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Pigs might fly – and the left might for once admit their errors

14 May 2020

10:51 AM

14 May 2020

10:51 AM

It took the coughing fit of the Treasurer for some real claws to come out. 

“It’s not a good look now is it? The government is telling everyone that if they don’t feel well, they should be staying at home,” said one talkback radio host. 

Josh Frydenburg simply got what used to be called in the old days, “a frog in the throat”. He wasn’t keeling over, snuffling and coughing throughout the preceding few days. This was a momentary coughing fit. They happen. He is human. 

As a precautionary measure, he underwent a test for Covid-19 and went into isolation. Less than 24 hours later he received a negative test result. 

Gee whizz. Give it time the bottle of water the Treasurer drank from will be used as a hammer by climate change campaigners to accuse him of not being a good recycler! 

Even if it was a recycled glass bottle, you just know they would find something to nitpick about to push their cause of the day. 

The Left are always looking for something unless you are one of them.  

If Josh Frydenburg had been Jacinta Ardern, trust me, that line of questioning would never have even been entertained. 

The very fact Frydenburg helped put together and approved Australia’s largest ever economic stimulus package, the $130 billion JobKeeper wage subsidy payment, to help keep Australians in jobs seemed to be begrudgingly accepted by the Left as a good thing. 

There has never been anything like Covid-19 in our lifetime and, hopefully, there never will be again. 

The $1500 fortnightly Jobkeeper payment is legislated to continue for up to six months. 

But already, it is being seized on by Labor, Greens and some independents that the government cannot possibly revert to the old Newstart allowance of $40 a day. 

Last time I checked, the money tree was still a fictitious thing and so was the cash cow. 

Why is it a shock to anyone that the government might have to alter the generous Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payments based on economic and employment factors? What part of temporary payments did these people not understand? 

Living on $40 is not easy but taxpayers continuing to fund a $1500 fortnightly payment is simply not financially viable, not to mention that it would diminish the incentive for recipients to actually go and find a job. 

There are always jobs but there are also always job snobs. Not many Australians would even consider picking fruit. With international backpackers not available as a willing labour force, there are lots of opportunities if people are willing to roll up their sleeves. 

The minimum average wage for casual farm work and fruit picking is $21.60 an hour, many places pay more. Put in an 8hour shift and $172.80 is yours. Even with tax taken out, you are way ahead of the $40 a day dole. 

Work a 5day week and you’re pulling in more than $800. To hardworking Australians that sure beats $40 a day on the dole. 

But it all comes down to desire. The desire to work rather than let life pass you by. 

The Left cannot wait to seize on anything that suits its narrative. It also never gives credit where credit is due. 

The fact Australia’s government has been able to facilitate and orchestrate what it has during this unprecedented period should make people realize what ‘living in the lucky country’ is all about. 

Does the Left now actually get what that phrase means? 

Perhaps they would rather be living in Indonesia or other countries who are petrified to reveal the real figures of people there infected with Covid-19 for fear their tourism sector will be decimated so badly they will never recover. 

There are so many countries around the world who wish they were in the position Australia is in both with financial support being able to be given to their citizens as well as moral support. 

It now seems a lifetime ago but just 12 weeks ago, Australia’s leftleaning media couldn’t wait to slam the federal government for its decision to evacuate Australians from Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus, and for them to be housed in quarantine for 14 days on Christmas Island. 

They were astounded when the evacuees emerged from Christmas Island full of thanks for the government for taking the action it did, from organising the evacuation flight to actually ‘looking after them’ during the whole ordeal. 

Try as they might, reporters could not get the elusive grab they wanted of someone complaining. 

It is always easy to jump on the bandwagon to slam the Morrison Government for its action.  

As this goes to print- there have been just under 7,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Australia. There have been 98 deaths. 

So, now, where is the apology from all those naysayers and those who have criticised that initial action in shutting Australia’s borders? 

Just like the money tree, the cash cow analogies, the flying pig one must be included as the Left is never wrong and never apologises. 

Just like May 18, 2019. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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