Portrait of the week: A Covid Budget, a Cotswold meteor and Angelina Jolie sells Churchill’s painting

6 March 2021 9:00 am

Home First-dose coronavirus vaccinations totalled more than 20 million. A study suggested that in the over-eighties, a single dose of…

The moral debate over Covid jabs for children

6 March 2021 9:00 am

The ethics of Covid jabs for children

The word ‘like’ is in crisis

6 March 2021 9:00 am

‘Blame Kingsley Amis,’ said my husband, with the carelessness of one defying a man out of earshot. The blame, such…

The EU's ugly vaccine nationalism

5 March 2021 5:09 am

We have to rid the world of vaccine nationalism. No one is protected until we are all protected. And we…

Oxford’s remarkable vaccine success

2 March 2021 5:48 am

It is worth taking a moment to stand back and applaud Sarah Gilbert and the Oxford vaccine team’s achievement. The…

EU leaders’ vaccine sniping backfires

2 March 2021 5:13 am

The eyes of the world have been on Britain’s vaccination programme in recent months, as the UK government embarked on…

What will life look like after 21 June?

27 February 2021 9:00 am

‘Alas’ is a word used many times by Boris Johnson during the pandemic. It is how he prefaces announcements that…

English beef: the sinister side to France’s mistrust of Britain

27 February 2021 9:00 am

The sinister side to France’s mistrust of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’

Why is Tony Blair driving government policy?

27 February 2021 9:00 am

Why is the former PM driving Covid policy?

Which Covid vaccine is really the most effective?

27 February 2021 9:00 am

State of the art Graffiti on Edvard Munch’s first version of ‘The Scream’ was revealed to be the work of…

Why do old people have fewer antibodies after the vaccine?

26 February 2021 1:02 am

The UK policy of delaying second doses of the Pfizer vaccine has been criticised by some as risky, with Pfizer…

Face masks in schools: a note on the evidence

24 February 2021 11:54 pm

Secondary-school children returning to school from 8 March will be required to wear masks in classrooms, at least for several…

Germany is regretting its criticism of the Oxford Covid jab

24 February 2021 8:15 pm

Germany’s fridges are filled with Oxford jabs. But there’s a problem: 80 per cent of the 735,000 doses delivered to Germany…

We could all pay the price for the EU's foolish vaccine nationalism

23 February 2021 10:31 pm

I’m a card carrying, Europe-loving, wishy-washy centre-left liberal. It therefore pains me to point this out: the EU in general,…

Vaccination offers us a road out of lockdown. Let’s take it

21 February 2021 6:00 pm

As an epidemiologist and doctor who volunteered to return to the frontline in both waves, I have seen first hand…

Where will vaccine passports take us?

20 February 2021 9:00 am

Desperate to find someone to commemorate with a statue for having done great things, but who isn’t a white male,…

Power jab: the rise of vaccine diplomacy

20 February 2021 9:00 am

An international power tussle over vaccines is under way

The need for speed: can we outpace Covid?

20 February 2021 9:00 am

Can we outpace Covid?

Are Germans losing faith in the European project?

19 February 2021 6:00 pm

Germans are increasingly losing faith in the European Union due to its bungled handling of the vaccine roll-out. Germany and…

Covid cases have collapsed

19 February 2021 1:40 am

Last month, Imperial College’s React study claimed that new cases of Covid were static or even rising slightly. This contradicted…

Why Eastern Europe is looking to Russia and China for vaccines

18 February 2021 6:00 pm

With Central and Eastern European countries still gripped by Covid-19, the EU’s slow vaccine rollout has offered little solace in…

Why are so many health workers turning down the vaccine?

16 February 2021 12:15 am

On Saturday the government hit its target of administering a first vaccine dose to 15 million of the highest-risk groups…

Portrait of the week: A royal baby, Boohoo buyouts and France legalises lunch al desko

13 February 2021 9:00 am

Home On Sunday 7 February, as the week began, 11,465,210 people in the United Kingdom had received a first vaccination…

Papers, please: immunity IDs are on the way

13 February 2021 9:00 am

Where will vaccine passports lead?

Tory nerves are growing over Boris Johnson's Covid strategy

13 February 2021 1:21 am

When the third lockdown was voted on in the House of Commons last month, there was a smaller Tory rebellion than the previous…