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Marx’s zombies

29 October 2020

7:01 PM

29 October 2020

7:01 PM

It is time we start listening to our kids. No, I haven’t lost my mind… Social discord, previously dismissed as teenage growing pains, has turned into civil unrest with many panicked that the US election will trigger open violence, regardless of who wins. 

The generation biting at our ankles have always been destructive. They were insufferable as children, plaguing social media as an emotionally unstable mob which we placated with safe spaces and trigger warnings. Their tantrums matured into cancel culture – dousing history with petrol to rid it of opposing thought. 

Do not ignore online rhetoric, even if it looks like trolling from a fringe group of radicalised students. What you are seeing is the equivalent of nineteenth century Marxist publications enticing emotionally lost kids. It is normal to struggle, but modern education has shielded them from failure. Having never learned to navigate disappointment, they are consumed by fear. This drives them into the arms of predatory political groups who latch on with the same ruthless efficiency as religious terror. 

This did not happen overnight. Our children were groomed by movements who forced their ideas into the entertainment industry. The seeds of identity politics are scattered across a broad spectrum of subjects and so long as one takes root, that child can be lured into the fold as an adult. This undercurrent of social media, which most adults do not partake in, is practice for group-think. If you do not like a TV character that embodies one of the modern left’s virtues, that is not a valid difference of opinion, it is a crime worthy of being hunted to the point that children are made to conform or live in isolation, aided and abetted by the ethos of the platform. 

There is no other way to describe this environment other than the mass glorification of victimhood for the mob, who in turn, victimise dissenters. It is re-enforced by the education system and unnoticed by working parents. I engaged with these online spaces when they were a thriving artistic soul. To see them reduced to political fodder shows how easy it is to poison a system within a single generation and the fault lies with every person who asks an authority figure to protect them from opinion. 

When kids leave the arms of social media and enter university, these political movements ingratiate themselves by assuring the vulnerable that their present state is not their fault. Their lack of achievement is the neglect of their parents, the bias of the system, racism against their skin colour, bigotry toward their gender, scorn in their sexual preference, and the collective actions of the long dead. They are stuck waiting tables because that is the only life possible – not because they picked a useless Arts degree over a trade. 

A fictional prison is created. The activist movement promises to save them from this depraved and unsatisfying future – to absolve them of any moral responsibility so long as they advertise their allegiance to the brand. Wear the badges, hashtags, slogans, and colours. A righteous purpose is one of the most dangerous ideas you can embed in a young mind. 

What emerges is the most privileged generation in human history, brainwashed into thinking that they are the proletariat caught in a resurrected ideological war of oppression. (Remind me to invent a new word for entitled brats. Soyvegarians?) I understand that it is difficult to take iPhone-wielding, Nike-clad looters seriously about their systemic subjugation by ‘Hitler’, but what you have to understand is that indoctrination has made it real to them. They believe that they have a moratorium on truth and morality. It is a breed of idealism particular to authoritarians that elevates class status above individual rights. 

That is how progressives end up arguing in favour of racial segregation. Wanting to be treated as a person on your own merits is now an expression of selfishness. The demands of the group override the person. This is a problem for intersectionality, where individuals belong to separate groups with competing interests. To avoid infighting breaking apart the thesis of identity politics, there have been attempts to unify these groups under the collective causes of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and ExtinctionRebellion – all of which present an existential threat and divert blame to the system of Capitalism. 

Finally, we see Communism sitting beneath. It has risen from the shadows and now our children wave the red flag and wear the faces of murdering dictators. 

With streets set alight, city blocks taken hostage, and public property vandalised, society has started taking notice. There is a temptation to imagine this as merely a protest against an act of police brutality or an expression of genuine problems inside society. That view would be naive. The members of these protests cannot rationalise their position beyond the superficial. They deny facts that invalidate their claims and behave in ways that contradict the core message of their movement. 

Society is so far behind on what has really happened to these children that when they attempt to have a rational conversation, they discover victims of revisionist history. You cannot explain that they have been tricked into cosplaying a European revolution to win an election if they have been taught that Capitalism is a Fascist regime. Ignorance leaves them as the plaything of unread philosophies. How many know that their movement began in Hegel’s ramblings used to furnish the absolute authority of the Prussian monarchy – or that their Molotov cocktails were lit beneath Engels’ glare? 

