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Thank you, Alan Jones

12 May 2020

1:20 PM

12 May 2020

1:20 PM

Alan Jones’ career has been remarkable.

As a broadcaster, his dedication has been outstanding; he continually used his talents in the best interests of this country.

Last month, Jones’ army of loyal listeners delivered him his 226th consecutive ratings win. 

This morning at 8:10 am, he told those millions of listeners that he will step down from his show on Sydney’s 2GB and Brisbane’s 4BC at the end of May.

He said this was on doctor’s advice.

“We are living in the world of coronavirus,” Jones said. “The most repeated statement we hear is ‘we must listen to the experts’. Well, the experts are telling me in no uncertain terms, and not for the first time I might add, ‘continuing with the present workload is seriously detrimental to your health. I have listened to the experts and I am taking this opportunity to indicate to my radio family that I will be retiring from radio at the end of this month.”

Anyone who thinks this is the last we’ll hear from Jones is, thankfully, misguided. He will still be on Sky News Australia and on various social media; he just won’t be on radio.

Jones, a former Wallabies coach, began his radio career in 1985 as a mornings host on Radio 2UE where he spent 16 years. He moved to 2GB in 2001.

He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 2005, for service to the community, the media and to sports administration.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called in to Jones’ show this morning to offer his congratulations.  

“You’ve always spoken your mind to everyone, including me, and we’ve had one or two disagreements, but you’ve always done the right thing for your country,” Morrison said.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott also called in and said, “It was a significant day”.

Ben Fordham will take up Jones’ 2GB breakfast slot.

“I feel a sense of both responsibility and opportunity,” Fordham said. “There’s a huge responsibility in taking over from Alan and the opportunity to bring my own flavour to breakfast. Alan is the most successful broadcaster in the history of Australian radio. There will only ever be one Alan Jones.” 

A sad day for Australian broadcasting but many would want to take the opportunity to wish Jones well — and look forward to keep seeing him on Sky.

PS: To the Mad F***ing Witches who took just minutes to gloat, “We did it, witches. We f***ing-well did it.” Sorry to interrupt your party but there’s a whole army of conservatives who will continue this fight. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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