The Democratic distraction

24 November 2021

4:17 PM

24 November 2021

4:17 PM

Ten months into Joe Biden’s presidency, he finds himself sitting at the lowest approval rating of his time in office, most recently due to massive inflation and supply chain issues. The Democrats have a novel solution to their crumbling popularity: avoid tackling any of the actual issues facing American families, continue their political obsession with pinning the January 6 riot at the Capitol on former president Donald Trump.

Democrats ignore the fact that the FBI found scant evidence that January 6 was some massive conspiracy and that some bad actors had already made their way to the Capitol building and were pushing down police barriers before Trump concluded his so-called “inciting” speech. Still, the House select committee — controlled entirely by Democrats — continues to issue subpoenas for anyone even loosely affiliated with or supportive of Trump. The latest two laughable subpoenas went to Roger Stone and Alex Jones. Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told me on WMAL this morning that he can confirm the Trump administration had zero contact with either of those men ahead of the rally at the ellipse on 1/6.

This is all an obvious attempt at distraction from real issues facing the country. Democrats offer few solutions outside of a progressive fever dream spending bill that would only exacerbate inflation and they know they face a walloping in the upcoming midterm elections. So, they are trying to make any and all Republicans politically toxic by affixing them to the alleged “insurrection”.

The media is in on the game. CNN’s flagship morning program, New Day, spent approximately eighteen minutes on the January 6 commission on Tuesday morning, according to a review of Grabien. MSNBC’s Morning Joe similarly spent about seventeen minutes on the topic with a full panel of guests.

Comparatively, New Day spent just three minutes across its three-hour show on the deadly attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin that left five people dead and nearly fifty injured. Morning Joe spent eight minutes on the attack across two pre-recorded news packages. What is more important to the average American? The host of InfoWars being dragged in front of Congress yet again, or the fact that Democrat-endorsed bail reform allowed a career criminal out of prison to terrorize a small town community? The media’s outsized focus on the former seems even more insidious when you find out that three House Democrats — Carolyn Maloney, Jamie Raskin and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — sent a letter to New York’s district attorney’s complaining about “excessive” bail the day after the Waukesha attack.

How especially ironic this call for criminal justice reform is when Democrats celebrate trumped up charges against hundreds of January 6 rioters and protesters, the vast majority of whom committed no crimes beyond simple trespassing, while pushing for the release of violent career criminals.

Once again, the out-of-touch left clearly still hasn’t learned anything from recent bellwether elections in Seattle, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York and Virginia.

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