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ScoMo, spite, screeching and virtue signalling smoke signals

11 December 2019

11:00 AM

11 December 2019

11:00 AM

There is one thing fouler than the air quality in Sydney right now — the abuse being hurled at our Prime Minister.  

Scott Morrison copped abuse for daring to give an update about the religious discrimination bill while bushfires rage across the country.  

Do the left want government to stop governing the country entirely while nature shows its full force? 

Shall we all stop going to work too?  

The Guardian slammed Morrison, one-minute pollie Kerryn Phelps stuck the boot in, while Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi chose to make a truly thoughtful contribution to national debate:

Sydney based LGBTIQ activist and Executive Director of Change.org Sally Rugg posted, “As our rainless nation burns and we wait to hear how many we’ve lost to a volcano eruption, it’s great to see the Prime Minister prioritising new ways to discriminate against minorities!” 

If you thought hysterical far-left activists would think twice before attempting to connect volcano eruptions to climate change, you were wrong.  

Meanwhile, Twitter’s character limit meant the so-called Mad F**king Witches who are still trying to bring down Alan Jones and 2GB had to take to Facebook to voice their fury at those attempting a nuanced debate about climate change . “F**k this f**king bullsh*t and a lot of it is about hating women,” they posted as part of screed about as long as War and Peace — and as logical as reading it aloud backwards in the original Russian to a class of Australian junior primary school children.

So, there you have it: climate change is all about hating women and it’s all Scott Morrison’s fault.  

Please tell me again how this is anything more than a screeching toddler’s tantrum? 

The ones are in denial here are the ones screaming “climate emergency” while fires are being started by arsonists.  

But, once again, don’t let the facts stand in the way of you waving your latest protest slogans or flipping the bird at our democratically elected government.  

#NotMyPrimeMinister was trending in both Australia and the UK at the same time.  

#ScumMo was also trending while some asked if we could “impeach” Morrison.  

This furious mob isn’t hot on facts, is it? 

Australians used their vote in the Federal election.  

The results were counted and verified. 

We’re about to see the same magic happen in the UK.  

And whatever the outcome, you can bet that the screaming, red-faced activists will keep on trying to bully their messages all the way home.  

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