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EXCLUSIVE: Extinction Rebellion hails the “beauty” of coronavirus

30 March 2020

9:42 AM

30 March 2020

9:42 AM

We all remember Marlon Brando and Rebel Without A Cause. Meet the rebels without a brain, Extinction Rebellion.

Their latest bulletin is hot off the email:

There’s the “please don’t forget our imaginary crisis” section:

Then there’s the warning that  “fascism is coming”, as opposed to the type of totalitarianism ER like:

And then there’s the clincher:

There, in black and white — the “beauty” of coronavirus. And presumably, the beauty of all its pain, its deaths, of the fears of elderly and vulnerable, those who can’t make it to the shops themselves, the anxiety of workers as they lose their lobs, business owners as they shut their doors, of children, stuck indoors, at home, unable to see their friends, of all of us as we see our superannuation evaporate.

And there, starkly, is Extinction Rebellion exposed.

Malevolent maniacs, not only dedicated to the destruction of the world we know — but who don’t care how many of our own species die with it.

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