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Nerds, nannies and dictators

23 January 2022

12:00 PM

23 January 2022

12:00 PM

Young nerds in Silicon Valley are now the rule-makers of culture across the western world. Culture, identity, and the conflict between woke and conservative values are the battles fought on their terms, and largely on their ‘territory’. Much of legacy media reports and follows like useful idiots, subsumed by the tsunami of ‘posts’ and ‘likes’ and vileness. Culture control is here.

The bureaucratic nannies who have unfolded their power wings during the Covid pandemic are making rules that no elected politician in a democracy would dare make – not without ‘health advice’. The symbiosis there is manifest in the political outcomes that fuse these cohorts together in a compact that makes their interdependence deadly to democracy. Domestic exhibit A: Western Australia. Exhibit B: Queensland. Exhibit C: Victoria. International exhibit: the USA.

Sociopolitical control is here.

Over the years, the Chinese Communist Party has encouraged a massive modernisation of their vast country. Lifting millions out of poverty, everyone cheered. It was a plan accelerated by the world’s most powerful dictator, Xi Jinping, for ‘world domination’; a scenario a James Bond scriptwriter would find far-fetched. But truth is stranger than fiction…

China is now manufacturer to the world, making and selling everything from underpants to US$200,000 240HP crawler bulldozers, but most critically, over 364,000 pharmaceutical products listed on the Made in China website. Many products are no longer made in any meaningful quantities in the USA, for example, because it’s cheaper and easier to buy from China. China dominates because it is needed. Global political control is here.

Nerds, nannies, and dictators have seized the opportunity to make themselves indispensable and thus to act more or less unrestrained. Social media hid the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as a political intervention in the 2020 USA presidential election, extending its power beyond culture deep into politics. They have not been held accountable. Who would hold them accountable?

Australian health bureaucrats instigated political decisions that defied the law and the constitution, with border closures that were said ‘to keep you safe’ – a multi-purpose phrase that sounds like the slogan of a dystopian regime.

Dystopia is here.

China’s dictator is the First Emperor of the world to all intents and purposes, perfectly willing and able to enforce his powers at home and abroad, to fulfil his ambitions. The nerds and the nannies have in their own ways helped weaken the west culturally, politically and economically.

Xi sends thanks…

As long as he can maintain social cohesion at home, the Emperor is safe.

Andrew L. Urban is the author of Murder by the Prosecution (Wilkinson Publishing) and publishes wrongfulconvictionsreport.org

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