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Jacinda’s insidious choices

1 May 2021

9:00 AM

1 May 2021

9:00 AM

It was a strange spectacle, the recent televised presentation of Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne with Nanaia Mahuta, whose portfolios inexplicably include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, without her having any apparent qualifications in this role. However, chosen by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who promised to govern for every New Zealander – but has obviously only remembered the governing part – Mahuta signals with what some regard as a disfiguring facial tattoo that she’s thrown in her lot with identity politics. As was evident in her astonishing attack on ratepayers’ established right to mount referenda to prevent councils endorsing racist policies.

On this occasion, the contrast between the carefully diplomatic address by the pleasantly-spoken Australian, in relation to the important Five Eyes alliance, with NZ now perceived as the weakest member – and the reaction of our own minister – was troubling. Far from looking calm or attentive, Mahuta seemed largely disengaged, her eyes darting here and there, apart from occasional glances towards her Australian counterpart.

Since Labour ditched Anzus, New Zealand is basically defenceless against any external threat from what this extraordinary Minister of Foreign Affairs envisages, in a recent sycophantic address, as the Chinese Dragon. She is humiliating herself with her metaphorical nonsense of New Zealand represented in turn by a mythical Maori monster, a ubiquitous Taniwha. Such mumbo-jumbo parallels her tendency to say as little of substance as possible, buried in verbiage, in response to questioning by those querying the divisive directions on which she is fronting up for Ardern.

Like voters worldwide, we are accustomed to incompetence in our politicians, where the Peter Principle sees so many rise to the top, with disastrous consequences. At the very time when we invoke the spirit of the Anzacs, laying down their lives for our countries and the freedoms our governments are now removing, our glib Prime Minister is presiding over attacks on individuals and local institutions in every possible area. This crucially includes the basic right of all individuals to be treated equally, regardless of colour, gender, sex, race and creed.

This is not purely a New Zealand move, of course. Worldwide the far-Left, basically communism in drag, has ramped up its attack on democracies, promoting the anti-democratic policies of centralisation, removing as much control  as possible from local organisations and individuals – together with identity politics, disguised as ‘diversity’ – so very useful in creating tension and divisiveness. Communism’s philosophy of undermining cohesiveness in every possible area is advanced not only by its disciples, but by its ‘useful fools’, and apparently Nanaia Mahuta, directly or indirectly, is a very good fit for our leader’s own ambitions.

For example, not only has Mahuta removed ratepayers’ rights to prevent councils introducing Maori wards, we are now faced with compulsory Maori wards for all local bodies being imposed with voting rights and payment for non-elected Maori on full councils. Backing none of these apartheid-type moves is any legitimate definition of who is actually Maori. Farcically, the very small minority of part-Maori – so successful in claiming disadvantage for themselves because of a smidgen of Maori genetic inheritance – are overwhelmingly largely European or Eurasian and often from wealthy and privileged backgrounds, although they find it convenient to ignore this.

It has been a massive con trick, long practised on all our major parties. However, Ardern has ramped up the attack on our country by authorising a plan to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – a proposal never put to New Zealanders when the then Prime Minister John Key, in utmost secrecy, not even allowing the media to know, snuck wily Pita Sharples, the former leader of the Maori  Party, to New York, without New Zealanders even being consulted.

Separatism? Against the wishes of 90 per cent of New Zealanders, according to a recent poll, this destructive government is pushing to replace our name with Aotearoa – featured now behind televised government speakers. The push is on to hand over New Zealand to Maori ownership, or co-ownership,  in as many possible areas. For example, all 20 of our Primary Health Organisations are to be replaced by one national authority called Health New Zealand, responsible for running hospitals and commissioning primary and community health services. However, a newly created Maori Health Authority is to have a co-lead role, with a veto over decisions affecting us all, as part of this iron-fisted government’s commitment to separate systems based on race. Already Maori and Pacific Islanders are prioritised for medical treatment and surgery. As a local doctor remarked, ‘You don’t even have to prove you’re Maori – just to say you are’. A new census form is designed to increase the number of those identifying as Maori. Government documents are to be in a mixture of Maori and English – already causing confusion among New Zealanders, only 4 per cent of whom actually speak Maori. Road signs are to be bilingual – an immensely costly and unnecessary move – but part of the radicalised aim of achieving Maori co-governance of this country by 2040.

With local governments now to be amalgamated – removing the very concept of local – plans are under way for a new government body to control water supplies and allocation, underpinned by part-Maori activists planning to gain control of New Zealand’s water supplies – claiming ownership of streams, rivers, lakes and coastal areas. So far-reaching are the tentacles of central planning that even home owners using their own rainwater will not necessarily be exempt.

A Maori parliament, Maori court system, plus more treaty-based institutions and public education (indoctrination) programmes to deal with ‘structural racism’, ‘subconscious bias’, etc., are to accompany the return of Crown lands to Maori ownership – in addition to the billions of dollars already given in treaty settlements. Every possible area of our national life is now being removed from individual and local control. As this predatory government reaches out further and further, all the evidence points to it being held in Jacinda’s hand.

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