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Standing on principle

20 March 2021

9:00 AM

20 March 2021

9:00 AM

Is reality slowly dawning on the Prime Minister? Has his wilful and egregious myopia towards all matters cultural and ideological finally caught up with him? And will he now change his behaviour or is it already too late?

Whichever way Scott Morrison now turns, he is culturally outflanked. On the completely unconnected but poisonously entwined issues of the Brittany Higgins allegations of being raped inside Parliament House and the Christian Porter alleged 1988 rape of a debating friend, the Prime Minister turns to the morality locker and finds it is bare. Correctly demanding ‘presumption of innocence’ as regards the latter, and accurately or otherwise claiming ‘I did not know’ to the former, in both instances he has little to offer the baying mobs of agitated women. This is because on the one hand he never bothered to raise any questions around ‘always believing the victim’ as demanded by the #MeToo movement and, on the other, the ridiculous comment at the time of the Higgins revelations about not realising how serious things were until he’d spoken to his wife.

But this is the problem with virtue-signalling and pandering to the woke mob by eschewing ‘political ideology’ (an abused term that has been twisted to be derogatory to conservatism but admirable on the Left.) Ultimately, ‘ideology’ is simply a road map, a set of measures by which any given value or principle can actually be achieved. What is glaringly absent from those demanding some dramatic response to the two rape allegations, as well as to the broader issues of sexual misbehaviour in the workplace, are any concrete steps to address clearly identifiable problems. It is simply not good enough to have the debate at a purely emotional level (‘things must change’, ‘women are angry’, etc.) without firstly identifying what the genuine problem is, and then proposing practical, legislative and enforceable measures that could achieve a fair and just change. Thus far, the only solid proposal (from the UK, where for very different reasons a similar debate is being had) is a 6pm curfew for men in order to prevent nighttime sexual assaults on women. As preposterous and crazy as this suggestion may be (it came from the Greens, natch!) at least it is a solid proposal to a genuine problem. Here, the PM was forced to draw comparisons to neighbouring countries where demonstrators are met with bullets. A valid point perhaps, but laughable as well as way too late.

The unfortunate reality is that if you don’t always stand on points of principle and fight for values – such as the presumption of innocence or the importance of individual responsibility – when you have the leeway to do so, then you won’t get the opportunity to when you don’t.

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