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Cannes goes off the planet

19 June 2021

3:22 PM

19 June 2021

3:22 PM

Seemingly infected by Thunbergism, the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, set to run from July 6 – 17, has re-imagined itself as a packager of propaganda, with the tag “Cinema for the climate”. Gosh. How enticing.

Here is their pitch and a few entries to be screened. 

The 74th edition of the Festival de Cannes has chosen an ephemeral selection of films on the environment … In 2021, raising awareness and defending the planet will also take place on the silver screen…

Good grief, I doubt we need our awareness raised, but here’s what’s on the table.

La Croisade (The Crusade) by Louis Garrel (France)

A fiction in which the children take the reins to protect the planet. (Led by La Thunberg?) 

Animal by Cyril Dion (France)

Cyril Dion sheds light on extinction by accompanying two concerned teenagers who ask very smart questions to better understand the collapse of biodiversity and how we can find concrete solutions. (Concrete, pah!) 

Bigger Than Us by Flore Vasseur (France) 

Documentary filmmaker Flore Vasseur follows Melati, a young Indonesian girl fighting against plastic pollution in her country… introduces us to young activists fighting for climate, social justice….  (Do we need to continue?)

I Am So Sorry by Zhao Liang (China)

A new, ambitious and necessary, poetic and challenging documentary on the dangers of nuclear energy. A journey from Chernobyl to Fukushima that makes the disaster seem tangible. (Sorry? So you should be, peddling primitive alarmism.) 

And while they are at it, the festival blurb announcing these films has the gall to boast – boast! – that in 2007 it screened Al Gore’s misleading orgy of climate alarmism, An Inconvenient Truth, as a forerunner to this clutch of crock heading for the Croisette. 

Mon Dieu! 

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