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Harvey Weinstein’s scalp is a victory for justice, not #MeToo

12 March 2020

4:30 PM

12 March 2020

4:30 PM

He didn’t testify in his own defence during the trial, but moments before Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for two rape and sexual assault charges, he finally spoke up. 

For nearly 20 minutes, he spoke in the Manhattan criminal court.

It was unexpected and many are saying it was “unwise”. 

The disgraced Hollywood titan plans to appeal his guilty verdict and he also still faces other charges in Los Angeles.  

In his statement he said, “First of all, to all the women who testified, we may have different truths, but I have great remorse for all of you. I have great remorse for all the men and women going through this crisis right now in our country. You know, the movement started basically with me, and I think what happened, you know, I was the first example, and now there are thousands of men who are being accused and a regeneration of things that I think none of us understood.” 

He added that he had had “wonderful times” with some of his accusers before adding, “I’m totally confused and I think men are confused about all of these issues. You know, I just… dealing with the thousands of men and women who are losing due process, I’m worried about this country in a sense too…” 

He mentioned that he has not spoken to his three older children since the New Yorker article was published. 

He said his “empathy has grown over the last two and a half years… I was not that person until this crisis started.” 

He finished by talking about his extensive charity work and how much money he’s raised for various organisations.  

As you can see from these snippets, it was a long, rambling, confused statement. 

Perhaps talking about “different truths” is as close as you can get to saying, “I still think you’re lying”? 

Maybe his words will hinder his appeal? 

But one thing is absolutely for sure; justice can’t now become a “women’s movement”.  

Each and every case must be treated with the presumption of innocence. 

Anyone saying Weinstein’s sentence is a “victory for the Me Too movement” is a serious danger to due process.  

This is not a “win for #MeToo movement” as the(ir) ABC are calling it.  

It was a win for the justice system, a demonstration money can’t just buy a “not guilty” verdict.

If this is a “historical moment” it must be because a predator was held to account and not that this movement of “believe women” is our new normal.  

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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