Andrew Cuomo deserves more than a single criminal complaint

31 October 2021

12:42 PM

31 October 2021

12:42 PM

Ex-governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has been named on a criminal complaint for “forcible touching the sexual or intimate parts for the purpose of degrading or abusing another person.” How the mighty fall.

This time last year Cuomo was riding high on popularity nationwide as the go-to pandemic politician. There were whispers of him replacing Joe Biden on the ticket for president. All the major news networks fawned over him and helped him win an Emmy award for his “effective use of television during the pandemic.”  Cuomo and his giant ego later remarked that the Emmy board members forgot to mention his “sense of humor, charisma, good looks or charm.”

Actor Ben Stiller joked about the “Luv Guv” as a national sex symbol and the Cuomosexuals came out in full force declaring their amorous allegiance.

It’s quite ironic that while his sexual prowess was being laughed about on television, allegedly behind closed doors, Andrew Cuomo was using all that power to sexually abuse staff members.

There’s no question that the media played a very big role in the making of their hero Andrew Cuomo, and they should be ashamed of themselves for propping this monster up. Especially his brother Chris and CNN, who enjoyed using their airtime to poke fun at all the free COVID tests they had access to. We later learned that nursing homes were prohibited from using those same tests that the Cuomos and their friends were given.

And while it is remarkable, after the incredible ascent to greatness last year, to see the disgraced ex-governor on the receiving end of a criminal complaint, I’m still hoping this won’t be the last document filed against him by the State of New York.

Thousands of families are anxiously waiting for the outcome of several investigations on what went on inside our loved ones’ care facilities last spring, and why the Cuomo administration went to such great lengths to hide the death toll for months.

Speaker Carl Heastie and the New York Assembly have been stonewalling for months after promising to release all the evidence in their impeachment inquiry.

For those of us who are still demanding answers and accountability for those reckless and deadly decisions, hopefully this will be the first of many documents from the People of New York State vs Andrew Cuomo.

Because for the families of New York’s elderly COVID victims, the former “LUV GUV” has much more to answer for.

One round of handcuffs and a perp walk next month should just be a dress rehearsal to a more prominent performance in front of a judge and jury.

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