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GetUp!, get lost

16 September 2020

5:29 PM

16 September 2020

5:29 PM

GetUp! is a Trojan horse; we all know that. Hiding inside is an oozing mess of rancidity.

So, we all cheered when South Australian Liberal Tony Pasin used a committee inquiry into the election to accuse GetUp! of “weaponising individuals to act against politicians the organisation disagreed with”.

“You come into communities, you razz people up, you train them in arts like bird-dogging and then you step back and say oh they’re not members of ours,” he said at a committee hearing this week.

Cue: applause.

He continued, “It was, in fact, GetUp’s irresponsible incitement and promotion of bird-dogging that led directly to the stalking activity and the vicious nature of the campaigns targeted towards Nicole Flint in Boothby and Georgina Downer in Mayo… You irresponsibly incited people to stalk female Liberal candidates.”

GetUp’s chief legal counsel Zaahir Edries was swift to deny this. 

What a surprise. 

Nothing to see here.

Look over there…

GetUps political director Andrew Blake also denied the organisation encouraged poor behaviour. 

Nothing to see here, either.  

(GetUp! boss Paul Oosting stayed away. Interesting.)

Bird-dogging is the practice of intercepting candidates and asking them questions while filming their response. Essentially, it’s harassing someone with malicious intent. Of course, the far left, GetUp! included, call this “activism” —  presumably because their cause is noble and their foul means are therefore justified.

The fem-brigade remained notably silent when Nicole Flint suffered at the hands of her objectors. She is clearly not a middle-aged white man, but she’s loathed as much, thanks to her wrongthink political beliefs. 

Flint told the committee hearing that GetUp! volunteers on polling booths were very aggressive. She specifically talked about them putting a phone in her face and recording her reaction. 

But, that’s not “bird-dogging” of course.

That’s activism.  

Can you even begin to imagine the screeching if this was left-leaning female politician being harassed, intimidated and shouted down?

Of course you can. We would hear about it on loop from the(ir) ABC, but of course, they’d call it “misogyny”.  

Interestingly, the committee also heard an anonymous submission from someone calling themselves a former GetUp! volunteer. Let’s hope there are plenty more of these to come.

This person speaks specifically of “the bird-dogging team” and says they had “access to enormous, papier mache-like caricature heads of major Liberal Party members…”

But, of course, that’s “activism”.

Nothing to see here – except the entirety of sane thinking Aussies telling GetUp! to get lost.

The game is up.  

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