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China has been playing us for mugs

28 April 2020

1:35 PM

28 April 2020

1:35 PM

Number two in Craig Kelly’s series 20 reasons why the Wuhan Flu is the final nail in the climate alarmists’ coffin.

Coronavirus has awoken the public to the fact that the Chinese Communist Party have been playing us for mugs. While downplaying the virus, the CCP had their agents to buy up our stocks of personal protective equipment and airfreight it back to China. And while the CCP were assuring the world it was safe for international flights to continue out of Wuhan, they were shutting down internal domestic flights in China from Wuhan.

And just as the CCP have been playing us for mugs over the coronavirus, it’s a valuable wake-up call that should make us realise that they’ve also been playing us for mugs over climate change.

Climate alarmists around the world have been fooled into acting as ‘useful idiots’ of Chinese Communist Party, for every policy the alarmists have advocated (with the delusional belief that they will reduce bad weather – or the knowledge it’s mere virtue signalling)  has handed China a competitive advantage and resulted in a wealth transfer from Australia to the Chinese Communists.

Firstly, under the Paris deal, China is free to expand its industry and increase its total emissions virtually as it wishes. In contrast, Western nations including Australia are forced to restrict their Co2 emissions, putting a higher cost on manufacturing goods in Australia vis-a-vis China. Industry moves out of Western nations and off to China, making China wealthier and us poorer — and ironically actually increasing global CO2 emissions.

Secondly, China now dominates the world in manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines.  The billions in subsidies Australian give to the solar and wind industries is ultimately a tax on Australian consumers. We pay it through a hidden green tax in our electric bills, and we pay it through higher costs in everything we produce using electricity. However this ‘tax’ doesn’t flow into the Australian Treasury to help pay for our hospitals and schools. Instead, it goes to pay from importing solar panels and wind turbines from China and therefore ultimately ends up in the pockets on Chinese firms, many of them state-owned.

Subsidising the importation of Chinese solar panels and wind turbines is a version of Lenin’s “buying the rope to hang ourselves with”.  We send the subsidies off to China (which makes China stronger) and by forcing these intermittent sources of generation into our grid, we make our electricity more expensive and less reliable – further surrendering our nation’s once held advantage of low-cost energy, and handing China a competitive advantage.

Thirdly, subsidising electric cars and ‘big batteries’ plays right into China’s hands. Over the past decade, China has systematically set about creating and securing global supply lines of the strategic raw materials needed to create the lithium-ion batteries required for ‘storage’ and electric vehicles. So every time we further subsidize electric cars and ‘big batteries’ China is the winner at our expense.

Behind closed doors in Beijing, Chinese Communist Party officials must be laughing at climate alarmists in Australia that are helping make China rich at Australia’s expense. At least the coronavirus will hopefully make us wakeup that they been playing us for mugs over climate chang and put another nail in the alarmist coffin.

Craig Kelly is the Liberal MP for Hughes.

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