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EXCLUSIVE: Extinction Rebellion – “stay sane”? Please. Define sane.

6 April 2020

2:30 PM

6 April 2020

2:30 PM

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder – as must be sanity, if the latest bulletin from Extinction Rebellion is anything to go by.

Their suggestion? “XR… have still been making themselves known… with paints, chalk and posters. If you want to get involved with this, come to our online working group, or just get out there and start to ‘walk and chalk’ – as part of your daily exercise, of course. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for details.”

And the end product?

People who glue themselves to roads — among other ridiculous activities — telling us to say sane? Just how do they define “sanity”?

Also, we detect a little hypocrisy among the rebels. Look at that bog roll. It doesn’t exactly look recycled, does it?

They might be stupid arseholes, but appear to want three-ply reassurance when they wipe.

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