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We need passion in our politics

20 May 2022

1:00 PM

20 May 2022

1:00 PM

With only one sleep until polling day, I am firmly convinced that neither the Liberals nor Labor should be allowed the privilege of running our country.

Australia is a country bursting with opportunity, but strangled with regulation and burdened with environmental baggage. Our country needs minds with vision, hearts with hope and determination, and leaders with a ‘can do’ spirit.

We need some passion in our politics.

Passion for our opportunities, passion for our capabilities, passion for our people and their spirit – but sadly I cannot see this motivating force in any of our major political parties

Where is the leader who has the courage to demand that we leave the Paris Accord and build coal and nuclear power stations managed by entities controlled by the people, staffed by the people, and acting for the people?

Where is the leader with the humility to accept that politicians got it wrong with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and call for the building of dams so the people always have abundant water – not restrictions?

Where is the leader calling for the development of our gas and fuel resources making us self-sufficient in fuel and in the process remove all excise and taxes on diesel fuel? This wide country runs on diesel, but sadly the government runs on taxes on our fuels.

We must value add to our basic resources and sell finished products, not raw resources which we now buy back as expensive consumer goods.

A real leader would halt the vote buying nonsense which is taxpayer support for house purchases. Such a leader would call for the removal of all government assistance and financial support to home buyers.

Such a leader would immediately remove all taxpayer support for the so-called renewable energy sector.

Practical, visionary government in Canberra would recognise that the federal government has usurped the states’ responsibilities and should immediately remove itself from all areas of administration that are constitutionally the responsibility of the state, starting with education, health, and transport.

If we the voters deliver an outcome after the election where a government can only be formed by a coalition with one or more minor parties; that would be a step in demanding better policy outlined above.

So, this old Bushy says, let’s do it…

This time we have the chance with several good conservative parties looking for our vote.

Not in my order of preference, but we can choose from Liberal Democrats, One Nation, Australian Federation Party, United Australia Party, and the Citizens Party.

Any of these would be preferable to Labor, Liberal, Nationals, or Greens.

Let us change the face of Australians politics. Do it for yourself, do it for your children, do it for the Australian people.

Do it for a better tomorrow.

If you vote Labor or Liberal, you will get more of the same and our bountiful country will stagnate.

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