Paul Collits

Fascism pretending to be manners

5 August 2022 10:00 am

Notoriously, the very brief tenure as Liberal Party leader of Alexander Downer came to a shuddering halt in January 1995…

The closing of the Australian mind

13 July 2022 9:00 am

The quietly resurrected Alan Tudge, now Shadow Education Minister in the freshly minted Opposition, probably hopes the Albanese government won’t…

Australia’s true ‘voiceless’

7 July 2022 10:00 am

The Aboriginal bureaucracy, and possibly some Indigenous people themselves, have been agitating for a ‘Voice’. Surprisingly, these advocates think that…

The election and its discontents

19 June 2022 11:00 am

So, the election has come and gone. It was a disappointing, loud, and ultimately vacuous show about nothing. It saw…

Saving the Liberal left?

21 May 2022 9:00 am

Howard’s ‘broad church’ no longer exists

The silence of the wolves

30 April 2022 9:00 am

Who will pay for the devastation caused by Covid policies?

Circling the Liberal wagons (again)

9 April 2022 9:00 am

No room in the broad church for conservatives

Aussie life

12 March 2022 9:00 am

There’s nothing like a war and a flood to ease pretend problems like exaggerated viral outbreaks off the front pages.…

Two Australias

19 February 2022 9:00 am

The insiders versus the outsiders

Justin Langer thrown under the cricket bus

8 February 2022 4:00 am

Ian Chappell was a peerless captain and has provided cricket tragics – whether readers, viewers, or (now) listeners – with…

Tony Abbott for PM – of Britain!

25 January 2022 12:00 pm

The conservative stalwart broadcaster Mark Steyn has made the suggestion, in apparent seriousness, that the British Tories should draft Tony…

The strange emergence of the anti-vaxxer bogeyman

18 January 2022 2:00 pm

To Sir (!) Tony Blair, they are selfish idiots. To Bob Carr, they are simpletons. To the Archbishop of Canterbury…

Do not go quietly, George Christensen

15 December 2021 9:00 am

The gas-lighting of retiring MP George Christensen by senior Coalition figures in Canberra is a disgrace. It is also very,…

Testing Perrottet

27 November 2021 9:00 am

The NSW Premier must not betray those who have supported him the most

Gladys & the ICAC porn

6 November 2021 9:00 am

The politics of granting grants needs an overhaul

How to kill a country

23 October 2021 9:00 am

Past leaders are looking pretty good

Ten questions for the incoming NSW premier

4 October 2021 2:44 pm

This article was to be titled “Ten Questions for Gladys Berejiklian”, but … well, there you go.  Much ink will inevitably be…

Australia fails the character test

18 September 2021 9:00 am

Bad actors take centre-stage in our Covid Theatre

Covid statistics tell a different story

21 August 2021 9:00 am

Just how scared should we really be?

One continent, eight nations

26 July 2021 3:05 pm

The British rugby fans have their Six Nations. Well, we now have eight nations, if you count our beloved territories. …

Wink wink, nudge nudge!

17 July 2021 9:00 am

Governments’ scary behaviour

John Anderson’s victory

22 June 2021 5:00 pm

The decision of the good pre-selectors of the National Party to resist the attempt by its remaining elder statesman, John…

Abbott’s leadership

19 June 2021 9:00 am

Even arch critics like Niki Savva recognise his great skill

The centre-right cannot hold

8 June 2021 6:04 pm

With apologies to WB Yeats and Joan Didion, the lost, snookered souls of the Australian electorate are now slouching, not…

The real miracle of Upper Hunter

25 May 2021 3:14 pm

“A Gladys Miracle”, the Sunday papers shouted. The miracle narrative has left the station. We will soon, no doubt, be adding “historic” and,…