naysayers have been proved wrong. Next week I will be Emil Zola, without the talent, and tell you how class warfare and the British judicial system have railroaded a member of the aristocracy in a manner reminiscent of the Soviet Union.

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  • Terry Field

    Saw Fry in 12 Night in NYC – VERY average and seemed not to be trying.
    A spent force?
    Would not live in the States because no cheese – IDIOT – more great specialty cheeses than ~France!

    • Dicky14

      I don’t mind Fry wibbling drivel, he’s just an older Russel Brand but it’s the air time given to the vacuous guff that vexes. And how is it ‘phobic’ to simply not promote something – more homoapathetic if anything.

    • bwims

      It all depends where you live. It’s like eating in Poland and saying you hate European food. There are parts of the Northeast where you have to search to get good cheese, and I’m sure there are others, but for God’s sake! The size of that continent! How hard did he look?

    • edlancey

      “no cheese” – he was probably referring to all the rough trade he was picking up being circumcised.

  • Doggie Roussel

    Stephen Fry is very queer

    • nicholasi

      “Stephen Fry is very queer” : Stephen Fry is ultra jew.

      • Picquet

        Now I’m offended.

        • nicholasi

          Now you’re offended? Oy vey! We can’t have that. I’d rather not use the word “jew”, but their real identity-word is considered “offensive” here.

          • Picquet

            No, your mindset is considered “offensive” here and most places (Saudi apart). Being Jewish is a privilege you’ll never have, clearly. Neither will I, but I do think that your obvious prejudice is just dirty.

  • David

    Ridiculous article based on a completely false premise. Stephen Fry has criticsed African anti-gay laws. He was filming a documentary on the subject last year when he attempted suicide: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2337355/Stephen-Fry-Troubled-star-Africa-filming-series-gay-hating-bigots-tried-kill-himself.html

    And he’s also criticised Muslims. In fact, he had to defend himself against accusations of Islamophobia using exactly the same kind of arguments I’m sure the Spectator would love: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/stephen-fry-hits-back-at-accusations-of-islamophobia-8793025.html

    And do you really not think that ‘corruption, top to bottom, pervades life and it is getting worse’ in Russia as well? Do a bit of digging into how much Sochi cost and who won the various contracts to carry out construction

    By the way, the fact that ‘the Sochi games are being held on the edge of a war zone where Muslim extremists operate’ shouldn’t be some kind of mitigating factor in western perceptions of them. The reason they are being held there is because Putin chose that location, despite the fact that climactic conditions in Sochi are completely unsuitable. Another example of the corrupt nature of the state he has created.

    • Doggie Roussel

      Fry keeps telling us about his depression and failed suicide attempts… why, if he’s such a clever dude, have all his attempts been unsuccessful ?

      • Snecma

        If only he could try a bit harder.

    • ReefKnot

      You’ve been saving up those links, haven’t you.

      • David

        Either that or I follow the news, have a memory and am capable of using Google. But I don’t see why it makes any difference.

    • Doggie Roussel

      I actually saw the programme that Fry made in Africa when he was asked by an African civil servant to explain the physical nature of homosexual love…. and, Oh Boy, our Stephen gave it all in graphic detail… it was sick buckets all round on that particular night’s viewing.

      Chacun a son gout

      • David

        It’s been shown by psychologists that men who exhibit explicit homophobia are very often repressing their own homosexual desires (http://my.psychologytoday.com/files/u47/Henry_et_al.pdf). This is especially the case with those who are at pains to let everyone know how repugnant they find the physical act of male-male sexual intercourse.

        Anything you want to tell us Doggie?

        • Doggie Roussel

          Well, personally, I did find one sexual practice of male gays, which Fry described in graphic detail, nauseating; but if that’s what these geezers want to get up to, it’s fine by me; it’s legal and it’s championed by all the liberal, touchy-feely left wing.

          So it must be OK….

          And, David, following your train of thought regarding suppressed homosexuality, is anyone who condemns murder, for example, therefore presumed to be a latent murderer ?

          • David

            The problem is in about 80 countries it’s not legal.

            Murder is completely different. In a murder, by definition one party is an unwilling participant. So it’s nothing like gay sex between two consenting adults. Murder is by its nature immoral, and is naturally be regarded as such by the vast majority of people; homosexuality isn’t inherently immoral, it has just been portrayed as such by many religions.

        • GenJackRipper

          Hey pseudo-freud, thanks for the psychological analysis. Did you get your degree in a cereal box?

        • nicholasi

          “It’s been shown by psychologists that men who exhibit explicit homophobia are very often repressing their own homosexual desires .”

          (1) By “psychologists” you mean jew voodoo witch doctors.

          (2) “Homophobia” is a jew-word to pathologise normal people.

    • bwims

      Where has Fry called for a boycott against muslims?

    • nicholasi

      “[The Jew] Fry had to defend himself against accusations of Islamophobia” — a word and concept invented by the jew Dick Rose and his jew Runnymede outfit.

  • BuzzK

    Wow…hide a country’s faults behind the Muslim boogyman….It has a familiar ring to it. You have to seriously question the logic of a person who wants to replace criticism with ethnic prejudice…

    “We are here in Sochi for the Olypics in Russia, a mere 3900 kilometers from Saudi Arabia where they kill you for being gay….”

    Yeah, that sounds about right. For a hater.

