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A great badness is abroad

16 June 2021

3:16 PM

16 June 2021

3:16 PM

I was recently contacted by a highly intelligent woman whose granddaughter came home from school very upset about things she is being taught in class. This is by no means new. The shocking targeting of European children accused of “white privilege” is now well underway — the latest in an arguably diabolic attack on the world of childhood. Pointing the finger of blame at the blameless — or frightening children about a world into which they have been born – is simply unforgivable. It is hard enough now for so many children, constantly faced with upset, aggressive, and even bullying classmates, without their coming under attack from adult propaganda. 

This deliberate invasion of the world of children to use them as tools, indoctrinating and propagandising them, is by no means new. However, those who attack the minds of children to help achieve their ends can, I believe, be regarded without exaggeration as wicked. I make no apologies for using what may seem an extreme word because children, on the whole, are defenceless against what they are told by adults in a position of authority — except when they are well-armed by parents only too aware of what is happening. And then the schools, captives of our now basically Marxist Ministry of Education, mount an attack against the parents. For example, children from a local college were required to meet with a visiting educationist who openly admitted she was there to disabuse them of their parents’ unacceptable views – i.e. those better-informed parents objecting to the untruthful “reinterpretations” of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

It used to be mainly intermediate or senior pupils being drawn into whatever radicalised causes became fashionable: it has been happening a long time. I well remember refusing to allow a son to attend a doom-mongering film presaging the destruction of the world through, ironically, an impending ice age. Some of those who did became extremely traumatised, convinced the world was ending. Others felt planning for a career was no longer worthwhile . One girl took to bed and wouldn’t get up for three weeks.  

About the same time, I became permanently blacklisted by the children’s writing establishment in this country for refusing to write according to their racist criteria of promoting biculturalism and confining my stories to what was strictly “relevant” to the Maori world. The respected UK journal, The Economist, noted that the children’s writing world had become “a matchless tool for adult propaganda”. And so it has. 

Highly worthwhile immigrants to this country — and dismayed New Zealanders — are now leaving because of the government’s blatantly racist promoting of a policy of apartheid, costing us dearly. But the children can’t escape. 

Moreover, the attack on them has been relentless and ruthless for decades, as with the completely inappropriate forcing of “sex education” on all children — in so many cases utterly premature, destabilising and shocking — now with its promotion of masturbating, abortion, transgenderism… One wonders why New Zealand parents are allowing this, added to the nonsense being peddled about the threat from global warming, or whatever new scaremongering can be introduced into the curriculum.  

Somehow, more parents are going to have to summon up the courage to remove their children from what is happening in our classrooms. The difference I see between these disturbed young ones, and confident, home-schooled children — academically streets ahead of their peers, well-protected from the disturbed and destructive environments now inflicted on so many New Zealand children — is deeply troubling and utterly inexcusable. 

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