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Greens spread the virulent virus of gender wars

26 March 2020

1:03 PM

26 March 2020

1:03 PM

Anyone with a functioning pair of eyes will have read that coronavirus is killing more men than women.

In Italy, the National Health Institute (ISS) have found that men represent nearly 60 per cent of people who tested positive for the virus and more than 70 per cent of those who have died.  

CNN reported that even in South Korea, where the number of women who have tested positive for the virus outnumber men, 54 per cent of reported deaths are men. 

Dr Deborah Birx, The White House’s coronavirus response coordinator said last Friday, “From Italy we’re seeing another concerning trend. That the morality in males seems to be twice in every age group of females.”

Obviously, this pandemic is unfolding at a pace around the world and some data is not yet available. However, from the data that has been released, for every 10 female deaths in Italy, there were 24 male deaths. 

In China, for every 10 female deaths, there were 18 male deaths.

In Germany, for every 10 female deaths, there were 16 male deaths.

In Iran, for every 10 female deaths, there were 14 male deaths. 

In France, for every 10 female deaths, there were 14 male deaths.

In South Korea, for every 10 female deaths, there were 12 male deaths.  

Get the picture?

Sarah Hawkes, professor of global public health at University College London said, “When we look at the data what we’re seeing is that in every country with sex-disaggregated data… there is between a 10 per cent and 90 per cent higher rate of mortality amongst people diagnosed with Covid if they are men compared to if they are women.” 

It is world news.

Scientists are looking into lifestyle choices that could be impacting these figures, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.  

And yet, amongst all of this, the Greens circus has wheeled into town trying to flog tickets to the ‘Gender Wars Circus’.

Watermelon Senator Mehreen Faruqi, mother of blowhard Twitter troll Osman Faruqui and lead clown in said circus claims, “COVID-19 is a gendered crisis. Nurses, nurse aides, teachers, child carers and early-childhood educators, aged-care workers and cleaners are mostly women. They are on the frontline of this public health crisis and carry a disproportionate risk of being exposed to the virus.”

You mean, they are at more risk of being exposed to this virus, which is more likely to kill men?

Talk about crap takes.

And what about the sheer irresponsibility — insanity — of a member of our federal parliament deliberately spreading misleading information at a time of crisis?

Remember that speech that Hillary Clinton made on 17 November 1998? You know, that one when she claimed, “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat”?

These horrendous human beings want us to feel sorry for women, even when it’s men being buried. 

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