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Sorry Speersy, but it’s your audience that needs watching, not the show

31 May 2020

11:22 AM

31 May 2020

11:22 AM

Scott Morrison is popular.  

And yet, attempts to say those words out loud constantly end up in ridicule.

What this tells us is that the most vocal are not Morrison supporters, therefore the loudest voices are not reflective of the silent majority.

Last week, The Australian reported “Federal Labor’s support remains at fatally low levels”, while Morrison’spopularity is now at record highs”.

In the May 28 Newspoll, Morrison sat comfortably at 56 per cent to Albanese’s 31 per cent.  

Let me repeat: Scott Morrison is popular. 

And yet, another Sunday’s Insiders show confirms what Australia’s worst kept secret, our supposedly national broadcaster has been utterly kidnapped by the left.

It is left-wing activists who populate the #Insiders Twitter thread week after week.  

For comedy value, over this weekend, Insiders tweeted a Herald Sun column by the shrewd James Campbell, referring to him as “#Insiders panellist.

“In the past few weeks Prime Minister Scott Morrison is showing increasing signs he might be the first proper, talented, political hack to get to the top since John Howard,” he wrote.

Left-wing activists on the Twitters were furious.  

The hashtag #ThisIsNotJournalism took off. 

Questions flew in asking if the(ir) ABC was on “some sort of mind altering medication” and asserting Insiders “has moved into comedy”.  

Someone asked, “Why TF is the ABC promoting Morrison’s propaganda via NewsCorp? Seriously this is ridiculous.” 

Someone said they were confused, asking, “Is this an Insiders tweet or a Betoota Advocate”?  

One melted down blabbing about “Conservative propaganda”. While another hurled toys out of their pram while ranging about Insiders being “the publicly funded broadcasting arm of the Liberal Party.”

Amusing, perhaps.  

But at some point soon, this centre-right government really needs to make a move to adjust the dial from the handsomely funded ABC.

For the reverse is true of the above assertions — and we taxpayers have zero interest in continuing to hand over more than $1 billion each year to the publicly funded broadcasting arm of the failing and divided Labor Party. 

Illustration: ABC iView.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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