How are we enjoying the Biden presidency so far?

14 May 2021

12:47 AM

14 May 2021

12:47 AM

Well, that didn’t take long. Less than four months into the Biden-Harris deep-state maladministration and we have roaring inflation, the most disastrous jobs report in recent memory, rising unemployment, spiking gas prices, an imploding stock market, devastating cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and a janus-faced crisis on our Southern border in which tens of thousands of disease-ridden illegal migrants are huddled into cages while thousands more fan out across the fruited plain taking jobs from Americans even as they infect us with COVID. Quick work, Joe!

And of course that is just the tip of the proverbial North Atlantic iceberg into which His Senileness is steering the ship of state. When Donald Trump left office, the economy was rebounding, millions of doses of the COVID vaccines he had brought into being in record time were being distributed — and peace was breaking out all over the Middle East. The so-called Abraham Accords precipitated the impossible: comity among various Arab nations and Israel. All that is in tatters now as Hamas bombards Jerusalem nightly. Meanwhile sanctions on Iran, the world’s largest exporter of terrorism, are being dropped or pared back and the theocratic, anti-Semitic backwater is charging ahead with its plans to build a nuclear arsenal. China rudely lectures our secretary of state while pushing forward with the militarization of the South China Sea, oppression of the Uighurs and theft of our intellectual property.

More than a hundred retired flag officers — decorated admirals and generals — have issued a public letter questioning the Venerable One’s mental fitness and raising questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Too late, chaps! You had your chance. Even as the audit in Arizona raises red flags, the media-industrial complex, echoed by yapping chihuahuas like Liz ‘I-used-to-be-a-congresswoman’ Cheney, covers their collective ears and shouts that anyone questioning the election is guilty of perpetrating The Big Lie™, hoping thereby to get their opponents branded as ‘domestic extremists’ by an out-of-control FBI and CIA.

What is clear now, a hundred-odd days into to this steaming pile of ordure, is that the Marxist-inspired apparatchiks behind the Biden wheeze are working overtime not only to dismantle all the many achievements of the Trump administration but also to poison the wellsprings of our economy and our freedom.

It’s only mid-May 2021. In a matter of weeks, and with 60-odd executive orders behind him, Biden has largely unraveled all that Trump accomplished and more. This is the reality: Biden has set us on a collision course with tyranny and immiseration at home and armed conflict abroad.

He has denominated his political opponents ‘domestic terrorists’ and directed the FBI to harass and arrest them. He has done everything in his considerable power to surrender the country to the woke mob. Meanwhile, the rest of the world isn’t standing still. Look for a kinetic incident with Russia, China or Iran soon. It’s coming to a theater near you by the end of this summer — and I do not mean a movie theater. Enjoying the Biden-Harris administration so far? There’s a lot more where that came from. Expect the velocity of our declivity to increase — the gauge is set to move from ‘gradually’ to ‘suddenly’ now — and there will be plenty of shock and awe when it does.

Is this alarmist? Maybe, but that is appropriate when the situation is alarming.

Expect also to hear many people quoting the poet Delmore Schwartz: ‘Even paranoids have enemies.’

Meanwhile, as Americans line up for their suddenly expensive gasoline and realize that that house their were going to build is suddenly out of reach, they will also find their pay check has been whittled away by higher taxes as well as circumscribed buying power due to inflation. All the pundits told them that voting for Joe Biden was a vote to restore ‘normality’. Too late they learned that it was a way to put Vladimir Lenin in office. ‘The way to crush the bourgeoisie,’ Lenin observed a long time ago, ‘is to crush them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.’

But look on the bright side: at least Joe Biden doesn’t tweet mean things about Jim Acosta or Stacey Abrams.

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