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23 June 2021

5:19 PM

23 June 2021

5:19 PM

Male-born Laurel Hubbard’s admission to the women’s Olympic weightlifting competition as a representative of New Zealand is, of course, absurd.  

What meaning and sense of achievement would there be for Hubbard herself in winning gold against female-born weightlifters?  

How could the world enjoy (and approve) a competition that is not between like athletes?  

Would a male-born trans woman be permitted to enter female boxing competitions? It’s not unlike weightlifting in respect of body strength and so forth. Would anyone support that?  

Should Hubbard’s ‘right’ to compete in whatever sport she wants take precedence over the rights of the female competitors?  

Could Roger Federer compete in the female tennis comp and, if not, why not? 

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