Democrats: OK, now crime is a problem

23 June 2021

7:26 AM

23 June 2021

7:26 AM

The New York City mayoral race is split between two factions of Democrats: those who cut a tempered figure offering government solutions to the nightmares their own party created and stoked over the last year — and the kooky true-believers with the thousand-yard stare who continue to preach fire and damnation.

The current, term-limited mayor, Bill de Blasio, belongs to the latter camp, though most of his fire dances not from brimstone but just above the slide of a bong. His ideological successor, race-hustling civil rights lawyer Maya ‘Defund the Police’ Wiley, who was recently endorsed by her sister-from-another-mister in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, isn’t doing so great in the most recent polling, though still rounds out the top four.

The holy-rollers like AOC and Wiley served their purpose. The results of Tuesday’s Democratic primary in New York, which may not be made official until mid-July, tell us who the next mayor will be. The party has decided to retire the wackos for the time being. It’s all part of the game that keeps the left in power — create a problem, prolong the suffering, then come in with a solution. The cycle of misery and redemption — redemption with successively diminishing returns — is a slow march to complete subservience, a maneuver designed by those in power to leave people confused, alienated, and increasingly dependent.

It’s exactly what they did with COVID-19 lockdowns and dehumanizing, pointless rituals like mask mandates, which bizarrely New Yorkers everywhere remain hesitant to give up. (As an aside, I always found it quite telling that the party of atomization — who controlled all COVID messaging —continues to insist upon the phrase ‘social distancing’ when the term ‘physical distancing’ would have been more accurate and less foreboding.)

Despite all evidence from free states like Texas and Florida that ending COVID mandates would have zero adverse effect, New York and California kept going strong. The leftist states’ chief executive tyrants reaped an added long-term benefit by repelling hundreds of thousands of committed liberal voters into red districts.

In New York, Wiley’s contenders are Brooklyn borough president and former cop Eric Adams, former sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia and irritating, millennial technocrat Andrew Yang, who is from Upstate. After a year of the party encouraging absolute chaos and destruction, championing ludicrous cries to ‘defund the police’, each of these three top contenders are now calling for — you guessed it — more police and cleaner streets. Democrats, like serpents and arachnids, are ambush predators with just as much patience. They lurk and wait with all the time in the world. Now that lockdown is over, they’re ready to gallop in wearing shining armor to address that other horror they manufactured: soaring crime.

Wiley is still focused on some conspiracy theory called ‘white supremacy’ and continuing policies designed to cripple cops and increase crime. Democrats are shapeshifters — and that game is ancient history for the left’s current metamorphosis. In 2020, the demands of the useful idiots who eat and breathe revolution and chaos were flicked away with all the care of an ant on a picnic blanket when the party bosses anointed Joe Biden as their presidential nominee — a half-dead man who inspired no one but offered that cloak of calm and moderation required following the party’s true frothing insanity being on full display for more than four years. Thank you for your service, the Pelosi-ites said to the Squadians, see you again after we’ve restored order.

Adams, Garcia and Yang all got the memo. Wiley is just looking to elevate her profile and land a job at some bloated nonprofit. If I were a betting man, I’d wager Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is next to be put out to pasture by the party bosses. Even after months of Democratic media like CNN mocking Republicans for their ‘pornographic’ obsession with explosive crime in liberal cities, the switch has been flipped — crime is now a problem and all the journalists are on message. Strange this is all happening as President Joe Biden plans to address the nation on Wednesday, as usual reading words he didn’t write and doesn’t understand, unveiling the Dear Leader’s benevolent solution.

See how nice things are after Trump? You can hug your grandma and sort-of eat inside a restaurant. Soon you’ll be able to ride the subway without getting stabbed. Aren’t we all grateful the Democrats are here to fix everything?

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