Freddy Gray

Freddy Gray is deputy editor of The Spectator. He was formerly literary editor of The American Conservative.

The Twitter Files just got a lot more interesting

7 December 2022 9:37 pm

As I wrote earlier, last week Matt Taibbi, the journalist chosen by Elon Musk to reveal what really happened behind-the-app…

How Twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story

3 December 2022 10:45 pm

For weeks now, Twitter’s new chief Elon Musk has been promising to reveal what really happened behind the scenes at…

Is Kanye West really out to derail Trump? 

3 December 2022 9:00 am

Is Kanye West really out to derail Trump?

Is Donald Trump the Jeb Bush of 2024?

19 November 2022 4:00 pm

Donald Trump has been running for president for at least a decade. His campaign did not start on June 16,…

Is Donald Trump the Jeb Bush of 2024?

19 November 2022 9:00 am

The world changes but Trump stays the same

Is Nixon the most misunderstood president in history?

13 November 2022 6:30 pm

Has the reputation of any American statesman been more effectively trashed than that of Richard Milhous Nixon? Donald Trump’s, perhaps…

Midterm madness: the only clear winner is paranoia

12 November 2022 9:00 am

America’s only clear election winner is paranoia

Midterms: No red wave, America is still very divided

9 November 2022 5:35 pm

Is it a red wave? A ripple? Or a trickle? Nobody quite knows. However, what looks certain is that the…

How worried are the Democrats about the US midterms?

8 November 2022 1:44 am

‘There are two things that are important in politics,’ said the 19th century senator Mark Hanna. ‘The first is money…

The Tories are addicted to self-destruction

1 November 2022 9:28 pm

Well, that round of party unity was fun, wasn’t it? Rishi Sunak, the pragmatist, ushered in an unfamiliar sense of…

Just how bad will the midterms be for the Democrats?

22 October 2022 1:57 pm

Towards the end of the summer, almost in a spirit of contrarianism, well-informed Americans started talking about President Joe Biden…

How bad will the midterms be for the Democrats?

22 October 2022 9:00 am

Should the Democrats expect a shellacking in the US midterms?

A bluffer’s guide to (yet another) Tory leadership race

21 October 2022 3:05 am

Here we go again – another leadership contest, another round of intense Westminster blather. Lightweight would-be commentators may feel their…

Meghan Markle's podcast is about the word ‘crazy.’ And it’s barking mad

12 October 2022 5:41 am

‘Calling someone crazy or hysterical completely dismisses their experience,’ says Meghan Markle in her strangely throaty professional podcast voice. ‘It…

Ten handy phrases for bluffing your way through the new financial crisis

29 September 2022 12:15 am

Aggggghhh! Woooaaaah! Urrrggghhhh! Those screams you hear are ten thousand self-appointed financial experts howling into the existential abyss. The Bank…

Joe Biden's Taiwan muddle has become untenable

19 September 2022 9:47 pm

Under Joe Biden, the longstanding American policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’ vis-à-vis Taiwan has taken on a curious post-modern quality. The…

Biden is treating his political opponents like domestic terrorists

14 September 2022 9:57 pm

What is going on in America? A celebrity eccentric known as ‘the Pillow guy’, his real name is Mike Lindell,…

Get ready for Liz mania

6 September 2022 3:00 pm

Here she is, then. Liz Truss is Britain’s third woman Prime Minister and she’s already suffering from the not-so-soft bigotry…

Drama queens: the return of Meghan and Harry

3 September 2022 9:00 am

Harry and Meghan are back with a vengeance

Is Joe Biden… winning?

27 August 2022 7:52 pm

Well, well, well – Joe Biden seems to be making something of a comeback. His approval rating, which dropped to…

Farewell, St Anthony Fauci

23 August 2022 3:30 pm

So farewell, Anthony Fauci, the unfortunate face of America’s pandemic response. Well, not so unfortunate – the doctor is stepping…

Is Liz Cheney a ‘martyr’ to Republican values?

17 August 2022 6:41 pm

In perhaps the least surprising electoral result we’ll see in America this year, the Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney lost to…

Going bananas: Biden's America is fast regressing

13 August 2022 9:00 am

America is fast regressing

Meghan Markle’s feelings don’t care about your facts

27 July 2022 8:50 pm

Did Meghan Markle grow up as an only child? She said she did, in that famously awful Oprah interview. Yet…

Trump’s return: is the Bad Orange Man on his way back to the White House?

23 July 2022 9:00 am

Is he about to stage his comeback?