Nick Robinson

Voters still don’t know what Keir Starmer stands for

22 June 2024 9:00 am

Keir Starmer is frustrated. He wants to talk about the future but interviewers like me will insist on asking him…

My run-in with Nigel Farage

5 August 2023 9:00 am

To think I once thought cricket dull. For more than 40 days and 40 nights, I have been gripped by…

Letter from Estonia

25 February 2023 9:00 am

Why political interviews matter

27 August 2022 9:00 am

She’ll never do it. She’d have to be mad. Why take the risk? That’s what everyone said when I announced…

My escape from Kiev

5 March 2022 9:00 am

My relief – and guilt – at getting out of Ukraine

Nick Robinson: Am I a superspreader?

7 March 2020 9:00 am

‘Aren’t you meant to be in quarantine?’ the man in the cloakroom queue asks. I sense that his enquiry is…

Nick Robinson: Am I the new John Humphrys?

21 September 2019 9:00 am

The nation is deeply divided. We can, it seems, talk of almost nothing else. Passions could scarcely be higher. No…

Nick Robinson: I’ve underestimated Boris ever since our Oxford clashes

20 July 2019 9:00 am

By this time next week the Johnson era will surely have begun. ‘We can, we will, we must now escape…

Nick Robinson’s diary: What dog will donate its vocal cords to me?

28 November 2015 9:00 am

Scientists are experimenting with growing replacement vocal cords in the lab, as well as transplanting them from dogs. That was…