Quite simply, this generation has been taught about politics by the very people who want to tear down the system and seize power. The youth are used to attack the working class, destroy private business, and empower the state. Meanwhile, they remain blind to irony that the social media platforms who raised them are the all-powerful oligarchs of their nightmares, in bed with political parties. These tech giants have assumed the position of the state’s moral core – a service that erases people, ideas and crimes with impunity. 

Instead of teaching kids to be critical thinkers, they have become subservient wards of the state. Their dictionaries are full of broken words to the point we have almost lost the ability to communicate with them beyond unproductive shouting while they jump at shadows and make war with ghosts. Marxism has equipped them with suspicion, division, and delusions of self-loathing where they truly believe that they are squatters in their own nation. All this perpetrated by adults in pursuit of America, which has been a jewel jealously coveted by revolutionaries since the fall of their bloodthirsty empires. 

I wish that we could tell our kids that if you destroy a political system, you also destroy its protections. Violence becomes the only mechanism of reform and threat replaces intellectual merit. Profound and profane become interchangeable, and soon the whole nation looks like CHAZ, run by hypocrites and thugs. 

By dismantling the identity of a culture, the security of its unspoken legitimacy is threatened. Fair political representation is meant to be a way of diluting the impulsive tide of democracy – a breakwall that smashes waves into a safe harbour where ideas can be floated instead of sunk. That is not what this generation desires. They are impatient for the intoxication of absolute moral rule while the sophistry of Silicon Valley acts as the fact-checker of truth. 

This is what our children are saying. Listen carefully. 

By the time you leave this autonomous zone (CHAZ) I want to you to give $10 to one African American person from this autonomous zone. And if you find that’s difficult if, you find it hard to give $10 to people of colour, to black people especially, you have to think really critically in the future are you going to actually give up power and land and capital if you have a hard time giving up $10? You gotta think about, are you really down with this struggle? Are you really down with the movement? Because if that is a challenge for you, I’m unsure if you’re in the right place. So find an African American person – the white people – I see you – I see every single one of you and I remember your faces. You find that African American person and you give them $10. Cash out.

A man holding a joint BlackLivesMatter/Antifa rally in CHAZ.

Below is a transcript from Twitter in support of the profile @kikomunisti, which says, ‘Death to America, the UK, EU, and Israel’ beside the hashtags #Marxist-Leninist, #Anti-Imperialist, #AntiFascist (#ANTIFA), he/him:

“What seems to be the problem? Are we on the side of genocidal capitalist dictatorship like America and Israel on this account?” –@21st_future 

“You forgot Canada, Australia and NZ bro” –@wumaoszn2. 

“just wait until you realise how many of us there are” — @juwugoslavija 

“when did we say it was gonna be peaceful? death to america — @anarcho_kyleism 

“looks cool asf to me” — @mewbao 

“Who the fuck said proletarian revolution is supposed to be peaceful. We advocate for the violent overthrow of our oppressors. A revolution is not a dinner party…a revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” — @comraderyan_ 

“Who tf told u we are peaceful” — @Narumaki9 

“anti-white is the greatest compliment someone could receive” — @hyunviseul 

“There are about 300 million of you Americans – a few more dead ones? So what.” — @Karen71388605 

“nice, thanks for bringing this person to my attention. Followed.” — @LanataeLibertas 

“Who told this woman Marxism is a “peaceful” movement. I’ve seen what Americans do during “peace” and I want no role in their Theatrics.” — @FerbelHird 

“This guy is awesome and yeah, the American empire should fall. This is stolen land, full of stolen people, built on the souls of an uncomfortable amount of dead and exploited people.” — @jesseisnotfunny 

“America must be destroyed.” — @Camaradalogo 

“State and nation aren’t the same thing dumbass we don’t want to nuke the US we want to dissolve it as a country” — @YEASTY_COMMIE 

“’Death to a country’ =/= killing its people. It means liberating them from a colonial hyper-capitalist hellscape. Death to the west means topping imperialism and stopping genocidal foreign policy abroad :)” — @itsfrankiewood 

Marx’s zombies, out on the prowl.

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