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Danandrewstan’s new health minister is off to a flying start

29 September 2020

4:45 AM

29 September 2020

4:45 AM

Lessons have been learnt — or, as the modern bureaucrat might ask — learnings have been made?

Not quite. The Age reports:

The new Victorian Health Minister has been unable to say which government agency is now in charge of training workers in the state’s quarantine hotels.

Martin Foley was asked at today’s press conference whether DHHS or the Department of Justice trains workers in infection control protocols now.

“In terms of PPE, infection control, training I know that there are significant protocols in place,” he said, but said he needed to have a briefing this afternoon to better understand who was tasked with training.

Department of Health and Human Services secretary Kym Peake should really step in — swiftly — before she’s arrested and charged with industrial manslaughter.

Being arsed to pass on some fundamental information to her minister this time might help when or if sentencing time rolls around.

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