    • bwims

      Oh of course, we cannot criticise a religion founded by a psychotic murdering paedophile because it’s waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyycccccccciiiiissssssstttttttt
      hate hate hate etc.

      I smell a Marxist with a dog whistle.

      • BuzzK

        All I am saying is it is getting old. Listening to hasbara dou chebags hating on Islam to cover their own country’s crimes and prejudices.

        • Cyril Sneer

          Perhaps if Islam stopped doing the same old sh t then maybe people wouldn’t hate on Islam for doing the same old sh t.

          Look at the news, every single fudging day. There is damn good reason why people hate on Islam.

          Accusing people of being hasbara douchbags doesn’t help your case – you don’t need to be hasbara, pro-jew, to understand that Islam is hazardous to your health, you just need to be aware of what goes on in the world.

          • BuzzK

            What a good simple little puppet you are….believing all the news … Like Islam is a violent religion…even when it is the West that invades and occupies their countries…places puppet dictators in the governments…kills hundreds of thousands of their civilians…transports and tortures them at black sites.

            I’m glad you’re immune to all that. Propaganda needs you. Israel needs you. Oil companies, weapons dealers and war profiteers need you. Military no-bid contractors need you. So keep up the good work.

  • David Lindsay

    One assumes, based on the principles that certain people would have applied to the Sochi Olympics, that England will be withdrawing from Test Cricket.

    Unlike in Russia, male homosexual activity, in particular, is illegal in almost every country that plays it; in parts of Pakistan, it is in practice punishable by death.

    Even in Australia, an attempt by the Australian Capital Territory to introduce same-sex marriage has been struck down in the High Court as contrary to federal law.

    And there must obviously be no question of going to football’s 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

    Or have I missed something?

    • bwims

      Yes. You’ve missed the point that muslim rights trump all other rights.

      • David Lindsay

        They are not predominantly Muslims in India, less so in Sri Lanka, even less so again in South Africa, and barely at all, although Muslims do exist, in the West Indies or in Zimbabwe (despite, in the latter case, claims to the contrary).

        All of those countries except South Africa, and most of the cricket-playing countries of the West Indies, have bans on homosexual activity. Those laws are of precisely British colonial origin, and nothing whatever to do with Islam.

      • nicholasi

        “muslim rights trump all other rights” !? — Are you forgetting The Jew?

        • Picquet

          Which one? Me?

          • nicholasi

            I meant Jewman “Rights” trump everything in states under jewlaw.

          • Picquet


          • nicholasi

            “Cock”? Is that what you are into? Is that your god, as it is the god of this filthy jew Fry?

  • Snecma

    An excellent article by Taki, exposing the hypocrisy and self interest of the North London “liberal” morons.

  • nilbud

    Pat Condell is Taki

  • Peter Stroud

    Brilliant article. Absolutely right about ‘know all’ Fry: the chap is a total cowardly self publicist.

  • ernestmally

    Re your grudge match with Saatchi, I note that you now claim to be 5’9″ & and 180lbs. Is this due to your miracle drinking diet (you never mention food) as in Nov 17 2012 you claimed to be 5’8″ and 18-lbs in the piece on senior karate matchings.

  • igor.s

    Bravo !

  • bwims

    Good Article! In so many words, it sums up Fry as the gutless coward he is.

  • Dmitry Outpost

    Well, my dear author. Do not expect the appluases. You still understand not so much. You just turned close about to reveal the great fake Russophobic propaganda your governments provide, according to them transnational capital bosses. Little add-on – your so-called “enslaved 19ad Russians” called “krepostnoe Pravo” – totally rejected in 1862 in Russia, is still mainly used in the UK Public Law in general manners, you can taste it if one day you will decide to move abroad in the not Anglo-Saxon state, while divorcing with your wife..) Moynohan’s “Leningrad book” is a Jewish fake, based on idea to blame the Stalins antisemitic movement, because of Soviet Jews forever were trying to consume official grants (as they often do in different states actually), I’m sorry (not) but its true. Just because we live in here, and experienced Leningads Blockade in real, not by “horrible soviet tutors books” as you used to think, while “gallant Werhmacht soldiers” as you called them, used corpses of the dead civilians, also children, as road signs, while were competing to kill as much roped children with one bullet of Luger pistol, ..for fun.
    With Russian love, and human hatred. xxx
    p.s. we are discussing nuclear revenge for Matius the Giraffe, bastards. xD

    • nicholasi

      You were on a roll there, Dima (esp. by Naming The Jew), but got off course with your jewey attack on the Wehrmacht.

  • nicholasi

    “Why were the media so anxious to paint Russia as a brutal authoritarian state” – Because The Jew owns the “Western” media, and The Jew hates Russia.

    “A modern Stalin”? The Jew put Stalin in power, and set up the USSR.

    “Our élite view this as a backward step, Christianity being our favourite whipping boy nowadays.” – Who/what is “our” “eilte”? : The Jew.

  • nicholasi

    The first step in solving the UK’s problems:

    Magna Carta, 1297:

    10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, die before that loan be repaid, the debt shall not bear interest while the heir is under age, of whomsoever he may hold; and if the debt fall into our hands, we will not take anything except the principal sum contained in the bond.

    11. And if anyone die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left under age, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and out of the residue the debt shall be paid, reserving, however, service due to feudal lords; in like manner let it be done touching debts due to others than Jews.

  • nicholasi

    Under British jewlaw The Jew Fry has the jewman right to do and say whatever he likes about the “goyim”.