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The World Economic Forum: ‘lockdowns are improving cities around the world’

28 February 2021

3:52 PM

28 February 2021

3:52 PM

The World Economic Forum — an economic think tank that thinks it’s great that everything is closed — announced today that “lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world”.

“Lockdowns significantly reduced human activity … leading to Earth’s quietest period in decades,” the WEF enthused in an article accompanied by a dystopian video showing cities without people.

“Urban ambient noise fell by up to 50% at some measuring stations during the tightest lockdown weeks, as buses and train services were reduced, aircraft grounded and factories shuttered.”

It sounds like paradise doesn’t it?

Don’t worry that lockdowns have led to job loses, suicides, drug overdoses, isolation, mental health issues, domestic abuse, bankruptcies and homelessness.

And never mind that every minutiae of life is now dictated by health officers.

How’s the serenity? So much serenity. It’s so quiet you can almost hear the devastation!

Imagine how excited those sociopaths at the WEF will be when they realise that cemeteries are dead quiet. Oh, the possibilities!

The WEF boasted that a massive reduction in noise had made it easier for scientists to monitor earthquake activity. Well if that doesn’t cheer non-essential workers while they are trying to figure out how to pay their rent, nothing will.

I’m all for viewing the glass half-full. But cheering a pandemic because it creates an opportunity to reset the world with less humans and even less human activity is something else entirely.

To imagine that cities are improved by closing them down is like imagining that marriage is improved by divorce.

And to think you can enhance human life by cutting humans off from each other is akin to recommending decapitation as the cure for a headache.

It’s not innovative. And it’s certainly not progressive. At best it is creepy. But more likely, it is sinister.

The totalitarians at the WEF, who last year promised us that in the future “you will own nothing and you will be happy”, now insist that removing our freedoms in order to protect us from a virus with a fatality rate of about two per cent — all the while destroying our lives — is an improvement.

By improvement, they can only mean that clearing the streets and closing businesses has made it easier to find bugs to eat.

Silent streetscapes devoid of people who are all imprisoned in their homes as technocrats regulate every aspect of life is an incredibly twisted vision of “improving” things.

Cities are supposed to be busy and noisy and bustling with activity. What is a city without people? There is nothing to celebrate about a beehive without any bees.

But while the WEF glories in the silence, anyone with ears to hear will have noticed an other phenomena — as the seismic noise subsides, the incessant nannying noise from non-elected globalists increases in inverse proportion.

That WEF boss Klaus Schwab and his globalist friends are so desperate to convince us that lockdowns – something they only have in prisons – are in fact a public good, only serves to make us wonder if restrictions in pursuit of zero covid cases are really just the training wheels for a new normal in pursuit of zero carbon emissions.

If you listen carefully you can hear Guns ‘N Roses performing the WEF anthem …

Take me down to the paradise city

Where the grass is green

And the streets are empty

Ooh, ooh, take me down.

Singing quietly, of course. From their bedrooms. Via Zoom.


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