Dem AGs demand abortion drugs be delivered to doorsteps

2 April 2020

8:59 AM

2 April 2020

8:59 AM

We must be the first generation of Americans to respond to a mass plague by ensuring we can keep killing our babies.

Normal human instincts would command we replace our dying elderly population though reproduction, but amid the prospect of hundreds of thousands of mostly older Americans dying of COVID-19, the left’s fight for on-demand abortion access has only intensified. A group of 21 Democratic attorneys general wrote to HHS and the FDA on Wednesday demanding women have easier access to chemically induced abortions, meaning that pregnant women who wish to abort could be prescribed abortion pills via telehealth services.

Abortion activists also took issue with the CDC’s recommendation that medical providers halt elective surgeries, such as abortion, to avoid overcrowding in medical centers or hospitals and limit unnecessary social contact. An order in Texas restricting abortions during the coronavirus outbreak specifically limited abortion procedures ‘not medically necessary to preserve the life or health’ of the mother or child — the majority, since most abortions are carried out for reasons of convenience.

The AGs behind the new request perhaps also don’t realize the unintended consequences of prescribing abortion-inducing drugs without a doctor’s supervision. Medical abortions are associated with a four times higher rate of adverse effects, like hemorrhaging, incomplete abortions, or other injuries, when compared to surgical abortions. 5.7 percent percent of women who underwent a medical abortion, according to one study, ended up being admitted to a hospital over complications. We can’t afford to be sending more women to the hospital right now for a ‘choice’ to end a pregnancy when resources and medical professionals are already stretched thin.

Even Planned Parenthood admits that women should have physical access to a doctor at some point during a chemically-induced abortion. On their website they explain, ‘The last step is a follow up with your nurse or doctor. You may go back into the health center for an ultrasound or blood test. Or you’ll get a pregnancy test to take at home, followed by a phone call with your nurse or doctor. These tests will make sure the abortion worked and that you’re healthy.’ If the abortion doesn’t fully work, they add, ‘You may need another dose of medication or to have an in-clinic procedure to complete the abortion.’

Beyond the safety concerns, it is a sign of a very ill society when terminating a pregnancy, no matter the reason, is considered an ‘essential’ health care service and the drugs required to do so must be delivered right to your doorstep like a roll of toilet paper from Amazon Prime. It is even sicker when such access is considered a priority during a global pandemic that has required state-wide lockdowns and a virtual shuttering of the economy. As we social distance to protect the most vulnerable members of our society from the coronavirus, we should not turn our backs on the unborn children vulnerable to abortion.

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