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Sex, drugs and gender dysphoria

Catholicism is an anchor in a sea moral relativism

9 January 2021

9:00 AM

9 January 2021

9:00 AM

I suffered from gender confusion most of my life. I transitioned in my 30s and lived as a ‘woman’ for twenty years, having had surgery in 2003.

A few years ago I started questioning scientific principles I took as truth. I read Rupert Sheldrake’s ‘The Science Delusion’ and looked at Bill Geade’s ‘Rope Theory’. I realised I had been deluded. Supposed facts were gross assumptions that didn’t hold up under scrutiny.

Then I turned my attention to the science of transgender medicine. What I found shocked me. The samples were tiny, the conclusions biased. There were no dissenting studies, most were light and fluffy.

I discovered the medical profession had been duped into accepting what amounted to an ideology by pressure groups in professional bodies, as exposed by Dr Quentin Van Meter.

I immediately started detransitioning. In the process I found out that my mum had taken the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol) while I was developing in the womb. It was an anti-miscarriage drug which was given to millions of women between the 1940s and the 1970s in the western world, and a potent estrogen. It was found to cause more miscarriages than it prevented, but it continued to be used for another 18 years until it was positively identified as the cause of a rare cancer cluster in DES daughters.

A survey found that 20 per cent of sons exposed to DES in utero experienced gender identity issues. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Synthetic estrogens were first studied in the 1930s by Eugen Steinach, who found it feminised the behaviour of male rats. Interestingly this study was used early on by the early homosexual lobby in a campaign for homosexuality to be treated as a sexual orientation as opposed to disordered behaviour.

I was angry at being used as a guinea pig in what amounted to a programme of mass feminisation of males for decades. It made me want to detransition even more because of being ‘made that way’.

I was told by other trans people that I was never a ‘real trans’, because they wouldn’t detransition.

A Catholic friend informed me about the field of reparative therapy, which undid the myth of ‘born that way’ for homosexuality. Healing from trauma had the effect of ending same-sex attraction. Another lie exposed: that sexual orientation can’t change.

I realised the Christian Church wasn’t hateful and bigoted as I’d been led to believe. It turned out to be the last stumbling block that had prevented me from returning to the Catholic faith I grew up with. Being a Christian helped to relieve me of my remaining gender dysphoria, much to my joy.

In the meantime Australia (and the western world) were implementing conversion therapy laws, like the ‘Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020’ currently being tabled in the Victorian parliament, to ban voluntary non-aversive therapy of people wishing to explore the underlying causes of their unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity issues. The laws are apparently to prevent cruel and harmful practices that intimidate LGBT people into not accepting their sexuality or gender identity.

Gender-confused children and adults, many suffering (like myself) from autism, are being diagnosed with minimal, if any, investigation into the cause of their distress, and being told that they were ‘born in the wrong body’ and need to transition to be their ‘true selves’. The notion of the ‘internal gendered self’ was created which now trumps biological sex ‘assigned’ at birth.

Dr Kenneth Zucker worked for years with great success, treating gender dysphoria in the mind, not the body, before being shut down by the Canadian government. Doctors have been fired for dissenting from the ideology, causing a climate of intimidation.

Meanwhile detransitioners attest transition was wrong for them, that they have been relieved of gender dysphoria through therapy of trauma and sexual abuse. Detransitioners are not studied, indicating an ideological basis of transgender medicine. Our existence unravels the ‘born that way’ idea, and calls into question the need to transition, just as reparative therapy calls into question homosexuality, both sharing a cult-like resistance to criticism.

Conversion therapy laws seem more about shoring up the holes that unravel LGBT ideology than preventing harm. What reason is there to shut down people’s free will to voluntarily seek therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion? What could warrant such repression?

What sort of harm and injury are we talking about? When I hear stories of people being hurt by prayer, it brings to mind those poor sufferers of demonic possession, who recoil in pain when holy water is sprinkled on their skin. It seems good is intolerable to evil.

We can see how Christianity must be demonised by a society under the burden of creeping Marxism in our institutions. Dissent must be censored, scientific or moral. Children need to be indoctrinated.

Lifestyles departing further from natural law need ‘suppression of therapy’ legislation to ensure participants don’t defect.

A fundamental principle of Christianity is its voluntary nature. Conversion to Christ must be by free will. To be otherwise makes the conversion of no value or validity. But LGBT ‘suppression of therapy’ laws require us to accept conversion in one direction only, towards homosexuality and transgenderism. This is their Achilles heel, the smoking gun in their ideology. This exposes their weakness. When propagandised, science isn’t enough, force is required.

The further one deviates from our created purpose, from our innate sense of honour, the more force is needed to enable such an edifice to survive.

We have been misled into thinking there is no right or wrong because of our obsession with materialist philosophy. It is now all relative.

We have been trained to ignore our in-built God-given moral compass, under the guise of compassion and freedom.

‘Do as thou wilt’, the motto of the Satanic, is becoming the adage of our age. In this way we are losing the ability to know what freedom is and so we are willing to give it away.

Without our Christian morality we are easy to control. We give up our freedom to a Marxist, globalist nanny state. The proof is self-evident considering current world events. This is why we need Christianity to realign ourselves to natural law, regain our sense of right and wrong and attain true freedom.

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