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‘Je suis Cohen’, anybody?

29 May 2021

9:00 AM

29 May 2021

9:00 AM

The video images, acts of violence and racial abuse are shocking. Yet no one appears to be shocked. Certainly not our leaders. Certainly not the mainstream media. Certainly not the chattering classes. Certainly not the doctors’ wives. Certainly not the ABC. Certainly not our universities. Certainly not our teachers’ unions and their willing armies of student activists. Certainly not those angry mobs who seem to gather with an unerring instinct whenever even the slightest whiff of ‘systemic’ or ‘structural’ racism is perceived against anyone with the faintest tint of brown or black skin.

Yet appalling and ugly acts of genuine unprovoked racism are occurring before our very eyes, daily, and with increasing intensity. It is, of course, the violence against Jews now flourishing around the world, from the capitals of Europe to London, New York and California. There may have been a so-called ‘ceasefire’ (a repellent word intended to invoke moral equivalence between the aggressor and the defender) in Gaza, but the anti-Jewish pogroms continue with evil determination in city after city.

Let’s stop calling it anti-Semitism. The word itself is too academic, too sanitised and too cumbersome to be of adequate use these days. The motive behind the violent acts we are witnessing is Jew-hatred pure and simple.

Hatred of Jews goes back a long way. It is insidious, detestable and evil. There never was and never will be any justification for it, despite the best efforts of progressives and liberals to somehow twist every defensive act of Israel’s into a ‘disproportionate’ response, thereby allowing blame to be apportioned to the Jews themselves for any mob violence against them.

We are now witnessing random bloodshed and attacks upon individuals based entirely on their race and religion. Yet where are the mass protests? Where are the banners saying ‘Jewish Lives Matter’? Where are the TV commentators yelling at the cameras in indignant outrage? Where are the pro-Jewish hashtags, or the ‘Je suis Cohen’ silent candle-lit vigils?

Just to recap: a convoy of pro-Palestinian thugs drove up and down London’s Finchley Road (a known Jewish part of town) proclaiming through loudspeakers vile obscenities against Jews and threatening to rape Jewish women and girls. We see one pro-Palestinian ‘demonstration’ after another that are no better than modern day pogroms, where the lynch mob carries signs likening Israel to the Nazis or even blaming Jews for killing Jesus and other similar displays of classic Jew-hatred. On Twitter, an Auschwitz survivor was obscenely told ‘Happy Holocaust’. Jews are filmed on iPhones being beaten up and spat on in restaurants and in the street. A woman in London is in tears on hearing that a Middle Eastern gang is said to be prowling her streets looking for homes with a mezuzah on the front door (a Jewish religious symbol). A BBC reporter is discovered to have a long history of tweeting comments like ‘Zionists can’t get enough of our blood’ and ‘Hitler was right’.

A year ago, it was impossible to open a newspaper, switch on the television or listen to the radio without being confronted by some unctuous politician desperately agreeing that ‘black lives matter’ with the vast majority refusing to point out the obvious corollary to that statement ‘…because all lives matter.’ Indeed, the few brave souls who did make that connection were then, in the Orwellian world we now inhabit, informed that ‘all lives matter’ is a ‘racist slogan’. The failure of our leaders and mainstream media to immediately highlight and confront that odious neo-Marxist word-game has now come back to haunt us all. For the simple truth is that the Black Lives Matter movement, rather than a noble movement designed to foster mutual respect between individuals and ethnic groups, is itself guilty of promoting racism on a scale not seen since the second world war. This new racism pitches all whites as oppressors and all coloured people as victims of oppression, thereby justifying the worst forms of dehumanising behaviour to be perpetrated.

Worse, activists are now successfully using the odious tenets of critical race theory to demonise Jews as ‘white oppressors’ and the Palestinians as their victims. In Australia, we are seeing Palestinian activists obscenely trying to link ‘the Palestinian struggle’ to the ‘invasion of Australia by white colonialists’

As journalist Melanie Phillips observes, ‘Palestinianism and Black Lives Matter have not been hijacked by anti-Jewish and anti-white bigots. They are intrinsically anti-Jew and anti-white movements. Until and unless this is acknowledged, the horrendous madness through which we are now living will continue to worsen.’

This magazine has long warned off the perilous and deadly marriage of hard left/Greens Jew-hatred and Islamist fanaticism. That is what we are living with now. It’s time to call it out for what it is.

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