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Drew Pavlou: “We know what we are doing. We learned from Tiananmen.”

2 June 2020

7:40 PM

2 June 2020

7:40 PM

The suspension of University of Queensland student, Drew Pavlouwas announced late last week following the decision of a disciplinary tribunal set up by the University’s senatePavlou’s crimes were to organise a pro-democracy demonstration on campus, in June 2019, in support of Hong Kong students and the unauthorised use of a pen in the library. Reaction to the decision has been flooding in from all over the globe. 

Late yesterday, a spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party said “For f*** sake! They had one job! How hard can it be? We sent the memo, they acknowledged receipt. We even sent the bullet and a bill for the guy’s parents. We know what we are doing. We learned from Tiananmen. We have done this a thousand times before. Students are easy to get rid of, no trouble. The trial is just for show, don’t they realise that? Hoj (a reference to Professor Hoj – UQ Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Beijing Compliance) is in so much sh##. 

When contacted for a comment, a spokesman for the UQ Disciplinary Panel said that she was incensed by the arrogant and beastly display by Pavlou and his counsel, Tony Morris QC, when they walked out of the hearing last week. ”They denigrated marsupials, and especially macropods, by calling it a ‘kangaroo court’ and we want all marsupials to know that we love them and honour them.” The spokesman refused to confirm or deny that the Disciplinary Panel’s chairman was called ‘Skippy’. 

Closer to home and buoyed by recent media coverage of their campaigns against free speech in relation to Israel Folau and Margaret Court and their more recent shut the f*** up videothe AFSC (Anti Free Speech Collective) came out in support of UQ’s disciplinary action against the student. Chairman of the collective, Peter FitzSimons, along with life members Fran KellyLeigh Sales and wannabe censors Adam Liaw and Matt Moran released a statement praising UQ and denigrating Drew PavlouIt is important for institutions, like UQ, to come out hard against free speech and say, clearly and loudly, to all who disagree with their views to shut the f*** up. We also applaud China’s Ministry of State Security and their Consul General in Brisbane, Xu Jie, for the patriotic fervour of both the physical assault on Pavlou and Xu’s handing of it afterward. To Drew Pavlou we are united in saying suffer in your jocks!.  

Despite not being asked for comment, Yumi Stynes and Mehreen Faruqi, perhaps feeling left out of the AFSC action and fearing they might be losing relevancebelatedly issued a joint statement last night. Unfortunately, none had any knowledge of Pavlou or the issues involved so they invariably issued their boilerplate communique reserved for Scott Morrison and everyone they disagree with, telling Pavlou to “just f*** off”.  When asked why Pavlou had to “f*** off” they replied with “just f*** off”. 

The ABC refused to comment and treated the dismissal by reporting it as factually as possible, giving rise to accusations that they secretly applauded the decision. The ABC’s apparent inaction follows the policy path set down by Tony Jones ‘victim blaming’ of Pavlou on Q & A last year, when he suggested Pavlou was somehow culpable, or that he had ‘asked for it’, (referring to the physical assault on Pavlou by two Chinese MSS thugs). 

When approached for official comment about the affair and the university’s links to the Chinese Communist Party’s money, UQ Chancellor Peter Varghese issued a formal statement, “This University has a proud tradition, going back over 150 years, of accepting tainted money. In fact, we are only standing on this site today because the University selflessly accepted a gift of 270 acres of land from the Mayne family, whose wealth can be traced back to the murder of Robert Cox in 1848, by Patrick Mayne. We will continue our time-honoured tradition and accept tainted money wherever we can and with whatever strings are attached. In this, we are also standing in total solidarity with the People’s Republic of Victoria and Chairman Denial Andrews saying that in the #BlackLivesMatter world we find ourselves in there is no reason we should be held responsible for our friends and business partners crimes against the Uyghurs or anyone else. Whilst black lives matter, clearly the lives of Uyghurs, Hong Kong students and of Drew Pavlou for that matter, do not. It is for the protection of all things good at UQ that Pavlou was disciplined. Sometimes, to make an omelette, a few eggs must be broken”. 

Victorian Treasurer and Minister for Beijing Brown-nosing, Tim Pallas, refused to be drawn into the issue other than to voice support for Chancellor Varghese’s comments. 

Bazz Ontour is a fake news cub reporter.

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