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Double delusions

13 June 2020

9:00 AM

13 June 2020

9:00 AM

In a week of absolute madness, it’s hard to know which is the more deranged fantasy: that we can do away with our police forces or that the three-month corona virus lockdown hasn’t damaged the Queensland economy. Both delusions stem, of course, from the unhinged leftist mindset, but what is terrifying is that both are being taken seriously by some people in positions of authority.

Let’s take the police nonsense first. Clearly, the idea that we don’t need a police force is at best some adolescent luvvy idiocy and at worst a deliberate anarchist/communist plot to wreak havoc throughout our democracies in order to usher in a new ‘utopian’ (i.e. totalitarian) epoch. The stupidity of this suggestion was best demonstrated the first night of the Minnesota riots, when an excited, ‘woke’ and white journalist on social media urged the rioters on to ‘burn it all down’ as he watched a public housing commission being set alight. Some hours later the same nitwit was frantically dialling 911 when the looters had moved into his own gated community.

Worse, social media is now ablaze with threats from self-anointed ‘rednecks’ literally begging for a trial period of a month without any police to supervise law and order; the threat being that gun-toting white vigilante groups will take matters into their own hands and mete out a far tougher justice to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa looters and rioters than the police ever would.

Although this may be simply internet bravado, what those calling to ‘defund the police’ appear to have forgotten is that the American citizenry is one of the most heavily armed outside the Middle East and without the ‘thin blue line’ protecting all members of the public alike, violence on a sickening and unprecedented scale would almost certainly be guaranteed were the police actually ‘defunded’.

Also last week, the Sheriff of Polk County in Florida urged homeowners to use their guns to ‘blow away’ any unwanted intruders.

As Rebecca Weisser points out this week, defunding the police would inevitably lead to wealthy communities and individuals hiring more private security, or in other words, the privatising of the police force. Maggie Thatcher would be impressed!

Hardly a left-wing priority, one imagines. Or is this police-less nightmare just what the hard Left in the US secretly desire in order to foment a race/class war? Indeed, also on Twitter, one young man credibly claiming to be a former member of Black Lives Matter passionately makes that very point, pleading with his fellow African-Americans to steer well clear of the BLM organisation and to ‘stop drinking white tears’ and ‘choose another side’. He asserts that the BLM movement has been infiltrated and overtaken by the hard Left with the aim of creating a ‘civil war’ between ‘right and left’ with naive and idealistic black youth as the cannon fodder. An exaggeration, hopefully, but with the high levels of violence and the confronting images of white individuals, authorities, police officers, politicians and corporations prostrating themselves before angry BLM mobs – drinking white tears indeed – , it is not too hard to imagine things spiralling quickly out of control.

Here in Australia, the Left are not immune to this delusional and dangerously toxic thinking. An indigenous presenter on mainstream TV, enjoying all the luxuries of her cosseted lifestyle, exposed her own stupidity by going along with the ‘defund the police’ mantra, claiming, ‘If that’s what it’s gonna take to protect all members of the community and not just some members then that’s what it’s going to take.’ Grammatical flaws aside, she fails to provide any evidence whatsoever that removing a police force, say from Redfern or from remote communities, will lead to more people being protected than before. Particulary given what Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price describes as the horrendous levels of domestic violence, mainly perpetrated by indigenous men against vulnerable black women and children, in many Aboriginal communities.

Still, in the stupidity stakes you can always try and go one better, and Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk, or at least her legal team, did their darnedest to up the ante with their claim that the Covid lockdown hasn’t hurt any businesses. This certainly came as news to Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce president Martin Hall who retorted: ‘That is possibly the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard.’ Ludicrous is putting it mildly, and although this may have just been some fancy legal footwork to help protect the government from future class actions, should they arise, it underlines just how remote our political class is from the hardships and frustrations experienced daily by the small businesses and self-employed Australians whose interests they are supposed to represent and to serve.

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