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Do all lives still matter?

Or only those blessed by identity politics?

20 June 2020

9:00 AM

20 June 2020

9:00 AM

America itself cannot be called a racist country. A racist country would not have elected Barack Obama as its president.

It’s highly selective to sloganise, ‘Black Lives Matter’. All lives matter.  While the death of George Floyd, a victim of police brutality, has appalled people the world over, it is good to see measured responses coming in reaction to the deliberately fostered violence, looting and arson by those manipulating emotional mobs for their own purposes. Where was this same mob when blonde Justine Ruszczyk, originally from Sydney, was killed by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor in 2017? Having called 911 after hearing a woman’s screams behind her home, she was shot in the stomach approaching his car. Where were the riotous protests then? And does Rush Limbaugh have a point when stating, ‘If what happened to George Floyd had happened to a white man, we probably wouldn’t even have heard about it’?

There are good policemen and trigger-happy policemen. The constant threat of violence which police themselves face has made this unenviable job one of the least attractive in the world. This doesn’t excuse the shocking cruelty George Floyd received. But what respect is being shown to Terrence Floyd, pointing out that George, his brother, would not have wanted the catastrophic societal consequences engineered by those deliberately encouraging violence? Evidence includes the depositing of useful material for breaking shop windows and bussing in groups from different areas – including outside Minnesota.

Given the human condition, there will always be individuals with racist views. However, it can well be argued that these are now in a minority, given the world’s appalled reaction to the crimes committed against various targeted ethnic groups as recently as this preceding century. In the slow inching towards progress, the reality of the barbaric treatment  human beings are capable of inflicting on one another – as with the Nazi targeting of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, dissidents, the physically and mentally disabled – was once again brought home when blacks were slaughtering blacks in the Rwanda genocide.

The 1960s Civil Rights movement exposed ordinary Americans to the evil exhibited by white supremacists targeting blacks with discrimination and violence. The fight against such undoubted racism has long been supported by the majority of the white population. Moreover, the wonderful Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr, has pointed out that it was black people who first shipped their fellow black people as slaves around the world and that many of the white and other peoples who helped form America’s melting pot suffered their own forms of oppression, often with the Irish, Polish and Chinese targeted. The murderous Pol Pot butchered fellow Cambodians, and the despotic Chinese ruler, Xi Jinping, is today targeting his own people –not just the Muslim Uigurs, but Christians and the Falun Gong, appallingly confined alive while their organs are removed in this now shockingly oppressed communist country.

But where are the official protests from Western governments prioritising trade with this evil regime over all moral or ethical considerations? Where is the outcry about countries like Saudi Arabia, where women, virtually slaves of men, are held in such subjugation that they are forced to wear head-to-toe coverings and can be punished horribly by their male relatives for perceived transgressions – to be executed, even stoned alive? Where are the marches and the condemnation?

What about the killing of our unborn children by abortion, the leading cause of death worldwide in 2019? The 42.3 million pre-born babies violently destroyed in their mother’s womb were already distinct individuals in their own right – each with its own unique DNA. But where are the media cameras eager to report the marches of pro-life groups, who, forming peaceful protests, are likely to be targeted by insults, aggression and violence? What of the media’s irresponsibility in conniving at – or even arguably fanning – mob violence by giving more attention to typically aggressive protesters than peaceful individuals making a stance for these unborn children?

The black writer, Thomas Sowell, has warned that ethnic minorities can bully majorities. Endemic racism will be claimed – when in fact the opposite exists. In New Zealand, the police stood by, making a mockery of their responsibility for law enforcement during the Covid-19 lockdown – if Maori groupings were involved – and when a close-packed Auckland crowd of 4,000, some giving black power salutes, demonstrated against what happened in Minnesota.

New Zealand now has reverse racism with successive governments funding bureaucracies prioritising Maori and Pacific Islander interests. Our capital city’s public hospital, for example, now has a policy placing Maori and Pacific patients to the front of the waiting queues. The Maori economy, now reportedly worth $40 billion as a result of constant payouts for governments’ claimed transgressions – some actual, and others now demonstrably reinvented, injustices in the past – has resulted in neo-tribal money corrupting our universities. Disgracefully, the latter will now not back any research-funded proposals, regardless of their merit, which do not prioritise Maori interests. Priority places are reserved for entry into medical, dental and law schools, etc. on the basis of any degree of Maori genetic inheritance – racist criteria replacing what should be entry based on merit.

It is getting worse. Scores of millions of dollars have been poured into reinventing an almost completely inauthentic ‘Maori language’ replacing English, our most important national and international language, for place names, for streets, throughout government and local government organisations for every service possible.

Aotearoa, a completely inauthentic substitute claimed as the Maori alternative name for New Zealand, is now being promoted, appearing on our passports and currency. The media, hospitals and other institutions have been told to use supposed, often incomprehensible Maori greetings to begin and end written and spoken communications.

It is not only all lives that matter. Ethnic bullying – in and from whatever direction – also matters. The calculated and destructive promotion of identity politics is moving us closer towards, not further away from, its inevitable consequences.

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