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Attention Liberals: your country needs you

6 January 2022

4:00 PM

6 January 2022

4:00 PM

The Liberal Party platform, with its values and freedom, is the best way to ensure a happy and thriving democracy. The current problem is that the politicians we have elected to office are not doing the right thing. From the top-down, they talk the talk but do not follow through with corresponding actions.

You can run for office. You can do a better job! Join a local chapter where the people are wonderful and friendly, and you will be welcomed. The only way to change the political climate is to realise that you can be better than the current leadership.

Generations of Australians vote Liberal or Labor because their families have always voted that way. Today is different; people are realising they are being scammed.

Scott Morrison won the election, to his own surprise more than anyone else’s, because he ran on ‘No Zero Emissions’ for Australia. He then flipped on policy and went running off to Scotland to rub shoulders with the world leaders he wanted to impress. Morrison almost got it right, but when the propaganda machines we call the ‘nightly news’ brought us footage of Prince Charles and Boris criticising Morrison for not joining them, he capitulated and let his Australian constituency down.

If you feel you would hold your ground and be respectful of Australia, you could do a better job.

We loved it when Scott Morrison stated – more than once – that he would not allow vaccine mandates to make Australia into an apartheid country. Yes, these are the right set of values for an Australian Prime Minister.

The reality is very different, especially in Victoria where basic freedoms and rights are being trampled on. Worse still, each state and territory is making its own rules. We are all citizens of one country, but suffer different levels of oppression depending on which state we live in.

What kind of leadership is this? If you would not allow something like this to happen, please consider dipping a foot into the political waters, and change this culture where our leaders, once in office, don’t really care about doing the right thing for the people who elected them.

On a local level in Victoria, you have Liberal opposition leader Matthew Guy advising people not to attend these demonstrations, despite seeing larger and larger numbers of his constituents coming out to demonstrate their objection to lockdowns and vaccine mandates. He even tried to arrange his own rally at the same time. I was told he had statistics and polls assuring him he was correct and would win against the Dictator Daniel Andrews. He remains clueless that there are alternate parties to vote for, with leaders supporting the people who will get the anti-Dan votes.

I know some of you reading this would make much better Liberal leaders than the ones we’ve got. Dip your toe in the water. Please…

My disillusion with this Liberal Party was put into context for me by Peta Credlin. As a super smart, experienced political strategist with a huge television following who has offered countless times to assist the Liberal Party, she is still waiting to be invited in.

Peta reminded me that there is nothing wrong with the Liberal Party itself or what it stands for, the fault lies with the current politicians representing us. You cannot judge a religion by its practitioners, and you cannot judge a political party by its leaders. You really need to get new people into the party without the deafened ears and huge egos.

I want a Liberal Party leader who will lead the whole of Australia in democratic laws and values. All borders within Australia must be open to all citizens. There only needs to be one class of Australian. Most Aussies accept our fellow Australians no matter where they come from and no matter their colour or sexual preference or health status. We are, for the most part, totally inclusive of our neighbours and citizens. I want a leader who will make sure we stay that way.

If things remain the same coming up to the next election, I will probably give my vote to Pauline Hanson, as she has stood up for the Australia I want to live in, consistently and creatively. She has taken actions against Dictator Dan’s rule, and if our Liberal representatives had supported her actions, I would not be calling for you to come join the Liberal Party and consider running for office.

Thanks to Peta, I have not given up on the Liberal Party, but will vote with my common sense and hope new people step in to represent us the way we deserve and respect. Perhaps the Liberals need to lose the next election to realise people watch what is done, not just listen to platitudes and excuses.

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on www.J-Air.com.au and lifelong advocate for Israel. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway.

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