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29 August 2019

6:07 PM

29 August 2019

6:07 PM

The latest on Brexit from Dr Waleed Aly, the noted Monash University political scientist and public intellectual:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hereby suspended Parliament in the name of the people!

Think about that for a moment. In a more familiar world, parliament stands in precisely for the people. In institutional terms it is the people. And yet here it is cast in the role of some bureaucratic institution getting in the way of the expressed popular will, in this case Brexit…

[W]e should fear for democracy…

Or, translated into everyday English in just 10 words by the Flat White Team:

Waleed Aly thinks implementating a democratic decision is a coup.

And clarified further, in another 10:

If I don’t agree with it, it can’t be democracy.

Nice to know where you’re coming from, kiddo. Please don’t hold your breath until you get your own way.

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