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The left’s now all about past war, not class war

10 June 2020

4:53 PM

10 June 2020

4:53 PM

The political divide remains as strong as ever but the points of difference between left and right have changed. Where class could once be used to pull western civilisation apart, it is now the past and our views on it that separate us.

As the left have moved ever so far from representing the working classes that gave their leading political party its name, the right have found themselves defending thoughts and deeds we never dreamed would come under attack. The left have openly declared their hatred of their own past and the implications are serious.

The past wars are upon us.

It no longer matters what colour collar you wear. The left’s mission is now not to protect vulnerable working men and women but to push the argument that the west is now only deserving of our hate.

Where the left once snubbed its nose at those from the big end of town, they are now more than willing to cosy up next to them as long as they are willing to hate our past. What we were, we must take pride in no longer. How we got here can only be derided. What we are, we must be ashamed of.

An eternal war on the past has begun. It is, of course, the best of all wars for the left because it can only ever be won. A war on the past can only be fought in the present, under new norms, under new rules. Unable to defend itself, the past will never overcome the shock of the new.

Nuance is intolerable to the left’s warmongers. There is only black and white and, unless this point hasn’t been made clear in the recent BLM riots, white must make way.

Being good is no longer relevant. What matters is your deference.

The left tells us that today’s rioters must be understood and their criminal actions redeemed by the glory of their cause. Their victimhood is absolute and the murder of a cop is immaterial. The means justifies the ends.

The left tells us that yesterday’s heroes, no matter how great their deeds, must be judged only by today’s standards. To the BLM protestors who vandalised his statue, even Winston Churchill, perhaps the West’s greatest hero, must now be remembered only as a racist.

Well, I say no. And so do many others. The fightback has begun.

The past is not up on charges of racism. Our past is not our weakness. Western civilisation is not to be left to the wants of violent mobs. Australia may be yet a young and small country but we have much to be proud of.

In almost every field of human endeavour can be found an Australian towards the front of the pack, pushing back the horizons of knowledge. We’ve been doing so almost since day one and for that we must be immensely proud.

The left’s attempts to drag our past’s glories through today’s mud must be resisted. 

Parents of Australia, sit your kids down and tell them our great stories. Tell them how the convicts found redemption, how the settlers found prosperity. Tell them of Macquarie and Parkes, Hargraves and Chisholm. Tell them of brave Mawson and Jacka. Monash and Bradfield. Wentworth, Blaxland, Lawson and so forth.

Do not let the left take the past from our kids. Do not let them use the past to divide us from our future.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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