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Who stands with Dan? The cult revealed

17 November 2021

1:07 PM

17 November 2021

1:07 PM

Who, exactly, make up the members of the Cult of Dan, those hashtag warriors who instead of rattling off Hail Maries prove their devotion to the faith by the number of #IStandWithDans they Tweet each day?

A new poll by Roy Morgan Research gives us an insight.

Young people appear to be susceptible to the cult. The poll finds a large majority of young Victorians aged under 35 (72%) approve of Premier Andrews’ handling of the job compared to only 28% that disapprove.

This strong approval declines progressively with age, according to the Morgan reseach. Over two-fifths of those aged 35-49 (62.5%) and 50-64 (61%) approve of Andrews’ handling of the job while this drops to only 55% of people aged 65+.

There’s a gender skew too. Morgan finds the approval rating for Andrews is stronger among women, with 65% of them approving of Andrews’ handling of his job compared to 55.5% of men.

As just as cults divide Andrews, the polling shows, has cleaved the Victorian community along party lines.

Morgan reports a near-unanimous 97% of ALP voters approve of his handling of the job. A large majority of Greens supporters — 84% — also kneel at the shrine. In contrast, only 16% of Coalition supporters give the Andrews a tick.

The polling shows there are three key themes that underpin the Premier’s support.

“Many respondents cite the actions, such as lockdowns, he’s taken to protect the health and safety of the community, the strong leadership and clear communication of what he is doing, his following of medical advice to make the hard decisions on lockdowns when required and of late the quick roll-out of vaccines,” Morgan reports.

The criticisms of Andrews will be familiar to Spectator readers.

“Victorians that disapprove of Premier Daniel Andrews handling of the job as Premier are quick to cite his leadership style as ‘arrogant’, ’dishonest’, reckless’, ‘dictatorial’ and ‘heavy-handed’,” the research finds.

“There are many respondents who say his COVID-19 policies have destroyed businesses and people’s lives while a large cohort raise concerns about mandatory vaccination and the new pandemic legislation and say it is ‘authoritarian’ and a subversion of the Parliamentary process.”

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