What would a perfectly socially-distanced UK look like?

16 May 2020

9:00 AM

16 May 2020

9:00 AM

Safety first

The government was criticised for its new coronavirus slogan, ‘Stay alert’. What are the most common safety slogans in use in workplaces?
— ‘Safety is our number one priority’
— ‘Safety is no accident’
— ‘Take five and stay alive’
— ‘The key to safety is in your hands’
— ‘No safety, know pain’
The word ‘alert’ doesn’t appear until number ten: ‘Stay alert, don’t get hurt’.

World of difference

Estimates from around the world of what proportion of people have been infected with Sars-CoV-2:
Chelsea, Massachusetts (Massachusetts General Hospital, mid-April) — 32%
New York (New York State public health department, 23 April) — 21%
Gangelt, Germany (University of Bonn, 9 April) — 15%
Stockholm (KTH Royal Institute of Technology/Karolinska Institute, from samples taken early April) — 10%
Geneva (University Hospital of Geneva, 9 April)5.5%
Netherlands (RIVM, Dutch National Health Institute, 16 April) — 3%
Santa Clara County, California (Stanford University, 4/5 April) — 2.8%

Distant future

What would a perfectly socially distanced United Kingdom look like?
— The land area of the UK is 245,000 sq km, or 245 billion sq metres.
— The population is 65 million.
— Therefore, if we all spread out evenly we would have 3,770 sq metres each.
— If you divided Britain into squares of this size there would be approximately 61 metres (200 feet) between us and the next person.

Occupational health

Does the risk of dying from Covid-19 increase with low socio-economic status? Deaths per 100,000 up until 20 April (among males aged 20-64):
Professional occupations 5.6
Associate professional and technical occupations 7.5
Managers, directors, senior officials 8.4
Skilled trades 11.7
Administrative and secretarial 13.9
Sales and customer service 14.3
Process, plant, machinery operators 15.5
Caring / leisure and service 17.9
Low-skilled elementary occupations 21.4
Source: ONS

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