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New Zealand’s politicians are ruining the country

11 June 2022

9:00 AM

11 June 2022

9:00 AM

That the worst Prime Minister New Zealand has ever had has bought into the climate emergency scam – or finds it convenient to endorse it – is not surprising. What is unforgivable is that the leader of the opposition, and apparently every MP, is supporting this canard. The sheer ignorance involved in endorsing this fake, global warming scenario is not only quite shocking. It’s also inflicting increased taxation and compliance issues across multiple areas on New Zealanders, especially those who can least afford it.

Targeting motorists to reduce by 20 per cent the number of people using cars – the most convenient form of transport – is ridiculous. There is a growing lack of enthusiasm for sharing public transport – recognised as an increased health risk, given the lessons from Covid. Cycling is hardly possible for tradespeople, professionals, or families with children. It is also rather ominous that the thinking is for people to be corralled into the inner cities where cars are not seen as necessary, and where they can be more easily controlled.

In essence, our government’s recently released proposals are not just punitive. What is unforgivable is that all our MPs are aware that nothing this small country can do to reduce CO2 emissions will make one whit of difference to the planet! So why are New Zealanders being so punitively targeted?

Although scientists were once held in a kind of reverent respect, we have learned that many endorse this canard about the destructive nature of CO2 to further their own careers, seeking funding for their own projects. Equally culpable is that our media have become complicit in promoting government propaganda by refusing to publish the consistent challenges from top scientists pointing out that demonising CO2, a minor greenhouse gas, is senseless, from a scientific point of view, and presages destructive policy-making.

The censorship applied by the mainstream media, essentially cheer-leading for our hard-left government – rather than impartially examining the evidence critiquing the global warming scam – is undeniably against this country’s best interests. Refusing to publish the findings of such reputable scientists as Australians Bob Carter, the well-respected Ian Plimer, our own Dr David Kear and many others can be regarded as basically a social crime – even treasonable.

Harsh lessons to be learned from Europe’s escalating energy crises are lost on our apparently ignorant MPs, while other, major-emitting countries renege on their undertakings. The UK government is calling on energy firms to keep buying coal. Australian MPs are arguing net zero is done and dusted. Worldwide, new coal-fired power plants are being built, nearly 200 in Asia, the majority by far in China, followed by India and Indonesia. Communist China paying lip-service to reducing emissions – while conning countries as foolish as ours into demonising coal, gas and oil – has become an important weapon in her war against the West.

Moreover, the UK Global Warming Policy Foundation, in its annual state of the climate report by Ole Humlum, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor at the University of Oslo, examining temperature records and trends for the atmosphere, oceans and other weather events, found no evidence of a dramatic change in snow cover, rates of sea-level rise, or storm activity.

Global tide gauge measurements suggested sea levels are rising on average between 1 and 2 mm per year, consistent with the historic rise of the past hundred years, with no recent acceleration or deceleration in the rate of rise.

It makes fascinating reading, endorsed by GWPF director Benny Peiser Ph.D. finding it extraordinary that anyone should think there is a climate crisis. ‘Year after year our annual assessment of climate trends documents just how little has been changing in the last 30 years. The habitual climate alarmism is mainly driven by scientists’ computer modelling – rather than observational evidence.’

As actual evidence does not count, this won’t deter those applauding the Emissions Targeting plan just released, promoted by the Climate Change Commission. Long out of touch with reality, it is dismayed we may miss our set target of net zero – despite the government’s ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration, wanting industrial coal burners removed, and gas connections scrapped as soon as possible.

Moreover, while New Zealanders are beginning to doubt the truth of this cargo cult, a new issue is conveniently playing into the government’s hands. We are being told that sea levels are going to rise 30 cm, and that with the movement of our tectonic plates New Zealand is actually sinking, causing havoc to people’s property and cities along the coastline.

That this catastrophe claim can be contested is not surprising. The aforementioned Australian geologist, Ian Plimer, pointed out that if there was a global sea-level rise it would be worldwide, not just on the eastern side of New Zealand; that sea-level change is not simple and that over the history of time there is also no relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide, sea levels and climate.

For example, we are told that Pacific Ocean atoll nations will be inundated, ‘but there seems to be no knowledge of the exact opposite findings by Charles Lyell (1833) Charles Darwin (1842) and various scientists from the University of Auckland over the last decades. The oceans are dynamic; local sea-level changes are always taking place, and a postglacial sea-level rise is minuscule in the scale of things – is exactly as expected – and there is no relationship to atmospheric carbon dioxide. If atmospheric  carbon dioxide drove a high sea level, then we could not have had six of the six global ice ages start when there was more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than now’.

Another scientist pointed out that in South Wairarapa on the east coast beach ridges have been uplifted – ‘it is all to do with plate tectonics, and claims of sea level rise can be open to manipulation’.

Nothing deterred, Finance Minister Grant Robertson has announced a new Climate Change Emergency Fund of $4 billion over the next four years – as a down payment only! But where is the appraisal of this whole climate change hysteria by an intelligent opposition? And by the media? And whatever has happened to the once far-superior intellectual capital of our  country?

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