Meow! Claws out for Mayor Pete at LA Democratic debate

20 December 2019

4:57 PM

20 December 2019

4:57 PM

It may be only the third time in American history the president has been impeached but it’s the first time no one gives a damn, not even the Democratic party itself. If that preamble didn’t perfectly set the tone for the last Democratic debate of the decade, a bubbling labor union dispute that nearly shut down the event at Loyola Marymount University this week in Los Angeles, certainly did. Couple that with the troublemakers who vandalized the LMU hillside monogram with large ‘Trump 2020’ letters, visible from the busy Pacific Coast Highway.

Also ahead of the debate, a mopey splash on CNN’s front page, one of two networks to broadcast it, bemoaned ‘the smallest and least diverse Democrat debate.’ The seven candidates included a homosexual, an Asian, a Jew, two women (one a racially fluid senator from Massachusetts) and a dementia sufferer. That, of course, is not true diversity according to the network that brought you four hours of transgender Jerry Springer, otherwise known as its LGBT Town Hall, in October.

For the lucky multitudes who skipped watching last night’s debate, fear not, the fictional black transgender killing fields still made an appearance. No mention of violence in, say, Chicago or Baltimore, but it wouldn’t be today’s Democratic party if they didn’t push a manufactured hoax involving a fraction of a percent of the population to the top of their platform, while ignoring real, embarrassing, issues facing their identitarian voting blocks.

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The glaringly astray elephant in the room was the victory lap for the opposition party’s crowning, and only, achievement of the last three years after the House impeached the president on Wednesday. It was the first question, hurried off the stage, and none of the candidates wanted to talk about it.

Mean girls Liz Warren, this time opting for a red blazer over her black cat suit, and Tremblin’ Amy Klobuchar (can someone please fetch her a sweater?) laid in on rising poll topper Mayor Pete and, honey, her claws were out. Right before our eyes, Pete briefly transformed into an actual homosexual revealing the bitter old queen we all knew was festering deep inside her the whole time. Millionaire Warren throttled Pete for hosting a fundraiser for billionaires in a ‘wine cave,’ while Pete snapped back, advising Warren on ‘purity tests you yourself cannot pass.’

‘Senator, if you go home and feel the holiday spirit, I know this isn’t likely,’ Pete sniped. A bitch is the only type of gay that people actually like, and it works for Pete, just like Lindsey Graham also recently learned. (Just kidding!) But accusations of taking money from rich people sent the candidates into a frenzied clash of millionaires competing for who knows the fewest number of millionaires. Mayor Pete won the moral high ground, for once, being the only person on stage who isn’t a millionaire or billionaire. Her cat fighting with Liz, and later Klobuchar, was the only few seconds of worthwhile television we’ve seen in six whole months of Democratic debates.

But when she wasn’t clucking back and forth with Warren and Klobuchar, Pete returned to her factory default setting, ‘manly,’ and with Tulsi out of the way she was even more free to brag about her questionable military record. I asked a vet the other day what he thought of Mayor Pete. ‘Résumé builder,’ he said. ‘Everyone in the army knows that guy — rich kid who picks the easiest job, does one tour and the bare minimum only because he plans to run for office one day. We hate that guy,’ he said. Tulsi’s not like that, my vet friend added. ‘She’s real.’

Just when I thought the dwarf from South Bend couldn’t get any more noisome, she did. But the Democratic party, not their voters, are slowly revealing to us what they want from a candidate and, for once, CNN was right about something. They want him to be white. Yet they’re still on the fence with just how moderate or progressive he should be, as the thinning of the herd has shown. They’ll save the woke POC for the VP nomination, a move toward simultaneously energizing the communists while hoping working class Midwesterners who are enjoying a booming economy, but don’t like the way President Trump tweets, won’t mind too much.

Yet these feeble aspirants, the best of the best that the left has offered up, cannot help but alienate, with nearly each breath, the very people they desperately need on their side, even when an opportunity to win over those fair-minded moderates is plopped down on their laps. The contrast between having PBS moderate a debate, as it did Thursday, and CNN, the usual protocol, was stark. PBS’s Judy Woodruff, in no uncertain terms, strongly praised President Trump’s economy to the candidates, clarifying the economy is the only thing voters care about, a declaration mostly likely described in the CNN ethics guide as literally saluting Hitler. This debate was intended to be heavy on foreign policy. Our leaders won’t mention there’s only one foreign policy the people of this nation, particularly those ex-Obama voters who turned to Trump, care about — China — and when the candidates were finally asked about China, they virtue-signaled to the Hong Kong protesters and pontificated about global warming. They either don’t get it or, where China is concerned, they most likely refuse to upset the status quo.

Perhaps that’s why, once again, there wasn’t a single American flag on the debate stage or in the lapels of any candidate, save Joe Biden. Much like Hollywood and Chinese moviegoers, their puppet masters don’t want to see it.

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