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He don’t need no education

2 June 2020

4:33 PM

2 June 2020

4:33 PM

The Greens are not known for their originality. When the Coalition accepts Labor amendments to any measure that they approve of the Greens immediately take credit, flooding social media with messages saying “We did it!”

In recent years that have stolen the “For the many, not the few” tag from that geriatric anti-Semite, friend of terrorists and political failure, Jeremy Corbyn, and appropriated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green new deal”.

So quick are they to claim credit when none is due and steal ideas that they fail to check the details when they rebadge them as their own.

If you’re going to talk about “education” in your cloud cuckoo land plans, you ugly opportunists, at least spell it correctly.

There is, it must be admitted, a remote possibility that Herr Doktor Bandt is genuinely talking about “eduction“:

He wouldn’t have to send out so many begging letters if he got his hands on all those diamonds.

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