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Peta for premier

15 February 2021

2:00 PM

15 February 2021

2:00 PM

When Peta Credlin rocks up to a media conference to put the pressure on Dan Andrew’s sheer incompetancy, the #IStandWithDan mob fire up.  

When she puts pen to paper or speaks on Sky, the conservative support is overwhelming.  

Today, following her Sunday column, there are calls for her to put an end to the misery in Victoria and run for Premier to replace Andrews.  

Credlin slammed Andrews’ government as being “simply incapable of doing its job” and highlighted the uncomfortable truth that “Victoria officials have been forced to admit delays of up to 48 hours in tracing the immediate contacts of hotel workers.” 

She continued, “All of these lockdowns are thought to be the result of failures in the hotel quarantine system, yet still we’re importing the virus day after day with every planeload of returning travellers, Hollywood movie stars and sporting teams – and we still insist on the madness of housing them in the middle of our busiest cities. This can’t go on.” 

The chilling blast of straight-talking common sense had Victorians who aren’t blinkered by the cult of DanAndrewstan standing and cheering. 

In comments, Andrews was slammed as being “lame” and “a disaster”, as a chorus grew for Credlin herself to “step in and save Victoria”.  

Comments on Credlin’s column included, “Victorian’s need you Peta more than ever. You have my vote for Premier… where do I sign.” Plus, “Save us, Peta! Run for Premier at the next state election. You would win in a landslide!” 

The idea is not without merit. The blokes who run the Victorian Liberal Party have barely put a dent in Daniel Andrews, despite the events since the state first locked down in March last year. Perhaps it’s time for a woman to clean up the mess.

Remember Credlin hails from Victoria, born in the small country town of Wycheproof, and having proved herself to be a fierce and lethal weapon in interrogating the Premier’s culpability for the deaths of hundreds of Victorian’s since Covid chaos began, her army of sane supporters is proving to be just as fierce as the far-left Dan cult who are nothing more than blind bullies. 

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